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Should You Really Leave Auto Repair To A Professional Mechanic? Every car breaks down

Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory
sooner or later, and that's a truth! With that said ,, some cars are quite likely going to malfunctioning than the others, and in case you're in the tough situation, you could be left to wonder: can i attempt a DIY auto repair or work with a mechanic? An oil change is a great example of something even a novice driver could do, but if you have problems beyond that, getting a car mechanic to complete the repairs can be quite a great idea and here's why: Experience You possess basically no idea what you're doing and you might actually end up making things worse. Even if you think that you're a DIY savvy person, you might turn out causing other regions of your own car to malfunction. Not forgetting, you only do not know what's actually wrong with your vehicle, except if you carry it apart and hope with your might you are able to put it back together again. A vehicle mechanic has been carrying this out for a long time and he can easily diagnose and repair any issue your car or truck can be against. Right Tools You require the best tools plus a decent workspace to start focusing on auto repair. Until you have a whole garage with tools and equipment dedicated to this, you have got to put money into the desired tools to fix your automobile. Needless to say, without prior experience handling car repair, you may possibly not know what you must purchase, along with, you might never use these tools again. Hiring a Oil Change Service in Taylor Directoryprofessional car mechanic can eliminate the demand for one to invest money into tools and equipment you're unlikely to use again since he will already have everything available. Speedy Repairs Should you have only one household car you need to use to reach work towards time, you must make sure that your car is fixed as quickly as possible. Of course, should you attempt a DIY repair, things will go wrong, and even after they don't, it may take you plenty more hours to get your car running than if you work with a mechanic. You may have your car or truck away from commission for a couple of days when taking it to some mechanic, but it sure beats being unable to start working! Spend Less Perhaps one of the most compelling top reasons to drop your car or truck off for repair with a mechanic's is to spend less. You won't ought to invest money into tools, equipment, and auto parts you might never need. Not to mention, while your automobile has run out of commission, you might want to rent an auto or take the bus-- costing you even more cash! Employing a mechanic for auto repair could save you inside the long run, particularly if take into consideration that a job well done can prolong the lifespan of the vehicle. The next time your car or truck gives you trouble, why not stop at the car mechanic's?


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FAQ's Auto Repair

Could There Be More Problems With This Ford Bronco Most Popular Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory?
Tomorrow I Am Going To Look At A 1989 Ford Bronco That A Guy Was Advertising On Craigslist. I Called Him And He Told Me That The Only Problems It Has Are A Mistimed Ignition And It Needs A Couple Freeze Plugs Replaced. Basically I Need To Know If It Could Possibly Have Worse Problems That He Is Trying To Pass Off As These Less Serious Ones. What Should I Look For?

Yes, very well have more problems, with ign off as he claims could use this to hid compression problems and timing chain issues, freeze plugs could hide head gaskets or other things that make it overheat. But he could be shooting straight, most times people selling cars don't. Most Popular Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory

How Do You Figure The Cubic Inches Of My Engine?
Ok I Have A Ford 460 In My 79 Bronco But Its Built Pretty Good And After A Recent Head Gasket Replacement I Checked The Bore And It Turns Out Its Bored 30 Over So What Does That Make My Cubic Inches Best Ten Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory?

that's why the online calculators are so nice..

Volume equals pie times the Radius squared times the stroke times the number of cylinders equals 467 rounded off. Top Ten Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory

that's using 0.030" over

Ford Contour 99, Runs Very Bad. Most Popular Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory?
I Have A Ford Contour 99, I Did Replace The Timing Belt, Idler Pulley, And Timing Adjuster. Now After That It Run A Little Rough, So I Decided To Use For Some Time, Now Is Worse, I Did Re-Set Timing Following Ford Instructions, 1 And 4 Cylinder At Tdc, Cams Aligned With Flat Steel Tool, Cam Sprockets Loose, Timing Belt Tight All The Way Around, Re- Started And Runs Very Bad, Shakes, Misses, All Kinds Of Things. No Smoke At Tailpipe, Then I Checked The Compression, It Was Very Low, Almost Cero.. My Question Is: Can My Timing Be Off To Not Having Any Compression At All≫? Or Could I Have A Burned Valve, Or A Piston/Valve Collision, (Acording To Ford,Is Not An Interference Engine,[2.0 Liter] ) Any Suggestions≫?, I Almost Throwing My Towel, And Don'T Know What Can Be The Problem.. Did Replace Sparks, Coil, Sparks Cables, Checked My Injectors, No Vacuum Leaks, Thank You For Any Good Help.

A stock Zetec is non-interference unless it's a SVT or has been modified (high lift cam). If the timing is way off, then you won't have compression, but it sounds like you are doing it right from what I can gather. However, in some cases non-interference engines can get bent values due to carbon buildup on top of the cylinders, especially in the valve reliefs (reduces valve clearance). There are some rare cases of this occurring with the Zetec.

To test the valves, you can do a leak down test on the cylinders. Basically you shoot compressed air in through the spark plug and see if the pressure in the cylinder drops. In your case, if you have bent valves you should be able to hear a decent "hiss" in the intake or exhaust. You can also try testing the compression with the timing belt off and both valves closed (rotate camshafts). Top Ten Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory

Burnt valves are also a possibility, but you would have noticed this before the belt change. It is also unlikely all four would be burnt and giving zero compression.

Just to be sure, cylinder #1 is the one closest to the timing belt. Also, did you double check your plug wiring? Try to be as precise as possible with TDC in #1, otherwise you could be a tooth or two off.

You said no vacuum leaks, but did you check the EGR, IAC, and MAF? These can all cause roughness.

If all else fails, you can pull the head and see what it looks like inside. Might as well replace the head gasket (order after you see the condition of the valves).

Here is another how to, maybe a different source will help: http://www.contour.org/ceg-vb/showthread...

Hope you can figure it out! Best Ten Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory

Car Issues...Blown Head Gasket And Antifreeze Leak Most Popular Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory?
I Have A 1997 Ford Contour Gl With Almost 112Kmi. Last Week When I Was Driving The Car At 55 Mph The Car Started Lurching Forward...Kind Of Like How It Feels When You Just Tap On The Accelerator And It Jumps Forward. I Pulled Over And Turned The Car Off To Check For Leaks And A Flat Tire, Nothing Happened. Went To Turn The Car Back On (Worked) And Started Driving Home...Which Was About Half A Mile. As Soon As I Started Driving (20 Mph) The Front Of The Car Started To Shake Really Bad (Is Not The Alignment), Made Groaning And Whaling Noises, And Would Not Accelerate Above 25 Mph. When I Finally Made It Home I Turned Off The Engine, Went To Call My Mechanic, And He Told Me To Turn It Back On But It Wouldn'T Start. I Have To Wait Two More Days Until I Can Get The Car Looked At But In The Mean Time I Tried To Jump Start The Car To See If It Would Start. It Took About 3 Tries And Then Just Letting The Car Charge From My Moms Car And It Finally Worked. Now The Car'S Exhaust Is Spewing White And The Antifreeze Is Brown/Rusted But Not Too Low. It'S Also Idling Really Rough And Over Heats Within A Minute. I Have Never Missed An Oil Change, So That Isn'T The Issue. I Also Have An Over Heating Issue And My Temp Gauge Isn'T Registering It (I Think That'S Just Broken). I Just Want To Know If Anyone Else Has Had This Issue Or Knows What It Could Be. I'Ve Been Told It May Be A Blow Gasket And An Antifreeze Leak Into The Oil. Wanted Some Opinions Before It Gets Looked At In 2 Days. I'M Trying To Figure Out If It Is Too Bad A Fix And If I Should Just Get A New Car. Please Do Not Answer This If You Have No Intention On Giving Me Advise For What May Be Wrong With The Car.

yes sounds like the head gasket but also could be the intaake manifold gasket and my advise is to buy a new car Top Ten Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory

What Should I Do With My Car 10 Best Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory?
I Asked A Question Not Too Long Ago About My 1997 Ford Aspire With 121K Miles, Which Had A Misfire In One Of Its Cylinders When I Bought It. Now I'Ve Got Several More Questions. Here'S The Story: I Took It To A Reputable Repair Shop And Had It Diagnosed The Other Day As A Pretty Serious Problem, Which Was Most Likely A Malfunctioning Valve, Though They Would Have To Take Apart The Cylinder Head To Confirm That. They Based Their Evaluation On The Fact That The 3 Healthy Cylinders Were Putting Out 170 Pounds Of Pressure While The Other Was Putting Out 80 Pounds. When I Talked To Other Mechanics They Said They Would Expect A Valve Problem Too With Those Numbers. I Have An Appointment Set For Monday Morning To Get The Cylinder Head Taken Off So That The Mechanics Can Find Out What The Problem Is Exactly. The Previous Owner Knew For Some Time That The Misfire Existed, But He Assumed That It Was Because Of The Spark Plugs, Which Are Pretty Worn. After I Bought The Car And Drove It Around A Bit, But Before I Took It To The Mechanic, The Check Engine Light Came On And Remained On Until Earlier Today When It Shut Off. Here Are My Questions: 1) Is There Any Real Chance That The Compression Differentials That The Mechanic Observed Were Caused By Something Simple Like A Spark Plug Malfunction, Which Got Worse During The Time That The Check Engine Light Was On? I Was Planning To Replace My Front Brakes Myself This Weekend Anyway So That It Could Pass The State Inspection. If Changing Out The Plugs And Wires Might Solve The Problem I Might Want To Give It A Try. 2) Is $800 To $1200 A Reasonable Amount To Charge For Rebuilding The Top Half Of An Engine? The Price May Or May Not Include Replacing The Timing Belt, Which I Think Should Be Right In The Area Anyway. The Belt Was Replaced 20,000 Miles Ago, But The Engine Has Been Leaking Oil For A While So There'S A Decent Chance It'S Been Splashed And Weakened. 3) Do Spark Plugs And Wires Normally Get Changed Out In A Rebuild Like This? I Imagine They Would Be Unless The Customer Asked, But I'M No Mechanic. I Really Appreciate The Time You Guys On This Side Of Yahoo Answers Put In. Thanks For Reading Through My Questions.

When they do a compression check, they remove the spark plugs and check the compression that each piston is putting out. So, the plugs are not installed at the time.

Check around various other places for cost of rebuilding the top half, and also, maybe try another shop to get their diagnosis. I do not know what average cost would be. That price quoted would be about 10 to 14 hours labor, at $85 an hour avg. Plus the cost of gaskets, parts, etc. Most Popular Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory

Spark plugs should probably be changed out for new ones, during a rebuild. Wires, depends on how good they are now. Four good plugs run you about $10 or so. And depending on how old and worn the other parts are, like the water pump, it might be a good idea to replace it, if it is original.

But get a second opinion on repairs, unless it is too costly to do so. I know they charge for these diagnoses. 10 Best Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory

Standard Industrial Classification Code Most Popular Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory?
What Is An Automotive Repair Sic Code?

811111 General Automotive Repair
"This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing (1) a wide range of mechanical and electrical repair and maintenance services for automotive vehicles, such as passenger cars, trucks, and vans, and all trailers or (2) engine repair and replacement." Top Ten Oil Change Service in Taylor Directory


Car Failed Ca Smog Test. Hydrocarbons Too High.?
The Max Allowed Is 85, My 1995 Bmw 325I Registered At 262!! What'S A Likely Cause For This? And What'S A Likely Fix?

Would actualy need to know ALL the numbers. Could even be a lean missfire causing high HC failures (I know it sounds backwards but it does happen).

Go to http://www.smogsite.com/calculators.html

This is a good site for SMOG test stuff...it's by some guy in Australia (I think) but is very good for CA stuff too

and use the Lambda calculator (O2 sensors really are Lambda (Air fuel Ratio) sensors). Enter in the numbers and it will tell you if your car is running lean or rich. High CO numbers are Allways RICH (Input side).. High HC numbers are not allways rich but could be combustion issues (Like previous poster corrected his entry to say)

If you happen to be low income (under $24K for a one person household) then you would qualify for Low Income Financial aid that would limit your repair cost to $20.00. If not remember the MOST you have to spend (if you choose to use a Licensed Smog Test & Repair shop !) is $450.00 (if it costs only $3.00 nobody cares but the MOST you have to spend is $450.00 and once you reach that you do NOT have to spend any more and you can get a 2 year waiver to give you two more years to save up the $.$$ to finish the repairs.
http://www.Smogcheck.ca.gov (Consumer Assistance Program for financial Aid form or Waiver phone number)

Does The Water Pump Need To Be Replaced Or Is It A Blown Head Gasket?
I Have A '03 Toyota Camry...On Friday It Started To Sporadically Run Hot On The Temperature Gauge. The Vehicle Sat Over The Weekend...My Father Thought That Sounded Like The Thermostat, So I Replaced The Thermostat On Sunday. The Car Continued To Blow Out Cold Air. Monday Morning I Took The Car Back To The Auto Shop That Replaced My Engine (I Previously Replaced The Original Manufacturer'S Engine With A Newer One In 2012...With I Think About 65,000 Miles)...After Looking At The Car The Mechanic Told Me Everything Is Working Fine (The Heat Was Working Fine)...I Replied That I Was Sure There Is A Problem Because The Car It Wasn'T Ok Prior To (Not Very Smart On My Part I Realize In Hindsight)...He Then Replied That Mechanic Would Take A Better Look...Afterwards He Informed Me That I Need A New Engine The Head Gasket Is Bad And Where The Radiator And Rad. Cap Meet Are Not Properly Sealing. At His Suggestion I Put Some Seal Lock In The Engine (As He Suggested That Would Be My Best Option Since I Informed Him I Would Not Be Putting Another Engine In This Car Again). He Also Told That I Would Need To Drive The Car For A Couple Days To See If It Worked. Later The Same Day The Car Overheated And Wouldn'T Shift Gears I Pulled Into A Gas Station And We Noticed The Coolant Bubbled Over We Noticed When Looking Under The Hood That The Hose From The Transmission Was Not Connected We Reattached It And The Car Later Restarted After Cooling Off For About 15 Minutes (We Added Coolant And Oil (Didn'T Notice Anything Milky At This Time Either). On Tuesday It Again Overheated And When Attempting To Restart...Wouldn'T But Later Restarted. I Have Had Other People Suggest The Problem Is The Water Pump, Since It Too Would Cause The Same Issues There Is Not A Milky Substance In The Oil And There Were No Prior Signs That There Were Engine Problems.

do a co2 test of radiator if co2 is in radiator head gasket is bad .and do a presser test to find leak all so

Who Much Do Auto Mechanics Make?
My Ex Has Been A Ford Auto Mechanic For Oh 15 Years In California & Recently Stopped Paying His Child Support But Just Bought A 500K House. He Claims He'S Lost His Job Because Of All The Dealership Closings But Even Employeed Do Mechanics Really Make That Much Money? Starting Pay Was Around $20 When We Were Together I'M Just Curious If There'S Really A Lot Of Potentional Other Then Love Of Working On Cars. I'M Not Asking For Any Frat Brother Or Union Secrets Just Wondering If Mechanics Really Make That Much Money. I'M Sure Specialists Can But Generally Speaking Can A Mechanic Afford A 500K House Supposeably After Losing Their Job?

No honest mechanic could. I go to three different private mechanics when I have work that I can't do myself or want to have warranty work done. One of them charges 75$ an hour. One charges 50$ an hour and one charges 45$ an hour. All three are very small town small time mechanics with extremely low overhead.
Your talking about a ford dealership mechanic? First off ford is crap so their vehicles are constantly being worked on and their overhead is huge. So ya, they make pretty good money. But not that kind of money.
Plus if he's laid off then he is getting unemployment. Go the the child support dept and tell them to watch unemployment for him. You will be getting your child support again in no time.
If in fact he is buying that big house and has all this money, take him to court and make him pay more.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Or Four Runner?
What Are The Pro And Cons Of Each Suv? I Am Talking About The Early 2000 Versions.

Early 2000's Toyota 4Runner is one of the strongest longest lasting best built SUV's ever made.
Jeep Grand Cherokee has some nice amenities and a good 4 wheel drive system, but other than that it is junk.

The 4Runner is better in every single way. It even gets pretty good gas mileage for an SUV.
Toyota is better on gas, reliability, resale value etc etc etc.

(father has a 2000 4Runner with 230,000 miles on it, has had basically no problems whatsoever besides routine maintenance)

(my friend owned a 99 (i believe cant remember exactly what year) Jeep Grand Cherokee and it was complete junk. Leaked oil from head gasket, went through 2 transmissions in less than 50K miles, got bad gas mileage, and besides that 1 bad experience check out reviews, the Jeep is much worse than the Toyota)

Do Semi-Trucks Need To Be Smog Checked?
It Seems Like One Puff Of Their Cloud Of Smoke Would Be More Than A Week Of A Regular Car That Might Not Pass Smog..

In California, at least, semi trucks don't under go the standard California smog check inspection as do passenger vehicles. They do however need to pass an annual and/or random "smoke test". The smoke test determines, based on the color and density of the exhaust, whether the semi is polluting or not.

The fines are hefty, and most truck operators are very careful to make sure their semi's don't smoke. Every so often you pass by one that does pollute, but be assured, first glance of a CHP Officer and that vehicle is pulled over and sent for official inspection and possible fines.

Random inspections are performed at semi weight stations which are located through out the state near freeway off ramps. During a semi's weighting, a CHP Officer will randomly or as seen necessary, ask the driver to move the vehicle into a special facility on site and administer the smoke test. If the semi fails, it is fined right away. Fines usually range $1000.00 or more.

Hope this information is helpful.

What'S Wrong With My Car Suggestions?
I Have A 1998 Ford Contour Gl 2.0 4 Cylinder Engine. I Have A Problem With My Cooling System. My Dash Board Thermostat Stopped Working, And I Find My Car Cooling System Boiling And Steaming. I Noticed This Happening As I Was Driving My Car Would Jerk, So I Pulled Over To The Next Gas Station And Popped My Hood. I Saw That The Coolant Was Boiling And Steaming. The Next Day I Found Myself Having To Refill My Coolant Reservoir. Now I Am Finding Myself Filling It Up Twice A Day, Once In The Morning, And Once On My Way Home. Here Is What I Have Done So Far. We Took Out My Thermostat, And Haven'T Replaced It. ( I Was Told It Wasn'T Necessary To Have.) I Took My Car Up To Advanced Auto Parts, And The Guy Did A Pressure Test On My Reservoir Tank, And It Held 19 Pounds. I Placed Card Board Under My Car For Several Hours, And It Came Out Dry. I Drained My Coolant Out Of My Radiator And Tried To Unclog It. I Am Heading To A Mechanic This Weekend To Get My Engine Diagnosed, But I Just Wanted To See What You Might Suggest That Is Wrong With It. So... Lets Brainstorm!

We have news for you! There is not one car or truck in the world which has a thermostat on the dash.

Dashes gave temperature gauges which are regulated by the electrical temperature sending unit that screws onto the engine water-jacket.

No doubt you have one of both of the following going in. #1. When was the last time that the cooling system was drained flushed and CLEANED? A dirty cooling system will make an engine run hot.

Filling the plastic reservoir tank when the engine is cold doesn't do squat. The radiator should be filled first, coolant reservoir second.

What "moron" said the engine doesn't need a thermostat? The factory didn't install it as a toy for you to remove. Go on the net and read what they do and why they're necessary.

You need to have a trusted private mechanic do a an inexpensive *cooling system pressure test which will find any external or internal coolant leaks.

Keep in mind your the proud owner of a Ford which has always had more head-gasket problems than every car or truck combined. The amazing cheapskate engineers at Ford design their engines with a grand total of four head bolts around each cylinder instead of five or six as all other manufacturers do.