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Where Online Can I Ask A Vet Questions For Free?
I Have Searched And Searched And All The Sites Want $- I Simply Want To Ask A Couple Of Questions And Get Answers For Free. Any Assistance Is Appreciated.

There are many -

Although these may narrow down the possibilities as to what may be wrong with your cat, there is nothing that can take the place of a one-on-one visit with a vet. There are many conditions that cannot be properly diagnoses until the animal is seen and examined. Should medication be necessary, the vet will have had to examine the cat before medication can be dispensed. It is just in everyone's best interest if you take your cat to a vet as soon as you notice there is something wrong.

What Question 2 Ask A Vet????? Help Me Please?
I Got My Horse 3 Weeks Ago And Tomorrow I Have Vet. Coming Out Tomorrow 2 Check Him Out .. I Need 2 Know What Kind Of Questions 2 Ask Him.. And Horse Will Be 11 Months Old Tomorrow.. Thanks 4 The Help..

The vet should do a total work-over on the horse. Temperature, capillary re-fill, feces test, blood tests, shots (may need booster in 3 weeks).
Basically just tell him you would like a FULL health check.

PS Don;t forget his hoofs! Get a farrier too, the vet can hook you up with a good one. :-) Have fun with him (The horse not the vet) LOL :-)

How Many Emergency Vet Visits Did Your Dog Have To Make?
I Don't Understand. The Cost Of Keeping A Dog Should Be Around 800 Bucks. In The Countryside, My Grandparents Never Took Their Dogs To The Vet And They Lived Perfeclty Healthy, Long, Happy Lives. Why Is It Suddenly So Differnt In The City?

It isn't different in the city. Both in the country and in the city, the dog should have a yearly vet visit.

I haven't had to make any emergency vet visits for my current dog.

On the farm, we had to make an emergency vet visit when one of our dogs get it's leg ran over by a car. We had to make an emergency vet visit when a dog jumped over a barbed-wire fence and didn't jump high enough, she slit her leg all the way down, missing the artery in the leg by millimeters. One of ours dogs slipped out of the house and my mom didn't notice, the dog followed her to the car and jumped in right when she was closing the door, snapped the dog's leg bone clean in half, had to have the vet put pins in the leg to fix it. We also had to make an emergency vet visit when a sheep tried to jump over the fence and halfway impaled itself on a fence post.

So yes, emergencies do happen in the country too!

Emergency Vet Info For Kitten!?
My Kitten Has Developed Cysts Or Some Kind Of Swollen Bubbles Under It Skin That Get Vary Large Under Both Its Arm Pits And On Its Throat. The Two Under The Arm Pits Have Popped And Puss Came Out. I Fear My Kitten Will Pass Away If The One On Its Throat Pops. Please Tell Me How To Help My Pet. I Am Poor And Can Not Afford A Vet. :'( ???

I would love to answer your question but you said that you can't afford a vet. That is what your cat needs right now.
Cysts under the skin isn't a big deal but once you said in her throat, that is entirely different. I would say the ones on the skin are small abscesses from some skin problem, but the one in throat is suggesting a systemic disease and there could be more internally.
Call a vet and ask them for any advice. If not, you may have to think about taking her to a rescue.
Good luck

Who Contributed Towards Veterinary Science!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ten Pionts!!!!?
I Am Doing A Science Project About It And I Need To Find Somone !!!

Well-known and notable veterinarians include:

Bernhard Lauritz Frederik Bang, a well-known 19th-century researcher
Claude Bourgelat, founder of first vet school ever (located in France)
Louis J. Camuti, first American cat veterinarian
Robert Cook, modern expert on horse ailments
Robert Royston Amos Coombs, 20th-century researcher
Peter C. Doherty, 20th-century Australian researcher
Kevin Fitzgerald, Emergency Vet television documentary vet
Annie Harvilicz, an innovator and animal rights advocate
James Alfred Wight, better known under his pen name of James Herriot (1916–1995)
Buster Lloyd-Jones, a famous British Veterinary Surgeon (1914–1980)
Arnold Plotnick, Owner of Manhattan Cat Specialists, board certified internal medicine feline specialist, published over 100 veterinary medicine articles and has won numerous awards for his expertise.
Debbye Turner, resident veterinarian for CBS 'The Early Show'
Antonín Klobouk, (1885–1956), Czech professor of bovine medicine, discovered Talfan disease in pigs, designed vaccine against foot and mouth disease
Robert Rooks, first veterinary surgeon

What Is 4H Veterinary Science?
I Know The Basics, Like What Vet Science Is, Just What Do You Do For The Project Itself. Do You Make A Poster? I Might Try It This Year, I Just Want To Know What You Do.

Though you could certainly make a poster; try something a little more creative and helpful!

How can you use vet science to help others?
Here are some suggestions:

Collect food and supplies for an animal shelter
Volunteer at a shelter/clinic run by the county
Make posters to promote having pets spayed/neutered or vaccinated
Hold a heartworm information workshop for low income families
Have a dog wash to raise money to help low income families get good preventative care for their pets (such as shots, heartworm tablets, teeth cleanings, flea control, etc.)
Volunteer with the Remote Area Medical Veterinary unit (through the UT vet school)