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Anyone Know An Excellent Cat Grooming Service Or A Clinic In Dubai?
I Have Four Persian Cats And I Want Them Groomed, But It'S So Hard To Find A Good One Nowadays. Another Thing Is, I Have To Get Two Of My Cats Neutered And I Don'T Know Where To Go. If You Know A Good Grooming Salon And/Or A Good Clinic, Please Tell Me Asap! Anyone Care To Help?

I love and miss Dubai... i know this isnt answering your question...
i used to live in Abu Dhabi and the British Veterinary Clinic is where I always took my pets... I bet they have the same vet in Dubai...

Cat Care Please Help?
Hi My Cat Has Just Turned Four This Month And I Love Him He Always Cuddles Whith Me Whith My Baby Blanket He Goes On Top Of It And Starts Kida Licking It And Starts Purring Why Doed He Do This He Has Been Doing It Scince He Was 3 Weeks Old But He Has Started To Slow Down A Little He Does Not Play And Run Around Any More Like When He Was A Kitten How Do I Get Him Active Again

If your pet is more like a couch potato than a curious cat on the go, it's time to pump her up. Play. Experts agree that some of us should do it more. It improves health, enhances appearance and adds a sense of mental well-being. And it only takes a few minutes a day. Exercise. You are your cat's own personal trainer.

"Exercise benefits felines with increased overall health, including a longer lifespan," says veterinarian Carol Tice, DVM of the Cat Clinic of Cary, North Carolina. "It relieves stress, reduces aggression and keeps cats alert. Exercise just makes cats feel better." A feline fitness plan may seem strange to you, but there are ways to get your cat in condition.

Let's Play!
It may sound like work, but to cats, exercise is just plain fun. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to keep your kitty fit is to play with her. Just 15 to 30 minutes a day of play can help keep your cat in shape and strengthen the bond between the two of you. Here are some tips to get you and your cat in the habit of regular exercise:

* Start slowly! Build up to 30 minutes of exercise a day, depending on your individual cat.
* Break play sessions into 5- to 10-minute segments throughout the day.
* Choose safe cat toys. Avoid string or other items she can swallow.
* Never force a cat to do an activity. Let her decide.
* If you feel like your cat is getting too wound up, stop playing.
* Play with your cat before meals, not immediately after.
* Have water available at all times.
* Use praise and petting instead of treats to keep her interested.

There are hundreds of cat toys on the market today as well as lots of low- and no-cost toys you can make yourself. "Cats get bored," says Tice. "Have a good variety of toys, but alternate which ones you leave out."

However, even the best toy won't get your cat active without you. Cats like interaction. Although the toy is part of that, having a playmate will double her interest and the time she spends exercising.

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A Neat Trick
Although cats won't necessarily perform tricks like a dog, they can play various games that will keep them on the move and in shape. It doesn't take much effort on your part. For example:

* Toss a small ball, a wad of paper or a piece of kibble across the floor for your cat to run after. (Don't expect the kibble to come back, though!)
* Play tag! Romp with your cat across the floor or up the stairs.
* Many cats love to play hide and stalk. You can take turns being the prey and the predator.You can even play if you're just lying on the couch.
* Consider adding a cat tree for jumping and climbing. Your pet will get exercise even when you're gone.
* Just 15 to 30 minutes a day of play can keep your cat in shape, while strengthening the bond between you.

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Walk This Way
Cats can, indeed, be trained to walk with a leash. Sometimes, walking outdoors is especially good for apartment-bound pets. It gives them room to stretch their legs. It's also an excellent way for owners and their felines to spend time together.

Getting your cat used to walking on a leash will take time, patience and the right equipment. The process will be easier if you follow these tips:

* Be sure that your cat's harness is secure and fits properly.
* Make sure she's wearing an up-to-date identification tag.
* Before venturing outdoors, map out a route. Select an area for strolling that's free from dogs, traffic, loud noises and other dangers.

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The Buddy System
Sometimes, the best exercise comes from a fellow cat. Cats who are left alone during the day can benefit greatly from a companion feline. Two cats will amuse themselves for hours playing games of their own invention. Older, more sedate cats can be jump-started into exercise with the addition of a kitten to the household. Just be careful to keep the overweight adult cat out of the high-calorie kitten food, warns Tice.

Children also make wonderful playmates with a few restrictions. Kids younger than 12 should be supervised. Teach them to play gently using cat toys, never their bare hands, and to stop playing when their pet becomes tired or over-stimulated.

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Just Do It
Regardless of the type of exercise you choose for your cat, make sure she enjoys it and benefits from it. Exercise can strengthen muscles, increase heart rate and rev the metabolism. Felines in top condition have fewer health problems. Conditioning also helps keep your cat mentally alert and reduces stress and destructive behavior something that will benefit you both. The key is you! Choose an exercise routine that easily fits into your life. Finding extra time these days is hard, so couple your own activities with your cat's conditioning.

Don't set unrealistic goals. Often, putting a simple twist on your normal activities will be just right for your pet. Tie a length of cord to the back loop of your jeans, then attach a scrap of fabric to the loose end, letting it drag on the floor, and do the housework that way, suggests Tice.Your kitty will have a ball! The possibilities are endless. And, just like humans, take your cat to the doctor before starting any exercise or diet program. With regular conditioning, your sedentary pet will soon be feline fine!

Dog Vs Cat...Hospital Bills?
My Parents Dog Chased A Cat That Was In Their Yard To The Neighbors Yard. The Cat, Broke Its Leg Somehow In The Chase. The Hospital Bill For The Cat Was $3000! Are My Parents Liable For The Entire Bill If At All? I Think Its Utterly Ridiculous That Someone Would Spend That Much Money On A Pet, But That May Just Be Me. We Live In Pennsylvania By The Way.

I don't think your parents should have to pay anything. Dogs
chase Cats, accidents happen. Obviously the dog didn't catch the cat or it would be dead.

Do Cats Hate Hospital Smell?
My Cat Prince,Has Been Acting Up Again....When I Got Home From The Hospital From Visiting My Dad.My Cat Was Fine For The First Couple Of Hours But When Jumped On My Computer Desk And Started Smelling Me And Meowing And I Thought He Was Hungry,I Gave Him Food But He Didn'T Eat Maybe Because He Was Full.When I Got Back Into The Room He Suddenly Run From Me And Hid,I Also Have New Visitors Staying With Me For 2 Weeks.Is He Scared Of The Visitors Or The Scent I Brought Home From The Hospital Thanks!

Yes. My cat hates medical smells. When I got back from the dentist she sniffed and sniffed and then ignored me completely for the rest of the day!
Also you've changed the food, that's another form of stress.
BUT - visitors - the biggest stress of all, especially as they are staying for two weeks. I'd say he's most likely scared of the visitors. My cat hates visitors. Have you tried Feliway? It's a calming spray or there's a diffuser you plug in. Helps them to settle better.

I Want To Get My Male Rabbit Neutered?
I Got This Rabbit Its A Boy And He Is Kind Of Young But I Want To Get It Neutered I Heard It Can Be 100 To 200 $ I Have 200 I Wanted To Buy A Ipod But I Guess I Might Have To Spend All The Money On The Rabbit It Bites And It Poops Every Where No Its Crazy It Poops 2 Times Around Every 30 Seconds I Am Going Crazy Cause Its Really Hard To Let It Out With Out It Pooping Every Where Some One Please!!! Help!!!

They may leave the odd poop around just to let everyone know that this is their territory.

Since your rabbit is not neutered, it can be part of the problem. Unneutered/unspayed rabbits tend to mark territory much more than altered rabbits.

Rabbits can bite for several reasons:

Rabbits nip to say "I love you". This is usually accompanied by the bunny circling you, often grunting gently. What your bunny doesn't realise is that bunny nips hurt!

Rabbits can also bite to get your attention, as in "Hello up there!! I'm down here !!! I need snacks NOW".

If you are in the bunny's way, he will bite you to get you to move.

If you are holding a rabbit and it nips you, it probably wants to be put down on the ground.

Rabbits will attack with their teeth and claws. If you are on the receiving end of this, you are offending and/or intimidating your rabbit. Back off. Bunny bites can be very very painful.

If you reach your hand out to pat a rabbit's head, the rabbit may bite you in self defence. Rabbits can't see what is in front of their noses, and not being able so see what is touching them, they will bite you. This is why rabbits will sniff something before taking a bite. Its good manners to put your hand out so your rabbit can see it's not threatening, then stroke your bunny.

To stop your bunny nipping you, try squealing when you are bitten. Rabbits associate squeals with severe pain/fear. Hopefully the rabbit will understand that biting hurts.

Rabbit Spaying/Neutering?
I'Ve Read The You Should Spay Or Neuter You Rabbit Around 12 Weeks.. But Im Getting Three Bunnies The Genders Will Be Unknown So Would They Be Fine When I Get Them?

they will be fine until 12 weeks of age, at which point you NEED to separate them by gender to prevent any risk of an unwanted pregnancy in a rabbit too young to handle birthing and raising kits. if you see any fighting between same sex bunnies that aren't fixed yet, you need to house them individually - the fighting means one or more of them is hormonal and hormones can provoke vicious (or even DEADLY) fights.

see for info on sexing rabbits.

boys can generally be neutered at around 3 mos or as soon as their testicles have descended; females need to be 4-6 months of age (depending on their size/weight and your vet's personal preferences - my girls are small breeds and my vet had me wait until 5 months so they'd be in the 2.5-3 lb range).

after that, as defend liberty said, you need to wait for their hormones to dissipate (6-8 weeks for males; 4 weeks for females... and bear in mind that males can still be fertile for those first 6-8 weeks after a neuter so you CAN'T put them back in with the girls until they've been spayed.

threesome bonds are much trickier than pairs... for first-hand advice, I recommend joining and PMing Chrisdoc or Blue eyes, as they have experience with trios and would be able to offer lots of great tips.