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Best Vet Programs???
Which University/College Has The Best Vet Program In The U.S? Name As Many As You Can Think Of That Have The Best Vet Program.

Well there's only 26 in the country and they're all good!

That being said, Cornell, Colorado, Penn and UC Davis have all been consistently ranked at the top.

When you're applying to vet school it's really important to take into account other factors than their rankings because, frankly, they're all good and you're going to have a tough time getting into one, let alone the top school.

Many vet schools select students based largely on state residency. Some schools wont consider applicants from out of state, other's reserve 50-90% of their spots for in state applicants and 10 spots for applicants from the rest of the country.

Additionally, if you are a state resident of the state the school is in your tuition will be 10-20 THOUSAND dollars lower.

Other things that you need to keep in mind are that there is NO WAY you can meet ALL the prereqs for ALL the schools - so take the courses that interest you and apply to the schools that will accept those courses (although there are a few things you're gonna have to take: orgo, chem, physics, bio, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, statistics, etc). Additionally, some schools require additional applications, application fees, or tests, so it is important to take that into account when applying too.

So there are several factors to consider other than ranking and I hope this helps!

Need To Find Low Cost Vet In Amman Jordan?
It’S Better To Be Mobile Vet Services?

The Mobile Clinic Aleef Express Vet established in Amman, it provides low-cost neighborhood health clinics for small animals. Our veterinarians and friendly staff are committed to providing the best vet care, our goal is to keep your dog, cat, horse or other pet healthy.

Does Anyone Know A Great Cat Dermatologist In Carrollton Tx?

TX, 1617 W. HEBRON PKWY, 75010 CARROLLTON | 972-394-9228

Monday - Friday 7:30AM - 5:30PM. Every Other Saturday 9:00AM - 1:00PM. Hebron Cat Hospital in Carrollton, TX is a full service feline veterinary hospital. We are a veterinary hospital / veterinary clinic for cats. We are conveniently located to Carrollton, Castle Hills, Lewisville, Coppell, Addison, The Colony, Frisco, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Plano, North Dallas. We are high quality, feline only veterinary hospital with competitive prices. We are the only AAHA ACCREDITED cat hospital in…

I would think since this is a clinic for cats they should be far better able to handle your cats problems than a small animal clinic. No one can know everything for every species of small animal. If they don't have a dermatologist they will know where to send you and you can ask for referrals.
Good luck. Also allergy problems are often treated with steroids. This can bring on feline diabetes. Be sure and ask if there are alternatives.

Animal Hospital Let My Cat Die?
Over The Weekend My Cat Got Very Sick, I Didnt No What Was Wrong With Him, I Contacted An Animal Hospital Asking For Their Help And I Was Turned Down Because I Didnt Have Any Money, I Promise To Play Them A Little Amount Until I Pay Them All Of The Cost, I Was Again Turned Down, You See I Am Elderly Disable And On A Fix Income, Have No Family To Help Me Out, Never Been Married Nor Have Kid'S. This Is Why I Have No Money, It Really Hurts Me To No That You Can Be An Animal Hospital For The Care Of Animals And You Can No That An Animal Is Dieing And You Do Nothing To Help It, How Hard, Harded Can You Be. I Am Located In A Town Of Georgia, East Point, And The Animal Hospital Was A 24-Hour Overnight Service In Union City A City Of Fulton County. Its Is Just A Shame That I Myself Couldnt Help Am Cat, So I Ask The Lord To Please Forgive Me For Not Having.

The hospital let your cat die? No, YOU did since you have a pet you can't afford to care for. Why should they provide services to you free of charge? The employees, the medicines, their rent - everything costs MONEY. They're a business like any other.

Did you try contacting a local animal shelter? They may have been able to help you or at the least - you could have surrendered the cat instead of just letting it die.

Don't "ask the lord" to forgive you. Don't have pets in the future if you can't afford to care for them. Pets are a RESPONSIBILITY - not a right.

What Criteria You Use To Choose Vet For Your Dogs?
What Things Do You Look At When Choosing A Vet? Do You Go By Recommendations? What Are Some Of The The Questions You Ask The Vet If Any?

I believe the first thing we have to do is look at all the vets within the area we can get to, and we need to first be realistic and realize we may have to have a regular vet (if we want a really good one) that we have to travel for, but have one a little closer for emergencies. This is what I have had to do because I live in such a remote area. I have three vets and they are all very good. I am lucky. And each knows about the other and has contact with the other. I rescue animals so sometimes it is a matter of getting to the closest, however and in an extreme emergency, I will stop at the first I come to when I have an injured animal in my car that needs help NOW. With that being said:
First: Recommendations. This is a big one. If a vet is respected by animal lovers and they are willing to say, this one is good, that means a lot. Yet, you should get more than one recommendation and also always consider the source of the compliment. I have found that groomers are a good source of information for vets They can usually even tell you what the vet is best at. For instance, just like with people doctors, some are really good with specific things.
Still, if you have someone telling you a vet is really good and they have all this respect for him...then you look in their backyard and see kennels stacked and puppies everywhere... (get the point) ... I actually had a BYB that docked her puppies tails, cropped their ears, gave first shots, etc...herself... and she was telling me about the vet that (her words) "learned her to do this and gived her the stuff to help out cuz it was so expensive to take all those little mutts (yes she did go there) to the doc each time one popped a litter out." Do I need to tell you I never opened the doors of that vet's office? So do consider the source on a recommendation.
Observation of animals. When I see animals that are just healthy and have received really good care from their owners, I am going to ask, "Who's your vet?" Then I will go and talk with the vet before letting him "talk" to my dogs and cats. I usually want to know where he went to school and what are his resources when he needs help. If the vet already knows everything and cannot admit to needing a little help and back-up on occasion, chances are he is way too smart for me and mine. So I am going to ask questions of the vet. And a good vet has the time for you to do this. He may tell you to come back at a specific time or to wait - but he will make time to talk with you.
This goes hand in hand with #2. When talking to the vet, you will get a "feel" for him. A vet should love animals. All animals. And this is a pet peeve of mine, and I am not even sure why, but I have this adversity to seeing a vet who has a deer head hanging on his wall. I am not going to ask a vet if he hunts. I am not opposed to hunting when it is for a good reason, such as a source of food. But I do not consider hunting a sport. That is my personal opinion and I do not get into arguments or debates about it. And I would not stop seeing a vet just because he likes to hunt, but I would have a problem with him hanging trophies about. My vet does not hunt and I know this because we had a discussion about one that does hang trophies in the area.
If I have selected a vet, I then watch him with MY animals. I watch how they react to him and how he reacts to them. I watch for patience and the way he reacts to his staff. For instance if an animal needs an IV started immediately (and I recently had this happen) and the assistant is taking the dog to get a weight, my vet actually told the assistant...NO START THE IV NOW. Then get a weight. Five minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but it can make a difference in life and death in humans and certainly in dogs and cats.
And this is the final thing I would check ion the beginning. Does the vet have an emergency listing? In other words, if you have an emergency at 2 in the morning are you going to have to find a 24 hour vet or can you call your vet that knows your pet?

Those are the first things I look at. And the relationship will grow from there. I never drop a vet for one error in judgment, but I would drop one if he/she were not honest with me about it. For instance, if my vet made a mistake and said OOPS...then hid it... BYE BYE... But if there was a problem in his office with another worker or if he made a mistake himself, he is human...and I would respect that he told me about it. I also want to know how he handled it.
Hope this helped...

Cheap Vet For My Dog?
I Need A Cheap Vet To Take My Dog To. I Do Not Have A Lot Of Money But My Dog Need To Get His Vaccination And Checked Please I Love In Scarbough Or Toronto Anywhere Close To My House Thank U Soo Much

call your vets and explain some times they will help you out. some of them have private people who donate money to pay for dogs/cats who are found hurt or etc. Or you can also got to a place that sells farm stuff in my town the store is called tsc, they sell the same shot you get all 7 things in one its like $8.00 and i asked my vet and they said it is the same the only thing you cant get there is the rabies. and as for all you people on you high ground who keep saying if you cant afford a vet you should not have the dog well let me tell you something where i live about 5000 people just lost there jobs very good jobs making darn good money and now they have nothing. so what do they do with there pets now? just throw them away? guess what our animal shelter here is begging for people to adopt since they have no more room. and are begging for donations now and they cant take any more dogs or cats so what do you do with them? throw them on the street? just because someone cant pay for a vet bill rite now does not mean that they are not a good pet owner. they have just hit hard times is all. it happens to the best of us....