Tamiya Bullhead (Punisher)

Well thanks to Darren i am now owing a dream Rc
It aint a CRAWLER a SCALER or a SPEEDER but this is a Monster Truck..
Checkout TIEWRAPRACING on facebook hit the link below

Also check out eBay Shop

More Soon..
Also look at the update on the BIG RIG. Few issues but thats easy prey..
Everyone doing the Waterbucket challenge
You have my respect…
passion in Rc

9 thoughts on “Tamiya Bullhead (Punisher)

  1. John Bess

    Just picked up a new Clodbuster just to have one now I seen your Bullhead I have to buy one. I bought the Konghead and haven't put it together yet but getting the itch.

  2. JVGmidi

    You have some nice cars! Always like the old tamiya cars. I have driven the bullhead ones in 1994 lol. Should have bought it!

  3. CodesEmpire

    Love your big rig Lee.  If your looking for some weighted wheels you could stop by AsiaTees and look at some of there:  1.9 High Mass Wheel For Crawler .  There is a nice selection to choose from.  I really like how well weighted they are.  Then you don't have to add wheel weights.  Now if your looking for some good foams, I would suggest those Crawler Innovations foams.  They are really sturdy foams.   I know +BRENDAN KINSHELLA  has talked about them before in a few videos.  

    That Bullhead(Punisher) rig is going to be one sweet rig when you finish it up like you want to.  Great looking setup.  

    Yea that the ice bucket challenges have been amazing.  That's why we changed ours up to bring awareness to CHD (Congenital Heart Defects) for my son's condition.  
    Thumbs up Lee!

  4. Chaps' Unlimited

    Wow it's nice to put a face to a g+ friend! Yeah I may have to pick mine back up. I had laid off of it for a while but since you're so excited about yours I may just change gears for a bit. Look up the monster truck Super Pete. It's what got me going on the Bullhead in the first place. Heck I even sold my Clodbuster after I got the Bullhead. Thanks for the vid!

  5. English-RC

    I like the sound of your punisher mate ther good better than the fg marder in areas is it a 4×4 punisher what engine you got? I'm building an fg monster now hope you stick with it we can learn petrol together. I'll look out for vids see what goodies it's got.

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