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Looking For A Good Animal Hospital In The Inland Empire?
Alta Rancho Pet And Bird Hospital In Alta Loma, Ca Is The Best!!! Located At 8677 19Th Street In Alta Loma. If You Go There, Make Sure To Mention That I Sent You And You Will Receive Your First Visit At 1/2 Off The Normal Price. Check Out Their Website At Www.Altaranchopet.Com. If You Like What You See, Go There And You Will Not Be Disappointed----I Wasn'T!!! Tell Them Scott Doud Sent You (Write It Down So U Dont Forget).

Hi Scott...thanks for being so thoughtful to let others know about Alta Rancho Pet and Bird Hospital in Alta Loma http://www.altaranchopet.com

Perhaps you would be able to help more people by posting this in your local Craigslist PET section http://geo.craigslist.org/iso/us/ca -- choose the nearest city, then under the Community section look for subsection "Pets" to begin posting.

Can Birds Sneeze??????
I Swear I Saw One Of Them Buggers Sneeze Today...

Yes!!....I've watched them at the bird hospital I work at (quite funny)
They can get stuff in their nostrils, just like us.

Do All Dogs Have To Be Neutered?
I Just Want To Know If All Dogs Have To Be Neutered. And... Can You Explain What Neutering Is If You Know? I Really Need To Know This. Thanks.

Not all dogs have to be neutered. It is perfectly acceptable to own an intact (un-neutered) male providing you are responsible. The people I dog-sit for have chosen not to neuter their male but he is very well trained, even off his lead, so it is perfectly acceptable he stays intact. Unfortunately not everyone is that responsible and too many people let their dog breed randomly.

It can help stop aggressive or territorial behavior in males but not without training. However, the main reason people neuter their males is to stop them from siring unwanted litters in this already overpopulated world.

All neutering is is the removal of the testicles in a male dog so he cannot reproduce. An incision is made in the scrotum whilst the dog is sedated, the testicles are removed and then the dog is stitched up. All that is left is a bit of loose skin.

Spaying is the female equivalent (although some people refer to this as neutering too) where the female reproductive organs such as the uterus are removed so she cannot become pregnant. This is also done to control the population of dogs as well as take away/decrease the risk of certain illnesses such as pyometra, a life-threatening uterine infection, and mammary cancer (which is cancer of the breast tissue).

ADD: Maria, you are very wrong. If it is not possible to control an intact dog, then how come that reputable breeders can prevent dogs from mating until the time is right?

It is not healthy for dogs to reproduce before the age of two but the "urge" to do so it apparant way before then. If what you say is true, how come that reputable breeders can control their dogs to not mate until it is healthy for them to do so?

Getting My Dog Neutered?
My Dog Is 8 And A Half Years Old And I Have Made The Decision To Have Him Neutered Cause I Think Its About Time. My Dad Wouldn'T Let Me All Along But Now That My Sister Has A Car She Is Going To Take Him To The Vet For Me, I Dunno Why I Guess Its Just A Guy Thing But Of Course He Was Happy For My Cat To Be Spayed. Anyway I Was Wondering How Bad Will The Pain Be For Him Afterward And Will He Still Be Groggy After The Anesthetic. Is There Anything I Can Do To Make Him More Comfortable And Calm Because He Is A Very Easily Scared Dog. Also He Is An Outside Dog But Would It Be Best To Keep Him Indoors For The First Night And How Do I Keep Him From Tearing His Stitches. Thanks For Any Answers And Any Other Advice That You Think Might Be Helpful Is Greatly Appreciated.

That is very good of your to get your dog neutered!
What a responsible pet owner you are!
The vet will you some pain meds that you should give him so he wont be in much pain at all. The vet will give you more instructions on how to give him the meds and how much, etc..
Yes, he will most likely still be groggy when you pick him up. He will likely be groggy for the rest of that day, but you will be able to see him start getting less and less groggy.
Yes, you can make him a nice little bed and sit down with him and just stroke him and talk to him. He will feel really relaxed and comfortable if you do that.
You should keep him inside until his stiches have either been removed by the vet or desintagrated ( some vets remove the stiches, but most use desintagrating stiches ).
Just watch him carefully. Make sure he doesn't ruff house while he has his stiches, make sure that he doesn't lick at them either. The vet will give your further instructions.
Make sure that he doesn't jump around while he has his stiches in.
Just play quiet for now.

Good luck
Hope this helped.

ADD: Oh, and you are even paying for it by your self!
I suggest asking your local shelter if they do Neutering.
Some shelters even spay and neuter for free!
If your shelter doesn't do free spay/neuter than I would call all the vets that your sis is willing to drive to.
Call them and ask how much they charge for neutering.
At most vets its around $75. But, some really sweet vets will do it for $25!

Nobody should be blaming you for not having your dog neutered.
There was nothing you could do.
I dont think any blaming should be done.
I doubt your dad knows how important it is to have dogs and cats Spayed/Neutered. So we really cant blame him either.
Since you are doing this behind your dads back, I suggest you plan out what you are going to say once your dad finds out that your dogs "Manness" is gone.
Try to educate him about it before you do it too.
Here is a website that might help your dad understand.

( skip the parts about spaying. Just read the parts about neutering ).

Here is another site.


Does Anyone Know Were A Vet Is Near The Grove Or Beverly Center?

there is a natural vet.... i am pretty sure this is the correct website!

Would The Va Or Vet Center Help?
I Got Out Of The Army With 20% Disability Rating And I Have A Job Thats Just Not Paying The Bills The Way I Need Them To. All My Savings Are Drying Up. Does Anyone Know If I Could Get Help Through The Va With Anything Like A Living Allowance Of Some Sort To Help With My Rent And Utilities Or Something Of The Sort? I Get Social Security Disability But I Use It To Pay The Car Payments And Buy Food And Drinks For The Family. And My Ob Only Gives Me Between 200 To 240 A Week. So Anyone Know Of A Program Or Anything To Hepl Me Out Through The Va Or Vet Center?

There are a bunch of things that play into getting a Veteran's allowance. Contact your closest Vet Center and set up an appointment with the counselor who handles all that.