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Durable Power Of Attorney in
The majority of individuals do not think about finding a lawyer right up until they are in desperate need. The legal issue might be personal, like family law, for a divorce or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust legal professional. It may be a felony circumstance you will need to be defended on. Companies require legal representatives as well, no matter whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or maybe not fair business strategies. Tax law firms are also effective when engaging with government issues. Just like doctors, lawyers have areas. A large, full service law firm has a number of legal professionals with distinct areas of abilities, so based on your personal legal issue, you can immediately retain the finest law firm to match your current need without having to commence your search each time you need legal help.It is best to locate a legal professional you can believe in. You want one with a good track record, who istrustworthy, effective, and wins cases. You need to have confidence that they will defend you the right way and invoice you fairly for their services. Sometimes a reference from a buddy or business affiliate can be beneficial, however you should continue to keep your options open and review all the firms available, simply because when you need legal help, you need it instantly and you really want the finest you can pay for. Thank you for browsing for a law firm with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is delighted to present specific search variables to satisfy your necessities. We consistently strive to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can quickly find anything you are searching for.

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Where Is A Good Place To Find A Real Estate Attorney?
I'M Trying To Build My Investing Team, And I Want To Find A Good Real Estate Attorney To Have Under My Belt. Where Is A Good Place To Find Someone Affordable, And Reputable? Thanks!

A] Call or write to the local Board of Realtors(R).

You can get that info by calling a real estate broker who has that "R" in the square or with the distinction "REALTOR(R)" following the name.

B] OR you could look in your yellow pages under "Attorneys" or "Lawyers" to see which firms represents themselves as "Real Estate Attorneys" OR "Real Property Attorneys".

C] Call the Law School at a local University to ask if one of their Alumni practice real estate.

Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

Ron Berue
Yes, that is my real last name!

Alabama - Are There Any Legal Malpractice Attorneys &Quot;For The Plaintiff&Quot; Anywhere Licensed In Alabama?
I Have Been In Search Of An Attorney That Handles Legal Malpractice Cases In Alabama. Even If They Practice Out Of State And Licensed In Alabama. Since This Is A &Quot;High-Profile&Quot; With Multiple Charges Case It Seems No One Wants To Take It. As Of Now I Am Sending All The Info To The Attorney Generals Office, Local And State. They Have Already Told Me I Have Grounds To File Suit And Also For Civil And Criminal Charges. The Lawyer Referral Services Have Sent Me To Attorneys That Are Not Willing To Take This Case. Anyone Have Any Ideas Or Referrals? I Would Appreciate Any Help. I Have Already Been Through All The Resources Available On The Internet (I Think?) The Local And State Bar, You Name It... If You Are An Attorney I Would Not Take It As A &Quot;Solicitation&Quot; If You Would Contact Me Via Reply Post.

Professional ethics guidelines preclude me from saying who you should contact with a situation like this on a public message board. However, I can without compunction tell you that if you are ever in need of a legal referral or legal counseling the American Bar Association has a locator and referral service which you can find at this site:
This site can be extremely helpful especially if you choose the option to search for ABA certified(i.e. professionally certified lawyers from ABA approved law schools). Good luck

Do I Have To Use A Lawyer/Barrister To Defend Me In Court (Re:Custody/Residency)?
I Have Been Given Custody Of Our Children But Have Always Given My Ex Very Generous Access. He Instructs Top Lawyers But I Am Absolutely Broke, I Was Awarded A Large Financial Settlement But He Refuses To Honour This And I Don'T Know How I Will Be Able To Pay For Lawyers To Fight To Get This. I'Ve Been Told I'M Not Eligible For Legal Aid As My Family Had Been Helping To Pay My Costs And Living Expenses But Now They Are Broke As Well.

Your question has been reproduced below to preserve your original fact pattern.

Q: Do I have to use a lawyer/barrister to defend me in court (re:custody/residency)?
I have been given custody of our children but have always given my ex very generous access. He instructs top lawyers but I am absolutely broke, I was awarded a large financial settlement but he refuses to honour this and I don't know how I will be able to pay for lawyers to fight to get this. I've been told I'm not eligible for legal aid as my family had been helping to pay my costs and living expenses but now they are broke as well.

A: There is no quick answer to your question.

Your question is difficult to answer because you make reference to a "lawyer/barrister" making it difficult to ascertain the jurisdiction in which you will appear. However, it's likely you will appear in a court guided by Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence-- England, Canada, Australia, the U.S. etc.-- so a general answer should provide you with some guidance.

You can usually appear "pro se" in court where you can't afford to hire legal representation. When that happens you still have to follow all the rules your legal counsel would have to follow, but the judge will try to cut through what you tell him to get to the legal or factual issue your're addressing.

If the case is simple and the opposing counsel ethical, then you should be able to "make your case" and have the issue decided. If you have a settlement agreement, for example, you bring a copy and tell the judge that your ex hasn't paid in accordance with the agreement. You'd ask the judge to enforce it by reducing the debt to a specific "dollar" amount that you could then attempt to collect through a sheriff.

Usually, you can't get legal representation on a contigency basis in a dissolution or other domestic relations case. So, that's probably not an option (offering the legal counsel a portion of what you get from the settlement). You might find, though, that there is a provision in the law that allows the legal fees of a disadvantaged party to be paid (or have some portion paid) by the more advantaged party in matters of dissolution of marriage. Of course, you'd need to do some serious legal research to find that out-- or consult a lawyer.

Try getting a free consultation with legal counsel who can review the agreement. Someone just might agree to represent you without payment up front (but don't count on it).

[This is not legal advice. You should consult a licensed attorney-at-law for legal advice or representation before making decisions that may affect your legal rights.]

Salary Difference Between An Attorney And Lawyer?
I Know An Attorney And A Lawyer Are 2 Different Things. But Does One Get Paid More Than The Other? Whats The Average Salary Difference? Whats The Better Job, A Lawyer Or Attorney? Is Becoming A Lawyer Require A Different Process Than Becoming An Attorney?

An attorney at law is also known simply as an attorney or lawyer.

It's like saying a medical doctor, is also known as physician.

Or the president, aka Commander-in-Chief!

you get the picture. :)

Can I Get Some Free Legal Advice?
Okay So.. My Grandmother Is Always Trying To Be My Legal Guardian Even Though She Has No Rights. My Moms Scared Of What My Grandmother Will Do If She Lets Me Get Married So She Will Not Sign My Papers. So I'M Wondering If My Dad [Who Yes Does Have Rights Over Me] Can Sign My Papers. My Mom Lives In Texas And My Dad Live In California. Im 16 And My Boyfriend Is 19. Or If I Just Leave Will My Grandmother Be Able To Bring Me Back. Also I Want To Point Out I Have Very Very Good Reasons To Leave... But They Are Personal So Im Not Going To Name Them..

Yes your father can give consent for you to get married.....

Texas Codes > Family Code > Title 1 > Subtitle A > Chapter 2 > Subchapter B > ยง 2.102 - Parental Consent for Underage Applicant

(a) If an applicant is 16 years of age or older but under 18 years of age, the county clerk shall issue the license if parental consent is given as provided by this section.

(b) Parental consent must be evidenced by a written declaration on a form supplied by the county clerk in which the person consents to the marriage and swears that the person is a parent (if there is no person who has the court-ordered right to consent to marriage for the applicant) or a person who has the court-ordered right to consent to marriage for the applicant (whether an individual, authorized agency, or court).

(c) Except as otherwise provided by this section, consent must be acknowledged before a county clerk.

If the person giving parental consent resides in another state, the consent may be acknowledged before an officer authorized to issue marriage licenses in that state.

Parental consent must be given at the time the application for the marriage license is made or not earlier than the 30th day preceding the date the application is made.

A parent or person who has the legal authority to consent to marriage for an underage applicant who gives consent under this section shall provide:

(1) proof of the parent's or person's identity under Section 2.005(b); and

(2) proof that the parent or person has the legal authority to consent to marriage for the applicant under rules adopted under Subsection (j).

(j) The executive commissioner of the Health and Human Services Commission shall adopt rules detailing acceptable proof of the legal authority to consent to the marriage of an underage applicant. In adopting rules, the executive commissioner shall ensure that the rules:

(1) adequately protect against fraud; and

(2) do not create an undue burden on any class of person legally entitled to consent to the marriage of an underage applicant.

Is There Any Affordable Legal Aid For Single Mothers With Just One Income?
I'M Having A Legal Problem And I Can'T Find Any Affordable Lawyer That Works With Single Mothers.

It depends what you are looking for. There are legal aid attorneys available in just about every state and county to aid with domestic violence, divorce and family situations. Get in touch with your local family court or district attorneys office and ask them about a public defender or a list of local attorneys that do pro bono work for your county/state.