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Neutering My Pet Canine Will Make Him Less Agressive?
I Owe A Cannine 1 Yr 9 Mnts Old Which I Am Not Sure Whether He Is A Dog Or A Wolf. He Has Long Muzzle, Short Folded Ear,Looks Like A Big Husky, Has Thick Fur And Is Grey In Colour And Is Very Strong. He Is Very Agressive Towards Other Animals And Strangers And Is Very Protective... He Killed Our Adult Rottwiller And A Cow Calf Some Months Ago... He Is So Agressive That At Times It Becomes Very Hard For Us To Control Him.. Due To His Huge Size And Strength If He Pulls On The Lease We Have To Give It Up.... He Is 31&Quot; Tall And Weights 204 Lbs. I Have Read On The Net That Castration Makes An Animal Less Agressive.... So Will It Help My Canine?? Will It Let Him Become Less Agressive??

make him less playfull

Canine Herpes + Puppies, Please Help? Im Confused?
Hi! I Am Adopting A Mix Pup From A Local Shelter. I Just Found Out A Bunch Of The Pups From The Litter Died Of Canine Herpes. 3 Survived. So Do I Have Any Worries With The One I Am Adopting? Will She Fall Ill? I Don'T Know Much Of Anything About This. How Come She Survived While Others Didnt? Can Anyone Explain All Of This To Me? Thx!!!

Canine herpes is passed during breeding or from mother to puppies. It can cause still birth, miscarriage or death of the puppies in the first 3 weeks. Most likely your puppies entire litter had/has the diseases and yours along with 2 others were just strong enough to fight or were treated. Your puppy will always be a carrier (just like a person with herpes) so should be spayed as soon as possible to prevent spreading the disease. That said most dogs over 3 weeks carry the disease without showing any symptoms so you should have no problems from it.

What Is Side Effect Of Getting Your Dog Neutered?
I Have A 6 Month Old Chihuahua. I Really Did Not Want To Get Him Neutered, But I Do Not Want Him Having Any Puppies. Anyway, Im Getting Him Neutered And I Wanted To Know If There Is Any Side Effects??

It is ENTIRELY possible to own an intact male dog and it not ever sire puppies.

I know that seems shocking, but it is not rocket science. I have had many intact male dogs and none of them ever sired a litter.

I have many friends with intact male dogs and its the same for them.

IF you care about your dog then you need to research.

There is NO MEDICAL BENEFIT to EVER neutering a male dog.

This is all PROVEN by MEDICAL RESEARCH done by Veterinarians.

Read and learn............This is a summary of the link provided in the first answer.
Summary of health affects of spay/neuter
The full version of the paper summarized below, complete with all references to the veterinary medical research cited, is available. This paper reports some of the adverse behavioral impacts of early spay/neuter.

An objective reading of the veterinary medical literature reveals a complex situation with respect to the long-term health impacts of spay/neuter in dogs. The evidence shows that spay/neuter correlates with both positive and adverse health effects in dogs. It also suggests how much we really do not yet understand about this subject.

*****READ THIS PARAGRAPH******On balance, it appears that no compelling case can be made for neutering most male dogs, especially immature male dogs, in order to prevent future health problems. The number of health problems associated with neutering may exceed the associated health benefits in most cases.

On the negative side, neutering male dogs

if done before maturity, increases the risk of osteosarcoma (bone cancer) by a factor of 3.8; this is a common cancer in medium/large and larger breeds with a poor prognosis
increases the risk of cardiac hemangiosarcoma by a factor of 1.6; this is a common cancer and major cause of death in some breeds
triples the risk of hypothyroidism
increases the risk of geriatric cognitive impairment
triples the risk of obesity, and with it many of the associated health problems
quadruples the small risk (<0.6%) of prostate cancer
doubles the small risk (<1%) of urinary tract cancers
increases the risk of orthopedic disorders
increases the risk of adverse reactions to vaccinations

On the positive side, neutering male dogs

eliminates the small risk (probably <1%) of dying from testicular cancer
reduces the risk of non-cancerous prostate disorders
reduces the risk of perianal fistulas
may possibly reduce the risk of diabetes (data inconclusive)

For female dogs, the situation is more complex. The number of health benefits associated with spaying may exceed the associated health problems in some (not all) cases. On balance, whether spaying improves the odds of overall good health or degrades them probably depends on the age of the female dog and the relative risk of various diseases in the different breeds.

On the positive side, spaying female dogs

if done before 2.5 years of age, greatly reduces the risk of mammary tumors, the most common tumors in female dogs
nearly eliminates the risk of pyometra, which otherwise would infect about 23% of intact female dogs; pyometra kills about 1% of intact female dogs
reduces the risk of perianal fistulas
removes the very small risk (<0.5%) from uterine, cervical, and ovarian tumors
On the negative side, spaying female dogs

if done before maturity, increases the risk of osteosarcoma by a factor of 3.1; this is a common cancer in larger breeds with a poor prognosis
increases the risk of splenic hemangiosarcoma by a factor of 2.2 and cardiac hemangiosarcoma by a factor of more than 5; this is a common cancer and major cause of death in some breeds
triples the risk of hypothyroidism
increases the risk of obesity by a factor of 1.6 – 2, and with it the many associated health problems
causes urinary spay incontinence in 4-20% of female dogs
increases the risk of persistent or recurring urinary tract infections by a factor of 3-4
increases the risk of recessed vulva, vaginal dermatitis, and vaginitis, especially for female dogs spayed before puberty
doubles the small risk (<1%) of urinary tract tumors
increases the risk of orthopedic disorders
increases the risk of adverse reactions to vaccinations
One thing is clear—much of the spay/neuter information that is available to the public is unbalanced and contains claims that are exaggerated or unsupported by evidence. Rather than helping to educate pet owners, much of this has contributed to common misunderstandings about the long-term health impacts of spay/neuter in dogs.

The traditional spay/neuter age of six months as well as the modern practice of pediatric spay/neuter appear to predispose dogs to health risks that could otherwise be avoided by waiting until the dog is physically mature, or (perhaps in the case of many male d

Getting My Dog Neutered?
Can It Help With Aggression And Dominance Issues?

It will help a little. I think it makes them forget their ego a little bit, haha. They won't want to roam or dominate other dogs as much. But obviously dogs always want to be alpha if they can.

Part of it may be that you have akita in the mix and they can be fairly dominant/aggresive if left to their own devices.

I know she's a girl, but my mother's dog is a mix of who knows what and they dog's attitude got so bad before we got her spayed that my mom was considering putting her down because she was just plain angry. Not that I would have let that happen but after being spayed she is lots calmer, though still occasionally has her mood swings.

Another tip is you may need to set it straight that you are in charge of BOTH dogs, not the one dog in charge of the other and you (demanding attention, etc). Maybe try some training with them, this will also help relieve energy.

Anywho, get them neutered anyway, it will solve a lot of the problems and prevent uh oh puppies from happening, good luck!

Hey, How Old Do You Have To Be To Volunteer At A Vet Center? Not Getting Paid,But Just Help Out....?
Hey, How Old Do You Have To Be To Volunteer At A Vet Center? Not Getting Paid,But Just Help Out Like Washing A Dog, Or Sweeping Up And Cleaning, Or Even Getting The Real Vet His Tools.

13 and older

The Son Of A Viet-Nam Vet Needs Help!!!!!!!!?
My Dad Was A Viet-Nam Vet And He Suffered From P.T.S.D. If You Don'T Know What P.T.S.D Is Then I Highly Doubt You Can Help. For Those Of You That Do You Probably Have Some Idea What My Family And I Went Through. We Lived In Hell To Say The Least And I See My Brother And Myself Displaying Attitudes Much Like Our Fathers. Short Tempered,Not Trusting Others,Drug Use And The List Goes On And On. My Dad Committed Suicide In 1993 And I Can Honestly Say The Viet-Nam Experience Has And Is Still Affecting Our Lives. Is There Any Organizations Out There That Can Help Us Try To Recover From Issues We Still Have From Our Dads Experences. We Don'T Have Insurance And Can'T Afford An Expensive Therapist. If There Is Please Let Me Know.

Any war vet that suffered from PTSD has a dramatic effect on their family members and as a result there are vet centers that are now providing different types of programs to help family members, such as group or individual therapy. You can contact your local vet center to find out more information. The following site can provide you with the contact information for finding the closest vet center. I hope this helps. Good Luck.