Frugal Friday 2 – Cheap Body Work Tip

Got a pile old license plates kickin around? Got a rusty old truck laden with holes? Well I’ve got the solution for you! Take a look at this video and find out how to patch rust holes the elegant and stylish way.

3 thoughts on “Frugal Friday 2 – Cheap Body Work Tip

  1. timothy holt

    Bought an 03 Tacoma last October that had a new framed installed by the dealer because the old one rusted out, common problem I guess. The amount of money Toyota has paid out for every Tacoma/Tundra owner in the north east must be staggering. At least there is some customer loyalty…..

  2. Laurentide

    We launched Voyager 1 in 1977(!), and it has long since passed the heliopause and entered interstellar space, all the while continuing to communicate with NASA on earth. But we can't figure out a way to melt ice without simultaneously corroding steel cars to an extent to which they are functionally ruined. All cars are disposable in the northeast as a result, which is pretty frustrating to us cheap bastards who'd prefer to drive them until the engines lose compression.

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