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Career Questions About Veterinarians?
After Graduating From Vet School How Long Does It Take To Become A Veterinarian?

You finally have an edge on medical doctors after finishing school. Internship and residency isn't a requirement, you can become a practicing vet right out of school, but you can still choose to pursue them.

"For those veterinarians who wish to gain more experience or become board-certified in a specific field of medicine or surgery, they can go on to complete an internship and/or a residency in their chosen area of interest."

It's funny how it's actually easier to get into med school than vet school. I think the main reason is that there's so many more med schools, so it's more competitive.

Questions About A Veterinarian...?
Ok I Have A Few Questions.. 1. If I Were To Be A Veterinarian, What College Courses Do You Recommend For Me? 2. Are There Different Types Of Veterinarians...? 3. What Positions Of Jobs Could You Get At Your Local Vet.? Thanks To All Who Try To Help! (10 Points On The Line!)

1. The college courses required will depend on the vet school you are wanting to go to. It will be a lot of chemistry, biology, and physics as well as basics like english, social sciences, public speaking. It takes 4 years to get your bachelor's degree and then 4 years of vet school (not 8 like the previous answerer said). Go to the website of the vet school you're planning to attend and look up the required courses for admission that is what you'll need to take. In addition to those, you will need to choose a degree granting major. Biology, and animal science are popular because they overlap with the pre-vet requirements but it can be in anything.

2. There are many many types of veterinarians.
General practitioners are the ones that most people think of. They do routine care, such as vaccinations, routine surgeries, etc. They can be classified based on the type of animals they work on (small animal, large animal, mixed, exotics). Most of these vets did their 4 years of vet school and went straight into practice.
Then there are specialists. These would include radiologists, dermatologists, oncologists, surgeons, etc. These vets did a 1 year internship and a 3 year residency after finishing vet school and then passed an additional board exam in their specialty. Most of them are employeed by referal clinics, and universities and they aren't usually primary care doctors.
There are also vets that do research, teach, work for the army or the government. Many of the ones that teach and do research hold PhDs in addition to their DVMs.

Most vets will probably hire you for front office work or kennel work. Definitely mention you're looking into vet med as a career. If no one is hiring definitely see if you can shadow, because that will get you minimal experience (and hopefully lead to a job later). Practical veterinary experience is extremely important to vet schools during admissions so start that asap.

How Do I Find Low- Cost Vet Care For My Dog?
Our Last Vet Bill Was $300.00!!!!! I Waited For So Long To Add A Pet To The Family Because I Know Vet Costs Are So High And I'M On A Fixed Income....But I Don'T Think People Who Are Poor Should Not Be Able To Own A Pet Just Because Vet Bills Are So Difficult To Fit Into The Budget. If I Can Provide A Loving Home And Would Prevent The Death Of An Animal, Surely I Can Find Some Affordable Vet Care In My Area!!!!

Call ur local humane society. Our offers low cost spay/neuter and they have shot days every few months. You can bring your pet in and get low cost vaccines. Also, every few months they have a vet day where you can bring your pet in for check-ups. Look online at their website, they should have an event calendar. I agree that animal cost are expensive and if someone can save a life, but hav low/fixed income there should be some more help available. Or if you are lookign for another pet, try doing foster care. You get all vet costs and food for free and get to help an animal in need. It is hard to part, but def helps.

Can Anyone Help Me? My Dog Has A Bad Akin Condition And The Vet Care Isn'T Helping.?
We Have Taken My Dog Several Times To The Vet For A Skin Condition. Each Time They Say It Is Allergies, We Get Him Treatment And Nothing Happens. He Began Showing Symptoms 3 Years Ago But He Is A 7 Year Old Dog. He Has Small Bumps On His Nose And Paw Pads. He Has Several Spots Of Scaley-Like Skin With Hair Loss. The Spots Are Purple Ish With Hair Loss. In Between His Toes On The Underside Also Show This, And They Are Swollen. Is It Possible He Has A Yeast Infection? Dog Age: 7 Yrs Type: Sharpei, Chow, And Golden Retriever We Have Gotten Allergy Shots, Pills, And Spray From The Vet None Of Which Improved The Skin.

The most common reasons for skin issues (i.e. itching, skin irritation, hair loss, etc.) include:

- Allergic reactions to flea bites, food/treats, grooming or house-cleaning products, etc.
- Mites
- Fungal/Bacterial infections (ringworm, yeast, staph etc.)
- Steroid use (also called prednisone, cortisone or the so-called 'allergy shot')


For sensitive dogs just one flea can cause havoc. Even if not visible, you can always see the debris fleas leave behind that looks like finely ground coffee. If placed in water, they will turn red.

You can get rid of the fleas with natural methods to avoid exposure to the toxic chemicals of Frontline, Advantage and other popular flea medications which will cause harm sooner or later. For recommendations see Also, you can dust your yard where your dog roams with inexpensive diatomaceous earth. For more info see

Check commercial food/treats ingredients. Dog's digestive system is not designed to handle grains well. Discontinue any with corn, wheat, etc. Get ones with no grains and with meat as a primary ingredient – chicken, lamb, salmon, etc. If possible, raw meat diet is best

Discontinue use of grooming or house cleaning products that can be allergens. For a while, use white vinegar as the cleaning agent for your floors, counters, etc. Vinegar has strong cleaning and antiseptic properties and the smell disappears quickly after use. See


Three types of mites attack dogs most often: demodectic (not contagious and may itch or not), sarcoptic (very contagious and extremely itchy) and cheyletiella (contagious and mildly itchy). This condition is known as mange. The typical symptoms of mange as the condition progresses include hair loss and scaly or crusty skin.

Avoid the medications most often prescribed by vets that contain toxic chemicals which will harm your dog sooner or later. These are Ivermectin (also known as Ivomec) and Amitraz (also known as Mitaban). Instead, I recommend the use of natural products. Search the Internet to find them. I prefer the spray type treatment which is effective, easy to use, and inexpensive that will kill the mites but is harmless to pets and humans. You can get it at


As Dr. Karen Becker, DVM states - "Steroids (also called prednisone, cortisone or the nondescript “allergy shot”) are the least optimal treatment choice, as they work by suppressing your pet’s immune system. Not only can steroids have a negative effect on your pet’s liver, adrenal glands and kidneys, but suppressing your pet’s immune system with steroids also allows for opportunistic yeast and bacteria to grow on your pet’s skin..." Please read the information below: 'Steroids The Great Pretender - Even Low Steroid Doses Can Be Trouble'.

Many vets assume that pet owners just want to see their pets get better at all cost or if they are not sure about what the problem is will prescribe steroids knowing the risks. Steroids are very dangerous and do not cure anything, they just mask the symptoms temporarily but the underlying cause remains and result in undesirable health complications, including skin problems.


For many skin issues I recommend a powder called 'Flowers of Sulfur' (also known as 'brimstone' or 'sublime sulfur').

This substance has been used for thousands of years to cure all kinds of skin ailments including fungal and bacterial infections and if there is itching, it will stop within a few days. Google it to learn more about its healing properties.

Even vets have forgotten about this wonderful and inexpensive remedy but fortunately you can still purchase it at your local pharmacy for very little money. You can also buy it online at

Flowers of sulfur is safe to apply to your pet's skin but take care not to inhale sulfur powder.

You can dust this powder on your dog's skin OR mix it with an oil to rub on the skin.

The dusting can easily be accomplished if you use a powdered sugar duster or an empty talcum powder bottle. Separate the hair as you go around dusting to expose the skin until you have covered it.

Alternatively, mix 2 tablespoons of flower of sulfur with 1 cup of Jojoba oil and put it in a bottle. Always shake to mix well before applying to the skin as it tends to separate. This method works well for smaller skin areas. You do not need to wear gloves as it is not toxic to humans either.

Should I Get My Male Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Neutered?
Alright, Well I Got My Little Guy (Billy Is His Name) For Easter. He Is Six Months Old Now, And I Am Going To Be Making 400 Dollars In A Couple Weeks And I Am Considering Getting Him Neutered. I Want To Know What Are Good Things About Doing This. What Will After Care Consist Of? And Also, I Feel Like I Haven'T Really Bonded With Billy. I Love The Little Guy To Death, But I Feel Like I Need To Develop A Relationship With Him (I Know That It Sounds Weird, But I Mean In Like A Owner To Pet Relationship). Any Suggestions? Thanks!

No offense to Pea, but rabbits do not "lose their personalities when they're fixed. I neutered mine because he was humping me and spraying the house (which yours may do now that he's "mature"). Now that he's neutered, he never shows aggression because he doesn't have that urge to defend his territory, and I've gotten him a friend who will be getting spayed in the near future. He's much happier, affectionate and playful now that he doesn't have those pesky hormones in the way!

As for the recovery, it's actually a lot simpler than you'd think. It's not an invasive surgery since he's male, so just keep an E collar on him (your vet should provide one), keep his cage extra clean, and administer the antibiotics and pain killers the vet gives you. It's a fruit flavored liquid in a syringe so he should just drink it right up. My boy was fully healed in about a week. Just make sure you have a vet that works on rabbits regularly and knows what they're doing! Oh, and if you're thinking about getting another rabbit, keep in mind that males are. Fertile for 4-6 weeks post-surgery :)

good luck!

Getting Rabbits Neutered?
I Got Told To Get My Rabbit Neutered But I Didn'T Know If It Was Cruel Or Not. Like I Wouldn'T Want Someone Attacking My Bits.

Hi Audrey

It sounds cruel but it is the opposite. Bunnies that have been neutered or spayed live longer, are healthier and happier lives. You have to remember that they are asleep for the surgery and that neutering in males is not very invasive. It takes a few weeks for the testosterone to get out of the male, but when it does he should be less territorial, calmer and less aggressive. They do not get some of the urinary problems later in their life that non neutered males have. It will also help prevent him from getting the habit of spraying urine. That is one habit you do NOT want them to develop!

Spaying a female bunny profoundly reduces her chances of dying from cancer. In some breeds a non spayed female has an 80% chance of getting uterine cancer. We learned this the hard way. : (

We have never had a complication from getting our precious little ones fixed. We were given post operative instructions which we followed to the letter.

Spay/Neuter = happier, healthier bunnies