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Did Anyone Else Think That The Birds Nest At The Olympics Looked Like A Bed Pan From A Hospital?
I Was Babysitting For A Friend And Her Little Girl Said, That Looks Like The Poopie Pan From The Hospital, When There Was An Aerial Shot, I Had To Laugh. It Did Look Like A Bed Pan. And To Think, It Held 91,000 People In The Stands, Now That's A Lot Of Crap. After They Spent So Much Money, You Would Have Thought They Would Have Noticed It Earlier!!

haha my family was joking about how it looked like a toilet seat.

Location Of Red Bird E.U.B.Hospital In The City Of Beverly Ky. Close To Field Ky Or Bell County?

In 1975 Red Bird Hospital, later to be renamed Red Bird Mountain Medical Center, was incorporated separately and became the third agency of the Red Bird Missionary Conference. The Hospital operated until 1986 when in-patient services were discontinued for economic reasons. In 2000, Red Bird Mountain Medical Center was renamed to Red Bird Clinc., Inc., to more correctly reflect its activities and still operates today as an out-patient ministry.

Dog Neutered?
My Dog Is 5Months Old When Should She Be Neutered And Is This A Good Thing.About How Much Is It And Will This Keep Some Of The Stray Dogs Out Of My Yard Do You Know When They Are In Heat And What Is She Doing When She Sniffs Another Dogs Pee

You can Spay your Dog as early as 8 weeks old, yep this is a fact ask any VET.
I recommend doing it ,the sooner the better, It actually helps the pet population from 1 less litter of pups.
Also it will reduce cancer risk for your female pup, the sooner the better the reduction of risks for other female health issues too.
No, stray will still wonder around ,but if you have a good fence your Dog she be protected, make sure she has water and shade/shelter.

Unless your planning to breed a Dog I think All Dogs male or Female should be neutered or spayed....

Find a good vet in your area, ask others who have gone to the Vet how they liked him, if your in Phoenix I can give your some names... just email me...

When Dogs sniff pee and poop and other areas, the best way I can explain it is, they are reading the other Dogs "business card" each scent is different so your Pup is checking who stopped bye!

A great book to get is Cesar's Way or Dog Speak to learn more on how a "Pack" talks with unspoken signals....

"There are no bad Dogs only bad Owners"

Good Luck and Congratulations on your new Dog

Tails waggin'
Terry and Pets

What To Know About Getting Dog Neutered?
That May Sound A Wee Bit Ignorant/Generic. I'M A First-Time Puppy Owner, And My Little Guy Is Getting Neutered Next Week. Because One Of His Testicles Hasn'T Dropped, They Have To Do An Internal Surgery As Well As A Regular Neuter For The One That Hasn'T Dropped. I'M Not Sure What To Expect For Afterwards. Should I Be Prepared To Be Home The Following Day With Him? I Really Like And Trust Our Vet, But I Didn'T Speak With Her Directly, Just The Assistant Who Told Me What To Do And Not To Do The Day Prior To The Surgery. Thanks!

How pets recover is different from one dog to the next, and while some need several days of rest and may seem distressed, some greet their owners the same day bouncing around and acting like surgery never even happened! The best advice is to monitor your dog closely and accommodate his needs.

The night he returns home with you, and up to the next 48 hours, he may act a little differently. That same night, he may seem very sleepy, may whine or act more dramatic than usual, and may even seem a little groggy (or "drunk" as some people like to call it). He may also experience some mild nausea, gas, vomiting, or diarrhea while the anesthesia and everything wears off. Generally as long as everything is mild and not severe or happening for more than several days, this can be considered normal for some pets. You should definitely contact your vet if your pets GI upset is severe or persists for over 48 hours.

The incision for a neuter is typically just over his scrotum. Since your dog is cryptorchid (has a retained testicle), they will either have to enter his abdomen to find it or it may be close to the skin in his inguinal area. He will have two incisions for his procedure. The incisions may seem a little inflamed and red for the first few days, and some seep a clear - clear/red discharge. This is normal to see post op. Keep an eye out for any severe inflammation or discomfort, and let your vet know if there is any heavy bleeding or pus discharge coming from the incision. You do not need to cover the incision or even clean it, but if there is some dried blood or mild discharge, you can GENTLY wipe around (not on top) the incision with a warm, damp washcloth. Keep the incision as clean and dry as possible; no swimming/bathing and try to discourage laying in dirt or grass.

He will be discharged with an e-collar most likely. This is very, very important, and he needs to wear this for a minimum of 10 days following his procedure. He may not like it initially, but most dogs will get used to it. A pet's first response when something is itchy or painful is to lick to chew at that area. Even with us, think about receiving a cut, and how tempting it is and how good it feels to itch and scratch at it once it starts to heal. The e-collar will prevent him from licking the incision, which if he does in excess, can create a moist, warm environment perfect for infection. He may also damage the incision by pulling out sutures or hurting the fragile, healing tissue. I have witnessed pets needing an additional surgery due to severe damage they have caused to their bodies by chewing and licking. You do not want to go through that!

Your vet should prescribe medications to reduce inflammation and control pain. At my hospital, we give an injection during recovery to help with this, and owners do not need to start giving them anything until the next day, so check with your vet or tech to see when you should give his first dose.

You may feed him a small amount that night, but only a small portion, and ensure he does not eat it too quickly. You can resume his normal feeding schedule the day after. Be sure you do not feed him after midnight the night before his surgery! (Just like humans, too).

You will want to make sure he stays calm and receives adequate rest. He may feel better after a few days and want to run around and play, but you need to step in and discourage this. Imagine if we were getting the same procedure done - we would be in bed for several days! The tissue needs time to heal, even if he is feeling 100% better. The most activity he should be getting for 10-14 days after his procedure is leashed walks to go outside to potty, and light play indoors (small games like doing tricks or tug-of-war). If he is a smaller or medium sized dog, also discourage jumping up onto things like beds and sofas, and if he is very small (toy breed sized) try to carry him up stairs.

Your vet tech should tell you everything I just did at discharge and will be able to provide you with other infofrmation about your pet. When I discharge my patients, I always notify them if there was any sign of GI upset so they know if they should expect it. I also can let them know other things I may have noticed specifically about their pet that may help in the recovery process (for example, some pets are very very vocal and dramatic even with adequate pain control on board - this can be distressing for owners if they don't realize their pet is just trying to get their attention and is generally upset, not necessarily in severe pain!). You should also ask your tech the nearest 24 hour vet hospital is located, just in case of an emergency should they be closed. The odds of that being necessary are low; most puppies do just great after their procedures and feel fine in no time! Hope everything goes well with your puppy!

Vet Tech Schools Online?
Someone Told Me I Can Get My Vet Tech Degree Online I Was Wondering If Anyone Knows Of A School? I Almost Enrolled In Penn Foster But I Googled It And Its A Scam...So Im Looking For Something Thats Not A Scam :)

I found one school that does offer a Vet Tech degree online. There are tons of schools that offer this course though if you are interested in that. I attached a link of vet tech schools across the country. I also gave you a whole directory of online schools, just filter by the program that interests you the most (Veterinary). I hope this is helpful! You can request free information from the schools as well here.

Good luck!

Veterinary Malpractice? Help.. Any Vets Online?
My 10 Month Old Pomeranian Died 4 Weeks Ago After Getting Orthopedic Surgery On His Paw. ( He Was 6 Lbs 3 Oz ) He Injured His Paw And It Required Him To Have Surgery, His Vet Said That He Needed To Have A Plate Put In. His Surgery Came Up To $2650, And Prior To That It Was $230 To Get It Examined. After Learning The Price Of The Surgery, I Attempted To Make An Appointment With The Aspca Thinking That The Price Of The Surgery Would Be Cheaper, I Didnt Get An Early Appt With Them, So I Decided To Stay With My Vet Because He Told Me That My Dog Can Lose His Paw/Leg Due To Low Blood Circulation In His Paw. He Also Assured Me That They Had The Best Surgeon To Do The Job. ( Who I Didn'T Get A Chance To Meet Before Or After The Surgery)But I Trusted My Vet Since I'Ve Been Taking My Other Dog There Since She Was 2 Months, Who Is Now A Year Old Now. I Emitted My Dog And He Had The Surgery The Following Day, The Night Of The Surgery I Got A Phone Call Saying The Surgery Was Sucessful And Shortly After My Dog Woke Up, He Went Into Seizures, They Tried To Revive Him But He Didnt Make It. I Was Told Absolutely Nothing About The Risk Of This Procedure And What The Risk Of Using Anesthesia Can Be. Now My Dog Is Dead And Is Currently In The Process Of Getting Cremated , Which They Are Also Charging Me $270 To Do. Can You Provide Any Advice On My Situation? His Pic Http://I196.Photobucket.Com/Albums/Aa71/Jahvixen/Kobe-1.Jpg

I am a Vet Nurse in Australia. We get all owners to sign a consent form prior to any anaesthetic. This says the owner is aware of risks associated with anaesthetics and agrees to go ahead with the procedure. If you did not sign a consent form, then you were not aware of the risks and did not consent to the procedure.

I have never seen an anaesthetic result in seizures(but i do believe it could be possible). I have seen cardiac arrests during an anaesthetic. But in 7 years monitoring anaesthetics I have only seen 3 anaesthetic deaths and they were all were during the anaesthetic and the staff were not at fault.
There are many things that could have potentially caused this. And it's quite likely it's not the vet clinics fault at all. It could be an underlying problem with the dog that the anaesthetic triggered, but could have been impossible to predict before the surgery.
If you think the vet clinic did the wrong thing, contact the Vet Board. They will investigate your complaint with qualified and experienced vets investigating the treatments given, and the protocols followed.
I am so sorry this happened to your dog, it's very sad.

There are dosage rates for premedications, iv anaesthetics and pain medications. They would have calculated a dose based on the weight of your dog and this should be recorded. The gas anaesthetic is regulated depending on how deep (depth of anaesthesia) the animal is. This is determined by monitoring heart rate, respration rate, eye position and reflexes. Normally the animal is on oxygen saturation, heart and respiration rate monitors which alarm if the rates go out of the normal range. With a qualified vet and nurse monitoring an anaesthetic becomes secound nature to them, and the chances of the anaesthetic doseages causing death are very slim. There should be a anaesthetic monitoring record where the nurse records and writes down vital signs at intervals of 5(ideally)-15minutes.

There are risks with any anaesthetic even on a healthy patient, but the risks are very slim. Not "so risky" as you are now led to believe. It's very unfortunate and unlucky that this happened to your dog. I am very sorry for your loss.

If you did not sign a consent form, you shold bring this up with the clinc, also ask for the records from the anaesthetic. As I said if you believe they did the wrong thing then contact the Vet Board.