How to Open an Auto Repair Shop Part 1

Today I answer all some great business questions. Keep them coming. Part 2 will be uploaded ASAP

1:46 How do you deal with customers that accuse you of problems after you work on their cars?

7:40 Whats your opinion on credit

11:50 Buying and selling junk cars.

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20 thoughts on “How to Open an Auto Repair Shop Part 1

  1. Angel Rose Jr

    Good information and advise in this video. I’m only 21 and I hope to open a small shop next year. I just hope it isn’t a factor in people being hesitant to have their car worked on so I’m thinking I should maybe wait a few more years to open a shop instead.

  2. VIP Shop Management

    For anyone, who wants to open an Auto Repair Shop. Check out Vip Shop Management @ It's rated the number 1 software for auto repair shops. It's $350, one time payment. Hopefully that will help new shop owners. We have videos on our channel of how to use it. Channel: Vip Auto Repair . Thanks

  3. James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย

    Great video on this very specific mechanic shop.

    What if I am not really a certified mechanic ( I know and do fix my own 4 cars but no full time work as a mechanic but work in IT industry) but is very interested in Auto related like Express Oil (and other services) etc. I think electric and hybrid repair will be the big part of business. I really like setup like Good Year, Just Tire with less investment.
    I agree that well explanation and educate customers are crucial to get good reputation and more business in good ways.

    Also get customer emails or text if possible in order to communicate and inform them on regular maintenance reminding, car education related, and news from your shop – keep them connected to you and build good long term relationship.

  4. Gerardo Matamoros

    man I want to open my own shop.. but hey did you know more mechanic or a little bit or doesn't matter to open own auto shop??

  5. 1970chevelle396

    Every once in a while I get those customers where I do a brake job then they say now one of my power windows doesn't work.  Anytime someone says something like that after I work on there car,  next time they call me I tell them I'm to busy to work on there car.  95 percent of my customers I have no problems with.  The 5 percent that are like that , I just run those people off.  Its just not worth having those kind of customers.    Do you plan to start doing Smogs in the future?   I've had my smog license for 14 years now and I've never used it.

  6. wyattoneable

    Good answers to some good questions. You'll have to do future answers on Sundays so you don't get interrupted. 🙂 I'm looking forward to your information on flipping cars as that is my next adventure.


    now the problem parts is conveying all recs to the service writer and the writer only telling the customer about the "really importatnt recs"

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