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A lot of people today do not think about choosing a legal professional till they are in desperate need. The lawful situation might be personal, like family law, for a separation or if you are hunting for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer or attorney. It may be a felony condition you want to be defended on. Companies require lawyers as well, whether or not they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or maybe unfounded business tactics. Tax law firms are also very helpful anytime interacting with government problems. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A huge, full service law firm has numerous attorneys with diverse areas of competence, so hinging on your personal legal issue, you can instantly hold on to the best lawyer to match your current need without having to commence your search each time you need legal support.It is best to find a lawyer or attorney you can trust. You want one with a very good track record, who isfrank, productive, and wins cases. You need to have confidence that they will represent you effectively and charge you fairly for their products and services. Oftentimes a referral from a close friend or business affiliate can be very helpful, having said that you should hold your options open and review all the firms accessible, simply because when you want legal support, you need it immediately and you really want the finest you can pay for. Thank you for looking for a legal representative with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is happy to supply specific search parameters to match your requirements. We constantly try to focus on the most popular phrases so you can right away find anything at all you are looking for.

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Why Do Those Truth Commercial'S Come On?
The Tabaco Commercial Why Do They Show Them. People Know What They Do To You So Why Bother? They Dont Do That To Drinking

Tobacco companies are required to fund adds like that to avoid gigantic law suits reminiscent of the ones they lost in the 1980s. It's a way of protecting their butts from any future litigation. The truth ads are annoying because we all know what smoking does to you and many of us do it regardless of what they have to say.

How Much Do Lawyers Get Paid Each Week?
On Average, How Much Would A Criminal Lawyer Get Paid Weekly? Thanks For Your Help!

Criminal lawyers? That varies as do all areas of the legal profession. Deputy DA's usually start out at around $40 to 50k per year and go up to around $110k if they become the DA. Public Defenders can make around the same. Private defense attorneys are a different story. The sky is the limit for them depending on how good they are and how hard they work. Generally I would assume they make an average of 60 to 80k a year on average with a few years of experience.

It also varies geographically too. If you live in NY city you are going to make a lot more than someone from Po dunk Tennessee.

Oh, I guess you would need to divide those figures by 52 and take out taxes to know how much they make a week though. They usually get paid monthly and not weekly.

Do I Need A Lawyer?????
I Am A Professional Massage Therapist And I Just Found Out That My Boss Has Been Posting An Ad For Me, Individually, On An &Quot;Adult&Quot; Site/Section Used For Escorts And Other Sexual Activity. Another Licensed Therapist I Work With Even Has Picture Of Someone Thats Not Her Put Up By Our Boss On An Ad! What Can We Do? Do I Need A Lawyer???

Quit your job.

Flag the ad - which will cause it to be removed.


Tell your boss that you do not want craigslist ads posted for your services in that section.

Do you need a lawyer? For WHAT exactly? He's not advertising a massage with a "happy" ending, right? He's not posting your pictures for anyone to see, right? He's simply trying to generate business. It's a bit sleazy but not illegal and certainly not anything that would interest a lawyer.

Personal Injury Attorney Not Releasing Funds From Settled Portion Of Our Case?
We Have Been Dealing With A Personal Injury Lawsuit For About Two Years. The Accident Occurred In Ca And We Reside In Another State, So We Are Dealing With Our Attorney All Long Distance. The Case Has Been Complicated, Mainly Due To An Inattentive Attorney From The Start, Whom We Fired. We Retained Our Current Attorney Not Too Long Ago And The Case Against The Defendants Insurance Company Has Been Resolved And Funds Have Been Sent To Our Attorney. Here Is Where It Becomes Tricky. The Funds For My Settlement Have Been Sent To Us, The Attorney Is Holding The Funds From My Husband'S Portion Of The Settlement Until A Settlement Is Reached With Our Insurance Company (The Defendant Was An Underinsured Driver, We Had Underisured Driver Coverage). Our Attorney Claims He Cannot Release These Funds Because He Will More Than Likely Need To Spend The Money On Litigating The Case Against Our Insurance Company..And It Just Does Not Make Sense To Me. In Our Eyes, The Case Against The Defendant Is Closed (And In The Courts Eyes) I Don'T See Why The Funds Cannot Be Released, But My Attorney Alleges This Is Normal Practice In Personal Injury Law. Anyone Have Any Experience With A Situation Similar To This? Thanks.

Obviously the attorney you're working with is working on a contingent fee basis rather than working on retainer.

As such, his cutting you a check for part of the settlement was actually rather accommodating on his part.

The way contingent fee contracts typically work is as follows: the client pays nothing, the attorney assumes the initial expense of the case as well as the risk involved should he not prevail. A running tally is kept of any fees (depositions, filing fees, record fees, process server fees, postage, long distance calls, copying fees etc.) as well as medical expenses if the attorney guarantees medical costs as the case progresses.

After the case is completely resolved, the attorney takes his cut (33 1/3 is fairly standard) and then deducts expenses from the client's portion of the award and cuts a check for the balance to send to the client.

Since litigation is continuing against one party in your suit, obviously he's not going to send you all the money until he knows what his expenses are going to be (and what his cut will be).

So yes, it's a very normal practice in personal injury law when dealing with contingent fee situations. As I'd said, I'm surprised he was willing to forward anything as many firms normally won't until the matter is fully resolved.

Now, had you gone out and retained an attorney (through a retainer fee up-front) you'd be absolutely correct in expecting to receive the full balance due to you of an award as soon as practical after your attorney received payment.

At this point, if you really want the money now, your best option would be to direct your attorney to end all legal actions being taken against your insurance company, but be aware that any expenses he's made on your behalf in the matter involving your insurance company would also be deducted from the remaining award before he'd cut you a check

What Are The Attributes Of A Good Lawyer?

Professional "ethics" a good lawyer will defend a client regardless of guilt or innocence because that is the job. A good lawyer will not hurt his clients by running his mouth about a case. A good lawyer can and should be trusted with the whole truth, even if it is not wise to tell the whole story to an open court or to the police.

A good lawyer will consider options, but will actively work to get the client the best possible outcome. A good lawyer might consider a plea-bargain or deal of some sort if it is the best realistic option, but if a lawyer suggests it right out of the gate, he is probably just being lazy.

There are many, many, many laws and many court precedents. Each specific case will require research. A good lawyer will do a good portion of his own research for each case and not rely on an army of paralegals to assemble an argument for him. A good lawyer might make use of paralegals, but will not rely on them to do his job. A lot of lawyers in large modern law firms won't even read the details of a case until the day of court. This is totally unacceptable.

These are some (but not all) of the characteristics of a good lawyer.

What Exactly Do Most Lawyers Do?
I'M Wondering If Anyone Could Give Me Basic Descriptions Of Day To Day Stuff. Like, For Example, If Someone Works At The Aclu (No Jokes Please, Just An Example), What Do They Actually Do All Day?

It depends on the practice.
A solo practitioner may be meeting with clients, doing research, writing contracts/motions/wills/etc..
Associates at firms will be doing research, writing memos/briefs/editing contracts/etc...
Partners at firms will be trying to get more business, and this is done in many ways. They may be teaching classes, doing CLEs, doing presentations, etc..
Litigators generally prepare for trial quite often, which may involve doing mock trials with associates, making up questions to prepare for, etc...
Some lawyers don't practice law at all, like CEO's, COO's, CFO's, company presidents, vice-president's.
It all depends about the practice the attorney is involved in.
But generally research is involved everywhere, and is one of the constants.