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Options To Consider About Auto Repair It can be a very stressful situation when worrying in regards to what company to decide on

Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory
for your auto repair, but provided that you know the way to this process it could be really simple. Every company will claim that they have the most effective mechanics and present the lowest prices, but clearly that is certainly far from the truth. The easiest method to know that you are obtaining the best repair for your lowest price would be to take the time to do your homework. The first step to finding the best company is to search for the reviews which were left by previous customers. Chances are that you possess more mechanics in your neighborhood than it is possible to count. It can be difficult to select which companies to even compare with others. Look for a site which gives the solution to see their reviews with a general star level. From there you should be able to obtain the top 10 companies in your town. Then you should make time to look at the reviews which were left by their past clients. Understand that there definitely will likely be negative reviews, regardless of how good the corporation is, but the vast majority should be positive. Look for negative reviews that share a similar issues, for example needing to bring their vehicle back in a quick amount of time mainly because it actually was not yet fixed. Any shop should e capable of diagnose and correct a vehicle the first time. From your initial list of 10 you will be able to narrow it right down to 3 different firms that are the top. You may then call each and get should they be willing to offer you a quotation totally free. In case they have made your top three list they should be more than willing to accomplish this. That method for you to really know what they feel to get the issue as well as what they think it will cost. Once you have quotes from all of 3 you can then decide who to work with. It could be tempting to decide simply in accordance with the cost, so how they treat you need to be regarded as. Customer service is essential with regards to auto repair. If they are prepared to explain everything for your needs and demonstrate that they can feel which you have value they are truly thinking about obtaining your organization and keeping it. Consider every part of your interaction before you make a conclusion about which mechanic you imagine is best to service your car or truck. Every auto mechanic will claim they may have the most effective costs, from parts to service, but the fact is which they all differ often. Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory Spend some time to investigate how others have felt concerning their service, what their costs are and the way you personally felt whenever you visited their shop. This is the best way to locate a quality auto mechanic shop that may meet your requirements and expectations.


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FAQ's Auto Repair

Could There Be More Problems With This Ford Bronco 10 Best Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory?
Tomorrow I Am Going To Look At A 1989 Ford Bronco That A Guy Was Advertising On Craigslist. I Called Him And He Told Me That The Only Problems It Has Are A Mistimed Ignition And It Needs A Couple Freeze Plugs Replaced. Basically I Need To Know If It Could Possibly Have Worse Problems That He Is Trying To Pass Off As These Less Serious Ones. What Should I Look For?

Yes, very well have more problems, with ign off as he claims could use this to hid compression problems and timing chain issues, freeze plugs could hide head gaskets or other things that make it overheat. But he could be shooting straight, most times people selling cars don't. Most Popular Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory

How Do You Figure The Cubic Inches Of My Engine?
Ok I Have A Ford 460 In My 79 Bronco But Its Built Pretty Good And After A Recent Head Gasket Replacement I Checked The Bore And It Turns Out Its Bored 30 Over So What Does That Make My Cubic Inches Best Ten Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory?

that's why the online calculators are so nice..

Volume equals pie times the Radius squared times the stroke times the number of cylinders equals 467 rounded off. 10 Best Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory

that's using 0.030" over

Ford Contour 99, Runs Very Bad. Best Ten Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory?
I Have A Ford Contour 99, I Did Replace The Timing Belt, Idler Pulley, And Timing Adjuster. Now After That It Run A Little Rough, So I Decided To Use For Some Time, Now Is Worse, I Did Re-Set Timing Following Ford Instructions, 1 And 4 Cylinder At Tdc, Cams Aligned With Flat Steel Tool, Cam Sprockets Loose, Timing Belt Tight All The Way Around, Re- Started And Runs Very Bad, Shakes, Misses, All Kinds Of Things. No Smoke At Tailpipe, Then I Checked The Compression, It Was Very Low, Almost Cero.. My Question Is: Can My Timing Be Off To Not Having Any Compression At All≫? Or Could I Have A Burned Valve, Or A Piston/Valve Collision, (Acording To Ford,Is Not An Interference Engine,[2.0 Liter] ) Any Suggestions≫?, I Almost Throwing My Towel, And Don'T Know What Can Be The Problem.. Did Replace Sparks, Coil, Sparks Cables, Checked My Injectors, No Vacuum Leaks, Thank You For Any Good Help.

A stock Zetec is non-interference unless it's a SVT or has been modified (high lift cam). If the timing is way off, then you won't have compression, but it sounds like you are doing it right from what I can gather. However, in some cases non-interference engines can get bent values due to carbon buildup on top of the cylinders, especially in the valve reliefs (reduces valve clearance). There are some rare cases of this occurring with the Zetec.

To test the valves, you can do a leak down test on the cylinders. Basically you shoot compressed air in through the spark plug and see if the pressure in the cylinder drops. In your case, if you have bent valves you should be able to hear a decent "hiss" in the intake or exhaust. You can also try testing the compression with the timing belt off and both valves closed (rotate camshafts). Top Ten Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory

Burnt valves are also a possibility, but you would have noticed this before the belt change. It is also unlikely all four would be burnt and giving zero compression.

Just to be sure, cylinder #1 is the one closest to the timing belt. Also, did you double check your plug wiring? Try to be as precise as possible with TDC in #1, otherwise you could be a tooth or two off.

You said no vacuum leaks, but did you check the EGR, IAC, and MAF? These can all cause roughness.

If all else fails, you can pull the head and see what it looks like inside. Might as well replace the head gasket (order after you see the condition of the valves).

Here is another how to, maybe a different source will help:

Hope you can figure it out! Most Popular Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory

Car Issues...Blown Head Gasket And Antifreeze Leak Most Popular Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory?
I Have A 1997 Ford Contour Gl With Almost 112Kmi. Last Week When I Was Driving The Car At 55 Mph The Car Started Lurching Forward...Kind Of Like How It Feels When You Just Tap On The Accelerator And It Jumps Forward. I Pulled Over And Turned The Car Off To Check For Leaks And A Flat Tire, Nothing Happened. Went To Turn The Car Back On (Worked) And Started Driving Home...Which Was About Half A Mile. As Soon As I Started Driving (20 Mph) The Front Of The Car Started To Shake Really Bad (Is Not The Alignment), Made Groaning And Whaling Noises, And Would Not Accelerate Above 25 Mph. When I Finally Made It Home I Turned Off The Engine, Went To Call My Mechanic, And He Told Me To Turn It Back On But It Wouldn'T Start. I Have To Wait Two More Days Until I Can Get The Car Looked At But In The Mean Time I Tried To Jump Start The Car To See If It Would Start. It Took About 3 Tries And Then Just Letting The Car Charge From My Moms Car And It Finally Worked. Now The Car'S Exhaust Is Spewing White And The Antifreeze Is Brown/Rusted But Not Too Low. It'S Also Idling Really Rough And Over Heats Within A Minute. I Have Never Missed An Oil Change, So That Isn'T The Issue. I Also Have An Over Heating Issue And My Temp Gauge Isn'T Registering It (I Think That'S Just Broken). I Just Want To Know If Anyone Else Has Had This Issue Or Knows What It Could Be. I'Ve Been Told It May Be A Blow Gasket And An Antifreeze Leak Into The Oil. Wanted Some Opinions Before It Gets Looked At In 2 Days. I'M Trying To Figure Out If It Is Too Bad A Fix And If I Should Just Get A New Car. Please Do Not Answer This If You Have No Intention On Giving Me Advise For What May Be Wrong With The Car.

yes sounds like the head gasket but also could be the intaake manifold gasket and my advise is to buy a new car Most Popular Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory

What Should I Do With My Car Top Ten Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory?
I Asked A Question Not Too Long Ago About My 1997 Ford Aspire With 121K Miles, Which Had A Misfire In One Of Its Cylinders When I Bought It. Now I'Ve Got Several More Questions. Here'S The Story: I Took It To A Reputable Repair Shop And Had It Diagnosed The Other Day As A Pretty Serious Problem, Which Was Most Likely A Malfunctioning Valve, Though They Would Have To Take Apart The Cylinder Head To Confirm That. They Based Their Evaluation On The Fact That The 3 Healthy Cylinders Were Putting Out 170 Pounds Of Pressure While The Other Was Putting Out 80 Pounds. When I Talked To Other Mechanics They Said They Would Expect A Valve Problem Too With Those Numbers. I Have An Appointment Set For Monday Morning To Get The Cylinder Head Taken Off So That The Mechanics Can Find Out What The Problem Is Exactly. The Previous Owner Knew For Some Time That The Misfire Existed, But He Assumed That It Was Because Of The Spark Plugs, Which Are Pretty Worn. After I Bought The Car And Drove It Around A Bit, But Before I Took It To The Mechanic, The Check Engine Light Came On And Remained On Until Earlier Today When It Shut Off. Here Are My Questions: 1) Is There Any Real Chance That The Compression Differentials That The Mechanic Observed Were Caused By Something Simple Like A Spark Plug Malfunction, Which Got Worse During The Time That The Check Engine Light Was On? I Was Planning To Replace My Front Brakes Myself This Weekend Anyway So That It Could Pass The State Inspection. If Changing Out The Plugs And Wires Might Solve The Problem I Might Want To Give It A Try. 2) Is $800 To $1200 A Reasonable Amount To Charge For Rebuilding The Top Half Of An Engine? The Price May Or May Not Include Replacing The Timing Belt, Which I Think Should Be Right In The Area Anyway. The Belt Was Replaced 20,000 Miles Ago, But The Engine Has Been Leaking Oil For A While So There'S A Decent Chance It'S Been Splashed And Weakened. 3) Do Spark Plugs And Wires Normally Get Changed Out In A Rebuild Like This? I Imagine They Would Be Unless The Customer Asked, But I'M No Mechanic. I Really Appreciate The Time You Guys On This Side Of Yahoo Answers Put In. Thanks For Reading Through My Questions.

When they do a compression check, they remove the spark plugs and check the compression that each piston is putting out. So, the plugs are not installed at the time.

Check around various other places for cost of rebuilding the top half, and also, maybe try another shop to get their diagnosis. I do not know what average cost would be. That price quoted would be about 10 to 14 hours labor, at $85 an hour avg. Plus the cost of gaskets, parts, etc. Best Ten Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory

Spark plugs should probably be changed out for new ones, during a rebuild. Wires, depends on how good they are now. Four good plugs run you about $10 or so. And depending on how old and worn the other parts are, like the water pump, it might be a good idea to replace it, if it is original.

But get a second opinion on repairs, unless it is too costly to do so. I know they charge for these diagnoses. Top Ten Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory

Standard Industrial Classification Code 10 Best Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory?
What Is An Automotive Repair Sic Code?

811111 General Automotive Repair
"This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing (1) a wide range of mechanical and electrical repair and maintenance services for automotive vehicles, such as passenger cars, trucks, and vans, and all trailers or (2) engine repair and replacement." Most Popular Brake Inspection in Kingman Directory

1998 Ford Contour Missing When Heats Up???
Ok My Mom Has A 1998 For Contour And When It Heats Up It Starts Missing.And When You Turn It Off The Radiator Still Bubble.Any Ideas Of What Wrong With It?

to major things. you can have blown head gaskets.. major work needed. its missings cause of the coolant getting in the combustion chamber. and not letting the gas mix well.. the other thing could be a stuck thermostat causing the radiator to bubble. but smost likely you have a cooant leak into the engine internaly. take it to the shop before its does more damage.. cost expensive 2000 bucks.. good luck.. sell it or trade it in to a AUTO dealer and dont say anything they will pay top dallor for a trade in.. shsshhshsshshshshshshshs dont say anything to the dealer when you trade it in.. people do it alll the time.. for worst conditoins..

Do It Yourself Automotive Repair?
I Have Always Liked To Work On Projects Fixing Things That Are Broken, As A Kid I Used To Spend Alot Of Time Fixing Up Bikes Just For Fun, Over The Years I Acquired Many Tools Useful To Repair Bikes, But Now That I Have A Car I Was Wondering How Much Would A Basic Or Intermediate Mechanique Toolkit Cost? I Know Some Specialty Tools Would Probably Be Expensive, Let Me Know How Much

Many of the items you need are probably already at your disposal, screw driver, wrenches etc. Specialty items you can buy as you go. If you plan on working on cars, one thing you will need to learn how to use is a multimeter, while simple, you need to learn what it is telling you, and what the values mean. While a mechanics course at the college would give you the minimum, I think you would be better served by taking an electronics class. It would cover a great many parts you will see as a mechanic and expose you to many of the principles of the parts.

Tool kits will run about $150, this will give you wrenches, sockets drivers etc. Cresent sells a kit that runs about $59, I bought one for my son, like it so much I went back and bought me one. Just look around and see what you like. Kits have come down a lot in price, and quality has come up even on the cheap ones. You will always run across those that say you ain't got s h i t if your don't have xbrand. I have a farm, and also do my own repairs on my own cars, combines, tractors and swathers, you do not have to have craftsman to loosen a nut, cobalt or husky works just as well. Don't turn your nose up at harbor freight either, some of there stuff is pretty good, and for a home hobbyist will do just fine.
Also, get a torque wrench, many people screw stuff up just because they over torque or do not tighten things even. On a car this is a big problem, on a bike not so much.
As a kid, bikes were my specialty also, I did everything on them, even fixed other kids bikes.

How To Change Head Gasket On 97 Ford Contour And What Are All The Processes Ill Need To Go Through........?

View my previous answer. Thanks.

Question About Car Repair?
Which In Your Opinion Is A Better Place To Take Your Car To Get Repair Work Done, A Large National Chain Like Midas Or Meineke Or A Small Locally Owned Repair Shop?

If you do a lot of road travel, maybe the big chains are the way to go. They have National warranties on their work. But if you do mostly local, the local man is the way to go. He gets to know your car, and even though he may have staff turnover, he still knows whats going on. It's always an advantage to have a good relationship with your mechanic. Less chance of them ripping you off. Mind you, the national chains are more than likely locally owned franchises, so I guess it's much of a muchness.
I chose a mechanic that's close to my work place, I can leave my car there and walk to work.
He's a great bloke and a top mechanic. At least if he rips me off, he makes me feel good about it.

Online Auto Repair Diagrams?
Need To Do Some Maint. On My Car. Looking For Something Online Like A Chiltons. Where I Can View All The Info I Need To Do The Repairs

Repairs and maintanance are two different things.
Repairs are what u do if you dont do maintenanace.

For fluids and stuff you can do a web search and come up many webpages/blogs/owners clubs that'll have details on doing the scheduled stuff.
Repairs can be done with Clymers Chilton or Haynes manuals but experienced (and the better) mechanics will use these for torque and manufacturer specs instead of assembly/disassembly.

Ignition Problems 1983 Bronco 4.9L?
I Have A 1983 Ford Bronco 300 Cid Carburated Truck. I'Ve Replaced The Ignition Coil, Battery, Checked The Timing Gears, Rebuilt The Carburator, Replaced The Distributor Cap And Rotor, Spark Plugs And Wires. When I Turn The Engine Over And Pour A Little Fuel In The Carb, The Engine Turns Over, But Doesn'T Backfire Or Anything. I'Ve Had The Ignition Control Module Tested, And It Passed All 8 Times. If I'M Missing Anything, Please Let Me Know. I'M At A Loss At What To Check Next.

If your not getting any spark, try a different coil and distributor...the stator in the distributor may be could be something as simple as a bad coil wire..