SHOP TOUR – Tips About Owning An Auto Repair Shop

In this video I give a tour of my shop, Alpha Motorwerks in Alhambra CA. This is my 3rd shop, and the smallest of them all. I show my excessive collection of hot wheels, used car parts, and even my most frequently used tools. Hope you enjoyed the video, and message me on Instagram @ShopLifeTV for any inquiries.


Instagram: @ShopLifeTV

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How old are you?
What car do you own?
-S54 swapped E46 Sedan
What is your name?
-Ankur but you can call me Jason
Where is your shop located?
-Alhambra, CA
How can I contact you?
-Direct message me on instagram @ShopLifeTV

20 thoughts on “SHOP TOUR – Tips About Owning An Auto Repair Shop

  1. Brent Larsgard

    Awesome shop, I love your channel! I’m about to fly out of state to purchase a 2005 330xi manual transmission with only 70k miles! I’m having a local BMW shop do a pre-purchase inspection when I get there and am curious of what I should make sure they look at? I’ve watched a lot of your common issues vids but I really want to communicate with this shop on the most important things to check out. Especially since I don’t know how detailed they can be without taking it apart. Also, what do you think this car is worth? I’ve agreed to pay $10k. I know that’s double the price of a lot of the e46’s but it has half the miles and the sport package and it’s the standard transmission. It came from a single owner that did all the maintenance at the BMW dealer and they have the maintenance records too. Thanks in advance for your advice!!

  2. Auto Sport

    The lifts need to be on the right side on the shop,not on the left,so that it face the shop door,and make access easy,I think you should consider moving it.

  3. Sligh Collins

    Not shop related….just wanted to wish your folks back in NC good luck with that hurricane. I was there for Hugo in the 80s. Good luck mate.

  4. Josiah Nilsen

    Hey I have a 2000 BMW 323i like your white ones however it's four door and black. I was wondering what headlights you have? I've been wanting to upgrade to projectors and angle eyes.

  5. peter botham

    Hey there, great shop tour vlog , And I liked your advice on not needing expensive tools to get the job done. As well as just buy tools as you need them.

  6. YouBocaj67Tube

    Like Scotty Kilmer… He does car repair on his driveway…. No lift because it keeps him fit to have not one!

  7. istvan breier

    Bro I have a bmw n57 engine 3.0 diesel Its consuming the Oil Cold start tiny smoke After engine warmed up And Doing hard acceleration Black smoke Which i think normal But it also has Blue Hue So Im definitely burning oil My question How can i determine if its Valve stem seals, if its Piston Rings, if its Turbo Leak? Im In the Netherlands Please Give me some tips so mechanics Wont F.. me over

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