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4 Methods To Help Your Lawyer Allow You To When you want a lawyer at all, you need to work closely together as a way to win your case. Regardless how competent these are, they're likely to need your help. Listed here are four important approaches to help your legal team assist you to win: 1. Be Totally Honest And Up Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - regardless of what information you're likely to reveal to them. Privilege means what you say is kept in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team must know everything in advance - particularly information another side could discover and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep a continuous and factual account of all information associated with your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys with all the current data they should enable them to win. 3. Show Up Early For Those Engagements Do not be late when you're appearing before a court and get away from wasting the attorney's time, too, because they are on time, every time. In fact, because you might need to discuss eleventh hour details or even be extra prepared for the truth you're facing, it's a great idea to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate You Have Your Act Together If you've been involved in any type of crime, it's important in order to convince a legal court which you both regret the actions and are making strides toward boosting your life. For instance, if you're facing a DUI, volunteer for any rehab program. Be sincere and linked to the neighborhood the judge is presiding over. Working more closely along with your legal team increases your probability of absolute success. Follow these tips, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you ought to win your case.

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Question For The Good Lawyers And Legal Advisers..?
I Enrolled In A College Using My Education Insurance,The Problem Is All Students Enrolled Using Their Insurance Didn'T Show Up In The List Of Students Enrolled Due To Inconsistencies By The College'S Staff. We'Ve Been Clarifying The Problem With The Registrar And They Keep Saying That The Problem'S Alright But It Has Been Three Weeks Now But Our Names Still Didn'T Appear. The Question Is, Is It Right For Me To Sue The College? What Charges Or Complaint Should I File Against Them?

what would you sue them for? A clerical error?

They say it is ok, so clearly your spot is secure. You have no damages.

Corporate Lawyer Information Uk?
Would You Advise On Becoming A Corporate Lawyer Via The Law Graduate Or Non-Law Graduate Path? If I Pursued The Non-Law Graduate Path Would That Give Me Other Career Options To Fall Back On If I Failed The Highly Competitive Selection Process Or Is This Just For People Who Didn'T Realise They Wanted To Be A Corporate Lawyer When They Pursued Their Degree? P.S. I'M Aiming For The Top Law Firms As I'D Rather Do Something Else If I Couldn'T Work In A High Energy Environment --- Does This Affect The Avenue I Should Take? Also Any Info On The Chances These Big Law Firms Offer For Their Lawyers On The Chance To Move City Would Be Appreciated; Specifically To The West Coast (Sf) Usa (I Love Technology)? Which Avenue Costs More?

Americans may be surprised at the differences between legal education in the United States and England. The British system, which produces two kinds of lawyers (solicitors and barristers), has several different programs that qualify students to practice law in England and Wales.

The LLB, or Bachelor of Laws, is the English undergraduate law degree, for which candidates must study seven modules in different subject areas, including public law, European Union law, criminal law, procedural law, property law, law of obligations, and trusts and equity. The LLB is a three-year program. As in the United States (where students can opt to study in a pre-law program as undergraduates), British students are not qualified to practice law after this undergraduate degree, but by following a year-long program (LPC or BVC), they can become licensed solicitors or barristers.

Students who wish to become solicitors, after finishing their LLB, must enroll with the Law Society of England and Wales. While they will not be considered full members, they are "student members," and enroll in a Legal Practice Course, or LPC, which lasts for one year. Afterward, they work as apprentices under a training contract for two years. Barristers, on the other hand, take a one-year course called the Bar Vocational Course, or BVC, also under the auspices of the Law Society, and then serve a year of "pupilage" in the chambers of an established barrister.

While an LLB is the most common educational option, British lawyers may wish to change specialties after practicing or training for a time; for example, from corporate law to human rights law. A Master of Laws, or LLM, allows them to do this. This one- to two-year program provides specialty training and cross-training in different fields of law, helping lawyers gain a more in-depth understanding of their field or explore an entirely new field.

Conversion Course
A postgraduate diploma in law, also known as a PDL or conversion course, qualifies students to become lawyers, no matter what they studied as undergraduates. This graduate program allows students to study for one or two years (full-time and part-time, respectively), qualifying them for an LPC or a BVC afterward.

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How Should I Approach This ..I Know I Need A Lawyer?
My Car Was Parked And A Drunk Lady Crashed Into It, And Totaled It. I Am Seeking Advice On How I Should Approach This? 1) Claim Was Made With My Car Insurance Company, And They Said Its A Non Fault Collision ( Thank Goodness I Had Collision Insurance) 2) Police Report Was Made..She Was Arrested On The Spot For Being Drunk, And Totaling My Car Out. 3) My Car Was Declared Totaled. 4) My Car Has Been Towed Off I Don'T Even Know Where To. 5) I Still Owe 16K On My Car But Blue Book Value On My Car Is No Where Near The 16K I Owe. ( 2007 Toyota Yaris 4Door Sedan In Great Condition If That Helps..Only Had 11K Miles On It..I Bought It New In '07) I Am Aware The Car Retails For Less Than 16K But You Know That Negative Equity Can Kill Ya When Trading In Another Car You Still Owe On. My Real Question Lies Here... Most Likely I Will Get Blue Book Value For The Car And Still Owe A Crap Load Of Money For My Totaled Car That I Cant Drive...What Kind Of Lawyer Should I Get? What Should I Expect?

A lawyer is not going to do you any good. He can't change the value of your car. It's worth what it's worth. If the car was parked and unoccupied - there is no bodily injury claim - so no lawyer is going to take the case anyway. There is no money in it for them.

Besides -- a lawyer is going to be paid 1/3 of any settlement you get. So - even if you found one to take your case - he's going to get 1/3 of the value of your car - that just means less money to pay the note down with.

Now - about the total loss car -- the insurance company owes you the Actual Cash Value of the car. That's what you could have reasonably sold the car for just prior to the accident (given its year, make, model, options, mileage, condition).

The insurance company does not owe you the amount of your note.

Insurance companies have a few ways of valuing vehicles. If they use a book its the NADA ( -- NOT kelley blue book. So don't waste your time checking kelley.

Insurance companies can also use market survey programs (such as CCC or Total Logic). These are usually going to give the most accurate value of the car as they are based on actual car sales in your specific area.

Did you purchase Gap coverage when you bought your car? Hopefully you did. If so, the Gap coverage should be able to step in and help with the short fall.

If you did not -- and you have been a good customer - your finance company may be willing to take the short fall from this loan and roll it into the note for the next car. The down side is if something happens to the replacement car - you are in the exact same boat you are in now-- owing more than the car is worth.

Cancelling Contract With Lawyer?
My Husband This Past Weekend Told Me He Wants A Divorce. Well In The State Of Missouri You Can Only File For Seperation While You Are Pregnant( Which I Am With Our Second Child) Well A Couple Lawyers Over The Phone Told Me I Should File First So I Get To Keep The Kids At First At Least. Well After Hearing That, I Hired A Lawyer, Put Down Her 2,000 Dollor Retainer. She Hasnt Filed For The Seperation Yet. I Have Decided Not To File First Since I Have Found Out That The 'Filing First, Gets You The Kids' Is Not True At All...So I Want To Stop The Process. The Only Paper Work I Signed For Her Was Something Stating I Gave Her 2,000 For A Retainer. So Can I Go In Today, Ask How Many Hours She Has Worked On The Case And Get The Rest Of The Money Back?

You absolutely can. The answer is a big YES. If the lawyer is a morally straight person, she will do just as you ask. At the most, she may ask you for a reason for her dismissal but she is not entitled to know why if you do not wish to discuss it.

My Exhusband Makes Approx. $250K Annually And I Make $48K I Can'T Affort To Pay Child Support?
My 2 Children, 17 And 15, Now Live With Their Father Full Time. He Is Very Spiteful As His Current Life Is Awful With His New Wife. He Currently Earns Approximately $250K Annually And I Only Make $48K Annually. I'M Sure It Doesn'T Matter But His Wife Makes Approximately $150K-$200K Annually. They Live Very Very Well. Expensive Cars, Memberships At The Best Clubs And Trips. I Am Going To Have To Pay $750 Monthly Which, After All Other Living Expenses For Myself, Not Including Clothing, Gas Or Groceries, I Would Be In The Negative $200. I'M Terrified And Don'T Know What To Do. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Turn? I Don'T Have Funds For A Lawyer. Help Please. I'M In Ontario

Contact your local Legal Aid office and see if you can get some the kid's mother you should be liable for helping support them (regardless of what he makes) but if you've been ordered to pay more than you can afford, perhaps an adjustment can be made...otherwise, looks like you'll be getting an additional job to cover the balance...

Personal Injury Accident?
First I Am Not Represented? Second I Received A Called From The Insurance Company Wanting To Settle And See How Things Are Going. I Myself Had Minor Injury But I Am Still Have Flair Up. The Insurance Company Has Offer To Settle With Me. I Ask Her If She Was Willing To Negotiate Since I Have To Have Massages She Only Raised It 300 Dollars. I Am Not Sure Whether I Should Settle For Myself ? I Am Not Seeking Any Treatment From My Primary As I Was Told By Therapist To Continue To Exercise And Stretch Everyday. If I Am Not Receiving Treatment Yet Having Flair Ups Can The Insurance Company Force Me To Settle And Close?

It appears that based on your doctors reports that the insurance company has received, your injury is resolved, thus wanting to settle.

If you do not want to settle now, then just tell the adjuster that you want to wait. Most likely they will "diary" this once a month and call you back to see if ready to settle or not. This is standard.

In most states, you have up to 2 years to settle your injury. So, for instance if this accident happened 6 months ago, you have another 18 months from the date of the accident.

Having a lawyer or not may not change a thing. Since they have made an offer, they most likely have evaluated your injury and based on the amount they offered, is what they "value" the amount of your injury is worth,,,,,,,period.

Now if you were to choose to hire a lawyer, I suggest you make one thing clear and also have in the contract that you must sign with the lawyer. You tell the lawyer the amount the insurance company offered and the lawyer gets paid, only ANY amount over that offer. Since many times, people get lawyers after they make an offer, and then find out that the insurance will not BUDGE, and stay on their offer, thus after the lawyer takes 1/3, you now get 1/3 LESS, since no change.

good luck