Maaco Puyallup Online Reviews

I WAS VERY IMPRESSED!!! I was so happy with my daughter’s car (that we painted last month)… that I came by today and asked if Maaco could help with the bumper on my car. Dwayne said, If you leave it right now, I’ll have it for you this afternoon! I couldn’t believe it! I left it at 2:30, and picked it up at 4:30 – it was done. I was very impressed! And very pleased! Thanks Maaco Puyallup Purcelle H.

YOUR PEOPLE DID SUCH A GOOD JOB REPAIRING MY DAUGHTER’S CAR!!! Your people did such a good job repairing my daughter’s car last month. My daughter just had an accident and this is the only place that I want to repair my car. Thanks for taking care of us. (Dan saw that they’d taken it for an estimate to the people who damaged the car’s insurance company – and they wrote right on the estimate that they were taking it to Maaco!) Nicole S.