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What Do You Know About Veterinarians?
....... =) ≪3

I own mice and what I know about Vets is that it's difficult to locate a Vet that is knowledgeable in matters pertaining to Mice.

I live in a "dog" town and if you have an "unusual" pet like mice, then you can expect to travel some distance and pay a higher fee for their services.

A Few Questions About Veterinarians?
Hi Im 15 (Year 10) Australia . Im Just Wondering How Hard Was It To Get Into University (What Op Did You Get?Which Uni?) What Were Your Study Habits Like At School?, When Did You Really Study Hard?, What Subjects?, Is The Salary Good? Im Only In Grade 10 But Next Year Im Eligble To Move Straight On Too Maths B, Authority English, Chemistry, Physics And Biology. Im Doing Great This Year So I Can Get Into All Subjects Next Year. What Marks Should I Be Geeting For Yr 11 And 12? Thanks A Heap Really Appreciate It! A Lot Cameron

You'd probably need an OP 1. There is the James Cook university and one other... but I'm doing this from memory.
The salary is pretty good about 60 000 per year, but of course when you get started you won't necessarily get that much.
I personally think that people who want OP1s need to study hard and get A+s - B+s.
You have to spend at least 5 years in university before you can get a veterinary science degree.
I don't know if you need work experience, but I think it's a good idea to get it.
Good Luck! ^^

What Does A Pet Care Technician At A Veterinary Clinic Do?
I Would Really Know What This Job Consists Of Because I Am Thinking About Applying For A Job That Involves Animals. I Looked On The Internet At Local Veterinary Clinics To See If They Had Anything I Could Do And This Came Up. I'M 16 And Would Like To Be A Veterinarian. I Have Plenty Of Experience With Animals And Have Experience Working In Animal Sanctuaries. Could This Be A Good Job For Me, Or Is This A Ridiculous Idea? What Other Things Could I Do?

If you want to go to veterinary school, getting work in a veterinary hospital prior to college is really a good idea. It looks good on your college application.

However, you would work as a veterinary assistant rather than a veterinary technician. Veterinary technicians (as defined by the American Veteriniary Medical Association and the laws of many states) are people who have a degree in veterinary technology and have taken both a state and national exam to prove their qualifications and have been credentialed as a "veterinary technician".

A veterinary assistant works for a veterinarian but does not have a college degree in veterinary technology and hasn't taken the state and national exam. Veterinary assistants are usually trained on the job though they may take vocational training courses as well.

The job description of both positions is the same in many ways with a few exceptions in tasks that can and cannot be performed and the level of supervision required for certain tasks.

Veterinary technicians and assistants take on many of the general nursing duties and day-to-day tasks to keep a veterinary clinic running. They restrain animals, monitor hospitalized and surgical cases, fill prescriptions, run lab tests, collect samples for testing, maintain equipment such as surgical instruments and anesthesia machines, interact with clients, clean cages, keep inventory, etc etc. They can fill any role that is necessary.

This is a great way for to get some experience in the veterinary medical field and ensure that it's where you really want to be.

Pet Owner, Would You Like Your Veterinary Clinic To Have A Personal Trainer For Your Dogs?
Pet Owner, Would You Like Your Veterinary Clinic To Have A Personal Trainer For Your Dogs? Our Vet Clinic Is Interested And Having Their Own Personal Trainer For Dogs. So Any Of Our Clients' Pets Have Behavioral Issues They Could Be Dealt With At One Place. The Trainer Would Get Tips, Hands On Training, Follow Ups. Pet Owners What Do You Think Of That Idea? How Much Would You Be Willing To Pay Per Session.

I would think that there would not be enough business for a trainer to have one on staff full-time at just one vet practice, unless it's huge. I also find the vet's office to be a mentally stressful place for pets, and one that I would not want to take my dogs to for training. Personally, I probably wouldn't use a trainer located in a vet's office for that reason- I want training to be fun, low-stress, and being surrounded by sick and stressed animals does not accomplish that. My vet maintains lists of local trainers and the behavioral problems they are prepared to address and hands it out to their clients, I think that's effective and really the way to go.

What Would This Veterinary Job Be Called?
I Want To: Care For Rescues Research Animal Studies

Caring for rescues would not necessarily be a job, many people do this out of their homes fostering animals..unless you work for the pound or a dog rescue for a specific breed (most of these are volunteer pay is involved). What KIND of research/animal study? Would you study animal disease, animal husbandry, animal psychology, animal populations, wildlife management, endangered species, genetics, etc. etc. Your question it too vague to know for sure what kind of a career you are asking about.
Potential careers working with animals
Wildlife rehabilitator
Animal Control officer
Veterinarian/Zoo vet/exotic animal vet
Wildlife/Field Biologist
Park Ranger
Game Warden
Vet Tech
Professional Pet Sitter
Animal Trainer
Pet shop worker
Kennel attendant
Humane Society/pound worker

Help With Deciding On Veterinary Job?
I'M Not Going To College Any Time Soon But I Am Prepared To Go As Much As 8 Years In College In Order To Get My Dream Occupation. I Want To Work As A Veterinarian. But I Want To Specialize In Bones. I Want To Shift The Placement Of Bones And Put On Casts. You Get The Point. Like I Want To Look At X-Rays And Determine Problems And I Want To Give Checkups To The Animals I'M Fixing. Is There A Specific Name For This Type Of Veterinarian. If So, Could You Give Me Any Other Information On It? When I Get Older I Really Want To Work In This Area. The Sight Of Blood Doesn'T Make Me Gag At All And I Can Deal With Animals In Pain. The Best Part About Being A Vet Is That You Can Fix Them Up And Make Them Happy Again :)

It sounds like you want to be an equine surgeon specializing in bone. You first need to get your veterinary degree (4 yrs undergrad usually, 4 yr vet degree) and then do a minimum of 3 yr surgery residency.
You may also consider a sports medicine specialty.

The hardest part of all this is getting into vet school- I figured out the statistics when I applied, and you have a 2% chance of getting into one of the 28 US veterinary colleges.

What you need: excellent grades- over a 3.75 preferred, but 3.5s have been accepted when the sciences only grades were higher.
Lots and lots of animal experience- work with horses now, cleaning stalls, riding lessons, etc. Volunteer at a humane society, ride along with vets, get a kennel assistant job (any animal experience helps get into vet school, though pets don't count). The more animal experience you have, no matter what the type, will greatly increase your chances of getting into vet school.

Good luck!