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Can A Person With Misdemeanors And A Felony Dui Still Be Able To Become A Lawyer?
Hey Can A Person With Misdemeanor And Felony Dui Still Be Able To Become A Lawyer? I Was Thinking Of Getting Into Business Law But I Have A Bad Background. They'Re All Duis Though. Would I Be Able To Get Into Law School And Pass The Moral Character Test? If I Do, Would People Hire Me If I Had Background Like That? I'M Waiting For The 7 Years To Be Up As Well So I Can Get A Governor'S Pardon And Am Trying To Get My Misdemeanor Duis Expunged As Well. How About People With Disorders Like Bipolar Or Schizophrenia? Can People With Such Disorders Practice Law???

The California Bar is beginning to take a stronger stance on DUIs and attorneys. While it hasn't really begun affecting current attorneys, it is beginning to stand in the way of applicants passing the moral character review. I don't believe there is any hard-and-fast rule (published) on the matter. But they'll look at how many DUIs you have, how recent they were, how well you complied with various court orders, what other trouble you've been in, etc.

Just by way of example, I know one person who "failed" the moral character review because he got a DUI about 3 years prior. But another "passed" because his DUI was over 7 years.

BTW, California doesn't have a true expungment. What you're applying for is a PC1203.4 dismissal. The charges will still show up, but show as dismissed (as opposed to a true expungment, which effectively destroys or seals the record). And while the 1203.4 allows you to legally say you've never been convicted when asked by a private party/entity, you still MUST disclose it to governmental agencies (including the Bar), and it won't prevent them from seeing what you were originally sentenced to.

Sc Real Estate Laws- What Is The Law Regarding The Carrying Away Of Items By Real Estate Agents?
An Agent Entered Our Home Prior To Closing And Removed Our Dishes, Silverware, Groceries And Other Items We Had Planned To Removed A Few Hours Prior To Closing. He Has Since Denied Doing Such And Says All Of Our Items Were Most Likely Thrown Away... Does Anyone Know The Exact Wording Of The Law About The Carrying Away Of Goods By An Agent Prior To Closing?

This is not about real estate law. If you had not closed on the sale of your home and turned over possession to the new buyer, taking your stuff is "theft" and is a criminal act. Whether or not that was done by the real estate agent and can be proven is a different story.

Again, if you had not closed, the house is still yours so why would anyone have access and why would that person "throw away" your stuff. If the agent made that statement, it would seem to me that he or she is suggesting that someone had access to your house and only a licensed real estate agent or people that they had authorized would have access to the lock box. In fact, the new electronic lock boxes have a chip that records any agent's entry to the home.

If the missing stuff is valuable, and was not going to be thrown out anyway, then I would speak to the agent's broker and if you do not get satisfaction, I would consider filing a complaint with the Board of Realtors and/or the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. But before you take any action, be certain of the facts.

If those items were left in the house after closing, or after you tendered possession to the purchaser, that is another story. Then it is reasonable that someone assumed that they were abandoned and the buyer or the buyer's agents,cleaning crew or anyone else may well have thrown them out.

What Are The Top 5 Reasons To Be A Lawyer? Top 5 Reasons To Go To Harvard Law?
I Need To Know The Top 5 Reasons To Be A Lawyer And The Top 5 Reasons To Go To Harvard Law School. Please Help! Thanks!

I graduated from Harvard Law back in May. So, let me give you some insight.

Top 5 reasons to be a lawyer:

1) Money
2) Prestige
3) Money
4) Prestige
5) Money

I used to think it was all about helping people, but please, work in the field for a few months and you will realize that it's all about money and reputation. Do not get me wrong, I love when I can help clients obtain what they are looking for, however, even your own clients are all about money. I would be LYING if I said it was to "save the world" and to "fix our judicial system" that is fairy-tale talk.

Top 5 Reasons to go to Harvard Law:

1) Money (how much you will make after)
2) Prestige
3) Quality of education
4) High prospects (job offers)

Now, let me give you the real deal. Law school WILL NOT prepare you to be a lawyer. Law schools prepares your brain to think logically, and to learn how to read and comprehend the law. You will use less than 10% of your knowledge from law school in your field. Don't let anyone else fool you.

Getting into Harvard is very........very hard. I had a 3.9 GPA from Columbia University, and a 176 on my LSAT's. In undergrad, I was in a sorority, captain of the debate team, president of the history club, english club, and student body officer. I was also the president of my graduating class. I did this in 3 years at columbia. Meaning, I went to summer school each year so I could graduate early.

I applied to Yale, and got rejected. Yet, I had better grades and credentials than another student who was accepted to Yale. It's all a crapshoot when you are applying with thousands of other students who have done as much as you have. Once I was rejected to Yale, I was certain that I would not be accepted to Harvard. However, as luck has it, they spotted something in me that triggered them to believe I was a good candidate.

I graduated Summa c-u-m (that word is censored) laude. I was on law review, civil procedure trial team, criminal clinical trials, tort trial team.

You can earn great money if you go to a mediocre school, but it will be much much harder, and you must be at the top 5% of your graduating, and there is a chance you may not even reach 6 figures even if that happens. However, the politics at Ivy League Schools works this way: Top students will earn well......WELL over 6 figures because of the name we have stamped on our Degrees. It's not fair, but that's how our world spins round'.

Anyhow, I hope I have helped.

How Do I Get Background Information On Lawyers?
I Need A Descent Lawyer For A Child Custody Case Is There Any Way To Check Lawyers Credentials??? And How Theo Do In Court With Their Cases?

The State Supreme Court and the Bar Association can provide you with a list of complaints on attorneys. But, as far as how well or how often they won such cases is interpretive based different factors:
Available evidence in each case;
Whether the other parent fought for custody;
The quality of the other parent's legal representation; etc.

You need to interview several attorneys and take notes. Don't ask any of them about your case, just what their qualifications are. Get a feel for who you're most comfortable with. Get a list of the complaints on them, and there will be complaints, regardless of how good they are. People who win are not always complete satisfied with their win and file complaints against the attorney.

Pick out 3-4 from those you interviewed than go back and tell them about your case, again taking notes.

None of this time with the attorneys should cost you anything. If they want to charge for it, walk away. After the second round of interviews, choose your attorney from the results.

How Serious Is A Felony Assault Charge?
I'M Still A Minor And I Stole From The Mall And Got Caught. I Smacked The Mall Cop Really Hard Who Was Chasing Me And He Was Like &Quot;Your Now Being Charged With Felony Assault&Quot; And Then Arrested Me And Said All The Standard Crap Cops Tell You.... J/W If It Can Be Dropped Maybe To A Misdemeanor And As I Said I'M A Minor....

Felonies are pretty serious... so I''ll bet that you'll end up with some juvie time and a ton of fines. Usually people with felonies end up getting jail time... hopefully you aren't charged as an adult.

So all in all, it's pretty serious. Lol. Good luck!

What Type Of A Lawyer Should A Small Business Hire?
Small Businesses Are Advised To Hire An Accountant And A Lawyer... But What Type Of Lawyer For A Business With 10-15 Employees? Do You Hire Different Ones At Different Times Of Need? Or Is There One Sole Lawyer You Always Go To?

I would try this. it helped my father .