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The majority of individuals do not think about finding a law firm right up until they are in desperate need. The legal difficulty could be personal, like family law, for a separation and divorce or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust attorney. It may be a criminal situation you want to be defended on. Companies want lawyers as well, whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or potentially not fair business methods. Tax attorneys are also very helpful any time engaging with government challenges. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A large, full service law firm has many attorneys with unique areas of experience, so hinging on your individual legal issue, you can promptly hold on to the perfect attorney to satisfy your ongoing need without having to start your search each time you need legal assistance.It is ideal to locate a lawyer you can have confidence in. You really want one with a very good record, who issincere, reliable, and wins cases. You want to have trust that they will stand for you the right way and charge you fairly for their products and services. Quite often a reference from a colleague or business affiliate can be valuable, nevertheless you should continue to keep your options open and examine all the firms available, for the reason that when you require legal help, you need it quickly and you want the very best you can afford. Thank you for browsing for a attorney at law with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is glad to give specific search variables to match your necessities. We continually try to focus on the most popular phrases so you can quickly find anything you are looking for.

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I Need A Legal Aid Advisor ?
I Have Been Here In Us For 7 Months, My Wife Sponsored Me Its An Arrange Marriage And Now I Have Found Her Cheating On Me I Need To Find Out My Legal Rights And Way To Resolve This Problem.

I feel for you , but honestly, what did you expect out of an arranged marriage? It's wrong for a spouse to cheat, but it's just as wrong for you to have married her for citizenship. I am not a legal expert, and I don't know about your citizen status, but it looks like divorce is your only option.

Need Lawyer Help!! Is There A Difference In, Spousal Support And Alimony?
My Husband Is Paying Spousal Support To His Ex. This Is What He Agreed To Do With Her Because She Would Not Give Him A Divorce If He Didn'T. He Thought It Would Just Be Until She Got Settled, Wrong. Is There Any Way To Stop This Money? She Has A Good Job, Got The House With Everything In It. All He Got Was His Clothes And A Credit Card Bill For $ 5,000.00. We Have Been Married Going On 7 Years And Can Not Afford To Keep Putting That Money Out.

Alimony and spousal support are the same thing. All I can suggest is that he go to court and try to have the order of spousal support dropped. She must have had one HELL of a lawyer in order to get it these days...either that or he did something that would make him have to pay for the rest of "whatever".

Divorce Laws?!?!?
Ok So My Parents Recently Got Divorced And I Have Some Questions..... Info-My Dad Moved Out In To An Apartment And Took My 15 Yr Old Brother With Him. Question-Is My Dad Allowed To Just Come Over Whenever He Wants? My Moms Lawyer Said She Isn'T Allowed To Change The House Locks But Am I Allowed To Call The Police? Isn'T It Technically Trespassing? He Doent Even Tell My Mom, He Just Shows Up An Goes Inside. He Eats Food Or Takes Something(Like Bowls)He Also Checks The Mail. Question-My Brother Only Comes Over Once Every Other Week, Shouldn'T I Be Allowed To Have His Room?(It'S Much Bigger)He Shouldn'T Have A Say In It Since He Doesnt Live Here Anymore. My Mom Wants To Do It Too. Question-Does A 15 Yr Old Boy Even Have A Say In Where He Wants To Live? Don'T The Children Have To Stay With The Mom Until They Are 18? Doesn'T My Da Have To Pay Child Support?(He Isn'T) My Dad Also Isnt Helping With Any Bills Which He Should Do. Thankyou For Reading Plz Help!

I am assuming they are not divorced as yet or this would all be already sorted out, so more likely he has left and they are separated.if they are divorced then your dad has nil right to enter the house unless invited as being no longer married means he is a stranger in your mothers home.
If the home you live in is their joint matrimonial home and they are just separated then yes the lawyer is correct the laws says she can't change the locks many do or add another lock to stop the other person doing what your dad is doing, but the law says he has a right to go in his own house so unless he is abusive the law/police will do nothing. ( personally if I was your mum I would change the locks)
Your brother lives elsewhere, your mum decides if you have his old room or not, it is up to her, not your dad and not your brother
At 15yrs old of course you have a say, although it is something that your parents should decide along with taking your wishes into consideration and if they fight over you like a possession and are immature about it a judge will decide and it is what is in the best interests of the child the decision should be made.
If one child is living with your dad and one with mum then neither would pay child support they would each look after and support the one child who lives with them, however if your brother is over 18yr then your mum needs to apply to the court for your dad to pay child support for you, your mum could also ask for spousal maintenance, really depends on if she is working or not, able or not to get a job, which would then help with bills.

Really you shouldn't be worrying about all this your parents should be sorting all this out not you....

Specifics On Establishing A Parenting Plan In Washington State?
My 16 Year Old Has Never Had A Parenting Plan As We Were Divorced Before He Was Born. The Child Support Office Said I Will Have To Establish A Parenting Plan To Address His Post High School Support Issues. He Has Plans To Attend College And Will Graduate From Hs In 2011. Does Anyone Know If I Have To Hire A Lawyer For This, As I Don'T Have Much Money. Anyone Have Any Information On This?

This article will provide you with the info for filing and you do not have to have an attorney.~
A change in circumstances.
Paper work from Washington state court website.
Money for the filing fee.
Step1In Washington state, they want you to have a significant change in circumstances in order to change the parenting plan. For example, if your prior spouse is stalking you or has been using drugs, but wasn't before, you could get a parenting plan revision. If you don't have a change in circumstance, stop here. If not, go to step 2.
Step2Go to: and download a parenting plan revision form.
Step3Figure out what you are asking to be changed. Be very specific and figure out why you think it should be changed.
Step4Gather up all of your evidence. If you are getting calls at all hours from your ex, print out a phone log. If you have kept a journal of your ex's bizarre behavior, make a copy for the court. If you have arrest records or anything else that would help your case, get that ready to file with the court. Get certified copies of what you can.
Step5Fill out the form and turn it into your local courthouse. It is 56 dollars if you file the revision in the place where your original plan was written up. It is 200 dollars or more if you file in a different county from where you had your first parenting plan. If you can't afford the filing fee, you can apply for financial assistance.
Step6Get your ex served with papers. You can do this with certified mail, personal service, or a process server. If you can't find the person, hire an investigator or look them up on You may have to leave them a legal notice in the newspaper which is very spendy. File proof of the person being served with the court.
Step7Sit back and wait. Your ex has 20 days to respond if they were served in person. They have 90 days to respond if served by mail. They have 60 days if they were served in another state. They have 20 days if served in your state with a process server.
Step8If the other party responds, prepare for trial. If not, go to the next step.
Step9If the other party does not respond, you automatically win by default. You will then need to file a motion for default form with the court. Be sure that you file this form before a year runs out or you will have to redo all of your paperwork.~

What Is The Next Step To Become A Paralegal In Criminal Law?
I Already Possess A College Degree In Criminal Justice. I Prefer The Legal Aspect Versus Law Enforcement. I Am Very Interested In Becoming A Paralegal More Specifically, In Dealing With Criminal Law. I Currently Live In The State Of Virginia. I Know All States Vary In Certification Rules. I Would Love To Eventually Find Myself In This Career In The State Of New Jersey, So Even If I Have To Begin In Virginia At Least It's A Start. Does Anyone Have Information On This? Any Serious Input Is Greatly Appreciated.


I am in NJ, and I just started a paralegal certification program (I already have a BA). I am not yet familiar with the different areas of law, but I may be able to help you a bit.

First, there is no certification requirement here. BUT, you really should consider getting a certificate. You can do what I am, which is attending a community college. The BA was required to enroll, and they also have an Associate's program. There are several people in my class who are already working in law firms and all of them want the cert. to either move up or have more job options.

You want an ABA-approved school-really important.

The thing you should be aware of is that you have to have experience to become a paralegal, even if you have had the schooling. That is why I am trying to find an entry-level law firm job now. If I do not, I will still have an internship, which will help me get started. Every ad I see wants experience. So, you will have to start out in an entry-level job, unless you can get into a very small firm that is willing to train you. I knew this going in, but I am hopeful it will work out. There are paralegal jobs here, that is for sure. Having a college degree will put us ahead of those who do not, because the employers are starting to ask for that, as well as the cert. You want to be as marketable as possible.

I have seen quite a few ads for criminal law firms and all seem to want at least 2 years of experience. If you can find a job now, even if it is filing, that will help you.

You may want to try to find a job now and maybe start school in NJ when you get here. I am not sure it will be a big difference, as long as it is an ABA-approved school.

My school will take 2 years going pt at night. It is going to cost about 5K.

I hoped I helped a bit.


Getting Paid After Divorce Without Custody?
I Know That Was A Weird Title, But Didnt Know How To Quite Word It. Is It True That Someone Could Have Custody Of The Kids, But Still Have To Pay Their Spouse. If So How Often Does The Woman Have To Pay The Man. Also As A General Question; Why Should Anyone Who Has Custody Ever Have To Pay The Spouse That Doesnt Even Have To Take Care Of The Kids? Thats Totally Ridiculous If This Can Happen.

The term you are looking for is rebuttable presumption. I knew of a man who got custody of his 2 kids, he made about 125K a year. When the divorce was final mom made nothing but by the fathers own admission was a good mom so they got joint custody with him having the primary. He was ordered to pay her child support so that she could maintain a place to live for the children when they where with her. It is VERY rare that this ever happens, but it has happened when one spouse makes a lot of money and the other one doesn't.

Now for general child support the woman is ordered to pay the man in about 20% of cases, and of those 205 only about 20% actually pay.