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3 Approaches To Know You've Picked The Right Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to undergo the legal court system, particularly if you lack confidence within your legal team. Here are three important methods to understand that you've hired the correct lawyer: 1. They Specialize In Your Sort Of Case The law is frequently tricky and that requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. When you need a legal professional, seek out individual who relates to the issue you're facing. Even though a member of family or friend recommends you utilize a good they are aware, when they don't use a focus that's comparable to your case, keep looking. Whenever your attorney is definitely an expert, especially in the hassle you're facing, you know you've hired the right one. 2. The Lawyer Has A Winning Record According to the circumstances, it might be difficult to win a case, especially if the team helping you has minimal to no experience. Try to find practices which may have won numerous cases that pertain to yours. Although this is no guarantee which you case will likely be won, it offers you a better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond When the attorney you've chosen takes some time to listen to your concerns and react to your inquiries, you've probably hired the correct one. No matter how busy they can be or how small your concerns seem from the perspective, it's critical that they respond to you in the caring and timely manner. From the purpose of look at a common citizen who isn't acquainted with the judicial system, court cases might be pretty scary you will need updates as well as feel like you're area of the solution. Some attorneys are simply just more suitable to you and your case than the others. Make certain you've hired the most appropriate team for the circumstances, to ensure that you can position the matter behind you as soon as possible. Faith within your legal representative is step one to winning any case.

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Mississippi Adoption Laws?
Hey, I'M Doing A Little Research As I May Be Looking Into Adoption In The Near Future. I'Ve Been Looking Into It On Google For The Past Hour And Am Unable To Find What I Need, Hence Turning Here To Hopefully Have Some Luck! Is Anyone Able To Cite Me Some Sources For: What Are The Laws Surrounding Abandonment Prior To Adoptions? What Are The Laws In Regards To Private Adoptions? How Long Would It Take To Process With The Courts Once Filed? After Adoption, Am I Required To Give Visitation To The Family I Am Adopting From? Pre-Huge Thanks To Anyone Who Can Help Me With This, It'S A Big Thing To Be Going Into And I Want To Know Everything Before I Put Myself At The Mercy Of Another Family.

This is a really complicated situation. If you aren't related to the child, or her parents, or if you don't know her parents, then there is likely not much you can do about adopting her anytime soon, if ever. There would be quite a few steps involved and it would be a long and drawn out process, with the first step being her being removed by CPS from the care of someone who isn't (according to you) fit enough or willing anymore to care for a young child.

Here's a great, really comprehensive link, from where I pulled most of the links below. You can search for your state:

If a child in Mississippi is abandoned: (abandonment is not covered in the statutes reviewed)
Grounds for involuntary termination of parental rights: (page 39!)

Because the state would take her, and you aren't an "approved adoptive home" you wouldn't be able to foster to adopt, or foster. To become approved, you've got to get a home study done, and meet all the requirements of the state. Takes about six months. If they've removed her from the place she is now, she'll already be in a foster or foster to adopt situation by the time you're ready.
Who may adopt in Mississippi:
Home study requirements: (page 93!)

Instead of answering your question further, I'll ask you a few. Maybe you could clarify some of the points?

Is the child related to you, or do you know the bio mom or the father?
-----If the child isn't related to you, then kinship adoption is out. Kinship adoption is sometimes simpler than "traditional" adoption. You have zero ground to stand on to petition for guardianship or custody if you aren't related or don't know the parent(s) personally (to ask them to give that to you on a temporary basis)

Is the father known?
-----Even if he's the worst, scummiest, alcoholic, substance abusing, and abusive jerk on the planet, he still has rights to the child UNTIL he either a) voluntarily relinquishes his parental rights or b) has his parental rights terminated in court after determining he is not fit to parent, if he wants to.
. I've talked a LOT about legal fathers and putative fathers lately; do a Google search for the term and see what "kind' of putative father he is, if the mother and he weren't married, If they were married at the time of the birth, his name would be on the birth certificate and he would be considered the "legal" father, regardless of whether or not the child was actually his.

Where is the mother? If she had full custody, and she's been gone for six months, then yes, it could be abandonment, but it could also be that she's trying to find work, or do something to benefit the kid. This is a real sticking point. You can't just take the child away from the situation she's in and start taking care of her.

You shouldn't even be thinking about adoption at this point-specifically, not an adoption of THIS child. If you are really serious about wanting to adopt her, you should be thinking about a good lawyer because of the potential mess you are looking at. And remember: as of right now, This child is not available for placement.

Frankly, I'd be calling CPS and notifying them of a potentially unsafe environment, with someone who may or may not have any familial connection to the child.

Estate Planning?
I Have Some Questions That If Anyone Can Help Me With I Would Greatly Appreciate It. Are Legal Heirs To An Estate Defined By The Federal Government? Can A Spouse Always Disinherit A Spouse? Can A Trust Be Created Without An Attorney? Which Probate Property Goes Through A Court-Supervised Transfer Of A Decedent'S Assets? Is That Assets Transferred By Operations Of Law? What Is The Percentage Of Adults Who Do Not Have A Will? Once Again, Any Help At All Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks!!

Are legal heirs to an estate defined by the federal government?
No, it is defined by state law.

Can a spouse always disinherit a spouse?
Not completely, unless you and your spouse have waived the right to be included in the other's estate in a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Each state has laws that shield a surviving spouse from being completely cut off.

Can a trust be created without an attorney?
Yes, but not advisable. You should consult an attorney.

Which probate property goes through a court-supervised transfer of a decedent's assets?
Unless a trust is set up, most "non-benefit" type assets will need to pass through probate Benefits, such as a life insurance policy or annuity payable directly to a named beneficiary bypass probate. Money from IRAs, Keoghs, and 401(k) accounts transfer automatically, outside probate, to the persons named as beneficiaries. Bank accounts that are set up as payable-on-death account (POD for short) or an "in trust for" account (a "Totten Trust") with a named beneficiary also pass to that beneficiary without probate.

Is that Assets transferred by operations of law?
By will or trust first. If they do not exist, then by operations of law

What is the percentage of adults who do not have a will?
Among non-white adults, the lack of wills is even more pronounced. Only one in three African American adults (32 percent) and one in four Hispanic American adults (26 percent) have wills, compared to more than half (52 percent) of white American adults.

Domestic Violence Question?
I Have A Question On Domestic Violence What If I Was In A Situation To Sue My Husband Because He Does Not Give Me Money And I Do Not Work. I Need A Lawyer But I Dont Have Any Lawyers Im In California...

The only thing you can really do is call around and see if there is a lawyer that will take your case. Chances are they won't touch it unless you filed a domestic violence report with the police -- but not giving you money may be a difficult thing to use to prove DV unless it is effecting your health or the health of any children (such as no food, no clothing, no housing, etc.). Even if an attorney does take your case, because you're still married and based on his income, they may not find you financially qualified for free services.

Are Divorce Laws Fair?
On The Face Of It, It Would Appear As If The Answer Is No. After All, The Woman Pretty Much Gets Everything - Alimony, The Children, Child Support, And Half Of Everything The Husband Had Before They Got Married, While All The Husband Gets Is A Legal Obligation To Support His Ex-Wife, And Only Gets To See His Kids Once Every Two Weeks. This Doesn'T Really Seem Fair. I Do Understand That The Kids Have To Go With One Parent, Or Another And No Matter Who The Court Awards The Kids To, One Of The Parents Is Going To Suffer. Is There A More Equitable Way Of Handling Divorce? What Do You Think? What Changes Do You Propose - If Any? And, In The Meantime, Is A Prenup Or Not Getting Married At All, All A Man Can Do? Inspired, To A Degree, By Hattrickp'S Previous Question. Which Is Now Off The Board.

Yes the divorce laws are fair if you are talking about the US. They may not necessarily be fairly enforced or implemented. That is not because of an ignorant or corrupt judiciary but because so many people go into court without lawyers who can advise them of their rights and advocate for their rights. Generally the divorce laws are set up to allow for an equitable division of property and debt that may be skewed in some instances where one of the parties commits domestic violence on the other or for other statutory reasons. Divorce courts generally make orders to promote frequent and regular contact by the children with both parents. That does not always happen if there are other issues such as mental illness, criminal behavior, contempt issues for failure to follow court orders, distant geographic separation or the abject failure of one parent to assert his or her parental rights.
Validly prepared and executed pre-nups may help solve some of the property division issues if you are willing and able to hire a competent lawyer to handle it for you.

How Do You Find A Lawyer In Nyc To Take On A Case That Entails A Doctor Sexually Assaulting His Patient?
A Doctor Has Sexually Fondled His Patient During A Routine Visit It'S Already Been Reported To The Hospital And The Doctor Has Been Suspended. How Does This Patient Go About Finding A Lawyer To Take On This Possible Case. Are There Law Firms That Specialize In These Kind Of Cases?

Go to to search for one. This is a legitimate website, and it's free. Once you put all your info in, you will be given referrals to attorneys in your area. If you don't want to use the website, call the New York State Bar Association and ask them for referrals. This is a free service as well.

How Much Do Lawyers Work?
When They First Graduate From Law School In A Big Prestigious Company. I Heard Its Like 70 Hrs A Week? Do They Work Less When They Become A Partner In 7-10 Years?

It depends on way too many variables to give you a simple answer. I have been pretty lucky in my career. I went the independent route and have been practicing 17 years. I have built a nice practice and have one lawyer working for me. Sometimes we are all consumed by something that is going on at that time like getting ready for a big jury trial but I spend a bunch of time just goofing off in between.