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Neutering My Pet Canine Will Make Him Less Agressive?
I Owe A Cannine 1 Yr 9 Mnts Old Which I Am Not Sure Whether He Is A Dog Or A Wolf. He Has Long Muzzle, Short Folded Ear,Looks Like A Big Husky, Has Thick Fur And Is Grey In Colour And Is Very Strong. He Is Very Agressive Towards Other Animals And Strangers And Is Very Protective... He Killed Our Adult Rottwiller And A Cow Calf Some Months Ago... He Is So Agressive That At Times It Becomes Very Hard For Us To Control Him.. Due To His Huge Size And Strength If He Pulls On The Lease We Have To Give It Up.... He Is 31&Quot; Tall And Weights 204 Lbs. I Have Read On The Net That Castration Makes An Animal Less Agressive.... So Will It Help My Canine?? Will It Let Him Become Less Agressive??

make him less playfull

Canine Herpes + Puppies, Please Help? Im Confused?
Hi! I Am Adopting A Mix Pup From A Local Shelter. I Just Found Out A Bunch Of The Pups From The Litter Died Of Canine Herpes. 3 Survived. So Do I Have Any Worries With The One I Am Adopting? Will She Fall Ill? I Don'T Know Much Of Anything About This. How Come She Survived While Others Didnt? Can Anyone Explain All Of This To Me? Thx!!!

Canine herpes is passed during breeding or from mother to puppies. It can cause still birth, miscarriage or death of the puppies in the first 3 weeks. Most likely your puppies entire litter had/has the diseases and yours along with 2 others were just strong enough to fight or were treated. Your puppy will always be a carrier (just like a person with herpes) so should be spayed as soon as possible to prevent spreading the disease. That said most dogs over 3 weeks carry the disease without showing any symptoms so you should have no problems from it.

What Was Your Experience With The Meow Mobile?
I Have An Appt With The Meow Mobile For Early Next Week To Get My Cats Shots And Have Him Neuterd. He Is An 1 Yr Old Cat, And We Just Got Him A Week Ago. We Were Hoping To Wait A Month To Get Him Fixed B/C Finances Are Tight, But It Turns Out He Is In Heat, And Needs To Be Fixed Asap. So I Got In Touch With The Meow Mobile, For Only $10 We Get The Whole Pacakge, Neuter And Vaccines. I Just Want To Make Sure They Will Take Good Care Of Our Ktity. Btw, We Are In Co. What Was Your Experience?

The Meow Mobile is a great concept, but I haven't actually tried it myself.

Rest assured however, that the people doing the spay/neuter surgery are licensed veterinarians that are providing this low-cost service as volunteer work to the community. Basically, it tries to help people caught up in financial situations by offering care of this kind at lower costs.

The fact that these veterinarians are basically doing it for free, gives you an idea of the work ethic involved behind the nature of this idea. Also keep in mind that spay/neuter procedures are standard to veterinary practitioners.

They are able to offer these services so cheap, because of community outreach programs, donations and volunteer work from organizations and people in the city.

If you're still curious about the care your pet will receive:

Call the Meow Mobile up, and ask to speak with someone personally about your thoughts and concerns! It doesn't hurt to ask!

Cost Of Living In Ontario, Canada. Please Help Me Calculate?
Hello, My Husband And I Are Thinking Of Moving To Barrie In Ontario At The End Of The Year, But We Need Some Help Calculating Our Living Expenses To See If We Would Be Able To Survive With Modest Incomes. For Example, My Husband Is A Computer Technician (Born In Canada) And Will Be A+ Certified Once We Move There. I Am A Veterinary Assistant (From The Uk, With No Formal Training) But I Will Be Happy To Work For Pet Smart To Begin With. Let'S Just Assume My Husband Is Earning $12 Per Hour (Just A Guess) And I Am Earning $9 Per Hour (Minimum Hourly Pay?) With Both Of Our Incomes Combined, We Will Be Bringing In $3360 Per Month. Can Someone Please Do The Calculations By Deducting The Taxes So We Know What To Expect? And Please Fill In The Blanks For The Following Expenses (For 2 People) And Let Me Know If I Have Missed Something. This Is Just To Get A Realistic Idea Of The Living Expenses. 1: Rent, For A Small 2 Or 3 Bedroom House In Barrie. $ 2. Hydro (Per Month) $ Continued Below.

Well.. I can probably help you a bit, as I live in Barrie:

With taxes and deductions, you're probably looking at ~$2688 combined income. Thats assuming around 20% tax, which isn't exactly what you would be paying, but a rough estimate. If your company has medical or any other programs, more deductions may be taken off.

Rent in Barrie for a 2 bedroom house, you're looking close to $1000-1500. That's variable if you're willing to go just out of town, which may or may not be an option if you have one car. Barrie transit is pretty good, but only runs in the immediate city limits. If you're okay with an apartment, there are decent basement and main level houses split at less than $1000. You can get a 2 bedroom basement apartment for ~700-900.

Hydro and water are on the same bill.. probably ~100-150/ month depending on how energy and water savvy you are.

If you combine landline, internet, and satellite service with Bell Canada you can look anywhere around 100-150 for services. Bundling makes it cheaper, and you can get decent long distance plans, sattelite service, and high speed internet this way. There's custom bundles that you can work out. I believe you can also combine your mobile phones this way, which would maybe add ~20-40 / month depending on your usage.

Gas (which most homes are heated with here), probably 75-150/ month, depending again on how energy savvy you are, and if you're on equal billing.

Groceries, depends on where you shop. As a couple, we tend to average around ~150-200/ week, but I'm a convenience shopper and only go to one store, and it's not the most economical. I buy what I like, and don't worry too much about cost. You could probably do with ~125 a week if you're careful, coupon clip, and shop at a few stores.

Car, it will depend on what you get. You can probably budget around $300-400 month between loan, insurance, gas, etc. Gas is around $1.22 / L here right now and on it's way up. Again, if you live in the city near where you work, you can easily walk or bike and save on costs. Transit has just gone up to $2.50/ride, but there are also monthly passes. All in all, the city is easy to get around if you place yourself well. That being said, if your husband has to commute at all, then you have that cost to factor in as well.

Keep in mind that places like Petsmart, etc. don't always hire full time off the start, so you may have a period of working part time to accomodate for. If you don't mind, there are many part time jobs through the city.

Welcome to Barrie!It's really a great city, and you will love it here! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at all:

Problems With Spaying Young Cats?
My Kitten Is 10 Weeks And She Has An Appointment To Get Spayed Tomorrow Morning And I Am So Nervous. She Is Small But They Swear That It Is Not Dangerous. Does Anyone Have An Animal They Spayed Early? Did You Have Any Problems? Did The Cat Physically Develop Properly?

It's called a pediatric spay, and it's been done safely in the US for over 20 years! Way back when, it was arbitrarily decided that females should be spayed at 6 months. There was no real scientific reason for this, other than that is what vets 'thought best' as the weren't sure when it was safe to actually give anesthesia to a young animal. But there are newer and safer anesthesia's now. The only vets who *don't* do early spay/neuter either haven't kept up with the times, or just don't like to do it. On the little ones, it takes nimble fingers to do the surgery, and it isn't as "convenient" as it would be to do it on a larger kitten. I've had maybe a hundred foster kittens spayed/neutered at a young age. Their recovery time is amazing. The little girls are ready to play and resume the business of being a kitten within 24 hours of their spay. It's amazing. And by having her spayed early, you never, ever have to worry about her coming in to heat and an unwanted pregnancy.

Here's an article done by the Winn Feline Foundation on pediatric alters:

And another:

10 weeks is a good age - the males are generally done around 2 pounds (8 weeks) and females 2 1/2 pounds (10 weeks). By this time tomorrow she'll be all done, and then you can bring her home!

Why Does Evreyone Spay Their Cats?
Evrey One Is Saying, Oh You Have To Get Your Cat Spayed.But What About Long Ago When They Were Wild?They Didnt Naturally Get Neutered/Spayed, And Why Do They Not Just Let Them Breed, I Mean God Didnt Make Cats So We Could Make Sure They Don'T Have Babies?

Firstly the population control issue
1 female + 1male cat who are not desexed can have up to 3-4 litters a year, let's say there is 6 kittens a litter, that's 18-24 kittens in the first year, cats breed from 3-4 months old so now those 18-24 kittens produce 27-48 more kittens in the next year, so 2+18+27= 47{best case}, or 2+24+48=74{worst case} in as little as18 months your 1 entire female and 1 entire male have produced more offspring then you could ever care for or rehome.

Now the health implications
Assuming your kitten is the female first
Desexing prevents uterine infections called pyometra's which if left untreated can kill her, treatment is an emergency desexing procedure which will be more expensive then a standard desex, and also has an increased risk of complications/ infections for the cat.
Desexing will also prevent unwanted pregnancy and unwanted kittens, which doesn't seem to worry you (go to your local shelter in summer and tell them you don't understand the need to desex and I'm sure they'll show/tell you how HUGE of an issue it is)

However did you realize it can be detrimental to your cats health to have kittens in certain circumstances?!?? If she is under 12 months or worse under 6 months her body will struggle to maintain condition during the pregnancy and you will find her immune system declines, she will be more prone to illness and less active as she will not have the strength she needs for her life and growing kittens combined. She also has a high risk of complications during labor/birth which can result in the death of the kittens and/ or mother cat.
Young mother cats also tend to be too immature to have reliant young and some are so confused by giving birth that they attack and kill the kittens as soon as they pop out, some fail to break the gestational sacks the kittens are born in and the kittens suffocate and die as a result. Others fail to nurse kittens properly and will often abandon them for something more interesting which again can cause the kittens to suffer and die. So young mothers are bad news all round.

Male entire cats risk prostate cancer, injuries and contracting contagious diseases such as FIV. entire male cats tend to fight more frequently with other cats, and mate with multiple females giving them a high risk of contracting FIV (feline AIDS) which is passed cat to cat via blood or saliva exchange. 1 bite or scratch from infected cat can infect the healthy one. This disease depletes the immune system, eventually causing a prolonged painful death.
Desexed pets (especially those one young) very rarely get prostate cancers, in fact it's hardly heard of. Their risk of cat fight injuries s also decreased as they will not tend to fight other males to win a female for mating.
Desexing also minimizes the likelihood of developing spraying habits and other hormone related unwanted behaviors such as wandering, marking, aggression and fighting in both feline genders.

God also didn't make cats so we can watch them suffer, we have been able to develop ways to improve their quality of life and life expectancy, just as human medicine can with people. If you love all of gods creatures then desex your cat. :)