Car body repair – Panel beating and spraying – General repair – Part 4 of 4

Produced independantly, not for re-distribution. Part 4 of 4. Car body repair’s by Andy. More to come. Be sure to rate, comment and subscribe! Constructive comments would be appreciated.

20 thoughts on “Car body repair – Panel beating and spraying – General repair – Part 4 of 4

  1. SShlub Tsisplojus

    Andy, I totally agreed with other comments that you missed the most important part. We need to see you spray the paint on.

  2. missing1person

    what the fuck I just watch the ENTIRE 4 parts and this is the end!!!
    what a waste of time

  3. Saleem Kader

    One of the best videos on body repair very nicely, step by step clearly explained thank you

  4. carpe1959

    hi i did something similar with rattle can came out rubbish even though i prepped 100% i don't think rattle cans apply enough paint what's your view

  5. Miguel Sandels

    Whaaaaat!No painting?Assholes didn't fim it so it is pretty safe to assume he did it fucked up! 😂😂😂😂

  6. Ronnieinbama

    You gotta be kidding me…. I watched all four segments which were spot on and then there's NOTHING on paint application!!! The most important part and you skipped it!!

  7. nifty1940

    Great Job mate. Had no idea of the attention to such detail. I'll stick to my shovel job:-)

  8. Gremz motovlogs

    cardinal sin Andy don't put filler on top of old paint especially on 80g scratches that'll sink like feck after a week or 2

  9. WOG13B

    Killa vid mate. Like everyone else i would have liked to see the mixing of the paint and the spraying but nonetheless great vid.

  10. Moritz Blechschmidt

    would be better if you show the painting job to us too. but rest of the videos is good.
    next time maybe you should cut out the scenes where you rip the tape and mask the car with paper because its very loud and the noises arent that beautiful.

  11. dnl machine

    Nice work.  There are hundreds of vids on how to finish spray, this vid goes into the very important stuff – the prep.  His metal repair and bondo skills are very good.

    Stay gold.

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