Maaco Auto Collision Vancouver WA Reviews

NOTHING BUT COMPLIMENTS!! You can’t go wrong at the Vancouver Maaco. Just had a 70 Camaro painted by them after seeing some other paint jobs on classics. Amazing paint job for the money! My car actually threw a curve ball at them because I had special striping done. They did a great job at Vancouver Maaco with the stripes and I have had nothing but compliments and thumbs up on the car. It shines and looks great. Your choice these days is to pay $10k at a custom shop, pay $2k to your neighbor’s buddy and hope he does it right after you’ve already paid him…and have no recourse after you do…or go with Vancouver Maaco and know you have a business backing up their work. They’ve got some great examples of work on their website under the Vanvouver Maaco and it will definately help you make your decision.