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How You Can Effectively Tackle The Initial Big Auto Repair Job Now you know how to change oil with your car, you may wish to undertake

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a greater auto repair task. Oftentimes, car enthusiasts choose to have a DIY method of car repair not merely as a hobby, but as a method to save cash. When your car keeps deteriorating and you will barely afford the parts to solve it, there's no way you can pay money for professional labor. Before you decide to tackle a big repair job, take a look at several of the expert advice below! Research First You can't take apart your automobile and wish to place it back together again in the event you don't know all of the parts. Unless you have a very rare vehicle, you can easily get ahold of any aftermarket manual for the brand name. These manuals are extremely useful when you are identifying the various components of the car and how they can be assembled. Not forgetting, there are easy to follow diagrams that may simplify this process. Apart from an actual manual, check out Internet forums for help. Chances are, somewhere on earth, someone has recently asked exactly the same questions when you. If you think stuck or there is a specific problem you can't wrap the head around, post about the forums and ask! Clear Workspace Area Taking care of an auto takes a lot more space than many people would estimate. You may be thinking your garage has ample room, but you may be set for a rude surprise as soon as you start on the repair. It's best to clear lots of space and set up a workspace without additional clutter to make your work easier. Repair Needs Time It's essential to understand that auto repair takes quite a lot of time as well as perseverance. When the vehicle you intend to repair is the only ride to work, put in place a carpool having a friend or find alternative transportation before taking your vehicle out of commission. Expect to make lots of trips into a home improvement center and wait around for your car or truck parts into the future in, which can all devote some time. Keep Organized It's an easy task to take something apart, but it can become a nightmare to put it back together again. If you have lots of nuts, bolts, and washers you're removing from your car, it can feel like an impossible task to not forget the way all goes together. Before you take your automobile apart, Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directoryhave a photograph of how the various components look when properly installed. Once you've done that, label everything using a white pen and keep them properly sorted in either plastic baggies or old egg cartons. You could have a good amount of enthusiasm for auto repair, but be sure you shop around first, clear enough workspace, and keep everything properly labeled. Many novice mechanics have discovered that taking the time to generate a checklist can also help make a field of difference! If you stay organized and go in depth, you will be able to properly repair the initial car.


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FAQ's Auto Repair

Estimation For Car Rust Repair Most Popular Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory?
I Have A 1993 Dodge Intrepid. The Lower Door Skin On Both Side Has Some Rust Pretty Bad. Could You Guys Give Me A Range For The Cost Of Fixing This Problem. I Plan To Go To The Body Shop Cuz I Dont Know If I'm Able To Do It Myself. I Live Up North, And It Snows A Lot Here. I Gotta Think About Fixing This Car Before The Winter Comes. Also, Any Suggestion On The Rust Problem, I'd Be Appreciated Much. I'm Very New To Cars Generally. Thanks In Advance.

Before you considering repairing cosmetic rust, you should have the underside of the car inspected to be sure there is no rust that would adversly affect other areas like floorboards.

As far as repairing rust, it's not worth it unless you intend to move out of the rust-belt. Most Popular Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory

I worked with a guy in Long Beach, CA who repaired rust properly, which entails cutting out the rusted area and welding in an entirely new piece of sheet metal. He only repaired high end cars like '55 T Birds and Porsche Speedsters. If you asked him to repair the rust on your '93 Dodge, he would have counseled you against the idea.

Because the new sheet metal was welded in, it's not protected from rusting out again because it cannot be rust-proofed on the inner side. It rusts out even faster than the original metal did the first time.

The cheap way to repair rust is to bash in the rusted edge, mig in some metal in the general shape and bondo it over. This kind of repair leaves you with a real mess when the rusted metal that wasn't removed continues to rust out. Top Ten Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory

Generally speaking, people who have lived their whole life in the rust belt have their new cars undercoated, drive their older car in the winter and spring, and get more years out of the new car by only driving it in summer & fall and garaging it in inclement weather.

If you really want to go bargain basement, you can get some stainless steel tape at Pep Boys and apply it to the rust on your doors. But it won't look great.

I Have A 1999 Ford Contour...Most Popular Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory?
I Am Having Some Mechanical Issues With My 1999 Ford Contour. I Was Driving To Work The Other Day And All Of A Sudden My Radiator Gauge, Battery Gauge And Oil Gauge All Came On (Which Has Never Happened Before). My Car Was Overheated And Out Of Oil (Which I Had Just Put A Quart Of Oil In A Few Days Earlier). When I Got To My Job (Barely Got There) My Car &Quot;Quit&Quot; On Me. But To Back Up Alittle The Symptoms It Was Having Was It Was &Quot;Ticking&Quot; And &Quot;Bogging Out&Quot; As I Was Driving. I Let My Car Sit For An Hour To Cool Down And Went To Check It Out. It Was Full Of Antifreeze But Barely Had Oil In It. Just A Tad Bit On The End Of The Dipstick. I Ended Up Putting In 2 Quarts Of Oil (Thinking It Might Of Been Just That). When I First Got To Work I Opened Hood And It Was Smoking From Engine Not The Radiator, By The Way. Anyhow I Left Work (Having To Travel 23 Miles To My Home) And Just Maybe 2 Miles (Or Less) My Car Did The Same Thing To Me. Ok So Here Comes The Question For You...What Do You Think It Could Be? My Mother Says Thermostat Or Vaccum Leak To Motor Or I Might Have A Blown Head Gasket? What Do You Think? I Am Having It Taken To Mechanic On Monday To Have It Put On The &Quot;Machine&Quot; To See What Is Wrong But My Car Has 160,000 Miles On It And I Really Do Not Want To Put Anymore Money In It. I Just Spent $600 On Brakes, Struts, And Miscellaneous Things. So Could You Give Me Ideas Of What You Might Think It Is?? Please!! Thank You So Much Most Popular Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory !

The ticking sound is caused by the lifters lacking oil. Some engines will shut down as self preservation when the oil pressure falls too low. You have a large oil leak. It could be worn piston rings or the PCV valve is faulty. 10 Best Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory

What Does It Cost To Repair A Blown Head Gasket?
I Blew A Head Gasket In My Engine, Is There Any Other Alternative For Fixing This Without Replacing The Gasket 10 Best Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory.

I have never seen so many questions about blown head gaskets. I have never had that problem nor run into it, and I got cars that date in the 50's and also got diesels(which must have 400 PSI+)
Gas cars new run 160 PSI. And compression goes down the longer you drive the car(engine wear)

You can't replace the head gasket unless you have a "torque wrench" and you know the torque and the tightening "pattern".

So, if you did it before by guesswork, guess you gotta do it again.(and again) Top Ten Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory

Once you compress a head gasket that is it for that gasket. There is no other option. Best Ten Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory

I Lost My Smog Check Certificate?
I Need To Do My Smog Check(State Of California), And I Have Lost The Certificate, What Should I? Can I Go And Do The Test Without Certificate Top Ten Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory?

You get the certificate AFTER the test, not before. If you lose the certificate showing your car passed smog, the DMV has it in their computer and so would Triple A. It's no problem.

If you lost the DMV paperwork they send you in the mail to get your smog, it doesn't matter either. Just tell whatever shop you go to you need a smog. They only ask for it to scan the VIN number, which is a lot faster than typing 17 numbers.

Looking For A Good, Low-Cost Mechanic/Shop To Work On My Audi A4. Any Recommendations For Anyone In La Best Ten Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory?

Low-cost and Audi don't go together. Here are some shops previously suggested by Audi and VW owners on the Internet:

Tony's Auto Repair
9720 Atlantic Ave
South Gate, CA 90280
(323) 564-3361

Troy's VW and Audi Repair
11101 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604-3134
(818) 752-9922

There are also people who have had problems at some of these shops.

Timing On A 99 Ford Contour Best Ten Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory?
I Am Having Issues With My 99 Ford Contour. We Have Replaced The Timing Belt, Head Gasket, And Had The Head Resurfaced And Valve Job Done. My Husband Has Set The Timing And To His Knowledge It Is Top Dead Center. The Problem Is That It Still Will Not Start. Everyone I Talk To Says That It Is The Timing That Is Still Off. If There Anything Else That Would Cause It Not To Start Or Is The Timing Still Not Right?

Both the crank and cam have to be at TDC - and depending on the vehicle it is possible to get it 180 degrees out of time. I always mark mine and am extremely careful not to move anything if at all possible).

When the timing belt tensioner is released it can often knock the system out of time - this can make it necessary to set it to slightly to one side or the other from TDC so that when it is released that it will pop up on TDC.

Since a lot of stuff had to be taken off the engine to take the head off for resurfacing and gasket replacement, it might be as simple as the crank or cam position sensor not being all the way plugged in (it is also easy to accidentally loosen a wire if you aren't careful unplugging various connectors). Top Ten Car Diagnostic in Lake Havasu Directory

I've been in exactly that position a few times - take it slow and check everything. It might not hurt to try giving the cam a 180 degree spin and trying it again just in case.

92 Toyota Camry Overheading?
Hi I Have A 92 Toyota Camry That I Just Bought 1 Month Ago..Yesturday It Overheaded I Turnd The Car Off And It Started To Spill Water And I Open The Hood And The Water From The Reservoir Was Voiling My Boyfriend Checked It But Theres No Leak And The Reservoir Broke And My Boyfriend Was Looking For The Thermostat But Couldent Fine It....Can Some One Tell Me Were Its Located At And Is There Something Else I Have To Check To See Why Its No Passing Water....What Else Can I Do...?

my last view of this problem was a 89 toyota. sounds the same but the initial problem was a blown fuse for the cooling fans on the radiator. there are too many possibilities within the cooling system for anyone to remotely diagnose. you can, then i can, but wiyh hands on and the process of elimination, we would only be guessing. you need experience under your hood on this one..step slowly the 89 ,by time she got to me she had blown a head gasket it's running well now but she let one little problem ($3.00) cost her in the end over $400.00. GET EXPERIENCE!! TAKE CARE!!

Cost Of Replacing My Engine?
I'M New To Cars And Don'T Know Much. I Just Got A Used 1986 Toyota Camry A Few Months Ago, And The Engine Seized On Me A Couple Days Ago. The Car Has About 145K Miles On It. I'Ve Looked Up Costs Of Used Engines, So I Have An Idea Of What That Would Cost. I'M Wondering If Anyone Has An Estimation On What Labor Would Cost For Taking It To A Shop To Swap Them Out, Or Where To Look To Find Out.

My wife's 89 Celica - I spent more time under the hood than I did in the car. But she loved it, so I kept it going. Everything from the minor stuff to major stuff like a blown head gasket and timing belts. Was always just a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, but over the years I must have spent well over $5,000 on her car. But she'd always reason that it was cheaper to repair it than to replace it. $4,000 more and she's driving an 03 Sonata, which she loves. Had I kept the car it would have cost me more than that. So if you can't get your hands on a used engine for around $800 and do the work yourself - you're better off buying another used car. And the Camry probably isn't worth $800 now.

So what your other answer said; do you want to handle a ton of maintenance over the next few years or would you rather spend a few more bucks and get something in better shape? The choice is yours.

Oh, and if it were my car and I had an engine laying around, I'd do the job myself. And if you don't KNOW how to do it - just jump in there. Take careful notes of where everything comes off so you can put them back the same way. You'll need a good set of tools and will need to rent an engine puller. Likely a hub puller too, you're going to have to get the front wheel hubs off so you can pull the axels out so the transmission can come out with the engine. Then, there in the garage floor, you swap the transmission and put everything back together. And don't neglect a torque wrench. You can rent one, but make sure you torque each fastener to the proper tension AND in the proper order.

Scared by all that? Don't be. Just visit YouTube and get some ideas of what you're doing. If some high school kid can swap your engine at Pep Boys, so can you.

Do You Tip Auto Mechanics?
My Dad Usually Does My Oil Changes But He Is Very Busy Now And I Don'T Want To Bother Him With My Car. I Am Going In For An Oil Change Tomorrow And I Have Never Been To An Auto Mechanic Before! Do I Tip The Mechanic For My Oil Change Or Do I Just Pay The Oil Change Fee?

Tip? Generally no, unless it's a specialty mechanic and/or repair.

Should you tip for an oil change? Nah. Should you tip for an engine rebuild? If they do a good job, yep.

Let's face tip the person cutting your hair, you tip the person bringing your food, you tip the person that brings your coffee, so maybe (if this is your regular mechanic) it's not a bad idea to tip the guy who fixes your car and basically ensures your freedom and livelihood...if he's a good mechanic and doesn't rip you off. Oil change guy?

Gta Iv Isn'T As Good As Gta Sa, Who Agrees? What Do You Want To Add?
I Think That Gta Sa Is Much Better. In Gta Iv Rockstar Took Out: 1). Tiny, But Tasty Rpg Elements (Such As Bodybuilding, Driving/Weapon/Fighting Skills, Etc); 2). Less Vehicles (Such As Semitrailers With Mini-Missions, Cop Bikes, Tractors, Bicycles, Trains, Planes, Tanks, Etc); 3). Less Side Missions; 4). No Car Tuning; 5). Smaller Territory; 6). No Gyms. Basically, We'Ve Got Gta Iii (Great Game, But In 2001) With Better Graphics And Physics. Please, Answer And Star This Question As Much As Possible, I'M Positive That Rockstar Employees Read Y!A, So We Can Get A Bit Of Their Attention. After All, We Are Consumers, It'S Our Right To Choose.

Its the first GTA game on the new consoles so it isn't really fair to compare it to San Andreas. Think about it. The first GTA game for the PS2 was GTA III. That lacked features as well, but was still a groundbreaking game that took things to new levels.

You will see those San Andreas features in future titles. Its just business. Add a few more things to the next one and gradually build up your franchise title so you make the most money out of it. Rockstar probably already knows when they are gonna add car tuning, more vehicles and such.

Nevertheless, what I would like to see in GTA for the PS3:

"Contracts": I like what they did with the Vigilante in GTA IV, but why not give us some "contract killing" side missions, similar to the Assassin missions?

Car tuning: More tuner-type vehicles and at least all the customization options that were available in San Andreas. And how about being able to customize ALL passenger cars and trucks in some way? What about performance upgrades and include some "fast & furious" style racing?

Closed off street racing: Maybe some sort of drag? Alternative to the same checkpoint to checkpoint racing.

Tanks: I know it would break the "realism", but it could happen theoretically. What if terrorists started attacking New York City and you'd have to declare Martial Law? Remember the movie The Siege?

Harrier Jets or passenger Jumbo Jets: I'm sure it will be incorporated soon.

Downloadable content that takes you to areas used in other GTA titles: I know Rockstar plans to make downloadable GTA content. I've heard it will use new areas that connect to Liberty City, instead of new missions and weapons withing Liberty City (Lost and Damned). But why not have some that takes you back to Vicy City and Las Venturas?

Casino: GAMBLING! My favorite part of San Andreas. They need to include some Texas Hold 'Em if they ever bring back the casinos.

Property purchase: Buying real estate is a good way to blow cash. They don't have enough of this in IV. And give us garages instead of parking spaces? I know this is based from New York, but come on!

Military base or presence: Its always fun to try to break in and jack a Humvee or helicopter, but get shot up by six Marines surrounding you.

Homing rockets/missles: Didn't they have those in GTA III? RPGs are pointless with moving objects.

Sunglasses: Why not in GTA IV?

Hire a limo service: Good way to impress dates or gain respect of friends, good way to blow cash.

Tow truck service: Good way to repair vehicle in singleplayer.

Stadium events: Things to participate in or watch.

V6 Lexen Blowing White Smoke And Oil From Exaust.?
This Is A Friends Car, A Couple Of Weeks Ago He Told Me His Lexen Was Starting To Run A Little Out Of Tune When He Pulled Up At Traffic Lights But Not All The Time. I Suggested New Spark Plugs Which He Did Replace But Now Says It Is Worse And Is Now Blowing White Smoke And A Bit Of Oil Out The Exhaust. I Haven'T Seen It Yet But He Is Driving It Over Here Tomorrow. It Is About A 1993 Toyota Lexen V6 Motor Which I Think Is The Same Motor As The Camry And Possibly Other Toyotas. My Thoughts Are `A Broken Ring Or Head Gasket But Thought I Would Ask As There Might Be A Simpler Solution.

white smoke is usually steam... i'm thinking blown head gasket.... if it was the rings, the smoke would be grey

How Long Does It Take To Be Certified In The Following Areas...?
Automotive Mechanic Diesel Mechanic Motorcycle Mechanic Aircraft Mechanic

depends how clever you are, what are your qualifications plus experience at the time of applying for the studies. the followings are approx figures to be more precise seek advise from a Uni consultant .

Automotive Mechanic = 3 years Unitech + apprentice 2 years
Diesel Mechanic = after general Mechanic + 1 year socializing
Motorcycle Mechanic + 3 years
Aircraft Mechanic = 4 years

plus specialization in Electronics, Transmission, Engine etc..

How ever you can not generalize your question, good luck mate.