How To: Fix a Broken Anti-Reverse on a Spinning Reel

In this video I show you two types of common issues that result in the anti-reverse failing on your spinning reel and how to repair both. I hope this was helpful!

And if anyone can tell me why this option even exists on our reels comment below and let me know.

20 thoughts on “How To: Fix a Broken Anti-Reverse on a Spinning Reel

  1. David Rice

    I have a '94 Quantum QG70 reverse drag reel with this same issue. Got the side plate off but didn't have the huevos to remove the main shaft for fear of a bunch of parts dropping out. Can you make a vid like this on a reverse drag reel?

  2. 2hubbards

    Dude, I've never left a comment ever…but you just nailed down my issue exactly, thanks for the great tutorial.

  3. Bradyn Romsdahl

    Instead of using a pen spring cut a piece off and make it straight and make 2 small circles so it looks like this 0_0 then put in on and works better then the spring.

  4. Gnaeh Thurr

    You saved my life!!!! You sir deserve a like, here you go…and a subscribe, and here you go. 😀😃😄

  5. Pinoy Anglers Club

    Subscribed + Liked Videos a little blurry maybe because i have a bad monitor or bad eye sight…But all in all videos informative and i'm gonna try this later tonight see if your fix can fix the problem on my rod.



  6. Wayne D

    I've run into the pawl(hammer)&gear issue as in part 2 & used green hydraulic LOCTITE with 1/2 the mess & or issue of JB weld

  7. Patty Bell

    can I make this into a regular reel my bar thing broke lost still want to fish don't want to toss tx patty bell is there a video or do you know help my reverse broke

  8. heath schwab

    thanks. yea i don't have many prob with them but the anti on the back side if the reel i do. I'm fighting with one now it worked i took apart to greese omg they sold me wrong stuff it was so thick. i have to take apart clean the best i could and sprayed lithium grease inside to fix. took a while being i had no cleaner to get old greese out but charcoal lighter fluid it worked with some stuff a guy had for greese. but i got the reverse kinda fixed. it had 3 settings. stop or stops back at the trigger spot or not at all. well only 2 work. I'll try to fix again later. but it's a brim reel i ain't to worried. but good video thanks god bless

  9. jesus sanchez

    The problem is i have a shakespeare mssp20 spinning reel, but it doesnt have the little safety screw and i don't want to try to take the nut out and break it

  10. Drake Johnson

    Awesome, just bought a new reel with this issue and resolved it myself with your tutorial. Great job!

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