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4 Ways To Help Your Lawyer Enable You To If you want an attorney for any excuse, you need to work closely using them as a way to win your case. Regardless how competent they are, they're likely to need your help. Listed here are four important methods to help your legal team help you win: 1. Be Totally Honest And Up Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - irrespective of what information you're gonna reveal for them. Privilege means anything you say is saved in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team needs to know everything in advance - particularly information another side could discover and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep a regular and factual account of information regarding your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys with the data they should enable them to win. 3. Appear Early For All Those Engagements Do not be late when you're appearing before a court and prevent wasting the attorney's time, too, when you are by the due date, whenever. The truth is, because you may want to discuss very last minute details or perhaps be extra ready for the case you're facing, it's a great idea to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate That You Have Your Act Together If you've been charged with any type of crime, it's important so that you can convince the legal court that you both regret the actions and therefore are making strides toward boosting your life. For example, if you're facing a DUI, volunteer to get a rehab program. Be sincere and associated with the city the judge is presiding over. Working more closely together with your legal team increases your odds of absolute success. Try these tips, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you must win your case.

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Dog Bites Dog..In Need Of Legal Advice?
Long Story Short...In My House Are 4 Girls And 5 Dogs. Two Of The Dogs Owned By My Roommate Constantly Bite At My Dogs Face. My Dog Never Did Anything Till The Hundredth Time. The Incident Was The Little Dog Bit My Dog In The Face And My Dog Bit The Little Dong Back. He Caused Damage And My Roommate Expressed Feelings Of Being Scared Of The Bigger Dog So I Surrendered Him To The Humane Society. Now My Roommate Wants Me To Pay For The Damages To Her Dog...Am I Responsible Even Though Her Dog Instigated It? The Dogs Were In The Apartment When The Bite Happened. Both Me And My Roommate Were There. There Has Never Been An Issue With My Dog Before And From My Roommates Mouth, &Quot;Your Dog(Biter) Is Like My Dogs(One That Got Bit) Best Friend, They Play Together All The Time.&Quot;

If you need legal advice on a dog bite then you need to contact a lawyer who knows the dog laws in your area. Laws regarding dog bites vary so greatly from one community to another that someone else who has had the exact same thing happen might have a totally different legal outcome. The real problem here is that it is probably going to come down to your word vs hers. Since the bite happened on private property that you both share there was no leash law violation. Frankly if I were in your shoes I would not have allowed the other dog to interact with my dog with the history of the other dog biting like that. Every dog has a bite threshold...a point at which they can't take any more and they bite back. It wasn't fair to your dog to put him in that situation again and again and ultimately he paid the price for your mistake. You might try pointing out to her that her dog had a history of attacking your dog and that your dog was defending himself in this interaction. You might also point out that you got rid of your dog because she was unable to control her dog.

Legal Advice For Assistance Dogs?
Okay, I Have A Question. I Am Finding Myself Getting More And More Housebound Due To An Incident. I Moved From The Problem Area To The City And Am Pretty Settled But I Am Finding It Harder And Harder To Leave The House Without My Dog. I Spoke To Ideas-Disability Information Service And Told Them And They Put Me Onto D.A.D.S Which Train Your Own Dog To Be A Service Dog But It Seems That Its Only Fo R People With Physical Disabilites. I Decided To Put In An Application Anyway But You Have To Email Them With Basically An Essay As To Why They Should Help You With No Guidance As To What To Say Or Do. Has Anyone Else Had This Problem And If Not From A Professional Or Personal Point Of View What Could I Say Or Do. I Need To Get This Sorted Because Centrelink Want Me To Look For Work And I Really Want To Work But My Life Revolves Around Where My Dog Can And Cant Go.

You're putting the cart before the horse.

First, you need to figure out if you even qualify to have a service dog.

Your mental condition would have to be long standing and thoroughly documented by, if possible, more than one mental health professional. You would have had tried numerous medications, for a few weeks to months each, with documented proof they didn't work. The mental condition would have to substantially effect your life adversely every day, not occasionally. Your condition would have to fall under the Americans With Disabilities Act determination of a legal disability.

No Dr can write you a prescription for a service dog if you don't qualify.

If you pass the first step of being considered legally disabled under the ADA, step two would be "Is there a physical task which a service dog can perform that would mitigate your disability". The task must be directly related to your disability. If you had PTSD you couldn't have a service dog that picked up dropped items since that's not directly related to your disability. Poor hearing and vision that is improved by glasses or hearing aids would not be something that would justify the use of a service dog.

Only If you meet both qualifications can you legally have a service dog.

Providing comfort is not a legitimate task. Making someone feel better/more secure isn't a legal task. All "feel good or comfort" needs are fulfilled by Emotional Support Animals which do not have the same public access rights as service dogs and are not protected by the ADA. They are easier to qualify for though.

Having a service dog when unqualified, or placing a service dog best on a pet (a fake service dog) is considered federal fraud and you could face up to a year in jail, fines up to $20,000, high lawyer fees and confiscation of your dog.

Although I've never heard of DADS, if they want an essay, they want it from you, not someone else. Explain to them your condition and why you feel you need a service dog. They know the legal qualifications. Unfortunately, if they don't think you qualify, they won't approve you.


Question About Legal Fees To A Disability Lawyer.?
So, I Have A Family Relative That Filed For Ssi About 2 Years Ago. He Lost The Case, Due To Not Enough Medical Records And So, He'S Decided That He Wants To Go To Work At Say Wal-Mart? Now, He Owes The Lawyer Legal Fees + Interest. Would He Have To Pay It All Back If They Garnish His Wages At Wal-Mart? It'S In The $800 Dollar Range That He Owes The Lawyer. What Would Happen In That Situation?

A lawyer handling a disability case CAN NOT CHARGE YOU for services. They only get 25% of owed
ssi back pay with a limit of $4000 which ever is the lesser + any fees of service for their out of pocket expenses ie a doctor your lawyer pays for or med tests to help prove your case

Do I Need A Lawyer To Do A Title Search For Liens Against Realestate Properties?
In Washington Co Pa

Although there is no legal compulsion but yes, you need a lawyer to do a title search for liens against a real-estate property. Because the lawyers are well aware of the nitty-gritty of the title search. Also lawyers can also explain you the real position of the title like is it a freehold estate, a leasehold estate or anything else. You yourself will not be able to identify them.

Go to or any other site to find a good lawyer in the Washington co PA

In Tort Law, Can A Plaintiff Have More Than One Theory Of Recovery?
I Say The Answer Is Yes And I'M Just Double Checking. I'M Currently Covering Settlement Precis And Settlement Brochure (Tort Personal Injury Litigation). Tia

The answer is yes. Even mutually exclusive theories can be pled in the alternative.

I Need A Pro Bono Attorney For Child Support Arrears Collection In San Diego, Ca?
I Have Just Lost A Case To A Deadbeat Dad Who Has Gone On Ssi Here In California. Since We Separated He Said That He Would Go On It So I Wouldn'T Take Nothing Away. I Can Take Care Of My Daughter Myself, But Since He Is The Father And It Takes Two To Make A Baby, It Is Also His Responsibility. I Understand That Ssi Is Not A Great Deal, But There Has To Be Some Law Or Someone That Can Help Me Here In San Diego, Ca. He Has To Be Accountable For What He Owed Before He Started Receiving Ssi.

nope, the arrears doesnt go away. they should not close the case if there are arrears due.

SS and Child Support (link is below)

seems to me, that you need to sit down and write a letter.

in it, give your contact info, case number, his info, the arrears amount and that they closed your case. tell them you want leins on his property or something done about this. ask them what they can do about this matter.

then FAX it to the following:

1) your states Attorney General
2) your states Governor
3) your caseworkers supervisor
4) your Regional FEDERAL Child Support Office

all of the links for it are below: keep in mind, phone calls are ignored, denied or forgotten. mail ends up in someones 'to do' pile, but FAXs are effective. its proof you sent it and proof they recieved it. therefor, they HAVE to address this problem. if you dont know the fax number, call and ask them for it. most websites have it right on there (some hide it), but i will try and find them for you....

FAX (916) 323-5341

Phone: 916/445-2841
Fax: 916/445-4633

more links (regional federal office is here too, find it); some you have to click on your state and find the info you need.

SS and Child Support

Child Support, Custody, Visitation





(some states work with them)