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Should You Leave Auto Repair Into A Professional Mechanic? Every car breaks down

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sooner or later, and that's a well known fact! With that being said, some cars are prone to malfunctioning than the others, and when you're in the tough situation, you may well be left to wonder: can i attempt a DIY auto repair or hire a mechanic? An oil change is a superb demonstration of something even a novice driver could do, but if you have troubles beyond that, receiving a car mechanic to complete the repairs can be quite a good idea and here's why: Experience You may have virtually no idea what you're doing and you could actually wind up making things worse. Although you may feel like you're a DIY savvy person, you could potentially end up causing other places of the car to malfunction. Along with, you simply do not know what's actually wrong with the vehicle, unless you bring it apart and hope with your might you may place it back together again. A car mechanic has become carrying this out for a long time and he can simply diagnose and repair any difficulty your vehicle may be facing. Right Tools You will need the best tools as well as a decent workspace to begin concentrating on auto repair. Unless you have a whole garage with equipment and tools committed to this, you will need to put money into the desired tools to fix your car. Naturally, without prior experience coping with car repair, you might not know what you should purchase, not to mention, you may never utilize these tools again. Hiring a Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directoryprofessional car mechanic can eliminate the necessity for you to invest money into tools and equipment you're unlikely to work with again because he will currently have everything accessible. Speedy Repairs In the event you simply have one household car you need to use to arrive at work on time, you must make sure your car is fixed at the earliest opportunity. Naturally, should you attempt a DIY repair, things can go wrong, and even after they don't, it may take you a lot more hours to obtain your vehicle running than if you engage a mechanic. You might have your automobile out of commission for a day or two when taking it to a mechanic, however it sure beats not being able to start working! Reduce Costs Perhaps probably the most compelling top reasons to drop your car off for repair at the mechanic's is to save money. You won't must invest money into tools, equipment, and auto parts you may never need. Not forgetting, while your automobile has run out of commission, you might want to rent a car or use the bus-- costing you more money! Getting a mechanic for auto repair can save you in the long term, particularly if you consider that work well done can prolong the life span of the vehicle. The next time your car or truck will give you trouble, why not stop at the car mechanic's?


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FAQ's Auto Repair

Estimation For Car Rust Repair Top Ten Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory?
I Have A 1993 Dodge Intrepid. The Lower Door Skin On Both Side Has Some Rust Pretty Bad. Could You Guys Give Me A Range For The Cost Of Fixing This Problem. I Plan To Go To The Body Shop Cuz I Dont Know If I'm Able To Do It Myself. I Live Up North, And It Snows A Lot Here. I Gotta Think About Fixing This Car Before The Winter Comes. Also, Any Suggestion On The Rust Problem, I'd Be Appreciated Much. I'm Very New To Cars Generally. Thanks In Advance.

Before you considering repairing cosmetic rust, you should have the underside of the car inspected to be sure there is no rust that would adversly affect other areas like floorboards.

As far as repairing rust, it's not worth it unless you intend to move out of the rust-belt. Best Ten Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory

I worked with a guy in Long Beach, CA who repaired rust properly, which entails cutting out the rusted area and welding in an entirely new piece of sheet metal. He only repaired high end cars like '55 T Birds and Porsche Speedsters. If you asked him to repair the rust on your '93 Dodge, he would have counseled you against the idea.

Because the new sheet metal was welded in, it's not protected from rusting out again because it cannot be rust-proofed on the inner side. It rusts out even faster than the original metal did the first time.

The cheap way to repair rust is to bash in the rusted edge, mig in some metal in the general shape and bondo it over. This kind of repair leaves you with a real mess when the rusted metal that wasn't removed continues to rust out. Best Ten Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory

Generally speaking, people who have lived their whole life in the rust belt have their new cars undercoated, drive their older car in the winter and spring, and get more years out of the new car by only driving it in summer & fall and garaging it in inclement weather.

If you really want to go bargain basement, you can get some stainless steel tape at Pep Boys and apply it to the rust on your doors. But it won't look great.

I Have A 1999 Ford Contour...10 Best Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory?
I Am Having Some Mechanical Issues With My 1999 Ford Contour. I Was Driving To Work The Other Day And All Of A Sudden My Radiator Gauge, Battery Gauge And Oil Gauge All Came On (Which Has Never Happened Before). My Car Was Overheated And Out Of Oil (Which I Had Just Put A Quart Of Oil In A Few Days Earlier). When I Got To My Job (Barely Got There) My Car &Quot;Quit&Quot; On Me. But To Back Up Alittle The Symptoms It Was Having Was It Was &Quot;Ticking&Quot; And &Quot;Bogging Out&Quot; As I Was Driving. I Let My Car Sit For An Hour To Cool Down And Went To Check It Out. It Was Full Of Antifreeze But Barely Had Oil In It. Just A Tad Bit On The End Of The Dipstick. I Ended Up Putting In 2 Quarts Of Oil (Thinking It Might Of Been Just That). When I First Got To Work I Opened Hood And It Was Smoking From Engine Not The Radiator, By The Way. Anyhow I Left Work (Having To Travel 23 Miles To My Home) And Just Maybe 2 Miles (Or Less) My Car Did The Same Thing To Me. Ok So Here Comes The Question For You...What Do You Think It Could Be? My Mother Says Thermostat Or Vaccum Leak To Motor Or I Might Have A Blown Head Gasket? What Do You Think? I Am Having It Taken To Mechanic On Monday To Have It Put On The &Quot;Machine&Quot; To See What Is Wrong But My Car Has 160,000 Miles On It And I Really Do Not Want To Put Anymore Money In It. I Just Spent $600 On Brakes, Struts, And Miscellaneous Things. So Could You Give Me Ideas Of What You Might Think It Is?? Please!! Thank You So Much 10 Best Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory !

The ticking sound is caused by the lifters lacking oil. Some engines will shut down as self preservation when the oil pressure falls too low. You have a large oil leak. It could be worn piston rings or the PCV valve is faulty. Best Ten Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory

What Does It Cost To Repair A Blown Head Gasket?
I Blew A Head Gasket In My Engine, Is There Any Other Alternative For Fixing This Without Replacing The Gasket Most Popular Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory.

I have never seen so many questions about blown head gaskets. I have never had that problem nor run into it, and I got cars that date in the 50's and also got diesels(which must have 400 PSI+)
Gas cars new run 160 PSI. And compression goes down the longer you drive the car(engine wear)

You can't replace the head gasket unless you have a "torque wrench" and you know the torque and the tightening "pattern".

So, if you did it before by guesswork, guess you gotta do it again.(and again) Top Ten Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory

Once you compress a head gasket that is it for that gasket. There is no other option. Best Ten Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory

I Lost My Smog Check Certificate?
I Need To Do My Smog Check(State Of California), And I Have Lost The Certificate, What Should I? Can I Go And Do The Test Without Certificate Top Ten Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory?

You get the certificate AFTER the test, not before. If you lose the certificate showing your car passed smog, the DMV has it in their computer and so would Triple A. It's no problem.

If you lost the DMV paperwork they send you in the mail to get your smog, it doesn't matter either. Just tell whatever shop you go to you need a smog. They only ask for it to scan the VIN number, which is a lot faster than typing 17 numbers.

Looking For A Good, Low-Cost Mechanic/Shop To Work On My Audi A4. Any Recommendations For Anyone In La Best Ten Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory?

Low-cost and Audi don't go together. Here are some shops previously suggested by Audi and VW owners on the Internet:

Tony's Auto Repair
9720 Atlantic Ave
South Gate, CA 90280
(323) 564-3361

Troy's VW and Audi Repair
11101 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604-3134
(818) 752-9922

There are also people who have had problems at some of these shops.

Timing On A 99 Ford Contour Best Ten Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory?
I Am Having Issues With My 99 Ford Contour. We Have Replaced The Timing Belt, Head Gasket, And Had The Head Resurfaced And Valve Job Done. My Husband Has Set The Timing And To His Knowledge It Is Top Dead Center. The Problem Is That It Still Will Not Start. Everyone I Talk To Says That It Is The Timing That Is Still Off. If There Anything Else That Would Cause It Not To Start Or Is The Timing Still Not Right?

Both the crank and cam have to be at TDC - and depending on the vehicle it is possible to get it 180 degrees out of time. I always mark mine and am extremely careful not to move anything if at all possible).

When the timing belt tensioner is released it can often knock the system out of time - this can make it necessary to set it to slightly to one side or the other from TDC so that when it is released that it will pop up on TDC.

Since a lot of stuff had to be taken off the engine to take the head off for resurfacing and gasket replacement, it might be as simple as the crank or cam position sensor not being all the way plugged in (it is also easy to accidentally loosen a wire if you aren't careful unplugging various connectors). Best Ten Car Oil Change in Lake Havasu Directory

I've been in exactly that position a few times - take it slow and check everything. It might not hurt to try giving the cam a 180 degree spin and trying it again just in case.

1995 Ford Contour 2.5 L Missing?
Intermittent Miss On #2, Plug Wet, Dark And Spotty. Dirty Injector? Replaced Plugs, Wires, Coil Pack, Cleaned Maf, Replaced Air Filter Ran Injector Cleaner For 25 Miles, Still Missing.

Generally misfiring is caused by one of three conditions, these include loss of compression, loss of spark and a fuel / air mixture that is out of parameters.

The reason for loss of compression can occur due to a burnt valve, blown head gasket or worn piston rings.

Loss of spark can be due to a weak or failing coil (note that a weak coil can affect all cylinders), cracked distributor cap, bad spark plug, or failing ignition module.

An out of parameter fuel / air mixture can be due to a vacuum leak, dirty, leaking EGR valve, low fuel pressure, defective fuel pressure regulator or failing fuel pump.

How Much Would It Cost To Get A Blown Head Gasket Fixed On A 96 Toyota Camry?
Does Anyone Know How Much It Cost To Get A Blown Head Gasket Fixed On A 96 Toyota Camry?

If you DIY its about $100 in gaskets

Quick Answer! How Long Does It Take For A Smog Check?

Depends on the smog check. In Ca we have 3 different areas- basic, change of owner, and enhanced. Basic takes about 20 minutes or so, enhanced can take much longer maybe 40 minutes and up. Also depends on the tech.
Other states might have easier, less complete, smog checks than Ca, I can't say but I know we are the strictest.

From all these answers and the different times, I'd have to say it completely depends on what your state requires as part of the smog check. I am watching a smog check right now and it has already been 15 minutes, still a few more to go. (Basic smog, CA) But we can all agree that it is very quick, as long as nothing is wrong!

1995 Toyota 4Runner Knock Sensor Or No?
So For A While After Fixing The Blown Head Gaskets We Accidently Broke The Knock Sensor But Was Able To Fix It By Re Wiring It So After Putting The Engine Back To Gether It Worked Like A Charm Untill Now T.T It Keeps Dropping Rpms Like Idles Around 2 No More (Some Times) And It Keeps Buckling All The Time! And Im The Slowest Mthr Fkr On The Road And Its Even More Scary When Im Trying To Cross The Street!!! But! It Has Its Good Days When It Works Like A Champion!! But Most Of The Time Is Buckling :[ The Only Light That Is On Is The Anti Lock Break Nothing Else Please Help! Is It The Knock Or Transmission? Orrr The Distributor ? Please Help Thnx

If you have the 6 cylinder and the crank pulley was loosened when the head gasket was replaced the crank bolt needs to be torqued to at least 185 ft. lbs. or it wiil come loose and cause your problems . If the crank sensor was bad your check engine lite would be on . The fix is to replace the crank gear that drives the timing belt and the woodruff key and would suggest a new timing belt .
Seen this alot working on toyos .

Car Repair Legal Advice?
My Husband Recently Backed Our Truck Into A Friends Truck In Our Front Yard. The Damage Was Minor So We Offered To Pay For Repairs Out Of Pocket So Our Insurance Wouldn'T Go Up So We Talked To A Mutual Friend And Asked For A Quote. We Were Told 3,4, Or 500 Dollars But We Were Never Told An Exact Price. We Thanked Him And Told Him We Would Speak With Him Again After We Thought About It. Weeks Later He Called My Husband And Said That He Had Already Done The Repairs Because The Guy With The Damaged Truck Gave Him The Ok. At This Point We Had Never Come To An Agreement, Agreed On A Price, Or Signed Any Contracts. At This Point The Only Thing We Had Done Was Speak Over The Phone. Now This Man Is Demanding Money, $425. We Didn'T Have The Money And Refused To Pay Because He Was Refusing To Give Us A Reciept And We Never Told Him To Go Ahead And Do The Repairs. Knowing He Had Put Money Into The Job I Gave Him $200, Which Was More Money Than I Had To Spend At The Time, And Put Ourselves In A Bind. He Demanded The Rest Of The Money Claiming We Had Made A Verbal Agreement And That He Was Either Going To Take Us To Court Or &Quot;Kick My Husbands A$$&Quot;, All Of This We Have In Txt Messages On My Phone. He Is Continuing To Demand Money And Make Threats And Even Comes To My House. He Says That Because We Told The Guy With The Damaged Truck'S Mom (The Guy Is 15) That We Would Fix The Truck, We Basically Agreed To Pay For It And If We Don'T We Will Have To Go To Court Because She Gave A Statement. What Legal Action Can This Man Take (Over $225) And Are We Required To Pay For This? I Feel Like We Are Being Ripped Off. I Would Really Appreciate Some Advice.

That man has no right to do anything. The issue is between you and the other car owner.

You agreed to pay for the damage because you were at fault. That's good, you did the right thing. The kid probably told the guy that you would pay for the repairs so it was ok to go ahead. That said it's not really the kids fault because he probably just misunderstood that you might need a little time to get the money. The man who did the repair on the other hand can not charge you for something you did not agree to pay for. If I walked into a shop driving my car and said I needed an oil change and when I had to pay I told the guy to call my doesn't work that way. A contract or receipt has to be signed (the kid probably signed something).

Bottom line you are responsible for the repair costs BUT the person you owe the money to is the kid...not the guy who fixed the car. If you did not sign a contract you are not obligated to pay anyone. So if the kid paid the contract he would have to pay the guy...and you are obligated to pay the kid basically.

Sorry if that was confusing. If I were you though I would talk to the guy calmly and just tell him that you would pay it off as you could. He's not really in the wrong either...just frustrated and feels taken advantage of. Try to make him understand calmly.

What Is Wrong With My 1994 Toyota 4Runner?
It Has Been Smoking (Out Of The Exhaust)When I Start It In The Morning For The Last Week. Today I Was Low On Gas(Which Is What I Though The Problem Was At First) I Went To Work, Came Home, And Tried To Go Back To Work And It Wouldn'T Start It Took 5 Tries Until It Did. When It Did Quite A Bit Of Smoke Came Out Of My Exhaust And It Started To Bog Down Randomly On My Way To The Gas Station. I Filled My Tank And Turned On The Engine. Even More Smoke Came Out And I Decided To Bring It Straight To The Shop On My Was I Thought It Was Going To Die So I Stopped And Saw My Antifreeze Flowing(As Fast As Water Coming Out Of Your Sink) Out Of My Muffler So I Put 2 Gallons Of Water In My Radiator As Fast As I Could And Raced To The Shop. It Took About 2 Minutes To Get To The Shop And By That Time All Of The Antifreeze Had Already Leaked Out. The Employees Thought My Head Gasket Was Blown. I Was Wonderingif This Was Right And What Else Could Be Wrong. All Help Is Greatly Appreciated.

head gasket sounds right time to get a loan.