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What To Know About Auto Repair It could be a very stressful situation when worrying as to what company to decide on

for your auto repair, but as long as you know the way to the process it could be really simple. Every company will claim they have the very best mechanics and give the cheapest prices, but clearly which is far from the truth. The best way to know that you will be having the best repair for the cheapest price is to spend some time to do your research. The first step to finding the right clients are to find the reviews that have been left by past customers. Most likely you may have more mechanics in your area than you can count. It can be hard to choose which companies to even compare to others. Search for a site that gives you the method to see their reviews at the general star level. From there you will be able to obtain the top 10 companies in your neighborhood. Then you certainly should make time to browse the reviews that have been left by their past clients. Understand that there definitely will likely be negative reviews, irrespective of how good the company is, although the vast majority must be positive. Try to find negative reviews that share a similar issues, including needing to bring their vehicle in a quick timeframe as it actually had not been yet fixed. Any shop should e in a position to diagnose and correct a vehicle the 1st time. From the initial list of 10 you must be able to narrow it to 3 different businesses that are the most effective. You may then call each and inquire should they be willing to provide a quotation cost-free. If they have made your top 3 list they must be over willing to achieve this. That method for you to understand what they believe being the situation and also what they think it can cost. After you have quotes from all of 3 you may then decide who to make use of. It can be tempting to decide simply in line with the cost, but how they treat you should also be considered. Customer care is essential when it comes to auto repair. Should they be happy to explain everything for your needs and reveal to you which they feel that you have value chances are they are truly considering obtaining your small business and keeping it. Take into consideration every aspect of your interaction prior to making a conclusion about which mechanic you imagine is better to service your vehicle. Every auto mechanic will claim they may have the very best costs, from parts to service, but the truth is that they can all differ in many ways. Spend some time to investigate how others have felt concerning their service, what their expenses are and the way you personally felt once you visited their shop. This is the best way to locate a quality auto repair center that may meet your requirements and expectations.

FAQ's Auto Repair

2000 Toyota 4Runner Smelling Anti Freeze At Exhaust?
Anyone Know If This Sounds Like A Blown Head Gasket. Truck Runs Like A Champ. Any Easy Way To Check This.

yes it does.
Your oil will turn brown.

Price Of New Engine For A 1991 Ford?
My Mom Needs A New Engine For Her 1991 Ford Bronco Because The Car Fixer Dude We Use Didnt Tell Us She Had A Broken Head Gasket. And He Wants $5,000 For The Engine And Labor. So I Cant Seem To Find The Price Of A New Engine. It Is A V8 Windsor. 4 Speed Auto E4od. Not Sure What Else Would Be Needed.

First find a new mechanic. Have them find a used engine for it (with a warranty, they have connections all over the U.S.A.) I had a used engine (54000 miles on it) put in recently ... total cost was $600 but it was a 4 cyl. For a V8 expect double that or slightly more. Good Luck

I Have A 97 Ford Contour, And Today I Put Oil In The Car And Now It Stalls And I Have White Smoke Coming Out?
I Put In The Right Oil, And Now My Car Stalls And I Have White To Grey Smoke Coming Out Of The Back Of The Car, What Could Be Wrong, It Also Rattles When I Drive It.

White smoke is an indicator that you may have a blown head gasket.
Do you smell anti -freeze inside the car?

Advice On Starting Automotive Repair Shop?
I'M Thinking Of Starting A Automotive Repair Shop/Detail. What Do I Need To Start With, What Should I Charge Per Hour. What Is The Sucess Rate Of This Type Of Business. What Kind Of Profit Can I Make At This Type Of Business. Thanks For You Answers.


a; visit a local library and take out books on
introduction to business
marketing and
small biz mgt

b. study them as fast as you can

c. make sure you are certified by the AAA.

What you charge is a COMBINATION of what you need to
take home per day and what your competition charges.
IT becomes a math matrix and it might change every
6 mo for the first 3 yrs while you change your company
as different events occur;

different cars, more equipment, losses,
better staff/mechanics.

d. find a biz plan template that is free, and down load it.

e. write up your executive summary [a brief run down on who you are
and why a auto repair biz]
and I will guide you free for 2 weeks, 1/2 hour a week.

Automotive Mechanic Outlook?
I Have Been Researching It And Many Many Many People Are Saying Not To Become A Mechanic, Why Not? What Is So Bad About Being A Mechanic? I Am Leaning Towards It Now And I Would Like To Know As Much As Possible, Thanks!

I dont know why people would say not to become a Mechanic, if you get the schooling and become certified you can make good money, it is definitely a growing trade, but you gotta love it, it would be hard to be wrenching on cars all day if you didn't like it.

Help With Car Repair Please?
Hi Everyone, I Could Use Some Help With A Car Repair I Need To Get. My Rear Window Defogger Is Not Working Anymore And I Was Told By A Couple Of People To Buy A Repair Kit To Fix It. When I Called Auto Zone Today The Guy Told Me They Don'T Sell Them Anymore Because There Have Been Fires That Have Resulted From Using Them. The Brand On Their List Was Permatex. When I Asked Him If It Was Just The Brand He Said No And They Just Simply Didn'T Stock The Kits Anymore. Can Someone Who Has Mechanical Knowledge Please Help Me With This? Because I Have Read They Work And I Am Confused Especially Since I Was Told There Are No Alternate Fixes. If The Kit Can'T Be Used, What Should I Do? Any Help Would Really Be Appreciated. Thank You!

Future Doc,

As others have posted the first thing you should do is check the fuse for the defroster. You don't tell is the make year and model of car (include that in future posts please) so we can't tell you where to look for the fuse, but your owners manual should tell you.

There is generally a spare there, so if you don't know how to check a fuse, swap in the spare. Most cars come with a little tool to help you pull the fuse out. If no, a small pair of needle nose pliers or if you are that far along in your studies a nice pair of forceps will do the job.

If you are sure it's an actual broken wire, here's a link to different products on Amazon. You can also go to youtube to see how to do it.

Keep in mind it's usually the outer edges these days, back in the old days these were all overlays on the inside of the glass, but I don't think that is your situation.

So make sure you can see where you are going to need to repair - it should be a break in the foil.

Good luck.