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What Are The Top 20 Best Vet Schools In The U.S.?
I Need To Know. Its My College Goal To Get Into A Top 20 Vet School. Plz Help!!!!!!!

Well, there is only 28 vet schools in the U.S....

here is just some of them:
UC Davis is really good, Texas A&M at College Station is top 5 consistently, Cornell is another top school, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, UPenn, North Carolina State in Raleigh, Ohio State, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Michigan State, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, University of Florida, Tuffs University, University of Georgia, Auburn University, Purdue University, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Virginia Tech/University of Maryland,

What Degree Is Better; Vet. Tech Or Vet. Assistant?
I Want To Get A Career That Helps Animal, I Want To Save Animals And Help Them Find Forever Homes. That'S Honestly All That I Want If I Go Into This Field. And I Was Wondering What I Should Go Into. I Will Be Going To The Pima Med. School In Seattle, To Be A Vet. Tech I Need 16 Months There, And If I Will Be A Vets As. I'Ll Be Going Only For 9 Months. If Any Of You Have A Lot Of Into That I Could Benefit From Please Leave Your Email, I'M Curious :D.

First, the vet assisting program is not a degree and none of the credits will transfer.

Secondly, veterinary assistants are not required to have any special education or training. Veterinary assisting certification is not recognized legally in any state and they are not highly respected in the veterinary medical profession.
Veterinary assistants can perform no more tasks than anyone without a certificate. So overall a veterinary assisting program does little for you.

In Washington, you must be licensed to work as a veterinary technician.This means you must have a degree in veterinary technology from an AVMA accredited college and have passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam. Because veterinary technicians must earn an education and prove their knowledge, they are legally allowed to perform more tasks than a veterinary assistant.

Put these points together and they mean that veterinary technicians are typically paid more than veterinary assistants and have more room for professional growth.

Does My Dogs Eye Injury Need Vet Care?
I Just Noticed That My Dog Has An Eye Injury But I Don't Know If It Is Old Or New Because I Adopted Her A Few Days Ago From Someone That I Can No Longer Get In Contact With To Ask About The Injury. I Noticed That In One Of Her Eyes The Middle Part ) Think It Is Called The Lens) Is And So The Exposed Part Of The Eye Looks Introverted ( Just A Extra Small Part In The Middle). I Think This Is A New Injury Though I Don't Know How It Could Have Happened Because We Have Been Inside Most Of The Day.There Is No Redness, Itching, Swelling, Nor Does She Acts Sensitive When I Touch Around The Eye Socket To Look At It. The Vets Are Closed And I Was Wondering Is This An Emergency Or Can It Wait Till Tomorrow Or Does It Sound Minor.

Just the other day my dogs eye got burnt and she showed no signs of pain either she was acting normal but she kept blinking her eye over and over again I took her to the vet immediately and its a good thing I did because it was a corneal ulcer and if I did not take her to get it treated it would have gotten deeper and deeper and would have got infected and she could have lost her eye. I would definitely take your dog to the vet asap if you think she is hurt. Your her owner and your instincts are most likely correct.
hope that helps and good luck

Why Do People Get Dogs If They Can'T Afford Vet Care?
Someone Tell Me? Why Don'T People Sell Their Stuff To Pay For It?

Many people have working dogs and may not have "stuff" to sell.
They are not pets but an essential part of daily life.
Many people can't afford human care or plenty of food.
We happen to live in a very rural area that is surrounded by one of the largest Native American reservations in the U.S.
There may not be a clinic to people or animals for hundreds of miles.Herding dogs watch over their sheep & livestock.
Once in awhile mobile low cost clinics make it to our rural communities.
When I see posts telling others that what they feed is not up to par & the only answer ever given is go to the vet-well it's sort of a sad commentary.Very quick with the thumbs down & most are probably living under their parents roof wanting for nothing.
We should all do the very best we can for our animals is the bottom line.
Peoples circumstances change.They are losing homes and jobs and the ability to care for their own.Many now turn in animals to shelters.Some may wish to not lose a four legged family member.
Count your blessings while casting judgment on others.
If a loving home can feed generic food and get the best care within their budget-they are okay with me.
Just something to think about.

Good Books For A Prospective Veterinary Science Student?
I Am Interested In Studying Veterinary Science At University In 2012 And I Was Wondering If Anyone Could Recommend A Few Books That Would Help To Provide A Background Knowledge On Different Types Of Animals And Common Illnesses/Health Problems In Animals? I'M Not Looking For Books On How To Get Into The Veterinary Science Course As I Already Have A Few Of Those. An Anatomy Book Of Some Sort May Be Good But I'M Not Too Fussed. I'D Prefer Each Book To Be Reasonably Cheap (£20 Ish) However I Would Be Willing To Stretch To More If You Know That The Book In Question Is Of A High Quality. I Hope That You Can Vaguely Understand What I Am After, Thank You In Advance. :)

By veterinary science do you mean the actual course to become a practising vet or the course that offers the science behind veterinary. There is a good anatomy book - Introduction to veterinary anatomy and physiology textbook - 978-0702029387. There is also another version of this book that comes with flashcards for revision. It is available for around £28.
Also the ultimate encyclopedia of small pets and petcare by david alderton, available usually for under £10 in various bookshops. Although it mainly shows how to care for different small animal species, it also tells you about the animals and has basic sections on the common diseases they suffer with. It covers small furries, reptiles and birds :) If not try looking on amazon etc with a 'veterinary' search, there are loads of good books out there.

How Can I Stand Out In A University Interview?
I Am Planning On Doing Veterinary Science At University But Am Worried That I Will Not Get A Place As It Is Very Competitive. I Have Taken All The Required A-Levels (Biology, Chemistry And Physics) And Am Starting To Gather Some Work Experience, But Am Just Wondering If Anyone Knows Of Anything I Could Do To Make Me Really Stand Out???

Veterinary Science, hmm?

Well, you could wear a ferret around your neck.

Seriously, the important thing is to be poised, confident, and well-spoken. Look the interviewer in the eye and talk firmly about your career plans. Do you want to work with large or small animals? Why? What kind of practice would you like to join -- urban or rural? How did you get interested in the field in the first place? How is your work experience contributing to your determination to become a vet?

Unless you have some really unusual accomplishment to your credit (performing CPR on a valuable racehorse before the Derby?), then the manner in which you present yourself and speak will make the best impression. You could try drawing up a list of possible questions and your comments and getting someone to rehearse them with you. Any kind of advance preparation and practice could make you feel less nervous.

Good luck.

P.S. Dress neatly and professionally, but don't overdo it. Vets have to do a lot of mucky work, as you know, so you don't want to look like a fashion plate.