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Motorcycle Accident in Kingman

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Describe Malaysian Employment Law 1955?

The Malaysian Employment Act 1955 sets out the statutory minimum protection for Malaysian employees earning up to RM1,500 per month. These stipulations relate to, amongst others, notice periods, manner and timing of payment of wages, working hours, holiday, sick leave, maternity leave for female employees and overtime payments.

Where a contract of employment falls outside the ambit the provisions of the Employment Act (i.e. generally where the employee earns over RM1,500), the parties are generally free to contract on their own terms. Notice periods, holidays and payment of salary and other benefits will be dealt with in accordance with the contract of employment. Where no written provisions dealing with the notice of termination are provided, an employer will be obliged to give "reasonable" notice of termination. What constitutes reasonable notice will depend upon a number of factors including seniority and length of service.

Legal Custody????
I Have A 5 Month Old Daughter. Her Father And I Were Only Together For 4 Months When I Got Pregnant. Anyways, During My Pregnancy, My Ex And I Were Always Fighting. He Became Very Verbally Abusive And I Decided To Break Things. We Are Not Together But I Still Bring Her To See Him Everyother Weekend. Anyways, Everyother Day I Will Get A Message And Or Email (I Keep Every One) That Is Very Verbally Abusive. He Refused To Sign The Birth Certificate And Now He Wants More Visitation And Demands Her Ss# But I Don’T Trust Him. I Want To Go For Full Custody With Him Having Visitations. I Don’T Want To Deny Her Of Her Father But I Need The Verbal Attacks To Stop And Don’T Know How Else To Make Them Stop. I Guess My Question Is. Do You Think There Is A Chance He Or His Parents Could Get Full Custody Or This Could Back Fire. I Only Want What Is Best For My Daughter But Everyday Is A Nightmare With Her Father. I Think I Need Legal Counsel But Wanted The Opinion Of Others First......

Get some legal counsel because the laws for custody and child support vary from state to state. You need to find someone knowledgeable about it for your area. Let the lawyer know about the e-mails and what you want to have happen with custody. Don't give your DD's ss# to your ex until you have to. You want a court order in place before he has that kind of information.

I Need Advice On Family Law, Decent And Affordable Assistance.?
I Have A Friend Who Was Arrested Because Her Ex Filed Charges Against Her When She Moved Away With Their Child. He Was Emotionally Abusive And Since Their Relationship Was Convicted Of Domestic Violence. Unfortunately Because She Did Not Have Full Custody He Reported Her As Having &Quot;Kidnapped&Quot; Their Child. This Person Stole From Her While She Was Pregnant And Had No Interest In Raising The Child Except To Try To Toture Her. She Has Been Moved To Cali Even Though She Was In Pennsylvania At The Time. Her Older Child Is In Pa With Family, Her Young Child Is With His Mother In Ohio (He Can'T Even Care For Her Himself) And She Has Lost Her Home, Her Job, Her Car And Family. I Believe It Will Work Out But She Needs A Good Lawyer And Meanwhile Her Kids Are Stranded Across The Country. This Is An Outrage And Nothing Can Give Back To Her The Innocence Lost. Any Advice Would Be Helpful. Thank You

there are all types of free legal aid clinics across the country. this'll be tough for you, because it will mean PICKING UP A ******* PHONE BOOK AND LOOKING FOR HELP.

So I Got An Assault Charge?
Hey Everyone! I Hope All Is Good. I'M A Bit Worried About Something That Happened To Me Yesterday.... So Yesterday I Wake Up, Watch A Movie In My Home, Eat And Just Chill. I Get A Call From This Guy And He'S Talking A Whole Bunch Of **** And Accusing Me Of Stealing A Weed Grinder From Him When I Never Stole It. Were Going Back And Forth On The Phone And I Finally Tell Him &Quot;Look, This Isn'T Going Anywhere. I'M Gonna Get Ready And Come To My Park (My Neighborhood Has 1 Park, Next To My House, He Lives Up The Street About 3-4 Minutes Away) So We Can Talk About This In Person. He Agrees And I Get Ready. I Call My Best Friend Before Hand Though To Find Out More About This Guy (Didn'T Really Know Him Like That And Was Unsure How He Got My Number) He Says Be Careful Because The Dude Has Short Temper And Usually Carries A Knife On Him Or Something Like That And Is Never Alone, I Wasn'T Scared, But To Be Safe, I Took A Kitchen Knife With Me. I Had Zero Intent Of Stabbing Him. This Was Just To Be Scare Him If He Did Pull A Knife, Or Just In Case He Had His Friends I Can Flash The Knife And Hopefully They Would Back Off. I Also Had No Intent Of Fighting Him, I Was Meeting Him To Talk It Out, I'Ve Never Gotten Into A Fight Before. So I Get To The Park And He'S Not There. I Call Him, No Answer. I'M About To Leave And All I Hear Is &Quot;Yo Asshole Where Are You Going?&Quot; And Bam, He'S Running Towards Me, Steak Knife In Hand, Ready To Cut Me Up. So, I Figured &Quot;Ok, He'S Not Gonna Stab Me&Quot; So I Just Did What I Thought Was Smart And Just Started Fighting Him, Were Fighting, And By The End Of It I'M Feeling Like Muhammaed Ali, I'M Just Beating This Dude Up Not Severely But Just Enough To Make Sure Dude Didn'T Stab Me, Or That I Hurt Him Too Much. Anyway, Fast Forward And People Start Gathering Around Us Watching Us Go At It, Sirens Start Going Off But I'M Too Much In The Zone To Even Realize. Cops Come, And They Come When I'M Hitting The Guy Several Times, They Force Me Off Him, Take Him To The Car (Cuz He Had Knife In Hand Still) And Search Me. Forgetting I Had The Knife.... They Found It. I Was Shocked And Embarrassed. They Took Me Downtown, Processed Me, And All That Stuff, Call My Mom And Pop And Tell Them. I'M In A Lot Of Trouble With Them Now Haha. But Anyway, They Said I'Ll Have Court In 2 Months Because Of &Quot;Assault Charges&Quot; Now Idk If The Cop Was Scaring Me But He Was Saying Some Crazy **** Like I'M Gonna Be In A Lot Of Trouble So I'M Worried. I'M 17, First Ever Fight, First Time Ever Being In Cuffs, First Time Ever Being Arrested, I Turn 18 In February. I Was Being Very Patient With The Police, Very Nice, Respectful And All That. I'M Hoping For Just Piss Tests And Some Probation Or Something Like That. Any Help Is Truly Appreciated It, I'M Very Worried. Thanks!

What degree charge did they give you? Honestly half the losers answering this site are parents just talking reckless about a bunch of stuff they see on tv and never experienced. the fact that your 17 though saved your a**. Fighting is one thing. Fighting with a weapon is a whole different ball game you dont want to play in. If you were 18 with that weapon you'd probably walk off with probation and maybe anger management, possibly jail time but very unlikely considering its ur first ever offense. Cops CAN lie to you. They can legally tell you your going to jail if you dont call ur parents or something like that to scare you. First step, get an attorney. Noone knows the law like they do and theres so many loop holes in the law. Being 17 i assure you your not going to jail lol atleast in NJ you certainly wouldnt. You might have to take some anger class, maybe a dumb community service program. I dont know what you think of when you hear "big trouble" but if you keep your nose out of trouble in the future dont worry about this having an impact on your life. Schools wont see it, employers wont see it. The only time it would come up is maybe if your enlisting in the military or trying to become a police over. Even in those two situations though, you can probably get a waiver for it considering your a minor. I know the military will take you with 1 previous felony charge, 2 if one was committed as a minor. Stay out of trouble and do what you need to do. I was arrested at 20y/o for 12 ounces of marijuanna, first time ever in cuffs, and all i got was PTI. This is a 6-24 month probation period, where if you complete it successfully, your record is wiped. Youll be alright

@Queenofhearts lol if you go to a detention center for fighting our highschools would consist of 4 or 5 students. Dont talk if you dont know what your talking about

Felony Charges? ? ? ?
So, I Have A Cousin Who Was Arrested Last Wednesday. Me And My Family Don'T Know What The Charges Are. His Mother Married One Of My Uncles Or Something Like That, And Apparently She Is A Nut. I Was Just Wondering How You Can Find Out About Charges, Because The Only Information We Have Is This. He, His Mom, And His Dad All Lived In Sevierville, Tn And He Was Arrested Last Wednesday On Charges From 3 Years Ago In The State Of Colorado. Wouldn'T This Information Be In Newspapers? Any Help Is Greatly Appreciated :)

Have your mom or dad call booking to know what his charges are? If there is bail set, call them and ask him what his bail is and what are his charges! Not all charges are printed in the newspaper especially if there has been a warrant for his arrest. If it doesn't deal with murder nor politics, it isn't likely you would read it in the papers. Most likely he will be extradited (transfer) to the county he is being charged from. They have a certain time frame to sent for him or he is released. Good luck!