How to fix a car that has flood damage

In this video I explain how to remove water from an engine that has flood damage. It is not a guarantee fix, but it’s an easy and cheap fix to get the water out of the engine.

20 thoughts on “How to fix a car that has flood damage

  1. Robert Mahaney

    what about all the electronics that must still be wet, what about shorting a number of components

  2. ImInnuendo

    My truck starts and starts sputtering, it won't rev up at all, I have the gas pedal to the floor and then about 10 seconds it dies, any ideas?

  3. Edward Galvan

    I have a flooded Chevy Cruze no water was see in the engine oil and it was super flooded. Do you think I have a good chance of saving this vehicle? It's a a 2013 30k miles. Haven't changed the oil yet going to start doing some basic maintenance just to be safe and there are so many electrical computers power steering ecu etc. Do you think the vehicle will even show me any codes with a ecu that got completely wet?

  4. Cristian Rufino

    Hey I washed my engine a couple of days and never start the car just let it like that in the cold and next morning I try crank it didn't water was in the spark plugs car want to start but it doesn't what can I do? It's a BMW e90


    my truck got water damage but it won't even turn over. How do you get it to even turn over?

  6. Archangel Michael

    Is it possible to repair expensive cars after flood, or repair will cost more then car itself ?

  7. ice_cold_s5

    Buy ecu-renew it'll clean the flooded ecu and get all the water out. potentially save thousands we have saved tons of cars with it

  8. Chris Anderson

    If there is water in the oil should I change it before I try to crank it and get the water out?

  9. Dubz Lopez

    am here in Houston harvey kicken our ass ma air filter got wet no water in my engine has a clog in my intake was not getting fuel mechanic put a rag wit gas by it and boom it turned over runs great

  10. Chasing Giants1

    I've tried that it wasn't even turning finally got it turning but then now it won't actually start. Wondering if I need to keep cranking with out plugs to make sure All water is out and then use now plugs and new oil?

  11. Pablo Hernández

    Your customer was lucky the electronics were not damaged. With flooded cars, usually the person ends up replacing all the modules… it happened to me with a Nissan car.. never again!

  12. Matt Murdock're supposed to pour oil into the cylinders before letting the water out through cranking. Water in the cylinders would have roughened up the cylinder walls and piston rings quite a bit. Even that's not the proper method. The proper thing would be to suck out all the water, and pour oil into the cylinders before cranking to polish the walls and the rings.

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