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Nearly all people do not think about finding a lawyer right up until they are in desperate need. The legal difficulty may possibly be personal, like family law, for a divorce proceedings or if you are searching for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer. It may be a criminal circumstance you need to be defended on. Companies require attorneys as well, regardless of whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or maybe unfair business methods. Tax legal professionals are also helpful whenever coping with government difficulties. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A sizeable, full service law firm has numerous legal representatives with different areas of abilities, so depending on your own legal issue, you can instantly hold on to the perfect attorney to match your up-to-date need without having to start your search each time you need legal help.It is ideal to obtain a lawyer or attorney you can have faith in. You really want one with a decent track record, who isstraightforward, effective, and wins cases. You want to have assurance that they will represent you the right way and charge you reasonably for their products and services. From time to time a referral from a good friend or business associate can be useful, having said that you should hold your options open and evaluate all the firms available, for the reason that when you require legal support, you need it immediately and you would like the best you can manage to pay for. Thank you for hunting for a law firm with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is glad to give specific search parameters to match your needs. We constantly strive to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can promptly find anything at all you are looking for.

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With The Premise Of Limited Liability, Are People More Or Less Inclined To Buy Corporate Bonds? Why?

There is a balance of risk and reward that each investor has.
Higher risk means a chance for higher reward, and if the scales balance for the investor, a trade purchase is made to attempt to make a profit.

If you are suggesting lower risk because of limited liability, then the reward possibilities will probably be less as well.

Now you should be able to answer this question based on what human nature suggests?

(Hint: Seniors invest. Traders invest. New-comers invest. Who would be happy with this premise?)

To John S. Criminal Law Attorney?
The Person In Question Was Aloud By The Parents To Be With Their Son. He Was 4 Days From Being 18 And Both Of Them Were In Love. It Is My Best Friend And He Was Charged And Convicted For A Sexual Crime. He Now Has To Register As A Sex Offender. He Has Been My Best Friend For 12 Years. He Is Gay. The Charge Was 'Penetration With An Appendage&Quot;. He Is The Nicest Guy In The World And Is No Longer Aloud To Be Around My 2 Girls That Consider Him An Uncle. He Is Very Trusting And Very Intelligent. He Can'T Even Own A Pet. I Am So Distraught To Try To Get Some Of These Parole Rules Dropped Somehow. He Is Very Depressed About This Whole Thing. It Would Be Great If I Could Get A Reply About This From You.

Probably nothing you can do.

Like it or not and for whatever reason, your friend confessed to a crime and served his time.

He now has to live with the consequences of his actions.

You're not an involved party in the Court process and what you want to do would directly violate the Court Orders made during his sentencing - the Court won't even listen to your reasons for wanting to do this because it cannot sanction a violation of its Orders.

Keep pushing it and you'll be looking at contempt of Court charges yourself.

If your friend can hold on for the balance of his probation and 5-10 years after that, he can seek a pardon, which may remove the restrictions from his life.

But he has to show complete compliance first - that's the rules.

I know you mean well, but there are reasons why it's done this way - you don't KNOW that he's not guilty - you only know his side of the story. There are lots of cases where the person was really guilty and just wouldn't admit it. Some of these people go on to commit crimes again, often against the kids of the people that tried to help them.

I'm not saying he would, and I won't say that he won't.

I AM stating that the Court, acting as society's agent, has decided that the risk isn't worth taking.

Is It Financially Smart To Purchase Legal Insurance Through An Employer Benefit Package?

The question is are you going to use the legal services. Add up all of the premiums for say a 10 year period and see how much that is. Then estimate how much legal services that you will need for that time.

Most of the time, it is not beneficial to purchase this insurance since you would not incur that much in legal expenses.

Also with some of those policies you may be required to go through their lawyers for the services. I don't know about you, but if I get sued, I want to be able to interview and pick my lawyer, not get assigned one.

Help? Child Custody. Lawyer Or Parent?
My Daughter Was Born In Highlands County, But We Went To Live With Her Father And His Girlfriend In Lee County A Few Months Ago. She'S 10 Months Old. We Were Never Married, He Went Behind My Back And Filed Papers For Custody And Kicked Me Out The Same Day I Was Served With The Papers. I Had No Where To Go In Lee County And She Cant Leave The County Til Its Resolved So Im In Highlands And Shes Still There With Him. There Are Like 6 Different Forms I Have To Fill Out And Get To The Court House But I Don'T Understand All The Financial Affidavit Stuff And Child Support Worksheets. And Idk If I Take All Those Back To The Court House There Or If They Mail His Copy To Him Or What.

First of all you should contact legal aid society in Lee County. You should get a lawyer and some help with this. Us folks in Yahoo Answers land are not going to be able to give you legal advice. We can only tell you what we might do if in your shoes:

If you can't get a lawyer then here is what I would do if I were in your shoes:

A. Read the complaint for custody and paternity carefully;

B. Respond to each paragraph by admitting or denying it;

C. Counter-petition for custody and child support.

D. Allege as an affirmative defense, "Unclean Hands" in that your ex, the father of the child and his girlfriend engaged in a trick, scheme or device to induce mom to move to another county and then once there, forcibly took custody of the child against mom's rights, and then forced mom out of the home without the child, improperly separating the child from mom.

E. Fill out the affidavit line by line. Even if there's no job list no job.

I would file the original filled out paperwork with the court in person, where it says in the summons, and make copies and send those to the dad at his last known address.

Since mom and dad were not married, the presumption is that primary custody should be with mom unless dad can prove that mom's an unfit mother which would be really hard.

However you should hire a lawyer because nothing I wrote above will help you without good legal advice to back it up.

What Is The Job Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer Like?
Pay.. Working Conditions, That Sort.

Depends on whether you are a public defender or a privately retained criminal lawyer. Public defenders can make anywhere between $50k to a $100k+/year depending on their experience.

Private practice criminal lawyers can make anywhere from nothing to millions of dollars. If you're someone like Johnny Cochran, you can make a lot of money, but if you're a sole practitioner who does a few minor misdemeanors here and there and can barely afford to pay your overhead, then you can get into debt.

It mainly rests on how hard you work, the reputation you build, and the business savvy you have.

Working conditions can also vary depending on how big your case load is and how much you enjoy your job.

Why Do Lawyers Steer Away From Representing Disabled Plaintiff'S In Ada Complaints?
No Money In It For Them? Lawyers Could Careless About The Disabled? They Are To Good For That? They Are Lazy And Do Not Want To Do Extraneous Work Required In Representing Disabled Plaintiffs? They Just Want Cases That Are Very, Very Easy To Win?

You've already answered your own question. No money in it.

Law School tuition is easily $45,000.00 per year. They could graduate with over $100,000 in student loans.

After they get that paid off - they still have to pay for their office, supplies, paralegals, secretaries, legal databases/resources etc.

Then, like everyone - they have to pay their personal bills - mortgages, car payments etc.

Sorry, but like most other professions....lawyers are there to make money. They don't work for free. Just like your doctor, dentist or veterinarian do not work for free.