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Dying Bird?
My Bird Bites Itself, And Its Bloody All Over. Its Been Worse And Worse. Today Was Like Really Bad. It Was Bloody All Over The Underside Of The Wing. It Bites Itself Near The Shoulders And Under The His Arms. I Went To The Vet A Long Time Ago And It Costed About $70. I Can Tell That The Avian Vet Was Clueless About What Was Happening. She Gave Us A Spray Bottle. Inside Was Some Sour Stuff To Discourage The Bird From Self Mutilation, Or Biting Itself. It Didnt Work At All. Now The Bird Is In The Cage Just Sitting There. It Bites Itself All The Time, And At Night Sometimes I Can Hear It Crying While Biting Itself. It Is A Lovebird And Has A Budgey Friend. He Is A Happy Lovebird, Sits On My Shoulder And Flies Around The House. It Eats A Mixture Of Seeds With Stuff Mixed In Like Sunflower Seeds, Etc. I Recently Got A Bag Of Treats Which Contain Stuff Like Coconut, Papaya, Banana And Stuff... That Avian Vet Was The Only Vet In The Nearby Cities. She Is Really Clueless About What She Is Doin

This is clearly serious enough to need a vet. If you don't like the vet you tried, you could try one of:

Jenni Bass
9842 Second Street, Sidney
Victoria, V8L 3C6
Phone: 250-656-3333
Fax: 250-656-4223

Vicki Bowes
1767 Angus Campbell Road
Abbotsford, V3G 2M3
Phone: 604-556-3003
Fax: 604-556-3010

Christopher Collis
#103 3145 Jacklin Road
Phone: 604-478-4075
Fax: 604 478-4092

Loic Legendre, DVM
Westview Veterinary Services, Ltd
726-2601 Westview Dr
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
V7N 3X4

Anne McDonald
Night Owl Bird Hospital
1669 West 3rd Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6J 1K1
604/734-5100 Fax 604/734-5110

I'm not local (1800 km away), so I can't tell you much about any of them (and one could be the one you already tried). I suggest you call and talk to them and see if you can't find one you're comfortable with. Do it immediately.

Birds Left Eye Wont Open All The Way. Just Started Antibiotics For Cat Bites?
Yesterday My Cat Attacked My Bird And We Took Him To The &Quot;Bird Hospital&Quot;. He Is Now On Antibiotics And Painkillers. He Seems To Be Doing Well Other Then The Fact That His Left Eye Does Not Open All The Way Anymore. I'Ve Tried Looking Online To See If I Could Find Any Information On What This Could Be But I Couldn'T. I Would Just Call The Place We Took Him Yesterday And Ask About It But They Are Closed Right Now. If Anyone Has Any Clue As To What Could Be Wrong That Would Be Wonderful. It Basically Looks As If He Is Squinting, But Only With His Bottom Lid. It Also Looks A Tad Bit Swollen But Is Not Red Or Anything.

Well birds eyes are small I think Its lost sight in seeing or It is bruised and swollen and that will
heal In a few weeks. And i think you should keep your cat away from your bird or get rid
of it before It kills your bird.

Wow Hunter Pet Questions?
I'M An Experienced Hunter (Level 79) But There'S A Few Things I Need To Figure Out. For One- If You Tame An Elite Beast Does It Have Better Stats Then If You Tamed A Non Elite Beast Of The Same Level? And Does The Level You Tame It At Effect How Big It Gets? I Got My Cat At Level 10 And I See Hunters With Slightly Different Cat Models And They'Re My Level But Their Pet Is Bigger. Anyone Know The Answers? Thanks!

"If you tame an elite beast does it have better stats then if you tamed a non elite beast of the same level?"

"And does the level you tame it at effect how big it gets?"
No. In fact, I'm pretty sure they stop increasing in size after level 60.

"I got my cat at level 10 and I see hunters with slightly different cat models and they're my level but their pet is bigger. Anyone know the answers?"
Are the PETS themselves the same level? If so, then they are the same size. Maybe it just looks different from a distance.
If they are the same level but still different sizes, please provide a screen shot :)

Several Pet Questions?
I Need A Pet To Train For This Class Where You Train A Pet And Thats How You Get Your Grade. I Would Like A Bird, Dog, Or Rodent. Dog: Now I Would Like A A Dog That Does Not Shed Alot, Grows To A Max Of A Medium Size, And Is Very Intellegent, And Very Simple To Train. Bird: I Wouldnt Like A Small Bird Like The Size Of A Finch But Also A Medium Sized One. The Life Span Can Be From 5-30 Years. Rodent: I Would Want Something Like A Ferret, But The Only Thing I Hate About Rodents Is The Smell Except For Rabbits, But I Hear That Rabbits Are Very Hard To Train Is That True?

Taking on the responsibility of owning and caring for a pet just to take a class and get a grade is a poor reason to seek a pet.

Perhaps you can be a foster home for a dog that is at a shelter and your training will help it find a forever home?

You may decide that you just want to keep it after all, but in this instance, the visit to the shelter should help you find the dog there that needs you and your attention and traning most.

I hope the class is about training you how to train a pet.

BTW, Neither ferrets or rabbits are rodents.
Ferrets belong to the weasel family (Mustelidae) and are related to mink, skunks, weasels, and otters. Rabbits belong to the order Lagomorpha, of which there are two families Leporidae (Rabbits and Hares) and Ochotonidae (Pikas). Pikas somewhat resemble the Guinea Pig, which isn't a pig at all, but a rodent of the Cavy family (Caviidae) native to South America, and includes the wild cavies, and the capybara. Chinchillas, rats, mice and squirrels are also rodents.

Rabbits can be trained, and an adult rabbit is easier to train than a baby. Before you decide what animal you want to *train*, decide what animal suits your lifestyle, suits your budget and that you would be willing to put forth the effort to make a part of your family.

edit: Agrees that a pet rat is a very trainable and can be an affectionate pet. Many breeds of dog and mongrel/mixed breed dogs are highly trainable. I have seen rabbits trained to do tricks and known housetrained rabbits. There are many abandoned rabbits who need a forever home, socialization and training, too.
I don't have as much experience with birds.

I would still like to know more about this class.

EDIT: Male rats and mice can have very strong urine odor and require a thorough *daily* cleaning of surfaces (ladders, wheel, top layer of bedding) to keep them indoors if you do not want your home smelling of them. Female mice require much less attention to odors as their urine does not have anywhere near the odor level. If you use a baby wipe to swipe off metal or plastic surfaces once a day, you can go a week without a thorough cleaning/changing litter/bedding. Baking soda and peroxide mixed works wonders for all pet odors.

I Want To Be A Vet For Smaller Animals ... Suggestions Please?
Im Going To Be 16 Soon And I Want To Be A Vet But Im Not Sure Of The Right Steps I Need To Take. I Want To Be A Vet For The Smaller Animals I.E. Cats, And Dogs. What Do I Need To Do College Wise, Class Subject Wise, Interning, And Whats The Average Pay For A Vet Starting Out After Interning In San Fernando Valley For California? Thanks So Much In Adance! =]

you should start by looking at vet school requirements to see what they are looking for. most people who go to vet school did animal science as undergrad BUT that's not required as long as you have all the classes vet school requires. some vet schools also asks that you have a certain # of hours of animal experience (working at a vet hospital or some sort of animal handling experience - not owning a pet). You got to realize that studying to become a vet is not just about cats and dogs, it involves farm animals, birds, etc and you really don't get to specialize until later in your study/career. i majored in animal science with the intention of becoming a vet for small animals but i found out my studies would have included farm animals which wasn't my interest so i dropped out. i have no idea what the starting salary is. i hope you are truely interested in helping animals rather than being interested at the potential earnings.
the last time i checked, vet school at ucdavis required a few hundred hours of animal handling experience to apply while michigan state u's vet school don't require any...but do require letter of rec from a vet. also, michigan state u's youngest accepted vet student was only 17 years told and not everyone has a B.S degree so apparently that school has very different requirement from say Cornell or UCD. Hope that helps and good luck!

I Want To Become A Vet For Zoo Animals. Where Should I Go To College?
I Am A Junior In High School And This Has Been My Dream Job For As Long As I Can Remember. I'M Trying To Find A College With A Good Animal Science/Pre-Vet/Vet/Etc. Program And Preferably An Equestrian Team Too. I'Ve Been Looking For Months But Nothing Seems To Pop Out At Me. Please Help!!!

You could to the University of Georgia. I don't know if they have an equestrian team though.

Clemson University would be good. These are majors you could consider (minors also available for the first three): Animal & Veterinary Science, Wildlife Biology, Biological Science, and Environmental & Natural Resources. If I remember correctly, Clemson has an equestrian team. They have something with horses.

You could major in Animal & Veterinary Science and minor in Wildlife Biology. Or you could switch and major in Wildlife Bio. and minor in Animal & Veterinary Science. Or double major.