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Brazilian Hardwood Flooring inLongview just call877-784-9785Hardwood floors provide style and an elegance that is timeless. Whether you choose engineered wood, solid oak hardwood or one of the many other contemporary options, wood flooring can enhance your homes value.Oak Hardwood Flooring:Oak Flooring displays a variety of recognizable natural grain patterns, giving each plank a one of a kind look. Naturally neutral in color, Oak can be stained from light to dark, making it extremely versatile.Maple Hardwood Flooring is naturally light and cream in color with delicate bands of brown tones that complete the look. Its tight, uniform grain gives this Wood Floor type a homogenous appearance making it a popular choice for contemporary designs. Stains ranging from creamy white to reddish brown allow Maple wood to work well with existing cabinets and wood work in your home.OakHickory Flooring 877-784-9785If youre looking to create a rustic look, Hickory Hardwood Flooring is a favorite for many homeowners. Its thick, contrasting grain lends itself to a more primitive farmhouse look and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Plus, Hickory Flooring is one of the strongest domestic Flooring options available, making it a good choice for active homes.Solid Cherry Hardwood Flooring is popular because of its warm color and charming circular graining. As its name implies, Cherry Flooring is naturally reddish brown in color, but it is known for its smooth texture that can accept stain well. With time, the coloration can evolve to a deeper hue, which is a sought after quality of the wood. People choose Cherry Wood because it has a warmth and character that matches both traditional and contemporary decors.Bamboo Flooring can provide a gorgeous look to any home and coordinate with any decorating style. Bamboo Flooring has a tight, straight grain, sometimes interspaced with knuckles formed from joints on the stem.It is offered in two styles traditional Bamboo Flooring and Strand Wo