Toyota 4runner Head Gasket Problems in Lake Havasu

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Should You Leave Auto Repair To Some Professional Mechanic? Every car reduces

at some point, and that's a well known fact! With that said ,, some cars are prone to malfunctioning as opposed to others, of course, if you're within a tough situation, you might be left to wonder: do i need to attempt a DIY auto repair or engage a mechanic? An oil change is a great example of something a novice driver could do, but if you have problems beyond that, getting a car mechanic to accomplish the repairs could be a great idea and here's why: Experience You have basically no idea what you're doing and you can actually find yourself making things worse. Even when you feel like you're a DIY savvy person, you could end up causing other areas of your car to malfunction. Along with, you only have no idea what's actually wrong with the vehicle, until you bring it apart and hope with all your might you are able to input it back together again again. A vehicle mechanic has been achieving this for years and he can certainly diagnose and repair any problem your car or truck may be facing. Right Tools You will need the proper tools plus a decent workspace to start taking care of auto repair. Unless you happen to have a whole garage with equipment and tools committed to this, you will need to spend money on the required tools to repair your vehicle. Needless to say, without prior experience working with car repair, you might not know what you should purchase, in addition to, you might never start using these tools again. Employing a professional car mechanic can eliminate the need for one to invest money into equipment and tools you're unlikely to utilize again because he will have everything on hand. Speedy Repairs If you just have one household car you should employ to get to work with time, you must make sure that the car is fixed as soon as possible. Of course, if you attempt a DIY repair, things will go wrong, and even after they don't, it may take you plenty more time to obtain your vehicle running than should you work with a mechanic. You may have your car out of commission for a couple of days when taking it into a mechanic, however it sure beats the inability to start working! Spend Less Perhaps one of the most compelling excellent reasons to drop your car off for repair in a mechanic's is to economize. You won't ought to invest money into tools, equipment, and auto parts you might never need. Not to mention, while your car is out of commission, you might have to rent a car or use the bus-- costing you even more cash! Employing a mechanic for auto repair can save you within the long term, particularly if take into consideration that employment well done can prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. The very next time your car gives you trouble, why not stop at a car mechanic's?

FAQ's Auto Repair

Car Repair Bill Dispute?
Can I Refuse To Pay A Car Repair If I Don'T Agree With The Fee And If So Can They Keep My Car? Basically What Happened Was My Car Is Out Of Warranty And They Quoted Me $750 To Replace The Part. The Part Is Some Sort Of A Filter For The Soft Top Which Is Causing A Major Rain Leak. My Problem Is That I Reported The Problem A Year Ago When The Car Was Still Under Warranty And None Of This Was Mentioned, The Only Thing That Was Done Was To Clean Out The Drain Plugs. Thanks

If you disagree with the charge, the time to let that be known is before the work is performed.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question, but it sounds to me like you wanted your car repaired. You thought the warranty should cover it. They told you that it didn't and the bill would be $750. You told them to repair your car. Now, you don't want to pay the $750 because you feel it should be covered by warranty.
If that's correct, you are wrong. It does not work that way. If you feel the warranty should cover it and the shop disagrees, you resolve that dispute before the work is done. Now that the work is done, they can hold your car until the bill is paid. Legally, this is known as a mechanic's lien.
It sounds like it should be covered by the warranty, but now that you've done things out of order, your best bet is to pay the bill, get your car back, and fight it after the fact.
Good luck to you.

edit - o.k. Don't do your idea. It's a bad idea for the reason I told you above.
Let me tell you how it works. If it is covered by warranty, the dealership gets reimbursed by the manufacturer. For the dealership, in some cases, they want it to be covered by warranty. Why? Because it's easier to collect $750 from them than it is from you. They don't know if you can afford the repair or not, but they know they will get their money from the manufacturer IF it is covered by warranty. They have to prove to the manufacturer that it is a warrantiable condition. If not, they don't get reimbursed, and they sure aren't going to do it for free. So that leaves only the car owner left to pay for the repair.
My advice. Instead of being on opposing sides, get on the dealership's side. Tell them that you cannot afford the $750 (even if this is not true), and ask them for their help in getting the manufacturer to cover the warranty. If they realize that this is the only way that they can possibly get to do this repair, they might be inclined to do the haggling with the manufacturer for you.
If they aren't willing to do this, they are lazy twits, and you don't want them to work on your car. Take it to a private garage and let them give you an estimate for the repair.

I Want To Go Into Auto Mechanics, Help?
I Am Really Into Cars But Honestly Dont Know Much About Them But Am Sure I Want To Go Into Auto Mechanics. I Read From So Many People That The Best Thing To Do Is To Go To A Community College That Has A Auto Program Instead Of Going To Expensive Schools Like Wyotech. I Agree For The Most Part. What Are Some Really Good Schools Around The Nation Where I Can Study To Be A Mechanic? Beside All Of That, What I Really Want To Do Is Buy Old Broken Down Cars And Fix Them Then Sell Them. So I Guess To Do This I Will Need To Know A Bit Of Everything. I Need Some Good Advice From Someone, Please Help Me If You Can, I Could Really Use It, I Have Literally No One To Ask For Help

You can learn auto mechanics but to be really good you need to have the kind of brain that can understand how machines work and then visualize problems and be able to solve them. There are good schools for auto tech and i would agree that local tech colleges are as good as any. Wyotech and similar schools are way to expensive for their programs and results.
As for your dream of restoring old cars, I would suggest that after you are 3/4 through with your education that you search online for restoration shops to apprentice at. Most of these types of restoration shops have a variety of specialized people who each work on a part of the project. Some are engine gurus, some do tranny work. The hardest part I think is the body work and paint. I would not recommend that you just go out and buy old cars to fix and try to sell. The costs are very high and you could be stuck with a car nobody wants. Most successful resto shops work on commissions. People bring in a car to be restored and pay you to do it. Sometimes they also commission you to find the right car to do a restoration on. High quality restoration is an art form and very costly. You must have a sound reputation to be sought after and you can only get that by working for a well known shop for a while.

Passing A Smog Test.?
I Have A 1984 Chevrolet Silverado. Engine 305 Automatic Transmission. Of Course My Truck Fails The Smog Test In California. What Are Some Modifications Or Other Things I Can Do To Make My Truck Pass. Here'S My Results From A Previous Smog Test. Hc (Ppm) 15Mph - Max = 89 My Truck = 165 25Mph - Max = 69 My Truck = 118 Co (%) 15Mph - Max = .82 My Truck = 4.08 25Mph - Max = .72 My Truck = 3.70 No (Ppm) 15Mph - Max = 748 My Truck = 661 25Mph - Max = 761 My Truck = 552 My Truck Is Registered In Texas (Where Its Fine...) But I Live On A Military Base In California Where I'M Required To Pass A Smog Test. I Really Like My Truck And Would Really Like To Make It Pass The Tests.

Tune that thing up.

Is the emissions system intact? 305 would have had at least electronic spark control due to the 9:1 compression and terrible heads.

You didn't mention a tune up. That includes plugs/wires if unknown condition. Inspect cap/rotor for wear/failure. Replace if bad. Make sure timing is to spec. Inspect ALL vacuum lines and electrical connectors underhood. If they aren't new, you really should replace ALL vacuum lines (brake booster line, cruise vacuum, all of it). Check carburetor base and intake for vacuum leaks.

Once that is all done, if you find major issues (broken thermal valves, bad vacuum lines, etc) get it re-tested. If you find nothing, have it tuned up at a shop that can analyze the exhaust gas.

CA sucks, but I wonder since it's not registered there, if you can simply replace the converter (assuming stock) for a later high-flow unit. Later converters are more efficient, and flow better, so no real downside to changing. But if tune is off, the converter can only do so much.

What Cars Are Exempt From Smog Checking?
In The State Of California? Also, Are 18 Wheelers Exempt From Getting A Smog Check Or Not?

Does my vehicle qualify for a smog exemption?
Smog inspections are required unless your vehicle is:

1975 year model or older
Diesel powered
Natural gas powered and has a Gross Vehicle Weight rating of 14,001 lbs. or more.

Since 18 wheelers are diesel, they are exempt.

Found Water On Dipstick....?
Have 1986 Toyota 4Runner 4X4. It Had Been Overheating A Little So I'Ve Been Checking Radiator & Adding Water If It Needed It. Did Not See Any Leaking Underneath Truck. This Morning When I Started It, There Was A Loud &Quot;Chunk&Quot; Sound; I Immediately Turned It Off. I Restarted It And It Sounded Fine And I Made A Short Errand. Now Back At Home, It Will Start, But There Is Water On My Oil Dipstick. I Had Remanufactured Engine Put In It Last September And Had No Problems Until This Morning. Feedback Appreciated.

It is either a head gasket or the head is cracked. More than likely it is the gasket. If you have been adding cold water when the engine is hot....then you may be searching for a head. Hot metal and cold water do not mix and cracks will result. Good luck !

Is My Head Gasket Blown? (Additional Info)?
Last Night My Car Over Heated Because The Thermostat Was Stuck,While It Was Over Heated I Stopped Driving Sat For At Least A Half Hour Or 45 Mins I Cooled It Off And Replaced The Coolant And Water. I Started Driving And About A Mile Or Two Later The Car Just Dies, No Over Heating Just Kills Over. Someone Told Me It Was The Thermostat So I Replaced The Thermostat And When I Started Driving It Just Dies. Now Everytime I'M Driving After About 5 Minutes The Car Just Dies(Loses Power,Breaks Lock,Steering Wheel Locks) When It Stopped The Last Time I Opened The Hood And Heard A Hissing Sound Coming From Something, But It Was Not Coming From The Radiator Also The Fans Do Not Come On, The Two Big Fans On The Radiator Don'T Come On. When I Turn The Car On And Give It Some Gas It Blows White Smoke From The Exaust Its A 1990 Toyota Camry

Yes well any time your car gets that hot it takes a lot longer than a half hour to cool off, It sounds to me like you blew a head gasket to begin with, and the time to stop and call a tow truck and take it to the shop was right then when it broke down the first time.
Something major has happened, ;likely a head gasket. There is little you can do now except wait for the mechanic to figure out what needs to be repaired.