Nissan Versa Head Gasket Problems in Lake Havasu

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Should You Really Leave Auto Repair To Your Professional Mechanic? Every car breaks down

eventually, and that's a truth! Having said that, some cars are prone to malfunctioning than others, and in case you're in a tough situation, you could be left to wonder: do i need to attempt a DIY auto repair or employ a mechanic? An oil change is an excellent instance of something a novice driver could do, but if you have troubles beyond that, getting a car mechanic to complete the repairs might be a good idea and here's why: Experience You may have simply no idea what you're doing and you may actually turn out making things worse. Even when you feel as if you're a DIY savvy person, you could turn out causing other areas of your car to malfunction. Along with, you only do not know what's actually wrong together with your vehicle, if you do not accept it apart and hope with all your might you may place it together again again. An automobile mechanic is carrying this out for several years and then he can certainly diagnose and repair any issue your automobile might be up against. Right Tools You require the proper tools along with a decent workspace to start out concentrating on auto repair. Except if you happen to have a full garage with tools and equipment committed to this, you need to purchase the desired tools to solve your automobile. Of course, without prior experience coping with car repair, you may possibly not know what you must purchase, in addition to, you might never start using these tools again. Working with a professional car mechanic can eliminate the requirement for you to invest money into tools and equipment you're unlikely to use again since he will curently have everything available. Speedy Repairs When you have only one household car you need to use to get to focus on time, you need to ensure that the car is fixed as soon as possible. Naturally, in the event you attempt a DIY repair, things could go wrong, and also whenever they don't, it may take you a lot more time to get your car running than if you work with a mechanic. You might have your vehicle out from commission for a day or two when taking it into a mechanic, but it really sure beats being unable to start working! Cut Costs Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to drop your car off for repair at a mechanic's is to spend less. You won't need to invest money into tools, equipment, and auto parts you might never need. Not to mention, while your automobile has run out of commission, you might have to rent an automobile or consider the bus-- costing you additional money! Getting a mechanic for auto repair could save you from the long haul, particularly if take into account that a job well done can prolong the lifestyle of your respective vehicle. The very next time your car or truck gives you trouble, why not stop at the car mechanic's?

FAQ's Auto Repair

How Should One Go About Selling A Car That Needs Fixing?
My Boyfriend Is Selling A 2000 Ford Contour That Currently Has (According To His Mechanic) A Head Gasket That Is Leaking Into The Engine. I Am Helping Him Look Into Selling The Car In Favor Of Buying A New One. I Suppose I Have *A Few* Questions... A. How Does One Go About Selling A Car That Needs Fixing? B. How Would You Price A Car Of That Age In Need Of That Kind Of Repair? C. Would You Recommend Selling To A Private Buyer Or Some Kind Of Car Repair Business? Who Is More Likely To Be Interested? He'S Pretty New To This Process And We Are Both Trying To Gather As Much Information As Possible To Make This Smooth And Painless. Thanks For The Help!

I think you'd get more from a private person, go to to price it, and then deduct how much the repair would cost. Best place to sell a car is A private person that can fix cars would be more interested.

Question About 1997 Ford Contour?
I Was Wondering If This Was A Decent Car. I Was Looking Into Buying One With 94K Miles On It. I Am Just Looking For A Cheap Car To Save On Gas.

Ford had overheating problems with the Contour, think it had something to do with the head gaskets, but if it's okay at 94K, guess that one didn't have the problem.

How Do I Set The Time On A 1995 Ford Contour?
We Have A 1995 Ford Contour That Has A Blown Head Gasket. We Are Replacing The Head Gasket Today And Need To Know Where To Set The Time At. Any Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated!! And Thanks In Advance.

go to autos zone / advance auto etc! and buy a book it will tell you everthing about your car god bless good luck

1996 4Runner &Quot;Hissing&Quot; During Acceleration.?
I Have A 96 Toyota 4Runner And There Is A Noise That Gets Louder The Faster I Accelerate. It Stops A Few Seconds After I Let Off The Gas. What Could Be Causing The Problem? My Friends And I Joke That It'S A Turbo Because It Sounds Like One And We Have No Clue About Cars. Note: It'S Been Drivin Through Water And Mud Up To Its Headlights. Not Stuck In The Water. I Make It Through Everytime.

The most common problem is vacuum leak on the intake.

You might want to take that truck to a local dealer there was a recall for the head gaskets to be replaced free of charge.(if it is a six cylinder) the recall was x01. Then you could get your vacuum leak fixed for free. U may have got mud in the bearing on the front of the alternator or idler pulleys as well.

Whats Wrong When The Upper Radiator Hose Is Hot And The Lower Radiator Hose Is Still Cold After A Drive?
I Changed The Thermostat Last Week For A New, High Quality One. Sent It To Shop Last Week And They Said It Had Blown Head Gasket, However, I Think They Might Be Wrong Or Could Be As I Noticed The Above Still Happening. No Water In Oil Found And No White Smoke From Tailpipe Either. Clog In Radiator?? Thanks Btw-- The Car Is A 1997 Toyota Camry With 284,000 Miles On It.

hoses are normal. par.
t-stat giggle valve up top and a bled system with the heater temp on full.

head gaskets can be bad w/o cross contamination of fluids. not uncommon at all. can still cause over heating and further damage. check w/your mechanic to find out why they think it's a bad gasket. heed there advice.

i see nothing out of the order with the mechanics at this point. don't know enough about the symptoms to support any other conclusion.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix A Head Gasket On Your Own On A 1997 Toyota Camry?
I Have A 97 Toyota Camry, And My Husband Wants To Fix It Himself, Because The Mechanics Want To Much To Fix It. If Anybody Has Any Idea Or Knows Exactly It Would Be A Lot Of Help. Thanks.

Have to laugh at Betty's answer, almost all competing GM products have Mexican made engines, Toyota's are largely U.S. built.

To answer your question though, your husband will probably wish he just put in a few extra hours at his real job that he already knows how to do, as opposed to trying to jump off the deep end into a fairly difficult job even for an experienced mechanic.
The Camry head gasket job will be complicated by the necessity to do the timing belt at the same time. Not fun, especially if it's a V6.