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Options To Consider About Auto Repair It could be a very stressful situation when worrying about what company to select

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for your personal auto repair, but so long as you know how to go about the method it could be really simple. Every company will claim that they have the ideal mechanics and present the best prices, but clearly that is certainly not the case. The easiest method to know that you will be receiving the best repair for your lowest price is to take time to do your homework. Step one to locating the best clients are to find the reviews that were left by previous customers. Most likely you may have more mechanics in your neighborhood than you are able to count. It can be hard to select which companies to even compare to others. Look for a site that provides you the solution to see their reviews at the general star level. From there you will be able to discover the top 10 companies in your town. Then you should make time to look at the reviews that were left by their past clients. Know that there definitely will probably be negative reviews, no matter how good the organization is, although the vast majority ought to be positive. Seek out negative reviews that share exactly the same issues, for example the need to bring their vehicle in a shorter length of time as it actually was not yet fixed. Any shop should e capable to diagnose and correct a car or truck the very first time. Out of your initial listing of 10 you should certainly narrow it right down to 3 different businesses that are the top. You can then call each and get when they are willing to provide an estimate free of cost. If they have made your top 3 list they should be over willing to accomplish this. That way you can know what they presume to be the issue as well as what they think it can cost. After you have quotes from all of the 3 then you can decide who to work with. It can be tempting to decide simply based on the cost, so how they treat you must also be looked at. Customer care is essential in terms of auto repair. When they are prepared to explain everything to you personally and show you they feel that you may have value they then are truly interested in obtaining your business and keeping it. Consider every part of your interaction prior to you making a determination about which mechanic you believe is advisable to service your car or truck. Every auto mechanic will claim they have the most effective costs, from parts to service, but to be honest that they can all differ in lots of ways. Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory Take time to investigate how others have felt regarding their service, what their pricing is and how you personally felt whenever you visited their shop. This is certainly the best way to locate a quality auto repair center that may suit your needs and expectations.


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Is Kia Rio A Decent Used Car?
Hell All - Looking For A Car To Get For Mom. Are Used Models From 2004 To 2007 Any Good? Would Probably Look For One With 60K Mile Or Less. I Would Like To Hear Qualified Opinions From People Who Actually Own Or Have Owned This Car. Let Me Know Of Any Quality Issues And How Much You Like Or Dislike This Particular Model. Thanks All Top Ten Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory

I think the first generation Rio is derivitive of what Ford sold in the US badged as the Aspire.

The Ford Aspire was an appropriately named car. It aspired to be a real car but fell short. 10 Best Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory

The first Rio had it's share of problems. Electrical, head gasket, etc... Really no worse than an Escort, Cavalier, or Neon though.

The current generation (05+) is a similar design to the Hyundai Accent. It should be a better quality car

What Is The Highest Paid Automotive Mechanic 10 Best Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory?
I Asked A Question A Couple Of Weeks Ago About Mechanics And I Saw That Someone`S Mechanic Teacher Worked At Land Rover And Made Over $200,000 A Year. If You Are An Automotive Mechanic For A Luxury Car Company Does That Generally Pay You High? I Have Always Wanted To Be A Mechanic For A Nice Company Like Mercedes-Benz Or Bmw

most Mechanics are paid on what is called a flag hour scale based on an hourly rate. so if a say for instance a tune up,and a brake jobwith turning the rotors. calls for a total of 7 flag hours. And the Mechanic completes the entire Job in 3 hrs. Then they pay him for 7 hrs at what ever his hourly rate is. but if that same job takes him 10 hrs to complete then he only gets paid for 7 hrs. Top Ten Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory

So a good mechainc who is fast and accurate can make as much as he wants in one day. So $200,000 a year is possible without working for BMW , Mercedes- Benz.

What Toyota 4Runners (What Years) Had Problems With Blown Had Gaskets?
I'M Looking At A 1999 Toyota 4Runner V6 And I'M Wondering If There'S A High Likelihood Of The Head Gaskets Going Out. Or We'Re Those Problems Fixed By That Year 10 Best Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory?

Head gaskets haven't really been a trouble spot on either of the 3rd-generation (1996-2002) engines. There is the occasional head gasket failure in that generation, but the percentage isn't large enough to be notable.

The engine with the most notorious head gasket issues was the 3VZ-E 3.0L V6 that was available in 4runners from 1988-1995. Even then, the problematic head gaskets were replaced by Toyota under a service bulletin and the failure rate on the replaced gaskets is not high enough for concern. The rumor mill ran wild with the initial head gasket failures, so the 3VZ-E still has a tarnished reputation, even though it's a fairly decent engine as a whole. Best Ten Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory

I Failed My Smog Test?
My 2001 Cadillac Deville Just Failed The Smog Test. It Said It Was The Vehicle Failing The Mil/Check Engine Light Test Due To Failure To Successfully Complete All Obd Self Tests.Also The Obd Diagnostics Said The Catalyst Was Not Ready And The Evaporative System Not Ready. Can Anyone Explain This To Me And Suggest What I Should Do? Thanks Most Popular Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory

The car runs some tests of the emissions system as you drive it. Sometimes these tests require several hundred miles of normal driving to complete, or specific types of driving, called a "drive cycle". For example, some tests might require the car to be warmed up and going over 35 mph for a certain amount of time.
OBD means On Board Diagnostics. Having OBD tests not complete means the OBD system hasn't had time to complete all its tests. This can happen if the battery was replaced or run dead recently. shows a drive cycle. You just need to do the ones related to the catalyst (5 minutes of steady 55-60mph). That should take care of your evap system also. If not, do the ones that say "EVAP purge" also. Most Popular Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory

How Do You Change The Water Pump In A '95 Ford Contour Do You Have To Remove The Motor Mount Or Timing Belt Most Popular Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory?

For the V6 of this model year, it's relatively easy. Best to ensure the engine cannot be started by removing the battery ground cable first. While draining the coolant via the rad petcock (don't ask me how these things get their names), remove the plastic cover over the front cylinder bank. The water pump should then be visble on the driver side of the block below the front head. It is driven by the front camshaft pulley and a belt that uses a small tensioner. You can release the belt tension by hand. The air filter housing cover and inlet that is attached to the air horn (on top of the engine) and anything connected to this assembly, must be removed. There are also a few small hoses, wiring connectors and other paraphenalia that will have to be disconnected. Make careful observations during dis-assembly and re-assembly. Best Ten Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory

Sorry that my memory is a bit fuzzy on this part, but I recall that some of the pump mounting bolts are what are sometimes referred to as through-bolts (since they pass through something you usually don't want to disturb; in this case the pump housing attached to the block). I was careful not to disturb this housing too much; there may have been one or two bolts holding it in place that did not need to be disturbed. If that's the case, leave them alone and you should not need any other gaskets other than the one for the pump assembly. Always check your new parts for clues to dis-assembly and to confirm you have the right part for the job. Make sure all of the old gasket material has been scraped/sanded of of the block before installing your new or rebuilt pump. Top Ten Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory

NOTE for other posters: Did you notice that the original poster didn't think to specify the engine he had? Try to provide as much useful info as possible when soliciting help.

What Is The Torque Sequence On A Ford Bronco 2 Head(Blown Head Gasket) Most Popular Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory?
6 Cylinder 2.8? Fuel Injected

try they have free downloads Most Popular Auto Repair in Bullhead City Directory

Over Heating 94 Toyota Camry?
I Changed To Thermostat And Also I Flushed The Radiator With A Garden Hose And She Still Ova Heats, If I Turn The Heat On It Is Manageable When The Needle Hits The Red But Not On The Expressway.There Is Always Spillage And Heat And Bubbling In The Ova Flow Tank. On The Inside Of The Car Sometimes There Is Gurgling Coming From Below The Middle Of The Dash Board Im Guessing The Heater Core. Heat Only Blows Out Of The Heater When I Hit The Gas Or The Car Is In Motion. There Is No Leakage Of Anti Freeze Inside Of The Car. Is It The Radiator Or The Heater Core? Thanks Guys!!

You have a bad head gasket.

They can pressure test the cooling system for that.

ADDED: It can be pressure tested, or the coolant can be tested for hydrocarbons. Here's how it works with some head gasket problems. Very small leak from water jacket to cylinder. Intake stroke, valve is open so not much vacuum on the leak, still will suck in a tiny bit of coolant. Compression stroke, 150PSI pushing into small leak into the water jacket, sending pressure to the radiator and out past the cap to the overflow tank. Exhaust stroke, valve is open so not much pressure.
Another thing you could do is pull the spark plugs. If there is any coolant being sucked into the cylinder, the top of the piston will usually have all the carbon gone off the top, and be nice and clean.

Can You Start A Automotive Repair Shop At Home Would That Be A Small Buisness?

maybe & maybe not... as it relates to auto repair shop at home
In the county where I live you are allowed to do so with the proper permits
however, in most cities within the county, they do not allow certain businesses to be operated at home.. one of those that are not allowed is auto repair ---- can only be done in areas zoned for commercial/business

small business... technically.. yes

Talk with your city & your county business licence folks to find out what you need to do

Smog Check Necessary When?
I Just Bought A Car And The Previous Owner Already Did A Smog Check 3 Months Ago Do I Have To Do Another One Again

If you are in california i am a smog tech there the smog certificate should be good for 6 is the sellers responsability to make sure it passes smog.Ya just need the smog certificate.Thats in cal.don't know about other states.

Carpentry Or Electrician Or Auto Mechanics?
Witch One Is Better? How Long Do You Stay In School For Both? And How Much Do You Get Paid? And Any Other Information.

Carpentry is dependent a lot on the weather. A lot of rain outs as with any construction type job. Also if building is in slump good chance of being laid off for extended periods of it. Usually a four year apprenticeship school. Most of carpentary is being taken over by Hispanics i.e . illegal aliens. undocumented workers, Rio Grande Frog men! What ever you want to can them. Wages low and getting lower every day as a rule because of it.

Electrician again is dependent a lot on the like all construction trades. But can work for company which does lot of service work so now as many lay offs. Have to go through four year approved apprenticship school before can take test for license. Or approved two year techanical school then work two years as apprentice or helper.

The other branch of Electrical work is in plant maintenance work being a Maintenance Electrician. This is going to require four years of higher education two years of Electro Mechanics and two years of electronics as well as another two years of instrumentation. And with way industry is offshoring not a good field to be in at present. In first place by time you get all the required schooling with the same investment in time spent studying and money you can have a four year B.S. degree in Accounting in less time with a hell of a lot less studying.

Auto Mechanics: Ah! automotive shops always needing good mechanics. Two year technical school will usually get your foot in the door then it is up to you. A lot of shops and dealerships work on a 60% - 40% basis. they get 60% and you get 40% of what you make them. And a lot of shops pay on hourly rate.

Hope that helps. Used to in plant maintenance electricians made more than engineers but not any more too many compnies have moved off shore reducing the need and lowering the pay as well. If I knew then what I know now I would not have gone into the Electrical/ Electronics engineering field. I'd went into accounting. .

I Need Help...My Car Is A Piece Of Junk?
There Are So Many Things I Have Had To Fix With My Car. I Got A New Radiator, Water Pump, And Timing Belt. I Currently Need Struts, Either A Head Gasket Or A Fuel Pump, Turn Signal Lights, Brake Lights, And My Emergency Break Isn't Working. It Is A 1993 Chevy Cavalier. I Am Only 17 So I Can't Take Out A Loan And My Parents Have Bad Credit. I Need A New Car Though Because Repairing This One Would Be Costly And I Don't Trust It Because Everything Is Going Wrong With It. At The Present Time It Is Stalling Out Everytime I Turn It On And Blowing Out White Smoke. I Have Only Had It For 8 Months And I Paid $800 For It. I Need To Know If Anyone Has Any Ideas Of If I Should Fix This, Or If I Were To Get A New Car, How Would I Go About Doing This. All Advice Is Appreciated.

If you're thinking of fixing it, then question to ask yourself is. . . what's going to break next? It should be clear by now that that Cavalier is a black hole sucking away your money.

When it comes to cars, you kinda get what you pay for. The Honda Civic has one of the best resale values out there, meaning: it costs a lot of money to get even used Civics. Why? Because they're farkin' tanks. Their owners expect them to run 300,000 miles, if not more. So a used Civic costs thousands more than a Cavalier of the same age for a REASON: it saves you tons of money in repair costs.

It should be pretty clear what I'm getting at. You need an A to B car, one that'll take you where you need to go, as you can't buy a lot of style with your money. Even a used Civic won't be cheap, but you NEED a car that will let you sleep at night. You are just going to have to find a way to cough up the money for that, or you'll pay it over several times on the next junk heap you get for cheap.

This is how my mother saved money when she raised us. We were poor, but she knew biting the bullet and buying quality would save us money in the long run. She put 400,000 miles on a Toyota Camry back when those things were bulletproof. ZERO major repairs. Yah, she's my hero.

P.S. It doesn't have to be a Civic, but any car model with a reputation for solid reliability will cost more than trash of the same age. I've also seen other models like Ford and Nissan have their ups and downs in quality. In this case, model year makes a big difference. For example, even the Accord -- Honda's other flagship model -- had serious transmission problems from about 2001. So I can't recommend an Accord because, how can I tell you which models suck on which years in a Yahoo Answers post? So, Civic was my choice because more than any other line, you can pretty much pick ANY model year and expect that thing to run.

Could Anything Cause Backpressure In The Cooling System To Make The Hoses Blow?
The Vehicle Is A 1996 Ford Contour With A 2.2L Engine. Thank You.

a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head can let compression from inside the cylinders escape into the cooling system and blow or pop a hose.
Most shops have a tool called a block tester that can tell you if that is happening without pulling the car apart.