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My Cat Was Returned To A Pet Clinic..?
Found And Turned Into The Pet Clinic I Just Found Out. They Are Closed Today And We Won'T Be Able To Go Tomorrow Because We Won'T Be Available During Their Open Times. They'Ve Had Our Cat Since Yesterday, We Got A Voice Mail. Do You Think They Would Charge A Fee To Get Our Cat Back? And Will They Turn Our Cat Into The Shelter Or Is It Likely They Already Have? How Long Do You Think They Would Keep Her? They'Re Just A Pet Clinic, You Don'T Buy Cats/Dogs There... Thanks

You may not like this answer but it is a fact. They have to care for the cat and so yes they may charge you for that care. The animal shelter would do the same as well as charge you a fee or penalty for not getting it licensed and vaccinated. So brace yourself. Cruel world out there. That's why I keep my cats indoors.

We Are A Low Income Family. Our Beloved Cat Needs Surgery. Are There Any Clinics In Our Area? Sacramento, Ca?
We Need Someone Who Helps Pets With Low Income Families. I Work Full Time, But Can'T Manage The $2000.00 Vet Bill. Can Anyone Send Us In The Right Direction To Get Help? Thank You

Your best bet is to call around to the emergency clinics and see if they will give you a lower rate and/or take payments. (Emergency clinics are more likely to take payments than vets.)

Here is a link to a page that will help you find emergency clinics close to you: http://www.pets911.com/services/emergenc...

If you go to a church you could ask if you could take a special collection for surgery for your cat.

ADDED: Here are some resources for you!


"The following is a list of organizations that provide financial assistance to pet owners in need. Please keep in mind that each organization is independent and has their own set of rules and guidelines. Therefore you will have to investigate each one separately to determine if you qualify for assistance:

IMOM Inc., http://www.IMOM.org
Help-A-Pet, http://www.help-a-pet.org
The Pet Fund, http://www.thepetfund.com
Good Sam Fund, http://www.goodsamfund.org
United Animal Nations LifeLine Fund, http://www.uan.org
Angels for Animals, http://www.angels4animals.org
Brown Dog Foundation, http://www.browndogfoundation.org/home
Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program, http://www.fveap.org
Feline Outreach, http://www.felineoutreach.org
Cats In Crisis, http://www.catsincrisis.org
The Perseus Foundation (Cancer specific), http://www.PerseusFoundation.org
Canine Cancer Awareness, http://www.caninecancerawareness.org
Cody's Club (Radiation treatments), http://www.codysclub.bravehost.com/
Diabetic Pets Fund, http://www.petdiabetes.net/fund/
The Mosby Foundation, http://www.themosbyfoundation.org
Magic Bullet Fund (Cancer Specific), http://www.themagicbulletfund.org
The Binky Foundation, http://www.binkyfoundation.org
God's Creatures Ministry Veterinary Charity, http://www.all-creatures.org/gcm/help-cf.html

Please remember that, depending on the severity of your pet's illness or injury, you might still lose your pet even after great expense. Discuss the prognosis and treatment options thoroughly with your veterinarian, including whether surgery or treatment would just cause your animal discomfort without preserving a life of good quality."

Does Anyone Know Of A Good Non Profit Org To Partner With In Helping Disabled Persons With Service Animals?
I Would Like To Expand The Help I Have Been Providing Others To Encompass This Group As Well, I Feel Like They Are Being Left Out As A Whole And Have No Way Of Helping The Precious Animals That Have Guided And Provided Them With Much Needed Companionship. Thank You, Simon Wilby The Smart Power Inc. &Quot;Second Chance Show&Quot;

The International Association of Assistance Dog Partners. http://iaadp.org They do advocacy and education as well as brokering some veterinary benefits for service dogs with various companies.

Karl's Kids Program, Inc. http://animalservices2000.org/content/no... They do fund raising for emergency veterinary care for service animals, education and advocacy, and can sometimes help with food or medication as resources are available.

Emergency Vets In Los Angeles, Ca?
Do You Know Of Any Emergency Vet In Los Angeles, Ca That Would Be Willing To Work Out A Monthly Payment Plan With Me? My Regular Vet Won'T Do It And My Dog Is Very Sick And Needs Immediate Veterinary Attention. Carecredit Is Not An Option For Me.

List of resources for California, Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

You will have to look through them and see which one can help you. Some may not be able to help today, but provide other services that may help you later on. Do not forget the humane society! There are some I am sure you will not use as well!

I hope pooch is better soon!


Actors and Others for Animals (veterinary care assistance)

Animal Health Foundation (veterinary care assistance)

AniMeals Helen Woodward Animal Center (veterinary care assistance programs for senior, disabled or ill pet owners)

PALS: Pets Are Loving Support (veterinary care assistance programs for senior, disabled or ill pet owners)

SHARE Marin Humane Society (veterinary care assistance programs for senior, disabled or ill pet owners)

Voice for the Animals Foundation, Helping Friends Program (veterinary care assistance programs for senior, disabled or ill pet owners)

SEAACA: Downey (veterinary medical care assistance, spay/neuter, vaccination assistance)

Mountains' Humane Society: Lake Arrowhead (pet food, spay/neuter assistance)

PAWS/LA: Hollywood (pet food and supplies, veterinary medical care assistance, grooming, spay/neuter, veterinary care assistance programs for senior, disabled or ill pet owners, and other services)

SPCA for Monterey County: Monterey (pet food, spay/neuter and vaccination assistance)

Napa Humane: Napa (spay/neuter assistance)

Actors and Others for Animals: North Hollywood (pet food, spay/neuter assistance, assistance for necessary veterinary medical care)

Marin Humane Society: Novato (pet care assistance to low-income seniors, persons living with HIV/AIDS and those receiving hospice services; please see website for complete list of services)

North County Humane Society and SPCA: Oceanside (pet food, spay/neuter and vaccination assistance; contact NCHS for additional services)

Mercy Crusade's Spay and Neuter Clinic: Oxnard (spay/neuter and vaccination assistance)

Palo Alto Humane Society: Palo Alto (spay/neuter assistance, assistance for emergency veterinary care)

Pasadena Humane Society: Pasadena (spay/neuter assistance)

Being A Vet/Veterinarian?
I Am Interested In Becoming A Vet, But Im Not Sure On Things Like How Much You Earn And If It Really Is A Good Job. I Am Going For A Voluntary Job At The Moment Just To Try It Out. But I Was Wondering If I Decided To Fully Concentrate On Becoming One Then -≫Is It A Good Job To Have -≫Do You Get Payed Well -≫Is It Worth Aiming To Be A Vet, Or Should I Go For Something Else -≫Any Other Jobs - I Enjoy Answering Psychology And Listening To Peoples Problems, Drawing, Looking After Animals And I Am A Quiet Person. Please Answer ... I Am Doing My Exams And Really Need To Choose What Im Going For.. Thankyou So Much Xxx Any Vet Experience Would Also Be Great. Thanks Again :) Xxx

i really wanted to be a vet but i chose not to, really it depends on what kind of vet you would like to be but this is the truth. vets get payed well most of the time, but vets have HUGE down falls, first they come in every day to sad animals all very sick, second you must put animals to sleep :( very big down fall, and last because most vets must examine animals that have past away to see why they died. I would suggest if you like to walk around a lot and if you love animals and a risky person a wildlife biologist, that would be my job choice.

At What Point Do You Reach Your Limit For Veterinary Care For An Ailing Pet?
A Family Member Of Mine Has A Morbidly Obese Pet Who Cannot Lose Weight Despite Diet, Exercise, And Medication. This Dog Is 10 Years Old And She Has Paid Thousands Upon Thousands Of Dollars, And Has Nearly Lost Her House In The Process Because Of The Financial Burden Of The Veterinary Care. The Veterinarian Has Suggested Euthinization (Sp?) For The Dog Many Times, But My Family Member Still Insists On Prolonging His Life As Long As Possible Through Pain Medication. At What Point Is Enough Enough?

We have faced this dilemma several times with three special needs dogs. First and foremost, we look at the comfort of the dog. What is his quality of life. Is he in pain, does he take pleasure in little things like chasing a ball, chewing a bone, running through the sprinkler. What is his age, prognosis, and the likelihood that a treatment or cure is within our means? And will it improved his quality of life or just prolong his suffering?

We joke about owning a $19,000 free dog. We adopted a dog that was ultimately found to have a catastrophic brain malformation requiring multiple MRI's and two complicated neurosurgeries including insertion of a shunt. He was an otherwise healthy puppy with an amazing personality. We made a conscious decision to forgo some vacations and renovations to the kitchen because we felt an obligation to him. We knew he had some sort or unidentified problem when we accepted him and we had agreed to take care of him. Although the breeder we adopted him from urged us to put him to sleep, we looked at the situation and felt he deserved a chance. His second surgery had to wait until we saved enough to cover the procedure and the vet worked with us to keep him comfortable during that time.

Would I have jeopardized our financial security, our home, or our children's education? Never. But putting him to sleep wasn't palatable to us either. His prognosis was guarded, but we also saw an opportunity to benefit veterinary medicine since one of his procedures was experimental. Would I have made the same choice for an overweight 10year old dog? Not in a million years.And if my vet was suggesting euthanasia, I would take that suggestion to heart.

Your family member sounds pathological. This dog didn't get morbidly obese on his own and there is a school of thought that allowing that to happen is an insidious form of animal cruelty. In light of the vet's advice, he fact that she can't let go even to the detriment of her family and their financial security is concerning. I think it's important to determine what the dog represents to her. Clearly it's something she is having a great deal of difficulty letting go of, and her reaction when the dog ultimately passes may be extreme and necessitate professional help.