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In The Event You Leave Auto Repair To A Professional Mechanic? Every car stops working

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at some point, and that's a well known fact! With that said ,, some cars are very likely to malfunctioning than others, of course, if you're within a tough situation, you may well be left to wonder: must i attempt a DIY auto repair or work with a mechanic? An oil change is a superb demonstration of something a good novice driver could do, but if you have problems beyond that, obtaining a car mechanic to perform the repairs might be a good plan and here's why: Experience You might have basically no idea what you're doing and you can actually turn out making things worse. Even if you seem like you're a DIY savvy person, you might turn out causing other areas of your respective car to malfunction. Along with, you merely have no idea what's actually wrong with your vehicle, unless you take it apart and hope with your might you may place it back together again. An auto mechanic is accomplishing this for years and then he can readily diagnose and repair any issue your car might be against. Right Tools You will need the best tools and a decent workspace to start out working on auto repair. Except if you have a full garage with tools and equipment devoted to this, you have got to purchase the necessary tools to correct your car or truck. Obviously, without prior experience handling car repair, you possibly will not know what you must purchase, along with, you might never start using these tools again. Employing a Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directoryprofessional car mechanic can eliminate the demand for you to definitely invest money into tools and equipment you're unlikely to make use of again because he will have everything available. Speedy Repairs Should you simply have one household car you should utilize to access work on time, you must make sure that your car is fixed as quickly as possible. Of course, if you attempt a DIY repair, things will go wrong, and even after they don't, it takes you plenty more hours to acquire your automobile running than if you decide to engage a mechanic. You may have your automobile out from commission for a couple of days when taking it to your mechanic, nevertheless it sure beats the inability to start working! Cut Costs Perhaps probably the most compelling good reasons to drop your car or truck off for repair at the mechanic's is to save cash. You won't ought to invest money into tools, equipment, and auto parts you may never need. Along with, while your automobile is out of commission, you might have to rent an automobile or take the bus-- costing you even additional money! Getting a mechanic for auto repair could help you save from the long haul, specifically if you consider that employment well done can prolong the life span of your vehicle. The next time your vehicle provides you with trouble, why not stop at the car mechanic's?


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FAQ's Auto Repair

Doing Your Own Car Repair?
In This Tough Economy Time, Is It Good To Do Your Own Car Repair Top Ten Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory ?

Let me start with a story. Several months ago a pipe burst under the main bathroom in our home. I decided I could approach this and repair the pipe and reroute it so that it no longer runs under the foundation of the house. 2 weeks into it and I had a huge hole in the wall where I decided to tap on to the hot water pipe. And we had no hot water in the house. I had also broken the vanity around the main bathroom sink. I finally called a plumber who came out and re routed the pipe through the attic in one day. He charged me $500. Best Ten Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory I then had to call a general contractor to come repair the hole in my wall and install a new vanity. Another $500. If I had called the plumber in the beginning I would have only spent $500 and had it repaired that day. And my wife would have been much happier.

The point of my story? I am a mechanic. Not a plumber. I did more damage to my home by not knowing what I was doing.

If the car you are talking about repairing is your main form of transportation, the family car so to speak, then no I would not attempt to learn how to repair my own car on that one. You could end up doing greater damage and costing yourself more money in the long run. And you could end up having a lot of down time. You want to keep your wife happy? LEAVE THE CAR ALONE! Trust me on this one.

If it is a secondary car, then I would certainly give it a shot if I wanted to learn how to fix cars.

I do see your point. When money is tight, we do all we can to save some dollars. Wandering into the unkown is not a good way to do it.

Can Oil Leak From A Head Gasket On My 1993 Toyota Camry 10 Best Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory ?
Two Mechanics Looked At It: One Said It Was The Head Gasket The Other Said It Was A Valve.

oil leak from a Valve Cover is common on almost all cars. You get the gasket replaced and the oil leak stops.

however, a head gasket leak usually causes over heating, and car does not run very well. You will usually either have oil in coolant or coolant in the oil depending on what port the head gasket fails either a water port or oil port.

You would definitly have a major issue on the way the car runs and over heating if head gasket was bad.

good luck, I think from what you wrote you probably just have a valve cover gasket leaking.Best Ten Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory

Intake Gasket Or Head Gasket Leak?
I Have A 90 Ford Bronco With A Leak. It Leaks Antifreeze And Leaves An Orange Residue On The Hoses. It Smells Sweet When I Have It Running For 5 Or More Minutes. 10 Best Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory I Have Been Driving It Around Daily And It Doesnt Overheat. So Which Is It?

Power wash engine and go to any quicky lube pitt. Once on the "PIT" any leak can be found! perhaps water pump, or external gasket leak! Obivouslyl NO ONE can see your car from here! Check it quicky before something BAD happens GOOD LUCK!! Best Ten Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory

Is It A Blown Head Gasket Or A Problem With The Water Pump Or Something Else?
So My '93 Toyota Camry Is Heating Up Very Badly, We Changed The Thermostat But That Didnt Help. Here Are The Symptoms. 1: When Changing The Oil We Found Water In It, Although The Oil Itself Wasn'T Milky It Was Very Thick 2: The Car Gets Very Hot And Then Drops Suddenly Especially If I Speed Up Or If I Change From Drive To Neutral 3: A Bit Of White Smoke Did Come Out When I Started It Yesterday But It Was Only A Little Bit And Stopped Quickly 4: It Seems To Be Losing Coolant And A Very Quick Rate The Other Day I Was Stuck On The Freeway When It Got Hot And Redlined The First Time, I Tried To Get Off As Quickly As Possible But It Was Bumper To Bumper And I Wasnt Able To Get To The Side For A Good 10 Minutes Before I Could Shut The Car Off. What Do You Think Top Ten Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory ?

Sounds like a blown head gasket. 10 Best Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory

Not Sure What To Do. Ive Been Told Head Gasket Is Blown. 92 Toyota Camry V6. 3.0?
Some Mechanics Tell Me I Need New Engine 700$ To $2000 Or More. Plus Labor. Others Tell Me I Just Need $35 - $70 Head Gasket. Plus Labor. I Need Clarification Here. Thanks 10 Best Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory

Check the dealer to see if there is a recall-free fix on that model. They did it for a friends 92 4 rrunner, v6. Most Popular Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory

Whast The Difference Between Smog Check And Smog Test Best Ten Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory ?
Im New To Cali And I Need To Know The Difference Between The Smog Check And Smog Test And What One I Need

When you say smog test, I'm going to assume you mean "smog test only" center... A Smog Test Only center, as the name suggests, can only test vehicles and is not allowed to perform any repairs. A smog test only center has an obligation to insure a non-biased smog test. They are certified to inspect all DMV required vehicles.

And when you say "smog check"... you mean a regular smog check center, also known as the "smog check & repair" center. Note, a regular smog check & repair center is not allowed to inspect a vehicle designated to go to a "test only center". 10 Best Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory

It is very important that you refer to your DMV paperwork. Locate the smog check requirement section and find our if they are asking for a "smog check" or "smog test only" inspection. From there you can determine which way to go.

We highly recommend you learn more about the different station types as well as search for great money saving smog check coupons at

We know this is all a bit confusing. Feel free to email one of our technicians for clarity. Best Ten Vehicle Service in Lake Havasu Directory

1993 Toyota Camry 2.2L Starting Issue - Really Confused With This One?
I Own A 1993 Toyota Camry 2.2L 4Cyl 5 Speed Manual With 145,000 Miles On It. At 118,000 I Had The Pulled The Head Off And Had It Repaired And Machined To Spec Since There Were A Few Hairline Cracks In It. Anyway Put It Back Together Using Toyota Gaskets, Seals, Etc. Everything Up To Specs And It Ran And Still Doe’S Runs Great Except At Idle Which Is Just A Hair Rough, But I Am Yet To Replace The Iac Valve. Went To Start It Up Today After The Car Was Sitting For About Three Days And This Is Where The Problem Started. Turned A Few Times Like It Was Going To Start And Then Started Turning Like There Was No Compression. Turned The Key Back Off And Then On Again And The Same Thing Happened, But Then Finally Started And As Usual Ran Great Like Nothing Happened. Shut It Off And On And It Started Right Back Up No Problems. Drove Back And Forth To Work Again No Problem Starting. To The Store And Back A Few Times And Again No Problem. The Only Things I Checked So Far Were The Spark Plugs To See If Any Were Loose And They Were Not. Coolant And Oil Levels And Their Colors Were Fine. I Am Yet To Perform A Compression Test To Confirm There Isn’T Any Issues There. Exhaust Is Normal. No Abnormal Noises (Slapping Timing Belt, Etc.) When The Engine Runs And Has Power And Is Smooth At Higher Rpms (Up To 4000 – Don’T Go Above). Now Here Are The Only Things I Think It May Be. 1) When I Went To Start It Up The First Time I Turned The Key Immediately. Maybe This Prevented Fuel To Pressurize In The Rail Since It Was Sitting For A Few Days? 2) Possible Loose Timing Belt Even Though It Was Replaced (Toyota Brand) Along With Belt Tensioners Not That Long Ago And Everything Torqued Up To Spec. 3) Fuel Pump Slowing Going? 4) Open For Suggestions.

Did you make sure you pulled the pin out of the tensioners when you installed the belt. If you forgotten that it would be a lose timming belt. Maybe when the head was redone that gunk is in vacume lines ports and not letting it operate corectly.

Where Is The Best Automotive Repair In Waukesha, Wi?
I Need Some Repair On My Vehicle

Pearl Street Automotive is my first choice for the best Waukesha automotive repair.
They have probably the most affordable rates, excellent quality service, and they even provide repair service on Saturday's and Sunday's if you schedule an appointment for one of those days.
Because I work during the week and need my car then, I scheduled my car repair for drop-off on Saturday. The mechanic completed the work early Sunday morning and I picked my car up later that afternoon.
Very, very great service, quality, and affordability!

Im Trynna Get This 1997 Toyota Camry For 1500 But It Has 276,000 Miles On It But It Pass Smogged Last Month?
Replaced Timing Belt Head Gasket Valve Job And Water Pump Is It Worthed To Buy

1500 is cheap for a camry that is a 1997. My dad has a 89 camry and that has 335,000 miles on it and still runs great! If the car has been well taken care of it should last you a lot longer than 276,000. You can try to get a car fax on it and see if they have any receipts from all the work they did on it. If they just got all that work done on it I would say its a good deal. Toyota's are always going to be worth money. I paid 1500 for a 92 toyota 4x4 truck with no motor in it! and that was a good deal. I wish you luck!

Is The Dealership Responsible For Repairing My Broken Driving Belt Tensioner? I Bought A 2 Year Warranty!?
I Bought A 1996 Honda Accord From Vista Honda Of Ventura, Ca About 2 Months Ago. Since Before Signing My Contract (Which I Had To Resign 4 Different Times, Due To Their Own Personal Mistakes), I Told My Finance Manager, Lee Robison, That I Heard A Knocking Under The Hood And Wanted It Checked Out. He Reassured Me, &Quot;Don'T Worry. It'S All Covered Underneath Your 2 Year/24,000 Mile Warranty.&Quot; Well, I Had My Fiancée Take My Car In Today For An Oil Change And Full Diagnosis. They Are Saying That My Driving Belt Tensioner Needs To Be Replaced, And That It Isn'T Covered By My Warranty. They Want To Charge Me $300! I Told Him What Lee Robison Said, And He Started Laughing. This Has By Far Been The Worst Car Buying Experience Of My Life. I Ended Up Having To Resign My Contract 4 Times. The Mechanic Said He Was Going To Ask The Front Office If They Wanted To Cover It, But I Haven'T Heard Back From Him Yet. Any Suggestions On What I Should Do? I'M Not Sure If This Is Covered Under California Lemon Law, As There Have Been No Attempts Of Them Trying To Repair This Part Before (At Least Since I'Ve Owned It). I Hope Some Of You Can Provide Me With Some Helpful Insight.

If it's not covered under your warranty then its not covered. There is no lemon law on a used car and if there was, that would certainly not qualify.

Bad Customer Care From Ford?
2 Planetary Gears Came Through The Casing Of My Five Year Old Ford Focus....Ford Have Said It'S Not Their Fault And That It'S Probably Due To The Car Being Damaged Previously?! Well Do You Want To Even Have A Look Before You Assume This? Basically This Was A Very Scary Incident And The Car Stopped Dead, I Am So Lucky That I Was Only Crawling In Traffic When This Happened As Usually I Travel On The Motorway...Should This Happen To Someone Else, It Could Kill Them.....But I'M Sure Ford Will Put It Down To The Owner Of The Car And Not Their Faulty Manufacturing!!!!! Anyone Else Had Problems?

Is your car under warranty? No
Did Ford replace the gearbox? No
Does the Focus has any known chronic gearbox problems? No

I don't see how this is Ford's fault. I think you have an overdeveloped sense of entitlement.

For what it's worth, my family has both good and bad experiences with Fords

1995 Ford Windstar (3.8L, 4 speed automatic) Company car
Blew headgaskets @ 36k miles, transmission failed @ 42k miles.
turned back into lease company @ 100k miles

1995 Ford Windstar (3.8L 4 speed automatic) Family car
Blew headgasket @ 98k miles, trasmission failed @ 70k, headgasket failed again @120k miles
sent to the scrap heap @ 120k miles

1998 Ford Windstar (3.8L 4 speed automatic) Company car
Transmission failed @ 80k
turned back into lease company @ 100k miles

2001 Ford Windstar (3.8L , 4 speed automatic) Company car
Transmission failed @ 83k
turned back into lease company @ 100k miles

2003 Ford Windstar (3.8L, 4 speed automatic) Company car
no issues
turned back into least company @ 100k miles

Now the Windstars were notorious for head gasket and transmission problems, but most of them were company cars and my dad didn't pay for the repairs, the company did. Coincidentally they now lease Honda and Toyota minivans along with some full sized sedans or mid-sized SUVs.

Personally I've had good luck with Fords, every one of my vehicles has been a Ford

My first vehicle was an old 1974 F-100 with a 6.5L petrol V8, and a 3 speed manual. It had about 140k on the clock when I got it and it was recently sold with around 277k on the clock. It didn't have any major issues.

Then had a 1992 Ford Thunderbird SC with a supercharged 3.8L and a 4 speed automatic. It's only major failing was that it went through front brake rotors with greater than average frequency. I got it when it had about 40k on the clock, I put another 120k on it, then it was passed down to my brother who put another 10k on it before he traded it in on a pickup truck.

Next was a 1995 Ford Bronco with a 5.8L petrol V8 and 4 speed automatic. I got it when it had 36k miles on it. And I just recently sold it with 275k miles on the clock. I had the transmission rebuilt at around the 127k mile mark.

I currently have a 2003 Ford Mustang GT with a supercharged 4.6L V8 and 5 speed manual. I picked it up with 30k on the clock and so far it's been bulletproof even with substantial modification. It currently has about 120k on the clock.

The point is you cannot totally dismiss a company because you had a bad experience, every car company makes a model or two that have chronic reliability problems. I don't think the newer Focus is one of those models though.

Future For Automotive Mechanics?
Is There A Future For This Type Of Job? -Shortage Of Gas? -New Tech (Hybrids) Bonus Question : Diesel/Industrial Technology Or Automotive Technology ... Which Has A Better Future For Jobs?

So long as we have cars we'll need people to fix them. Even electric cars, hybrids, solar, hydrogen, and whatever else you can think of will need maintenance and repair.

As far as better job futures, I really have no idea.

Edit: For what it's worth, my brother went to UTI in Arizona. Got his degree in automotive diagnostics like 15 years ago and had no problem getting a job. He's planning on buying the shop he's been working at all this time, and really loves doing what he does.

Keep in mind you'll be doing whatever you choose for a long time, might as well pick the one you actually like doing the best and deal with the rest as it comes.