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What To Know About Auto Repair It could be a very stressful situation when worrying as to what company to select

Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory
for your auto repair, but so long as you know how to go about the method it might be quite simple. Every company will claim they have the most effective mechanics and present the cheapest prices, but clearly that is certainly far from the truth. The simplest way to know you are obtaining the best repair to the lowest price is usually to spend some time to do your homework. The first task to finding the best company is to look for the reviews which have been left by past customers. Chances are that you might have more mechanics in the area than you may count. It can be difficult to choose which companies to even compare with others. Look for a site that provides the solution to see their reviews in a general star level. After that you should certainly obtain the top 10 companies in the area. Then you certainly should take the time to read the reviews which were left by their past clients. Know that there definitely will likely be negative reviews, irrespective of how good the business is, however the vast majority needs to be positive. Look for negative reviews that share exactly the same issues, like having to bring their vehicle way back in a brief period of time as it actually had not been yet fixed. Any shop should e capable to diagnose and fix a car the initial time. Out of your initial selection of 10 you should be able to narrow it to 3 different businesses that are the very best. Then you can call each and inquire if they are willing to give you a quote totally free. When they have made your top 3 list they will be more than willing to do this. That method for you to know what they believe to become the situation and also what they think it is going to cost. Upon having quotes from all of the 3 after that you can decide who to work with. It might be tempting to decide simply based on the cost, but exactly how they treat you should also be regarded. Customer satisfaction is extremely important in relation to auto repair. Should they be prepared to explain everything to you and reveal to you that they feel that you have value they are truly considering obtaining your small business and keeping it. Think about every aspect of your interaction before you make a determination about which mechanic you think is better to service your car. Every auto mechanic will claim they have the most effective costs, from parts to service, but the truth is they all differ often. Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory Make time to investigate how others have felt regarding their service, what their expenses are and just how you personally felt whenever you visited their shop. This can be the easiest way to get a quality auto repair center which will provide what you need and expectations.


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FAQ's Auto Repair

Is Kia Rio A Decent Used Car?
Hell All - Looking For A Car To Get For Mom. Are Used Models From 2004 To 2007 Any Good? Would Probably Look For One With 60K Mile Or Less. I Would Like To Hear Qualified Opinions From People Who Actually Own Or Have Owned This Car. Let Me Know Of Any Quality Issues And How Much You Like Or Dislike This Particular Model. Thanks All 10 Best Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory

I think the first generation Rio is derivitive of what Ford sold in the US badged as the Aspire.

The Ford Aspire was an appropriately named car. It aspired to be a real car but fell short. 10 Best Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory

The first Rio had it's share of problems. Electrical, head gasket, etc... Really no worse than an Escort, Cavalier, or Neon though.

The current generation (05+) is a similar design to the Hyundai Accent. It should be a better quality car

What Is The Highest Paid Automotive Mechanic Best Ten Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory?
I Asked A Question A Couple Of Weeks Ago About Mechanics And I Saw That Someone`S Mechanic Teacher Worked At Land Rover And Made Over $200,000 A Year. If You Are An Automotive Mechanic For A Luxury Car Company Does That Generally Pay You High? I Have Always Wanted To Be A Mechanic For A Nice Company Like Mercedes-Benz Or Bmw

most Mechanics are paid on what is called a flag hour scale based on an hourly rate. so if a say for instance a tune up,and a brake jobwith turning the rotors. calls for a total of 7 flag hours. And the Mechanic completes the entire Job in 3 hrs. Then they pay him for 7 hrs at what ever his hourly rate is. but if that same job takes him 10 hrs to complete then he only gets paid for 7 hrs. 10 Best Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory

So a good mechainc who is fast and accurate can make as much as he wants in one day. So $200,000 a year is possible without working for BMW , Mercedes- Benz.

What Toyota 4Runners (What Years) Had Problems With Blown Had Gaskets?
I'M Looking At A 1999 Toyota 4Runner V6 And I'M Wondering If There'S A High Likelihood Of The Head Gaskets Going Out. Or We'Re Those Problems Fixed By That Year Top Ten Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory?

Head gaskets haven't really been a trouble spot on either of the 3rd-generation (1996-2002) engines. There is the occasional head gasket failure in that generation, but the percentage isn't large enough to be notable.

The engine with the most notorious head gasket issues was the 3VZ-E 3.0L V6 that was available in 4runners from 1988-1995. Even then, the problematic head gaskets were replaced by Toyota under a service bulletin and the failure rate on the replaced gaskets is not high enough for concern. The rumor mill ran wild with the initial head gasket failures, so the 3VZ-E still has a tarnished reputation, even though it's a fairly decent engine as a whole. Most Popular Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory

I Failed My Smog Test?
My 2001 Cadillac Deville Just Failed The Smog Test. It Said It Was The Vehicle Failing The Mil/Check Engine Light Test Due To Failure To Successfully Complete All Obd Self Tests.Also The Obd Diagnostics Said The Catalyst Was Not Ready And The Evaporative System Not Ready. Can Anyone Explain This To Me And Suggest What I Should Do? Thanks Top Ten Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory

The car runs some tests of the emissions system as you drive it. Sometimes these tests require several hundred miles of normal driving to complete, or specific types of driving, called a "drive cycle". For example, some tests might require the car to be warmed up and going over 35 mph for a certain amount of time.
OBD means On Board Diagnostics. Having OBD tests not complete means the OBD system hasn't had time to complete all its tests. This can happen if the battery was replaced or run dead recently. shows a drive cycle. You just need to do the ones related to the catalyst (5 minutes of steady 55-60mph). That should take care of your evap system also. If not, do the ones that say "EVAP purge" also. Most Popular Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory

How Do You Change The Water Pump In A '95 Ford Contour Do You Have To Remove The Motor Mount Or Timing Belt 10 Best Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory?

For the V6 of this model year, it's relatively easy. Best to ensure the engine cannot be started by removing the battery ground cable first. While draining the coolant via the rad petcock (don't ask me how these things get their names), remove the plastic cover over the front cylinder bank. The water pump should then be visble on the driver side of the block below the front head. It is driven by the front camshaft pulley and a belt that uses a small tensioner. You can release the belt tension by hand. The air filter housing cover and inlet that is attached to the air horn (on top of the engine) and anything connected to this assembly, must be removed. There are also a few small hoses, wiring connectors and other paraphenalia that will have to be disconnected. Make careful observations during dis-assembly and re-assembly. Top Ten Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory

Sorry that my memory is a bit fuzzy on this part, but I recall that some of the pump mounting bolts are what are sometimes referred to as through-bolts (since they pass through something you usually don't want to disturb; in this case the pump housing attached to the block). I was careful not to disturb this housing too much; there may have been one or two bolts holding it in place that did not need to be disturbed. If that's the case, leave them alone and you should not need any other gaskets other than the one for the pump assembly. Always check your new parts for clues to dis-assembly and to confirm you have the right part for the job. Make sure all of the old gasket material has been scraped/sanded of of the block before installing your new or rebuilt pump. Best Ten Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory

NOTE for other posters: Did you notice that the original poster didn't think to specify the engine he had? Try to provide as much useful info as possible when soliciting help.

What Is The Torque Sequence On A Ford Bronco 2 Head(Blown Head Gasket) Top Ten Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory?
6 Cylinder 2.8? Fuel Injected

try they have free downloads 10 Best Mobile Car Repair in Sedona Directory

Why Is The Antifreeze In My 1993 Nissan Altima Boiling In The Coolant Bottle?
Also I Was Told That My Radiator Exploded.

Ok several things can cause overheating. Old plastic radiator tank can crack. Better locate the cause of overheating and replace any and all of the coolant hoses thermostat water pump blown head gasket cooling fans that are not working. Just don't expect a new radatior to fix all the problems. 17 year old coolant hoses will plague your attempt to fix your car. If you over heat the motor a couple more times you may be looking for a new car. You know your car may qualify for around $3,500 CARS program? Patch it up and drive it to a dealership to get a car that gets better gasmilage If you purchase a new Versa? You can start all over new.

How Do You Choose A Car Repair Shop?

Here are some tips to consider before you start, when you're at the car repair shop, and after the car repair.

Read your owner's manual to become familiar with your vehicle and follow the manufacturer's suggested service schedule. (Don't always trust the owner's manual or manufacturer, people that work on the cars for a living can sometimes advise you more accurately regarding your car-if you have an experienced place)

Start shopping for a repair facility before you need one; you can make better decisions when you are not rushed or in a panic.

Ask friends and associates for their recommendations. Even in this high-tech era, old-fashioned word-of-mouth reputation is still valuable. (but consider the source)

Check with your local consumer organization regarding the reputation of the shop in question. (This is is not always reliable)

If possible, arrange for alternate transportation in advance so you will not feel forced to choose a facility solely on the basis of location.

Once you choose a repair shop, start off with a minor job; if you are pleased, trust them with more complicated repairs later. (This is a lot like saying, if you cut my grass nice, you can put an addition on my house-does this make sense?)

Look for a neat, well-organized facility, with vehicles in the parking lot equal in value to your own (hopfully those kind of cars will be there that day) and modern equipment (do you have any Idea what modern equipment is?) in the service bays.

Professionally run establishments will have a courteous, helpful staff (especially the ones that are trained to build a relationship to get your trust aka money). The service writer should be willing to answer all of your questions.

Feel free to ask for the names of a few customers. Call them. (do you think they will give the people they have a problem with or the ones they don't?)

All policies (labor rates, guarantees, methods of payment, etc.) should be posted and/or explained to your satisfaction.

Ask if the shop customarily handles your vehicle make and model. Some facilities specialize. (Any truley good mechanic can handle most any vehicle if they are willing to)

Ask if the shop usually does your type of repair, especially if you need major work. (do you know what major work means?)

Look for signs of professionalism in the customer service area: civic and community service awards, membership in the Better Business Bureau, AAA-Approved Auto Repair status, customer service awards. (Does this make them a better mechanic or a better marketer?)

Look for evidence of qualified technicians, such as trade school diplomas, certificates of advanced course work, and ASE certifications - a national standard of technician competence. ( I have hired technicians with arm's length of diploma and certicfications that don't know jack, don't care about your car and don't car about me or you, conversly there are techs that are very impressive that have none of the above. Don't judge a book my it's cover.)

The backbone of any shop is the competence of the technicians. (True, this is a key ingredient, but the culture extended from the ownership to do the job right and do it honestly is the real backbone)

Keep good records; keep all paperwork. (If the shop is up to speed and honest, they will have everything you do on file and can remember a warrantied part much better than you, especially if you are loyal to them)

Reward good service with repeat business. It is mutually beneficial to you and the shop owner to establish a relationship. (but on occasion get a 2nd opinion to keep them on their toes and tell them that is why you did it)

If the service was not all you expected, don't rush to another shop. Discuss the problem with the service manager or owner. Give the business a chance to resolve the problem. Reputable shops value customer feedback and will make a sincere effort to keep your business. (communication is a key if they are in the wrong they will take care of it, if they aren't they may still, but be sure you understand how a problem came about) .

My 1993 Toyota 4Runner Is Leaking Anit Freeze Through The Exaust,?
My 1993 Toyota 4Runner Is Leaking Anit Freeze Through The Exaust, She Started By Makeing Tapping Sounds Then Stalled ,Restarted Her And She Was Smokeing Bad From The Exaust ,When We Parked She Was Leaking Anut Freeze Through The Exaust ,Underneath The Truck ,My Dad Thinks Its Either The Motor Or Head Gasket Anyone Have Any Ideas ?

Could be a bad cylinder head gasket, or warped or cracked cylinder head. Hard to tell for sure without taking it apart. A cracked block is theoretically possible, but it would have to be in the cylinder bore, and that would be pretty unusual.

White Smoke Coming Out Of Muffler??Head Or Valve Gasket Blown??
What Does It Mean When White Smoke Comes Out Of Your Exhaust Pipe?? Is It A Blown Head Or Head Gasket Blown Or Could It Be A Valve Gasket Blown?? Its For A Ford Contour 1996??

That would most likely be a bad head gasket. A bad valve cover gasket would leak and run down the sides of the engine whereas a bad head gasket could actually leak anti freeze into the cylinders of your engine and be burned and come out the exhaust pipe causing the white smoke that you are seeing.

Most Reasonable Car Rental Company Near Cancun Airport?
I'M Finding A Lot Of Unreasonable Prices And Requests ($1000 Hold On A Credit Card, Which Just Seems Very Shady...In Addition To The Mandatory Insurance). Somebody Please Point Me In The Right Direction. I Have Heard Easy Way Or Ez Rental Car Is Good, But I'M Open To More Suggestions. Thank You!

First, Insurance that is the basic insurance in Mexico is standard and the rental agencies must have it on their cars themselves to rent them. This is FREE to the client. Don't fall for that trick.

Second, to upgrade to Full Coverage with 0 usd deductible is no more than 20 usd per day and the agency never files the policy unless you have an accident. They pocket the money if you don't have an accident.

Third, no deposit more than 200 usd is really ever needed. Put that on your credit card so you can dispute it when you get home if the company gets stupid and will not return your money or charges more things like fake damages. Cash deposits will be lost or not recorded or remembered.

Forth, Unlimited miles in Mexico is standard.

Fith, Always do an extra detailed inspection of the car inside and out. If you feel uncomfortable with the car, ask for another or walk away. The trick is to charge you for damages that were done before and the last client paid and you pay again or damages the employees did driving the car home at night.

Sixth, Never ever rent a scooter. It is a total scam.

Seventh, Check the fuel level and not it on the inspection sheet, bring the car back at the same level or pay upto 10 usd per gallon to the agency.

Eight, Never rent a jeep or convertible with a rag top. You will pay for repairs that were already there and people love to cut them.

Ninth, Pay the first policemen a bribe before the others show up. Keep only 10-20 usd in your wallet and the rest of your money hidden. The cop will take it all.

Tenth, Never use places like Buster, Caribetur, Prime, Avant, Ventura, Econo, Auto Express, Avicar to rent anything. They are brokers that sell your reservation to other agencies that you have never heard of. Try National Car rental, we use them and have had good luck.

Is This A Good Deal? 2000 Ford Contour 4Cyl 2.0 Automatic?
A Family Friend Has This Car. It Needs A New Head Gasket( It Was Wrecked, Rubbed A Hole In Radiator, Ran Hot Due To Daughters Ignorance) , However Everything Else Has Been Replaced But The Headgasket.). He Said He Would Put The Title In Our Name, Let Us Get It Running, Insurance, Etc, And If We Did, When We Can, Pay Him 250$, What He Would Get For Scrap Nowadays. However If We Get Into It, Decide Its Not Worth Our Time And Don'T Want To Fix It, Hell Haul It For Scrap. He'S Just Trying To Help Us Out (Baby On The Way, Have A 99Toyo Tacoma 5Spd Manual, Single Cab, And Need A 4 Door Car). The Inside Is In Pristine Condition, It Has 96500 Miles. I'Ve Found The Headgasket For It And The Bolts For 80$ Altogether W Warranty. Is It Worth Fixing Up This Car? Are They Good, Reliable Cars (I Just Need Something To Get To College And Back While Carrying Our Son.) Is There Anything Else You Would Change Out Just To Be Safe?I'Ve Heard Talk About Replacing The Timing Belt After 70000 Miles Regardless Of Wear.

If the blown head gasket was due to the overheating of the engine, the head is most likely warped. That may or may not be fixable, but frankly the cost of a junkyard head will probalby be less than having the old one milled back flat.

If you decide to go ahead with it, absolutely include a new timing belt, accessory drive belts and replace all hoses (coolant and heater) while you're at it. Cheap insurance and no extra work while the engine is apart for the head work.

The Contour was not a big hit in the US but it's European counterpart, the Ford Mondeo, has been a best seller for 15 years or more. The Contour's biggest problem was that it was too big to be a compact and too small to be an intermediate for the US market. The V-6 version also had maintenance issues (try $800 spark plug changes since the engine had to come out due to no clearance between the rear head and the firewall) that tarnished the brand. The 4 cyl models were a reasonably dependable car for the most part, certainly better than the Tempo/Topaz twins that they replaced.