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Cat Not Well.. No Vets Open.. Need Advice?
My Cat Hasn'T Eaten Properly In 2 Days... I Often Change Her Food Alot So I Thought It Was Her Being Fussy... But I Got Her Cod (Her Fav) She Nibbled And Left It. I Went Out In The Hall And There Was Sick Out There... Since That Shes Had Some Water. She Seams Herself Chasing Things (Has Occasionally Gone Off To Have Some Alone Time) Stil Purring And That. I'M Really Worried Tho

Well you probably know what was wrong by now. My bet is that her upset stomach was caused by the frequent switching of the diet. Cats are quite sensitive to that.

the best way to keep the cat healthy and to prevent vomiting and diarrhea is to give it a good diet. Cats are carnivores so it needs to be a meat based diet. None of the dry stuff, as it doesn't provide the hydration the cat needs to get from food. It's also high in carbs due to the cheap fillers they use like corn,wheat, soy, rice etc. Cats can't process carbs and they turn straight into blood sugar and fat. Their bodies are different from ours so what is healthy for us is not healthy for them.

If you feed an all wet diet, grain free, with muscle meat as first ingredient and no by-product, you should be able to avoid such problems in the future as weel as a number of serious medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, UTI, renal failure and more.

Here are some websites on cat nutrition which taught me a lot about the subject, I hope it helps you as well.

Good Luck

Whats The Better Job; Vet Or Vets Nurse?
Really Want A Job With Animals, Its All I Have Wanted To Do Since I Can Remember, I Have A Lot Of Animals: 2 Gerbils, 2 Hamsters, 3 Cats, 2 Rabbits And 4 Ferrets. I Am Not In To All The Blood And Guts Part Of Being A Vet, But Don't Mind That Much. I Know A Vet Pays More, But Anyway I Was Just Wondering If Anyone Has An Opinion On Which Is The Better Job, With Reasons And How To Achieve It, I Live In England So Will Be Studying Here. Thanx.

ok well if you are not into the blood and guts neither is a good choice but if your ok with blood then my opoion is vet tech. (nurse) only because less schooling and to me ther is more hands on stuff vet techs gives shots does lab work and dose more hands on things like walking dogs and more stuff like that while vets do more importain things like surgury. but techs get less pay but require less schooling so it is up to you we can not make the decision for you but there is the facts.

Ps check out my question:

About Getting A Dog Neutered?
I Had A Dog That Was Neutered And He Ended Up Running Away It Doesnt Stop Them From Roaming At Least It Didnt With My Other Dog Another Topic I Have A 2Year Old Lab That Doesnt Know How To Play I Got Him When He Wa 1 1/2 Years Old The Person I Got Him From Says It Was A Stray I Dont Know How Long He Had Him But He Wont Fetch The Ball He Runs After It Then Comes Back When I Put Him On A Leash He Whines Like He Wants To Roam And When We Go For A Walk He Starts To Run I Cant Go That Fast Because I Have A Bad Back So I Dont Take Him For Walks That Much.I Dont Know If I Should Get Him Fixed Because He Still Might Roam And Run Away.

Neutering is not some magic cure for all bad behavior! Excuse me. I am not trying to be rude, but neutering a dog will prevent puppies that will then add to the homeless dog problem. It CAN calm dogs and make them slightly more mellow after, but it didn't with my dog. :) (I love him to pieces anyway) fixing your dog is important, there are many unwanted dogs dieing in the streets or being put down in shelters every day, neutering your dog will help stop that problem. As for not fetching, that is a talent that needs to be taught, you take your dog, throw a stick, then while he has it in his mouth, say "Come" eventually change it to it's own command "Fetch!" and he will learn that means come with the stick. Some dogs don't catch on, but that is Okay, that is just how they are. As for a leash, you need to train him to heel, a choke chain works well, but if possible, just teach him to walk at your side in your own back yard, and he will learn it on the sidewalk. Dogs take time and patience, do your best, and they will repay you. Best of luck with your new dog.

Getting My Dog Neutered?
I Heard Getting A Dog Neutered Will Make Him Be Less Hyper, Is That True?

Yes, it can be. My friend's dog was terrible and would not settle and worse! I was staying with them for a couple of months and in the end they had to have there dog done. After a a couple of weeks things started to change, and as time went on more change. A few months after I left I asked the owners of the dog how they were getting on. They said that there had been a big change and the dog was much better and calmer and listened more to what they were saying. The dog was certainly out of control to start off with though! It can take time for the dog's behaviour to change after they have been neutered, but the outcome is worth the wait in the end. I think you should have your dog done. It should help.

Vet In Ky, Rabbit Spay/Neuter?
I Was Wondering If Anyone Knew Of A Vet In Reasonable Range From Jenkins, Ky That Will Spay/Neuter Rabbits And Won'T Change Anything Outrageous. The Vet I Checked Charged About $200 Per Rabbit.

$200 is what it costs to spay a rabbit in Phoenix, AZ; less for castration. Below are the KY rabbit vets listed on the Indian House Rabbit Society webpage. I wouldn't go to any vet that isn't on their list. Rabbit veterinary care and especially surgery is tricky and you only want the most knowledgable vet. Good luck!

Dr. Joseph Deck, DVM
Deck Veterinary Clinic
2409 Brownsboro Rd.
Louisville, KY 40206

Dr. Teresa Gregory, DVM
6321 West Hwy 146
Crestwood, KY 40014
(502) 241-4117
(East Louisville)
4504 Outer Loop
Louisville, KY
(South Louisville)

Dr. Stanley Hastings
Dr. Bette Vecchione
Dr. Tony Shumann
Erlanger Veterinary Hospital
3414 Dixie Highway
Erlanger, KY 41018
(859) 727-2046

Dr. Stanley Hastings
Dr. Bette Vecchione
Dr. Tony Shumann
Union Pet Clinic
9842 Old Union Road
Union, KY 41091
(859) 384-7702

Missy Jewell, MS, DVM
Louisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Service
12905 Shelbyville Rd, Suite 3
Louisville, KY 40243
(502) 244-3036

Dr. Sam Vaughn
Veterinary Associates Stonefield
203 Moser Road
Louisville, KY 40223
(502) 245-7863

Dr. Bianca Zaffarano, DVM
Pennyroyal Small & Exotic Animal Hospital
247 Regency Circle
Lexington, KY 40503
(859) 277-4315

Getting My Rabbit Neutered?
So My Rabbit Is A Year Old And He Has Never Been With Another Bunny, But I Have Finally Come Around To Wanting To Get Him Neutered Because Ive Heard It Makes Them Better With Using A Litter Box And Im Getting Tired Of His Accidents =P So What Are The Things I Should Do To Prepare Him For This Surgery? And What Should I Do Once I Bring Him Home From It And So On?

I have two buck (male) rabbits and they are not neutered. They do not spray all over one i 5 years and the other is a little over 1 year. This is because i handle my rabbits all of the time so they don't have "accidents" all over.

I have herd from allot of people that after they got there rabbit neutered it made it mean. Also if you show your rabbit the judge will tack points off because it ruins the rabbits quality.