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Question About Vetrenarians And Birds.?
Ok This Might Be A Dumb Question But I Just Got A Bird And There Is A Vetrenarian Hospital A Block Away And Since I Am Not Use To Having A Pet I Don'T Know If They Deal With Birds Or Not. Do All Vet Hospitals Deal With Birds Or Are They Strictly Cat/Dog?

Most vets in animal hospitals deal only with dogs and cats. I suggest asking your local petstores, other bird owners, or your local bird club what avian vet they recommend. You want to get an avian vet because they have extra training with birds and other exotic animals, and are much more knowledgable than the average cat and dog vet. You can also call the national office of the AAV for and ask for a referral in your area.

Here is an excellent article on why birds need avian vets:

Mcd Animal Hospitals In Delhi, India..!!?
Can Anybody Tell Me Where Are Mcd Animal Hospitals In Delhi, India??? Please If Possible Give Me The Link Or Site.. !!! Thanx To All In Advance..!!

there in no mcd run veterinary hospital in delhi but you have other veterinary hospital in delhi the links are given below.
Delhi/New Delhi

Sonadi Charitable Trust
Near Sai Baba Mandir, Opposite S.P. Kapoor Farm House, Masksudabad,
Najafgarh, New Delhi - 110043, India.
Phone: 9212131218, 011 - 26275216, 9212797696
Activities: Animal shelter, veterinary hospital, animal ambulance, shelter for abandoned pets,
boarding and lodging facility for pets, awareness, animal rights, pet adoption.

Friendicoes SECA (Society for the Eradication of Cruelty to Animals)

271 & 273 Defence Colony Flyover Market (Jungpura side),

New Delhi - 110024, India.

Phone: 011- 24320707, 24314787

Email :


Activities: Shelter, veterinary hospital, animal ambulance, pet adoption, equine welfare, wildlife rescue, animal birth control programmer, pet crematorium.

Circle of Animal Lovers

E-67 DDA Flats, Saket, New Delhi - 110017
Phone : 26531419, 26511569
E-mail :


Activities: Shelter, veterinary hospital, animal ambulance, pet adoption, mobile clinic, welfare of the beasts of burden, feeding stray animals, animal birth control programme, animal vaccination

Samrakshan Trust

B-403, Anandlok, Mayur Vihar Phase-I, New Delhi - 110091, India.

Phone: (11) 26862552, 22751907



Activities: Stray dog Sterilization center, environment, wildlife, animals birth control program.

Manav Gou Sadan - A Shelter Home for Stray Cows

975, Streetjogiyan Near Jawaher Chowk, Najaf Garh, New Delhi-110043 (INDIA)

Phone: 9313327983

Goshala: Manav Gou Sadan Village Rewla, Khanpur, Near BSF Camp,

Near Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi-110071. (India)


Activities: Environment protection; Vegetarianism; Shelter for sick, injured and unproductive cows, animal ambulance, free OPD for cattle.

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre

Near Shivaji College, Raja Garden, New Delhi - 110027, India.

Tel: + 91 (11) 25448062/25447751

Activities: 24 hours animal ambulance, hospital.

Jeevashram Foundation
Shelter and Hospital: Village Rajokri, (Near Temple),

New Delhi – 110038, India.

Ph: 91-(0)11-25063696, 25064114, 25064118


Activities: Paid Veterinary hospital (24 Hour), Paid Animal Hospital

(Within 14 K.M), Laboratary.

Dabar Hare Krishan Gaushala

Vill. & P.O. Surhera, New Delhi - 110043, India.

Tel: + 91 (11) 25011582


Activities: No-kill Shelter; Animal Control, cattle Hospitals.

Birds' Hospitals in Delhi/New Delhi

Charity Birds Hospital

(Run by Prachin Shri Aggarwal Digambar Jain Panchayat, Delhi, Regd)

Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir Ji, Opposite Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Delhi -110006.

Phone: 32909216.

(Contact Person - Shri Pankaj Jain, Superintendent)

Charitable Birds Hospital,

Shri Vijayanand Sureshwar Jain Sewa Trust,

H-48, Near Corporation Pump, Navin Shahdara, Delhi - 110032.

Phone: 22825088

Wow Hunter Pet Questions?
I'M An Experienced Hunter (Level 79) But There'S A Few Things I Need To Figure Out. For One- If You Tame An Elite Beast Does It Have Better Stats Then If You Tamed A Non Elite Beast Of The Same Level? And Does The Level You Tame It At Effect How Big It Gets? I Got My Cat At Level 10 And I See Hunters With Slightly Different Cat Models And They'Re My Level But Their Pet Is Bigger. Anyone Know The Answers? Thanks!

"If you tame an elite beast does it have better stats then if you tamed a non elite beast of the same level?"

"And does the level you tame it at effect how big it gets?"
No. In fact, I'm pretty sure they stop increasing in size after level 60.

"I got my cat at level 10 and I see hunters with slightly different cat models and they're my level but their pet is bigger. Anyone know the answers?"
Are the PETS themselves the same level? If so, then they are the same size. Maybe it just looks different from a distance.
If they are the same level but still different sizes, please provide a screen shot :)

Several Pet Questions?
I Need A Pet To Train For This Class Where You Train A Pet And Thats How You Get Your Grade. I Would Like A Bird, Dog, Or Rodent. Dog: Now I Would Like A A Dog That Does Not Shed Alot, Grows To A Max Of A Medium Size, And Is Very Intellegent, And Very Simple To Train. Bird: I Wouldnt Like A Small Bird Like The Size Of A Finch But Also A Medium Sized One. The Life Span Can Be From 5-30 Years. Rodent: I Would Want Something Like A Ferret, But The Only Thing I Hate About Rodents Is The Smell Except For Rabbits, But I Hear That Rabbits Are Very Hard To Train Is That True?

Taking on the responsibility of owning and caring for a pet just to take a class and get a grade is a poor reason to seek a pet.

Perhaps you can be a foster home for a dog that is at a shelter and your training will help it find a forever home?

You may decide that you just want to keep it after all, but in this instance, the visit to the shelter should help you find the dog there that needs you and your attention and traning most.

I hope the class is about training you how to train a pet.

BTW, Neither ferrets or rabbits are rodents.
Ferrets belong to the weasel family (Mustelidae) and are related to mink, skunks, weasels, and otters. Rabbits belong to the order Lagomorpha, of which there are two families Leporidae (Rabbits and Hares) and Ochotonidae (Pikas). Pikas somewhat resemble the Guinea Pig, which isn't a pig at all, but a rodent of the Cavy family (Caviidae) native to South America, and includes the wild cavies, and the capybara. Chinchillas, rats, mice and squirrels are also rodents.

Rabbits can be trained, and an adult rabbit is easier to train than a baby. Before you decide what animal you want to *train*, decide what animal suits your lifestyle, suits your budget and that you would be willing to put forth the effort to make a part of your family.

edit: Agrees that a pet rat is a very trainable and can be an affectionate pet. Many breeds of dog and mongrel/mixed breed dogs are highly trainable. I have seen rabbits trained to do tricks and known housetrained rabbits. There are many abandoned rabbits who need a forever home, socialization and training, too.
I don't have as much experience with birds.

I would still like to know more about this class.

EDIT: Male rats and mice can have very strong urine odor and require a thorough *daily* cleaning of surfaces (ladders, wheel, top layer of bedding) to keep them indoors if you do not want your home smelling of them. Female mice require much less attention to odors as their urine does not have anywhere near the odor level. If you use a baby wipe to swipe off metal or plastic surfaces once a day, you can go a week without a thorough cleaning/changing litter/bedding. Baking soda and peroxide mixed works wonders for all pet odors.

Interview For Vets (Veterinarians)?
1.- What Is Your Complete Name And Occupation? 2.- How Long Have You Been Working In This Field? 3.- If You Could Change, Would You? 4.- How Many Time Do You Work? 5.- How Long Does It Take To Become A Veterinarian? 6.- Is There An Exam That You Have To Take Before You Can Practice? 7.- What Is A Typical Day At The Office? 8.- What Made You Want To Become A Vet? 9.- What’S The Best Part Of The Job? 10.- What Is The Hardest Part Of The Job? 11.- What Classes Should I Take In High School To Prepare Myself? 12.- What Type Of Grades Do You Need To Get Into Vet School? 13.- How Much Did School Cost? 14,- What Other Kind Of Preparation Do You Recommend? 15.- Do You Enjoy Your Job? 16.- Is There Any Dress Code? Thank You,

1.My sister is an equine vet and said I could answer for her--she is too busy but told me the answers.
2. 26 years
3. No, its a very rewarding career. (When its especially cold out or very hot there are times that she would think about it...equine vets go to their clients so they do not spend a lot of time in the office.)
4. She works 5 days a week plus is on call for emergencies at least one weekend a week and is on call one evening a week). She has a contract with an emergency vet who covers emergencies 5 nights a week plus two weekends. Her associate covers the other weekend and evening for emergencies plus works 5 days a week.) Her hours are not 9-5 though--most days she works at least 10 hours and some are 12 to 14 hour days (mostly during foaling in the spring and summer). She also has three small animal vets (mostly do dogs and cats) who work for her in her office and they mostly work a 40 to 45 hour week --the office is open 9am to 6pm 5 days a week (plus half a day on Sat. and three evenings a week until 8 pm).
5. You have to go to school to get a BA or BS in a science--most get biology degrees but there are some chemistry majors and some animal science majors and a few others which takes 4 years. Then you go to veterinary college for 4 years.
6. Each state has an exam that you have to pass to get a license and practice in that state. Most vets take the test for 2 - 4 states.
7. She usually gets to the office by 8 am to restock her truck with any supplies that she is low on (her vet technician does this after she tells her what she needs) and to see which farms she will be visiting that day. She also has to check and see what emergencies were seen the night before and whether they need a follow up visit. She may also have phone calls from clients to return. She is on the road by 8:45 and starts seeing client's horses. Many of the horses will need routine care such as shots and worming or having their teeth floated (horses teeth have to be filed down evenly so they do not become too sharp and hurt the horses when they chew.) She will also be ultrasounding pregnant mares to check on pregnancies. She is known for her ability to locate and treat unsoundnesses in horses' legs so she does a lot of this kind of work also. It involves watching a horse move, flexing its legs in prescribed ways and then watching it move again and sometimes taking x-rays or doing ultrasounds to help diagnose the problem. She may see several horses at one farm or only one and then drive on to the next. She leaves written instructions on how the client should give medicines or treat the horse (ie stall rest or limited work,etc). She works until she has seen all the clients that she has on her schedule that day plus any emergencies that come in. Some of her work involves stitching and treating wounds. She refers all her clients who need major surgery to a specialty horse center (Morven Park) that has special equipment and care facilities for horses that need surgery.
8. She wanted to become a vet since she was about 6 years old because she loved horses and wanted to help them.
9. The best part of the job is saving a horse's life and watching him go back to being a productive and happy horse.
10. The hardest part is dealing with some of the clients-- particularly the ones who do not seem to care about their animals (some people have horses so they can compete at shows and want to compete even when it is not good for the horse). Occasionally she has to deal with a difficult or dangerous horse (when horses are in extreme pain they can be dangerous to be around).
11.Science is important and so is math--but you also need to know how to write well to keep records on your patients and leave instructions for clients to follow.
12. You will need top grades--all A's or as close as possible. Most vet students do not get more than one B a semester in college.
13. You will have to see what vet school costs now--its a whole lot more than when she went to school --many schools are around $40,000 a year.
14. See if you can get a job with a vet after school as a receptionist or cleaning will teach you a lot about what the job involves and you will learn a lot about vet science as well if you ask questions and watch the vets at work.
15. Most of the time--she does get tired at times and she occasionally is hurt.
16. You need to look like a professional--because she is in the field she normally wears khaki pants and a jersey shirt with her name and her clinic's name embroidered on it. Her small animal vets wear a nice pair of slacks and blouse with a white lab coat with their name and the clinic embroidered on it.

Good luck
Note: there are a couple of vets who read and participate in the pets section --you might want to ask the question there as well

Interview For Vets (Veterinarians)?
Interview For Vets (Veterinarians)? 1.- What Is Your Complete Name And Occupation? 2.- How Long Have You Been Working In This Field? 3.- If You Could Change, Would You? 4.- How Many Time Do You Work? 5.- How Long Does It Take To Become A Veterinarian? 6.- Is There An Exam That You Have To Take Before You Can Practice? 7.- What Is A Typical Day At The Office? 8.- What Made You Want To Become A Vet? 9.- What’S The Best Part Of The Job? 10.- What Is The Hardest Part Of The Job? 11.- What Classes Should I Take In High School To Prepare Myself? 12.- What Type Of Grades Do You Need To Get Into Vet School? 13.- How Much Did School Cost? 14,- What Other Kind Of Preparation Do You Recommend? 15.- Do You Enjoy Your Job? 16.- Is There Any Dress Code? Thank You,

I'm not a vet, but I've done a lot of research into the subject since I considered schooling for it.

4.- How many time do you work?
Average works around 40 hours per week, more if you own your own practice.

5.- How long does it take to become a Veterinarian?
Four years on average.

6.- Is there an exam that you have to take before you can practice?
It's different for every state. Most states require you to have a four year degree and take an exam to get your license.

7.- What is a typical day at the office?
That depends on what field you go into, there are average days that range from doing 20 surgeries all on cats, and taking in a sick opossum, injured parrot or even a horse unexpectedly.

8.- What made you want to become a vet?
I looked into it because I wanted a job working with animals (but I didn't pursue it).

9.- What’s the best part of the job?

10.- What is the hardest part of the Job?

11.- What classes should I take in high school to prepare myself?
Any science classes

12.- What type of grades do you need to get into vet school?
You need to get average to above average grades to go to any good college. If you have average or below in high school, consider getting a two year degree from a CC and transferring to a better one once you've raised your GPA.

13.- How much did school cost?
It would cost between 12,000 and 70,000 for four years, pending on where you go.

14,- What other kind of preparation do you recommend?

15.- Do you enjoy your job?

16.- Is there any dress code?
White lab coat and business casual.