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What To Know About Auto Repair It could be a very stressful situation when worrying about what company to select

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for your auto repair, but provided that you know how to make the process it may be quite simple. Every company will claim they have the best mechanics and give the smallest prices, but clearly which is not the case. The simplest way to know that you will be receiving the best repair for the lowest price is always to take the time to seek information. The first task to finding the optimum company is to look for the reviews that were left by previous customers. Chances are that you may have more mechanics in your area than you may count. It can be hard to pick out which companies to even compare with others. Search for a site that provides the solution to see their reviews at a general star level. From there you should be able to obtain the top 10 companies in your neighborhood. Then you certainly should spend some time to look at the reviews that have been left by their past clients. Realize that there definitely will be negative reviews, regardless how good the organization is, nevertheless the vast majority ought to be positive. Look for negative reviews that share the identical issues, such as needing to bring their vehicle back in a quick timeframe mainly because it actually had not been yet fixed. Any shop should e able to diagnose and fix a car the first time. From the initial selection of 10 you will be able to narrow it down to 3 different businesses that are the top. Then you can call each and ask when they are willing to provide you with an insurance quote free of cost. Should they have made your best 3 list they will be over willing to achieve this. That way you can really know what they feel to be the trouble along with whatever they think it would cost. When you have quotes from all of 3 you may then decide who to use. It could be tempting to choose simply in accordance with the cost, but how they treat you should also be regarded as. Customer support is extremely important in terms of auto repair. Should they be willing to explain everything for your needs and explain to you they feel you have value chances are they are truly interested in obtaining your business and keeping it. Take into consideration every aspect of your interaction prior to you making a conclusion about which mechanic you believe is better to service your automobile. Every auto mechanic will claim they may have the ideal costs, from parts to service, but the reality is that they all differ in many ways. Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory Make time to investigate how others have felt regarding their service, what their expenses are and how you personally felt when you visited their shop. This is certainly the easiest method to look for a quality auto repair center that will suit your needs and expectations.


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FAQ's Auto Repair

86 Bronco Ii Coolant Coming Out Exhaust?
I Have A 86 Ford Bronco Ii With About 190,000 Miles And When I Started It Up Today, About 1/4 Cup Of Water/Coolant Came Out Of The Exhaust, But Then It Stopped After A Few Minutes. I Usually Know A Lot About Engines, But Could These Be Really Bad For My Motor? It Has A 2.9L V6 With Cherry Bomb Exhaust And Leaks Oil From Valve Cover Gaskets Thanks 10 Best Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory

if its coolant and not condensation, then it probably means your head gasket is bad or head cracked and coolant is seeping into your combustion chamber. once the engine is running and gets hot it will evap the liquid so it will appear that it has stopped coming from your exhaust. and yes it is bad for your engine. also it could cause overheating Most Popular Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory

Dor A First Time Driver What Is The Best And Nicest Cheap Car I Should Get Best Ten Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory?

Used or new? What size are you? Good somewhat cheap cars would be the Nissan sentra, Nissan versa, Toyota camry, Honda civic, ford focus (these are cheap and reliable but have to be meticulously maintained and driven lightly, head gaskets are a common issue with these), if you want a good used car go for an older pontiac grand am (I have always had good luck with these cars with little to no issues), Chevy cavalier, toyota corolla or Camry, Nissan maxima, Acura integra, vigor, or tl, Honda civic or accord. Your best bet is to go foreign for your first car. They usually don't require as much maintenance as domestic brands. Stay away from Isuzu, Mazda, and Hyundai/Kia (these brands will cost you tons of time and money....some of them are good cars but why take the chance on getting a clunker). Top Ten Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory If you're buying used make sure you get a carfax report to make sure the car has never been in an accident or had any major repairs and try to find a car with less than 100k miles on it. Up to 120k is ok on a newer toyota, nissan, or Honda brand.

Why Is My 99 Nissan Sentra Gxe Losing Coolant?
My Car Is Losing Alot Of Coolant. I Have Had It Pressure Tested 4 Times. Twice While The Engine Was Hot And Twice While It Was Cold. Nissan Did The First 2. It Didn'T Show In Any Of Them. Nissan Told Me I Needed A New Head Gasket. I Took It To The Place I Got My Car From And They Tested It Over Night And Said It Didn'T Lose Pressure The Whole Night. It'S Not Leaking Into The &Quot;Heater Core&Quot; Either. It'S Using About A Gallon Of Coolant A Month. I Dont Know What Else To Do But I Dont Want It To Get Worse. Best Ten Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory I Had Them Flush The Coolant And Replace All The Hoses. They Also Put Head Gasket Stop Leak To See What Happens But I Only Drove About 30 Miles And Checked It And It Still Seems That It Used More Than It Should...Where Could It Be Going?

Get a can of block sealer from your local friendly Autozone store and follow directions to the letter, Most Popular Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory

Are 1995 Toyota 4Runners Just A Head Gasket Waiting To Blow?
1995 4Runner Blew A Head Gasket At 75,000 Miles And 75,000 Miles Later It Has Blown Another Head Gaskets.Toyota Has Been A Very Good Auto,1991 Camry Had 175,000 Miles On It And No Head Gasket Problems.Is Anybody Else Having Head Gasket Problems On Their 1995 4Runner Most Popular Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory ?

Well the early 95 model had the junk v6 engines..The also had alot of recalls so you may want to call your toyota dealer and have them run the vin numbers to see if you are in that catagory...The later 95 models had the new updated v6 that did not have that problem..this was also the first year of the tacoma which had that engine.. Most Popular Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory

White Smoke Coming Out Of Muffler??Head Or Valve Gasket Blown??
What Does It Mean When White Smoke Comes Out Of Your Exhaust Pipe?? Is It A Blown Head Or Head Gasket Blown Or Could It Be A Valve Gasket Blown?? Its For A Ford Contour 1996 Best Ten Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory??

That would most likely be a bad head gasket. A bad valve cover gasket would leak and run down the sides of the engine whereas a bad head gasket could actually leak anti freeze into the cylinders of your engine and be burned and come out the exhaust pipe causing the white smoke that you are seeing. Best Ten Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory

Car Dealers Auto Mechanics?
Want To Know What The Setup Is, The Pay Practices Of Certified Mechanics Doing Car Repairs At New Car Dealerships. Do They Just Earn An Hourly Wage, A Set Wage? Or Do They Get Incentive Pay, Like A Bonus For Selling More Parts And Services? I'Ve Heard Some Small Car Repair Shops Do Something Called ' Tab '. Top Ten Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory They Try To Find Other Things Wrong With Your Car When You Bring It To Them For A Repair And They Pad The Bill - Therefore The Mechanic Makes A Bonus.

Mechanics generally get paid by the Job... Thus if the book says it takes 1 hour to do the job the Mechanic gets $.$$ for that hour of labor. If he can finish in 45 minutes and start another job then he gets to keep the extra. They ALSO generally get paid a co mission on Parts. And the commission depends on the shop, how good they are, and if it was the original job or something they found afterwords. The big question is not the Mechanic doing the work at the dealer its the person standing between you and the mechanic they call the service writer (who may or may not have any mechanic experience--- I know of a salesman becoming a service writer) they are paid the big bucks to upsell you on the extras like a tranny or coolant flush, tire rotation etc etc. Most Popular Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory
But I agree with the writer....When you find a mechanic you like and trust STAY WITH them... a Good mechanic will want your return business more then they want to upsell you on some added service this trip. Most Popular Clutch Repair in Show Low Directory

Car Failed Ca Smog Test. Hydrocarbons Too High.?
The Max Allowed Is 85, My 1995 Bmw 325I Registered At 262!! What'S A Likely Cause For This? And What'S A Likely Fix?

Would actualy need to know ALL the numbers. Could even be a lean missfire causing high HC failures (I know it sounds backwards but it does happen).

Go to

This is a good site for SMOG test's by some guy in Australia (I think) but is very good for CA stuff too

and use the Lambda calculator (O2 sensors really are Lambda (Air fuel Ratio) sensors). Enter in the numbers and it will tell you if your car is running lean or rich. High CO numbers are Allways RICH (Input side).. High HC numbers are not allways rich but could be combustion issues (Like previous poster corrected his entry to say)

If you happen to be low income (under $24K for a one person household) then you would qualify for Low Income Financial aid that would limit your repair cost to $20.00. If not remember the MOST you have to spend (if you choose to use a Licensed Smog Test & Repair shop !) is $450.00 (if it costs only $3.00 nobody cares but the MOST you have to spend is $450.00 and once you reach that you do NOT have to spend any more and you can get a 2 year waiver to give you two more years to save up the $.$$ to finish the repairs. (Consumer Assistance Program for financial Aid form or Waiver phone number)

Does The Water Pump Need To Be Replaced Or Is It A Blown Head Gasket?
I Have A '03 Toyota Camry...On Friday It Started To Sporadically Run Hot On The Temperature Gauge. The Vehicle Sat Over The Weekend...My Father Thought That Sounded Like The Thermostat, So I Replaced The Thermostat On Sunday. The Car Continued To Blow Out Cold Air. Monday Morning I Took The Car Back To The Auto Shop That Replaced My Engine (I Previously Replaced The Original Manufacturer'S Engine With A Newer One In 2012...With I Think About 65,000 Miles)...After Looking At The Car The Mechanic Told Me Everything Is Working Fine (The Heat Was Working Fine)...I Replied That I Was Sure There Is A Problem Because The Car It Wasn'T Ok Prior To (Not Very Smart On My Part I Realize In Hindsight)...He Then Replied That Mechanic Would Take A Better Look...Afterwards He Informed Me That I Need A New Engine The Head Gasket Is Bad And Where The Radiator And Rad. Cap Meet Are Not Properly Sealing. At His Suggestion I Put Some Seal Lock In The Engine (As He Suggested That Would Be My Best Option Since I Informed Him I Would Not Be Putting Another Engine In This Car Again). He Also Told That I Would Need To Drive The Car For A Couple Days To See If It Worked. Later The Same Day The Car Overheated And Wouldn'T Shift Gears I Pulled Into A Gas Station And We Noticed The Coolant Bubbled Over We Noticed When Looking Under The Hood That The Hose From The Transmission Was Not Connected We Reattached It And The Car Later Restarted After Cooling Off For About 15 Minutes (We Added Coolant And Oil (Didn'T Notice Anything Milky At This Time Either). On Tuesday It Again Overheated And When Attempting To Restart...Wouldn'T But Later Restarted. I Have Had Other People Suggest The Problem Is The Water Pump, Since It Too Would Cause The Same Issues There Is Not A Milky Substance In The Oil And There Were No Prior Signs That There Were Engine Problems.

do a co2 test of radiator if co2 is in radiator head gasket is bad .and do a presser test to find leak all so

Who Much Do Auto Mechanics Make?
My Ex Has Been A Ford Auto Mechanic For Oh 15 Years In California & Recently Stopped Paying His Child Support But Just Bought A 500K House. He Claims He'S Lost His Job Because Of All The Dealership Closings But Even Employeed Do Mechanics Really Make That Much Money? Starting Pay Was Around $20 When We Were Together I'M Just Curious If There'S Really A Lot Of Potentional Other Then Love Of Working On Cars. I'M Not Asking For Any Frat Brother Or Union Secrets Just Wondering If Mechanics Really Make That Much Money. I'M Sure Specialists Can But Generally Speaking Can A Mechanic Afford A 500K House Supposeably After Losing Their Job?

No honest mechanic could. I go to three different private mechanics when I have work that I can't do myself or want to have warranty work done. One of them charges 75$ an hour. One charges 50$ an hour and one charges 45$ an hour. All three are very small town small time mechanics with extremely low overhead.
Your talking about a ford dealership mechanic? First off ford is crap so their vehicles are constantly being worked on and their overhead is huge. So ya, they make pretty good money. But not that kind of money.
Plus if he's laid off then he is getting unemployment. Go the the child support dept and tell them to watch unemployment for him. You will be getting your child support again in no time.
If in fact he is buying that big house and has all this money, take him to court and make him pay more.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Or Four Runner?
What Are The Pro And Cons Of Each Suv? I Am Talking About The Early 2000 Versions.

Early 2000's Toyota 4Runner is one of the strongest longest lasting best built SUV's ever made.
Jeep Grand Cherokee has some nice amenities and a good 4 wheel drive system, but other than that it is junk.

The 4Runner is better in every single way. It even gets pretty good gas mileage for an SUV.
Toyota is better on gas, reliability, resale value etc etc etc.

(father has a 2000 4Runner with 230,000 miles on it, has had basically no problems whatsoever besides routine maintenance)

(my friend owned a 99 (i believe cant remember exactly what year) Jeep Grand Cherokee and it was complete junk. Leaked oil from head gasket, went through 2 transmissions in less than 50K miles, got bad gas mileage, and besides that 1 bad experience check out reviews, the Jeep is much worse than the Toyota)

Do Semi-Trucks Need To Be Smog Checked?
It Seems Like One Puff Of Their Cloud Of Smoke Would Be More Than A Week Of A Regular Car That Might Not Pass Smog..

In California, at least, semi trucks don't under go the standard California smog check inspection as do passenger vehicles. They do however need to pass an annual and/or random "smoke test". The smoke test determines, based on the color and density of the exhaust, whether the semi is polluting or not.

The fines are hefty, and most truck operators are very careful to make sure their semi's don't smoke. Every so often you pass by one that does pollute, but be assured, first glance of a CHP Officer and that vehicle is pulled over and sent for official inspection and possible fines.

Random inspections are performed at semi weight stations which are located through out the state near freeway off ramps. During a semi's weighting, a CHP Officer will randomly or as seen necessary, ask the driver to move the vehicle into a special facility on site and administer the smoke test. If the semi fails, it is fined right away. Fines usually range $1000.00 or more.

Hope this information is helpful.

What'S Wrong With My Car Suggestions?
I Have A 1998 Ford Contour Gl 2.0 4 Cylinder Engine. I Have A Problem With My Cooling System. My Dash Board Thermostat Stopped Working, And I Find My Car Cooling System Boiling And Steaming. I Noticed This Happening As I Was Driving My Car Would Jerk, So I Pulled Over To The Next Gas Station And Popped My Hood. I Saw That The Coolant Was Boiling And Steaming. The Next Day I Found Myself Having To Refill My Coolant Reservoir. Now I Am Finding Myself Filling It Up Twice A Day, Once In The Morning, And Once On My Way Home. Here Is What I Have Done So Far. We Took Out My Thermostat, And Haven'T Replaced It. ( I Was Told It Wasn'T Necessary To Have.) I Took My Car Up To Advanced Auto Parts, And The Guy Did A Pressure Test On My Reservoir Tank, And It Held 19 Pounds. I Placed Card Board Under My Car For Several Hours, And It Came Out Dry. I Drained My Coolant Out Of My Radiator And Tried To Unclog It. I Am Heading To A Mechanic This Weekend To Get My Engine Diagnosed, But I Just Wanted To See What You Might Suggest That Is Wrong With It. So... Lets Brainstorm!

We have news for you! There is not one car or truck in the world which has a thermostat on the dash.

Dashes gave temperature gauges which are regulated by the electrical temperature sending unit that screws onto the engine water-jacket.

No doubt you have one of both of the following going in. #1. When was the last time that the cooling system was drained flushed and CLEANED? A dirty cooling system will make an engine run hot.

Filling the plastic reservoir tank when the engine is cold doesn't do squat. The radiator should be filled first, coolant reservoir second.

What "moron" said the engine doesn't need a thermostat? The factory didn't install it as a toy for you to remove. Go on the net and read what they do and why they're necessary.

You need to have a trusted private mechanic do a an inexpensive *cooling system pressure test which will find any external or internal coolant leaks.

Keep in mind your the proud owner of a Ford which has always had more head-gasket problems than every car or truck combined. The amazing cheapskate engineers at Ford design their engines with a grand total of four head bolts around each cylinder instead of five or six as all other manufacturers do.