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The Best Way To Effectively Tackle Your First Big Auto Repair Job Now you learn how to change oil with your car, you may decide to undertake

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a much bigger auto repair task. Oftentimes, car enthusiasts opt to take a DIY procedure for car repair not only as a hobby, but as a means to spend less. If your car keeps breaking down and you may barely pay the parts to solve it, there's no way you can buy professional labor. Before you decide to tackle a huge repair job, take a look at a number of the expert advice below! Research First You can't take apart your car and aspire to put it back together again when you don't know every one of the parts. Unless you will have a very rare vehicle, you can easily get ahold of your aftermarket manual for your make and model. These manuals are incredibly useful in identifying the parts of your car and how they can be assembled. Not forgetting, there are really easy to follow diagrams that may simplify the procedure. Besides an actual manual, check out Internet forums for help. Odds are, somewhere in the world, someone has recently asked the identical questions when you. If you feel stuck or you will have a specific problem you can't wrap your head around, post on the forums and request! Clear Workspace Area Taking care of a vehicle takes considerably more space than a lot of people would estimate. You might think your garage has ample room, but you might be set for a rude surprise once you begin the repair. It's better to clear lots of space and set up up a workspace without additional clutter to help make your job easier. Repair Will Take Time It's essential to understand that auto repair takes a great deal of some time and perseverance. When the vehicle you intend to repair can be your only ride to function, setup a carpool with a friend or find alternative transportation before you take your vehicle out from commission. Be ready to make lots of trips to some home improvement center and wait for your car parts into the future in, which can all require time. Keep Organized It's simple to take something apart, however it can become a nightmare to put it back together again. Once you have lots of nuts, bolts, and washers you're removing through your car, it might feel as if a hopeless task to keep in mind the actual way it all goes together. Before you take your vehicle apart, Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directorytake a photograph of how the parts look when properly installed. Once you've done that, label everything using a white pen and keep them properly sorted in either plastic baggies or old egg cartons. You might have a good amount of enthusiasm for auto repair, but make sure you shop around first, clear enough workspace, and maintain everything properly labeled. Many novice mechanics have likewise learned that taking the time to generate a checklist can also help come up with a field of difference! Should you stay organized and go step-by-step, it will be easy to correctly repair the initial car.


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FAQ's Auto Repair

86 Bronco Ii Coolant Coming Out Exhaust?
I Have A 86 Ford Bronco Ii With About 190,000 Miles And When I Started It Up Today, About 1/4 Cup Of Water/Coolant Came Out Of The Exhaust, But Then It Stopped After A Few Minutes. I Usually Know A Lot About Engines, But Could These Be Really Bad For My Motor? It Has A 2.9L V6 With Cherry Bomb Exhaust And Leaks Oil From Valve Cover Gaskets Thanks Most Popular Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory

if its coolant and not condensation, then it probably means your head gasket is bad or head cracked and coolant is seeping into your combustion chamber. once the engine is running and gets hot it will evap the liquid so it will appear that it has stopped coming from your exhaust. and yes it is bad for your engine. also it could cause overheating Top Ten Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory

Dor A First Time Driver What Is The Best And Nicest Cheap Car I Should Get 10 Best Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory?

Used or new? What size are you? Good somewhat cheap cars would be the Nissan sentra, Nissan versa, Toyota camry, Honda civic, ford focus (these are cheap and reliable but have to be meticulously maintained and driven lightly, head gaskets are a common issue with these), if you want a good used car go for an older pontiac grand am (I have always had good luck with these cars with little to no issues), Chevy cavalier, toyota corolla or Camry, Nissan maxima, Acura integra, vigor, or tl, Honda civic or accord. Your best bet is to go foreign for your first car. They usually don't require as much maintenance as domestic brands. Stay away from Isuzu, Mazda, and Hyundai/Kia (these brands will cost you tons of time and money....some of them are good cars but why take the chance on getting a clunker). Top Ten Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory If you're buying used make sure you get a carfax report to make sure the car has never been in an accident or had any major repairs and try to find a car with less than 100k miles on it. Up to 120k is ok on a newer toyota, nissan, or Honda brand.

Why Is My 99 Nissan Sentra Gxe Losing Coolant?
My Car Is Losing Alot Of Coolant. I Have Had It Pressure Tested 4 Times. Twice While The Engine Was Hot And Twice While It Was Cold. Nissan Did The First 2. It Didn'T Show In Any Of Them. Nissan Told Me I Needed A New Head Gasket. I Took It To The Place I Got My Car From And They Tested It Over Night And Said It Didn'T Lose Pressure The Whole Night. It'S Not Leaking Into The &Quot;Heater Core&Quot; Either. It'S Using About A Gallon Of Coolant A Month. I Dont Know What Else To Do But I Dont Want It To Get Worse. 10 Best Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory I Had Them Flush The Coolant And Replace All The Hoses. They Also Put Head Gasket Stop Leak To See What Happens But I Only Drove About 30 Miles And Checked It And It Still Seems That It Used More Than It Should...Where Could It Be Going?

Get a can of block sealer from your local friendly Autozone store and follow directions to the letter, Best Ten Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory

Are 1995 Toyota 4Runners Just A Head Gasket Waiting To Blow?
1995 4Runner Blew A Head Gasket At 75,000 Miles And 75,000 Miles Later It Has Blown Another Head Gaskets.Toyota Has Been A Very Good Auto,1991 Camry Had 175,000 Miles On It And No Head Gasket Problems.Is Anybody Else Having Head Gasket Problems On Their 1995 4Runner Most Popular Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory ?

Well the early 95 model had the junk v6 engines..The also had alot of recalls so you may want to call your toyota dealer and have them run the vin numbers to see if you are in that catagory...The later 95 models had the new updated v6 that did not have that problem..this was also the first year of the tacoma which had that engine.. Best Ten Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory

White Smoke Coming Out Of Muffler??Head Or Valve Gasket Blown??
What Does It Mean When White Smoke Comes Out Of Your Exhaust Pipe?? Is It A Blown Head Or Head Gasket Blown Or Could It Be A Valve Gasket Blown?? Its For A Ford Contour 1996 Top Ten Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory??

That would most likely be a bad head gasket. A bad valve cover gasket would leak and run down the sides of the engine whereas a bad head gasket could actually leak anti freeze into the cylinders of your engine and be burned and come out the exhaust pipe causing the white smoke that you are seeing. Best Ten Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory

Car Dealers Auto Mechanics?
Want To Know What The Setup Is, The Pay Practices Of Certified Mechanics Doing Car Repairs At New Car Dealerships. Do They Just Earn An Hourly Wage, A Set Wage? Or Do They Get Incentive Pay, Like A Bonus For Selling More Parts And Services? I'Ve Heard Some Small Car Repair Shops Do Something Called ' Tab '. Most Popular Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory They Try To Find Other Things Wrong With Your Car When You Bring It To Them For A Repair And They Pad The Bill - Therefore The Mechanic Makes A Bonus.

Mechanics generally get paid by the Job... Thus if the book says it takes 1 hour to do the job the Mechanic gets $.$$ for that hour of labor. If he can finish in 45 minutes and start another job then he gets to keep the extra. They ALSO generally get paid a co mission on Parts. And the commission depends on the shop, how good they are, and if it was the original job or something they found afterwords. The big question is not the Mechanic doing the work at the dealer its the person standing between you and the mechanic they call the service writer (who may or may not have any mechanic experience--- I know of a salesman becoming a service writer) they are paid the big bucks to upsell you on the extras like a tranny or coolant flush, tire rotation etc etc. 10 Best Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory
But I agree with the writer....When you find a mechanic you like and trust STAY WITH them... a Good mechanic will want your return business more then they want to upsell you on some added service this trip. Top Ten Body Repair Shop in Sedona Directory

Any Opinions On The 1995 Toyota 4Runner Sr5 V6 4X4?

they are great 4x4 for there age the v6 pre 1996 did have a head gasket problem but if fixed using the genuine modified head vrs kit no problems from then on a little heavy on fuel and not a race car as the v6 devoleped there torque at the incorrect time but other then that they are a great 4x4 on the road and off no other problems i have a couple of mates that still drive
dailey with over 30000 thousand klm still going strong

Auto Mechanic Or Hvac?
Which Is Easier To Be Successful On It? How Many Years Does It Take To Study It? Will I Get A Job Easy? Help Guys Thanks!

Hi Jordy, I found this site which has information about auto mechanic jobs. It looks like the job growth outlook is about 17%, which is average. The average income for those working in the auto technology and auto mechanic field is $35,790. It looks like auto service technician/mechanic school programs can take from 6 months to 2 years.

As for HVAC technicians, according to this site, the job growth outlook is 34%, which is much faster than average, so there will likely be more jobs available in that field. The average salary is $42,530, so the average person in that field makes more money than auto mechanics. One thing that is similar to auto mechanics is the length of training - HVAC technician training programs usually take from 6 months to 2 years. In addition, HVAC "apprenticeship programs normally last 3 to 5 years, and combine paid on-the-job training with technical instruction."

As far as which field would be easier for you to be successful at, that will depend on which field you enjoy more, and if the skills you need to do each job are suited to your strengths. It may help to take a course or two in each field to see how you like them, and maybe to spend some time with a person in each field and see how you like the day to day work. On the websites I linked above, you can read more about what kinds of classes and skills are required to be successful at each job. If you decide to take classes in either of those subjects, here are resources that have information on finding classes. Good luck! :)

How Much Could I Sell My 1995 Toyota Camry For?
I Have A 1995 Toyota Camry That Needs A Head Gasket Repair And I'Ve Decided To Just Get Something Else Because The Repairs Are So Expensive. There Is Nothing Else Wrong With The Car, How Much Do You Think I Could Sell It For In Nc?

Head gasket repairs very often cost over a thousand dollars to repair. Most people wont even consider buying a car with a blown head gasket. You might be lucky to get 500 bucks

Engine Overheating Problems 99 Ford Contour?
Hi, I'Ve Recently Been Having Problems With My Engine Overheating. It Works Fine Perfectly Most Of The Time, Until I Go Slightly Uphill At A High Speed. When This Happens, The Car Just Stops Accelerating. Most Times It Will Decelerate For A Little While Until I Ease Up On The Gas, And Then Will Accelerate Again And Constantly Switch Back And Forth. The Rpm’S Seem To Remain Constant, Just A Loss In Power. Today It Happened And I Pulled Over And Looked Under The Hood And Saw That The Radiator Tank Was Boiling Over. This Happened Once Before, Where All The Radiator Fluid Emptied So I Just Refilled It With Water. I Flushed It A Couple Weeks Earlier To See If That Would Fix It, But No Luck. The Drain Cap Is Securely On. My Best Guess Is The Thermostat Staying Closed, But I Am Not Sure. I Might Try Replacing It But I Just Wanted To Get Some Opinions First. Any Help Is Appreciated. Also I Just Wanted To Say Thanks To The People Who Reply To Questions In Here, You Guys – And Gals - Are Awesome :].

I'd definitely want to check the head gasket. Any sign of water in the oil, or coming out of the tail pipe?

My Car Went From Overheating To Stalling Out?
Hello! Last Weekend My Car Overheated, Actually Pretty Bad. The Temp. Went Flying High And Smoke Starting Coming In The A/C Vents. It Only Did This For About 20 Seconds Before I Turned It Off And Let It Cool Down. Once It Cooled Down It Started Up, But Overheated After About 5 Minutes, So I Replaced The Thermostat And Now It Does Not Overheat. But Sometimes, And Its Not All The Time, The Car Takes Awhile To Start And Once It Does, The Rpms Go Down Wicked Low And So You Have To Keep A Little Pressure On The Gas While You Brake So The Engine Stops Stalling Out. What Could This Be? I Drive A 1996 Toyota Camry V6 With 162,000 Miles.

With the history of serious overheating I am concerned one of the heads may be warped and the gasket failed. In particular I suspect coolant is getting on a spark plug and causing the hard start with low speed afterward. Removing the spark plugs and looking at the insulator between the body and the nose of each will confirm or debunk that theory. An important indicator of that sort of head gasket problem (which is the most common sort of head gasket failure) is that the coolant will be steadily disappearing. There are other causes of coolant disappearing, so don't jump to conclusions, but coolant leakage into the combustion chambers can't happen if the coolant is staying in the tank.

EDIT - I forgot the basic test for bad head gaskets. With the engine cold, remove the pressure cap from the radiator and start the engine. Put the palm of your hand over the radiator where the pressure cap was and pinch closed the hose going to the reservoir. If you feel steadily rising pressure within 3-5 seconds that is bad news. If not, the head gaskets are not bad in that way.

Head gasket replacement is in the vicinity of $1500 for your V6; you can get a better estimate by putting your own information in the estimator below. Some people have reported success with head gasket sealants that go in the coolant, but I've never tried them.

1997 Toyota Camry Leaking Massive Amounts Of Oil.?
I Have A 1997 Toyota Camry 2.2L 4 Cylinder 5-Speed Automatic. I Recently Made A Weekend Trip To The Coast Which Is About 2 Hours From Where I Live. I Decided To Check My Oil Today And Realized It Was Running Almost Dry. I Put A Quart In It And Barely Registered On The Dipstick. I Looked Under My Car And Realized Oil Was Dripping Half Way Down My Passenger Side Under My Car. I Have Made Trips To Portland (Also About Two Hours From Where I Live) And Had No Problems. Can Anybody Help Me? I Need To Know Roughly How Much It Would Cost To Fix Or If I Should Just Buy Another Used Car. I'M Tight On Money Being A Senior In High School And Working Part Time So Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

There's no way to answer your question because we don't know where the leak is. It could be a leaking valve cover gasket (cheap), a leaking oil pan gasket (more), leaking head gasket (lots), or something as simple as a loose drain plug or oil filter.

But one thing is sure, if you keep driving it like this, you're going to destroy the engine.