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Probate Court in
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Is That Legal Your Adviser Reduce Your Salary Less Than What Mentioned In Your I20 Without Any Reason?
I Am An International Engineering Phd Student In Us. My I20 Says Specificly How Much Should I Get Payed During Whole Year (12 Month). But After 2 Years My Adviser Reduces My Salary And The Only Reason For That Is To Be Able To Fund Another Student. (He Hasn'T Officially Told Me This). What Should I Do? Is This Legal?

I recommend you speak about this situation with the director of the graduate department of engineering at your school and perhaps even the dean of the school of engineering. If the school has a department for international students, I recommend you also ask your questions there.

The university may have had a cut in it's budget and has had to reduce expenses in many areas, including the costs of staffing and the number of hours graduate assistants work (and get paid for.) All over the USA colleges and universities, among many other employers, are dealing with what may historically be viewed as the Great Depression of the early 21st century.

The I-20 is a form giving supporting information from your school in support of your USA student visa. That may not necessarily mean that you have been guaranteed the amount of money stated as your yearly graduate student assistant pay from the university.

Only if you have a legal written and signed contract between you and the university or school of engineering stating the agreed upon annual amount for a certain number of years might any reduction in the amount of your annual pay be considered illegal. In that case, you would need to seek legal advice (from an employment law attorney) regarding the legal issues. I am not a legal professional and do not feel qualified to give you legal advice other than directing you to an attorney.

Unsolicited advice:
If you will need more money to help fund your expenses for the next school year than the amount you will receive as an engineering graduate assistant, you may be able to find an additional on-campus job to help you earn money. Most universities need the largest number of student workers in food service and the library. I recommend the library. Usually the on-campus jobs are posted through the campus financial aid office. The jobs aren't glamorous. Plus, they usually just pay minimum wage or just a bit higher. But, extra money IS extra money. Since you are a PhD student, I suspect the library staff will just love having you work there. You are intelligent, mature, and probably very responsible - a librarian's dream! :-) Since campus libraries are open long hours and every day of the week, scheduling work hours around class, study and your graduate assistant assignments should not be very difficult.

Librarians--Ask Us, We Answer!
Find your College/University Library at:

Best wishes

Anyone Had Any Experiences With Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.?
I'D Appreciate Hearing Your Experiences As A Member, A Prospect, Or An Associate Whether They Are Good Or Bad Experiences. Thank You. This Is Specifically Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. Founded By Harlan Stonecipher In 1972 Not Just Prepaid Legal Services In General But This Specific Company.

I have a friend who sells prepaid Legal services. Not for this company , but another. She said that prepaid is good for most general legal matters, but she would not let them defend her in a criminal case. But that is not what they are intended to do anyway, They are real good for things for preparing or updating wills. She also needed an power of attorney, which would have cost about $75, her legal plan did it for free.
I checked your company out with the Better Business Bureau, and although they had many complaints, they all resolved to the BBB satisfaction.

Here is the link to the BBB and this company :01

Any One Know Of A Good Disability Lawyer In The Chicago Land Area?

I think you can count on the Daley, DeBorsky and Bryant. Chicago disability attorneys of Daley, DeBofsky and Bryant are disability lawyers and they are concentrating in disability law and employment rights. They have worked very hard on protecting client’s benefits for a long time and truly experienced.

You can check out this page or call 888.374.2591 for more info:

if you’d like to visit them in person, below is the address:
55 W. Monroe St., Suite 2440, Chicago, Illinois 60603

Phone: 888.374.2591
Fax: 312.372.2778

Good luck!

Which Career Gets Paid More A Lawyer Or An Attorney?
I Want To Know Which Career Gets Paid More. I Would Like To Know The Average And The Education I Need For Each. Also, What Do I Need To Go From Being A Lawyer To A Judge And The Further Education Necessary. Please Include How Much Each Would Cost Please.

A lawyer and an attorney are the same thing. It's the same as a doctor and a physician. To become a lawyer you'd have to get a bachelor degree - no particular major is required - 4 years. Before you qualify to enter law school you must pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Then attend law school for 3 years. After graduation take the Bar Exam in your state to be licensed to practice law. Judges are appointed or elected. You don't need any additional education to be a local judge. To be a local judge you need years of experience as a practicing lawyer with a good reputation with a bachelor degree. To be a Federal or State judge you need a Juris Doctor degree, substantial specialized experience and a solid reputation to be appointed or elected. How much your education would cost depends on if you go to public or private college for your bachelor and which law school you attend.

Intoxilyzer 5000 Hose Broke During Dui/Dwi Testing In Minnesota. Do I Have A Defense?
I Was Charged With A Dui. I Was Taken Into The Station And Did All The Neccesarily Procedures. My First Test Showed A .286 (No Way I Was That High), The Second Sample On The Test Not Meeting The .02 Agreement, Showed A .263. After The Test, The Officer Noticed The Hose Was Broken, Or Something To That Extent. The Last Test Ending At 2:26 A.M. He Then Was Working On The Machine, Changing The Hose I Believe ( I'M Not An Expert On These Machines). At 3:12 My Final Reported Value Was .23 G/210 L. In The Police Report I Would Have Assumed That The Officer Would Have Noted That The Machine &Quot;Broke&Quot; Ie: Hose Breaking, But There Was No Note Of It In The Police Report. I Know There Is A Lot Of Speculation On The Accuracy Of The Intolyzer... Could There Be Human Error? I Have A Lawyer But Am Looking For Some Information On My Own. It Seems Like The Two Tests, First Being .289 And The Second Going Down To A .23 In A 40 Minute Period Seems Very Strange And Almost Like The Test Was Innacurate. Any Advice/Suggestions Would Be Helpful...

You might have a defense, until the prosecutor plays the footage of your field sobriety test and your breathalyzer test. If, however, in those tests you appear sober then the footage of the officer playing with the machine would likely sway the jury. Juries are confused by breathalyzer machines. The prosecutor may put on an expert witness to testify as to the accuracy of the machine who, ironically, will only confuse the jury more. In the end, the jury will make their determination by what they see in the videotape.

Is Homeland Security And Law Enforcement The Same Thing?

Homeland security is facet of criminal justice policing that primarily focuses on investigation, interception, and detection of external threats (customs, immigration, smuggling, foreign terrorist threat), as opposed to state and local policing that focus on domestic crimes against persons and property. A Bachelor's degree is required for federal special agent positions (very few exceptions) and the maximum age is 37. Any major is acceptable, but CJ, Computer Science, Sociology, Accounting, or Psych may stand you in better stead for most positions. Those meeting the minimum requirements may not compare well to the best qualified applicants, and there are always more applicants than positions. The FBI likes lawyers and accountants, but they hire from various backgrounds, with at least 3 years of substantive employment ( The same could be said for the Secret Service, their primary duties (outside of protection) involve financial crimes and counterfeiting. Any responsible employment may acceptable, but law enforcement may be beneficial (particularly investigative rather than patrol). Other federal agency job announcements should be available at

The FBI in particular needs people capable of investigating major frauds and conspiracies involving numerous business and technical occupations and professions; whereas, local police are more oriented to street crime. Federal agents must be capable of understanding and communicating at a level above that usually expected from patrol officers. Federal agencies are looking for people who fit in at all social strata, and the expectations are greater with regard to preparation of reports and affidavits. In my experience, state and local officers have their affidavits written by prosecutors; whereas, federal agents write their own.

Being a military officer will normally be advantageous, and military service usually provides veteran preference in the hiring process. However, enlisted service will not necessarily enhance one’s prospects, unless in a specialized position or exemplary service is documented. Military police assignments will not necessarily provide an advantage over infantry assignments, and the branch of service is not necessarily important. Being a practicing attorney or accountant would also place one in a good position. Forensic computer expertise and language capabilities are valued in all agencies.

You are more likely to be successful if you do not restrict yourself to one agency. Moreover, agents get hired from other agencies regularly. If you have proven yourself in another agency (particularly federal), you will have an advantage for FBI hiring. Being a police officer may be helpful, depending on personal performance, assignments, and agency reputation.

I recommend that people major in psych and minor in CJ (even though I majored in CJ for a BS and PhD, with a Masters in management [sponsored by and on government time]). The academic specialization for a graduate degree is not necessarily important.

GPA (above 3.5 is a plus), testing, physical fitness, work experience, possibly a polygraph, ability to communicate orally and in writing, possibly physical test results, and graduate degrees are what determine who gets hired. And, I repeat, there are always more applicants than there are positions.

There are numerous special agent positions (see list below, not all have full arrest, search, and seizure authority), in what was and I assume still is the 1811 job series (1810 are unarmed investigators without arrest authority). There are also law enforcement related positions in the Dept of Homeland Security and other agencies, such as inspector positions or Border Patrol agents, that could be open to those with 2 years of college or less. And, there are federal police officers within federal agencies (e.g., Dept of Veterans Affairs, Treasury, Federal Protective Service). Agencies:

ATF, Customs and Border Protection (uniform wearing: Border Patrol Agent, Officers), DEA, Dept of Def, Dept of State, Dept of Homeland Sec (ICE, TSA)
Dept of Labor, EPA, FBI, FDA, Fish & Wildlife (few positions, many applicants), Inspector General Offices within departments and/or agencies, IRS, Marshals Service, Secret Svc, Securities Exchange Commission, and each branch of the Armed Forces (some civilian, some active duty).

Apply at as many places as possible, and accept the first offer. Then, if that’s not where you want to be, keep applying to the agency you want.