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Anybody Know Of Any Animal Hospitals In Miami That Treat Birds Too?
I Live In Miami, And Wish To Seek An Animal Hospital That Can Also Treat Birds And Is Close To My House. I Found A Bird Who Seems To Be Missing An Eye. Today I Am Going To An Animal Hospital To See If They Treat Birds But I Still Would Love To Know About Other Hospitals. Please.

These sites explain all about what to do for orphan and injured birds - - this is an excellent article - be sure to read down the entire page for info on how to care.
And these Yahoo Answers too -;_ylt=Aq1GdvtmX27UJrgshR77Jersy6IX?qid=20060711181307AAZ59uh

I've got a lot of links to wildlife carers from a lot of countries on my site, at under "Wildlife Assistance" - just click on them all, click on your country and state, have a browse, 'phone them and ask their advice.

Very very best of luck.

What Is A Good Bird Hospital?
My Bird Goes Into Weird Sezure Modes Whats A Good Animal Hospital?

This Should Help You:

What'S A Pet Scan And How Does It Help Doctor'S Fight Cancer?
Yesterday My Cancer Doctor Said That Before That I Will Need A Pet Scan Before They Start My Chemo For Cancer That In My Skull/Head Of Which Was Removed In On April 14,2008. The Tumor Was About The Size Of A Small Orange. What'S A Pet Scan? What All Will The Doctor'S Do To Me When They Do Thiss Test? How Long Does This Test Normally Take? Doctors,Nurses, Medical Professional And Medical Pesonel Only Please Answer This . Thank You.

PET is an acronym for Positron Emission Tomography.

Many PET scanners are now actually PET/CTs. That is a PET scanner with a CT (Computerized Tomography, an advanced type of x-ray scanner) scanner in front.

Depending on the model of scanner and whether a partial or full body scan is being performed, scans can take between 10 mins and 45 mins.

Sometime before your appointment, often shortly before, you will be advised regarding dietary restrictions you should follow the day before you appointment. Typically about an hour before you are to be scanned, you will be injected with an radioisotope which has been bonded with sugars (normally FDG). Cancerous growths takeup sugar at far higher rates than normal tissue. For this reason the radioisotope will gather disproportionately in any cancerous sites. And this is the reason for the above mentioned dietary restrictions, it is to control the amount of sugar already available in your body.

The PET scanner takes images of how your body is functioning. That is how it is metabolizing sugars. Areas of interest show up as bright spots on the final image. The radioisotope will react with your body to emit photons (particles of light) that the PET scanner will detect.

PET imaging has proven very effective in detecting cancer and in staging treatment. In some cases, even hours after a chemo treatment, a PET scan can determine if the treatment is impairing the cancerous growth. Followup studies with PET scans can ensure that all the growth was removed with surgery, and that no growths have reappeared, in the original area or any where else.

PET imaging has played a significant role in the increasingly successful rates of cancer treatment we now have.

PET imaging can also be used for other purposes, among other things brain and Alzheimer studies have become common, but I thought your interest primarily lay with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

I hope this answers your questions.

What Is The Fdc Pet Test And For What Purpose Doctor Recommends For This,?

Traditionally CT scans have helped surgeons and patients make decisions about appropriate surgery. PET scanning with fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) uses a different technique to identify cancer both in and outside the liver. Adding a radioactive tracer to glucose lights up areas in the body where cancer absorbs more of the glucose.
# Patients should be fasting for at least 4 – 6 hrs. This must include chewing gum, candies and even glucose syrup based medications such as cough preparations.
# Patients should be well hydrated with water only on the day of the test.
# No glucose-containing IV fluids or enteral or parenteral nutrition for inpatients.
# Patient should not exercise strenuously on the day before or on the day of the test.
# No smoking on the day of the test.
# In diabetics, moderate to good control is imperative such that blood glucose at the time of the test is below 200 mg/dl.
1. No short acting insulin, if possible, on the day of the test. If required for glucose >200 mg/dl, it must be given IV at least 90 min prior to the study time.
2. No long acting insulin for at least 12 hrs prior to the study.
3. Hold sulfonylureas on morning of the study unless patient is poorly controlled without it and hypoglycemia is unlikely with fasting.
# Differentiated thyroid cancer is a special case. There is increasing evidence that in the assessment of patients with rising thyroglobulin levels but negative I-131 scans, FDG PET is best performed when the patient is maximally TSH stimulated, either by thyroid hormone withdrawal or using recombinant human TSH. PET scans should thus be scheduled immediately after the I-131 scan, before the patient is restarted on thyroid replacement therapy.
Please see the web pages for more details on Positron emission tomography (PET).

Should I Take My Dog To The Vet For Eating Stuffed Animals?
I Have A 6 Pound Chihuahua Maltese And She'S Been Doing It For Over A Year, Probably Over Two; She'Ll Get Little Stuffed Animals, Play With Them And Rip Out The Stuffing, Then Gnaw On The Fabric. She Sometimes Bites Pieces Off And Swallows Them, But When I See Her Do That I'Ll Take The Toy Away And She Gets In Trouble. I Saw An Article The Other Day That Talked About Intestinal Blockage In Dogs That Eat Foreign Objects And I Got Scared So I Looked Up The Symptoms For It And She Has None Of Them. She Eats Normally, She Runs Around All The Time, She'S Very Hyper, Normal Bowel Movements. The Only Thing I'Ve Seen Is That She Throws Up More Than My Other Chihuahua And Sometimes After Drinking A Lot Of Water She'Ll Cough It Up. Sometimes I Do Find Little Pieces Of The Animals In Her Poop, But She Doesn'T Have Any Trouble Going. She Doesn'T Eat The Eyes, I Always Cut Them Out Before I Give Them To Her, Or The Stuffing. Just The Fabric. Should I Take Her To The Vet To Get Checked? We'Re Very Tight For Money Right Now, Our Income Has Dropped Over $1,000 Monthly, But I'M Very Scared That There Might Be Something Wrong And Fear That If I Don'T Get Her At Least A Check Up Something Bad Could Happen. And When I Do Take Her For Her Routine Check Ups, The Vet Doesn'T Find Anything Wrong With Her. She'S Been Doing It For A Long Time, So I Don'T Know If I Should Be Worried So Much. Also, Are There Any Organizations That Will Help With Vet Bills? I Live In California. Thank You!!

You are right to be concerned! But your dog doesn't have an intestinal obstruction and doesn't need to be seen right now. However, the majority of cases I see that do have an intestinal blockage have a history like your dog's. They have been known to eat things and swallow things they shouldn't be. Some of them get away with it for years. I had one client who told me she would find her dog's toys out in the yard in piles of poop. It's amazing how large of an object a dog can pass. But eventually something is going to get stuck.

When a dog develops an obstruction, they usually will start vomiting. They have a hard time keeping food down or maybe won't have any appetite at all. They become depressed. Depending on how long it has been going on, they may also stop defecating, or develop diarrhea. It comes on pretty fast, and progresses pretty fast. Depending on where the blockage is and whether it a complete or partial blockage, they may or may not be able to drink or hold water down. Dehydration is common.

Having a GI obstruction is a serious condition and can be fatal. With early treatment, usually these animals do just fine. But surgery or endoscopy can be expensive.

I recommend that you find only toys that you dog can't tear apart. I also recommend putting some money aside each month and build up a dog-care savings account. You can use this for annual exams and vaccines, and god forbid if your dog ever does develop a GI obstruction you will have the money to treat the dog. Many dogs have been euthanized after developing a GI obstruction when the owner couldn't afford the cost to treat the dog.

Hope this helps.

I Want To Become A Vet For Underwater/Marine Animals?
If I Want To Work With Animals That Live Underwater, Would I Be Able To With Them At Places Like Seaworld? As One Of The Vetenarians There? I'Ve Always Loved Seaworld And Aquatic Animals And I Just Wonder If Its Possible To Have A Job Position As A Vet There?

I can think that if you REALLY want to get into it the best collage you should probbably go to it A&M down in Corpus Christie (Texas). They have a collage that speciaizes in Marine life but as for getting a job there, yes its possible. It will probbably take a lot of work, because you'll have to work you're way up. The care of the animals will be a very serious job. Every one of those animals are worth a TON of money, considering how many mariene animals are endangered nowadays. But of course, every place with animals has to have a vet. Espically a place with exoctic animals.