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The Best Way To Effectively Tackle The Initial Big Auto Repair Job Since you now learn how to change oil in your car, you may decide to handle

a bigger auto repair task. Oftentimes, car enthusiasts opt to require a DIY procedure for car repair not merely like a hobby, but as a way to spend less. When your car keeps breaking down and you may barely pay for the parts to solve it, there's no way you can pay money for professional labor. Prior to deciding to tackle a major repair job, take a look at several of the expert advice below! Research First You can't take apart your automobile and want to use it back together again again should you don't know each of the parts. Unless you have a unusual vehicle, it is simple to get ahold of an aftermarket manual for your brand name. These manuals are incredibly helpful in identifying the parts of your car and how they may be put together. Not forgetting, there are super easy to follow diagrams that could simplify the procedure. Aside from an actual manual, turn to Internet forums for help. Odds are, somewhere on the planet, someone has recently asked a similar questions when you. If you feel stuck or you have a specific problem you can't wrap your face around, post around the forums and request! Clear Workspace Area Focusing on an automobile takes far more space than some individuals would estimate. You may be thinking your garage has ample room, but you may be in for a rude surprise after you begin with the repair. It's advisable to clear plenty of room and set up a workspace without additional clutter to produce your task easier. Repair Needs Time To Work It's crucial that you understand that auto repair takes a lot of some time and perseverance. In case the vehicle you want to repair is your only ride to be effective, put in place a carpool with a friend or find alternative transportation before taking your car or truck from commission. Be ready to make a lot of trips into a hardware store and wait around for your vehicle parts to come in, that may all devote some time. Keep Organized It's very easy to take something apart, but it may become a nightmare to get it together again again. Once you have a large number of nuts, bolts, and washers you're removing from your car, it might seem like an impossible task to remember the actual way it all goes together. Before you take your automobile apart, have a photograph of how the parts look when properly installed. Once you've done that, label everything with a white pen and keep them properly sorted in both plastic baggies or old egg cartons. You could have plenty of enthusiasm for auto repair, but make sure you do your research first, clear enough workspace, while keeping everything properly labeled. Many novice mechanics have also found out that taking the time to produce a checklist can also help create a field of difference! If you stay organized and go step by step, it will be easy to properly repair the initial car.

FAQ's Auto Repair

Always Have To Add Coolent - No Leaks - Does Not Overheat - Oil Clean - Runs Good - Compression Good?
When I Check My Coolant Level In My 4 Cylinder 1993 Toyota Camry Coolant Is Always Bit Low After Driving The Car. I Have To Add Coolant To Bring It Up To The Top Of The Radiator Neck. I Do Not See Any Leaks From The Hoses Or The Radiator Itself And It Seems Like It Is The Same Amount I Add Each Time, However I Do Smell An Odor Inside If I Have The Fan Blowing. I Checked The Floor And It Isn’T Wet. I Did Not Take The Carpet Off And Check The Heater Core To See If There Is A Slight Leak There. The Engine Temperature Remains Stable And There Is No Difference In The Way The Car Runs Either Cold Or Hot And How Long I Drive It. The Oil Looks Clean - Not A Coffee/White Color And No Bubbles. Had A Compression Test Performed And Every Cylinder Was Fine. My Mechanic Added K-Seal And Said To Try It Out. He Said Many People Used It And It Worked Always Well. He Said There May Be A (Gasket) Leak, But He Couldn’T Find One Anywhere Else Either. Any Other Suggestions Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Is This K-Seal Stuff Any Good? Still Adding Coolant, But The Car Seems To Run A Bit Smother. My Take On These Things Were Like Putting Tape Over A Hole In A Bucket.

I have seen radiator and hoses do this before, I would do a psi check of the coolant system and add 10 psi more than the cap is rated let sit overnight. Look for leaks on the ground, and all hoses, if none then disable the ign crank motor for 3 to 4 sec remove plugs and Look for coolant to see if it is a head gasket. Don't know about k seal but BARR'S leak works great

How Do You Diagnose An Overheating Engine In A V6 Ford Contour?
As I Was Driving Home On The Freeway Today, I Noticed The Engine Temperature Gauge Was In The Red. I Pulled Over Asap And Opened The Hood. The Coolant Level Was A Little Low And There Was Some Water/Coolant On The Ground And Around The Coolant Reservoir. I Could Not Find Any Specific Leaks As The Water On The Ground May Have Come From The Cap On The Reservoir Due To The Engine Overheating The Pressure Causing The Coolant To Leak Out Of The Reservoir Cap. How Do You Go About Diagnosing Whether It Is A Radiator, Thermostat Or Possibly Water Pump? The Radiator Itself Does Not Seem To Have A Radiator Cap. Thank You In Advance For Any Help/Advice.

Well, for starters, let's do some basic maintenance.
#1, check for leaks. Fill up with some water, clean the engine, run the engine until it gets hot... look for leaks. If you can afford a pressure tester, use it. If there are leaks around the head gasket, these might evaporate very fast, look for residue. You can add dye to the water. Don't let the water freeze, go to step #2 right away.

#2. Replace the usual. A thermostat is cheap, you can replace it yourself for under $20. Check your hoses, are they soft? Replace them now before they break and you won't be stranded on the road. Finally, you should have your coolant system flushed and refilled with fresh. This should be done every 100,000km or 60,000miles.

Now is your over heating problem gone? It was probably your thermostat or perhaps not enough coolant?

Still over heating??? Could be the water pump, did you check it for leaks in #1? Look under the pump near the pulley, there's a little hole that allows fluid to leak out from the shaft between the inner and outer seals.
Feel the rush of coolant through the hoses... you know what your garden hose feels like. You can even listen to it if you have a stethascope (spelling?).

Another question, does it over heat in stop'n go traffic? It could be the actual radiator fan. After it over heats, let it cool then try running the car on an open highway... does it still over heat? If not, then it's the rad fan. Open hightway, 60mph should be pleanty to cool the motor without the electric fan.

The overflow tank is presurized and part of the coolant system, hence the traditional rad cap is on that tank and the radiator has no cap. Oh, check the rad cap for leaks too! If the system does not get up to some pressure (say 10psi) then it doesn't cool very well (not sure how accurate this is but it's another point).

Good Luck!

Must A Car Repair Man Uphold His Quote?
I Just Put My Car In The Shop To Get Fixed, And After Estimating Me And Someone Else Who Called To Verify, I Was Quoted For 300. After A Day Or Two I Got A Call Letting Me Know That The Car Is Done, But There Were More Repairs To Be Done And That The Final Cost Will Be 480. Is This Legal, And Or What Can I Do?

That's always a Bad Deal,,,and unfortunately Too common.

As the lady said who 1st answered,,,
IF>>IF it was a Firm Quote in Writing,,,yes they must honor it according to various consumer laws in most places.

If it was an ESTIMATE,,,,even in Writing,,,,you're outa luck.

What happened is not unusual---finding more extensive repairs being needed.

What the shop SHOULD have done was to Contact You,,,tell you the situation,,,and let YOU decide.

What goes "wrong" in that communications chain is not necessarily Deliberate.
Inconsiderate,,Yes,,but not always sinister.

Mechanic just "Does the Job",,,if he needs extra parts or must do extra labour,,,he just Does it without making the Mgmnt/Service advisor Aware there's an OVERRUN of expenses.

So Customer gets an expensive surprise.

Some Shops just take it for granted,,,figuring that You Need it Fixed,,,you brought it in to Get Fixed,,,and when they find stuff that's a matter of No Choice/MUST fix it----they go ahead and do it.

Well,,in such cases where it IS a legit and Proper Repair,,,,at least you got done what NEEDED Doing.....and what MUST be done.

You would have been compelled to agree any,,,,,or have your car towed outa the shop.

But still WRONG too NOT TELL the Customers.

Myself,,,I always
* ESTIMATE a bit High
*Make Customer FULLY & CLEARLY Aware that OTHER Probs MAY exist
*And ask them Upfront how THEY want to handle possibility of cost Overruns.
--some say Call Me
--Some say "Just FIX it"
--some say,,Call me if it's TERRIBLE,,way beyond estimate,,,,which leaves Much to MY discretion of how much of THEIR money I spend for them.
----A "stranger",,,I will always contact with Updated Figures
---Regular Customers,,,ya get to know after a while WHEN ya need to call
--ANYBODY--with any substantial over-run,,I ALWAYS call outa common courtesy.

Bad Business manners,,,dont always mean Bad Repair Quality.

If your car NEEDED the extra expense,,
AND,,it was related to what you Authorized
And the work was done well,,
It's a small consolation ,but at least you got what you paid for.

If you brought it in & was given an estimate for CERTAIN Repairs & agreed to that......
And the Shop took the liberty to fix something ELSE Unrelated to what You Agreed to.....
I would give them BigTime Hell about it.

If it's generally a Good Shop,,and they do good work,,,
and you are confident they DID do the work you're being charged for,,
and it was something you would have Agreed to fixing anyway...

You can negotiate the price.

Offer to pay for parts,,,,let Them eat Labour as a "Fine" or penalty for their action.

The reasoning is this---
If You Needed the Parts,,and Got the parts,,,,,You really dont wanna beat anbody outa CASH they spent for parts that YOU needed and Had to have.

But since it was THEIR CHOICE of how they spent THEIR time,,
I think it may be fair if THEY dont make YOU pay for that portion of the bill.

Or however you want to try to reach an agreement that YOU feel is truly FAIR considering the Entire circumstances.

TRUE,,,You really were NOT treated RIGHT by not being told of the extra expenses.

But you'll come out Miles ahead by being Cool,,and Negotiating a Fair Settlement that You're satisfied with IS fair to You.

Otherwise,,,those kinda deals CAN get MESSY and Frustrating.
They can "keep the car",,or Try to.

Then you call the Cops.
Then you get a Lawyer.
Or go file in Small Claims Court.

$180 is a bit better than "lunch money" for ANYONE.
And it's a BIG Overrun on a $300 estimate.

On the Otherhand,,,,it's probably NOT worth the grief/hassle/Time/expense of slugging it out with the Shop.

Certainly not for THEM,,,,,,You can Easily Cost them MORE than a Fair Settlement.

You shouldn't just take a beating and eat the entire amount,,and forget it.
But you will likely have a hard time getting them to totally Drop the overcharge.

If You feel they DID what they say they did,,,,
Negotiate a Discount.

There's all sorts of ways to deal with situations like that.
"Fighting " with the shop is almost never as desireable as trying to calmly and rationally but FIRMLY negotiate.

**In the future,,,I suggest ALWAYS making it perfectly clear to CALL YOU in event of any additional work/expense that's discovered.

Most shops Normally WILL,,,,sometimes they Dont.

You have the right to make that stipulation,,,if Shop does not agree to call if there's an overrun,,,,go elsewhere.

Plus,,it leaves you in a Much stronger position if a situation like this arises,,,because you were Clear upfront & so were they.

Wish I had a better suggestion,,,I HATE when that happens to me,,and I Hate just as much see it happen to others cuz it's abusive and just ain't necessary to treat Customers that way.

Good Luck,,I hope all turns out well for you.

How Much For 92 Camry?
I Have A 92 Camry With A Blown Head Gasket...It Only Has About 165,000 Miles On It. How Much Do You Think I Could Get For It?

For a 1992 Toyota Camry...First of all lets start with the good things...HELLO ITS A TOYOTA! Toyota are meant to last for years! And that alone i would say maybe...umm...1,500 but then again blown head gasket..so maybe 1,000 dollars would be a good price for this 1992 Toyota Camry!

Hope this helped!

Registration Renewal Before Smog Check?
I Need To Renew My Car Registration Before I Get The Smog Check (I Have To Get Work Done On The Car Before It Will Pass), Does Anyone Know How That Works? Will I Recieve Temp Registration? Etc?

You need to pay the fee as if you had the smog check done. Otherwise you will have to pay the penalty fees for late payment. You should be able to get an extension on your original registration to allow you more time to get the repairs done. Check with your local DMV for help on this.

I'M Having A Problem W/Automotive Repair Company W/ Fixing The Work On My Car That Was Not Done Right?
What Should I Do Go To Ins Comp,Or Auto Comp Or Lawyer. The Damages Were Checked By Another Automotive Comp And They Said Go To Lawyer Please Any Info Of What To Do Would Be Greatly Appreciated Thank You Tj

California has the Bureau of Automotive Repair ( B.A.R.) . I don't know what state you're in but it should also have a state controller that keeps the automotive businesses in check. Find their office and file a complaint. They will have to investigate the complaint and should be able to help resolve your shoddy work issues.