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In Case You Leave Auto Repair To Some Professional Mechanic? Every car stops working

at some point, and that's an undeniable fact! Having said that, some cars are quite likely going to malfunctioning than others, and when you're within a tough situation, you may be left to wonder: should I attempt a DIY auto repair or employ a mechanic? An oil change is a superb instance of something a good novice driver could do, but if you have troubles beyond that, acquiring a car mechanic to perform the repairs can be a wise decision and here's why: Experience You might have virtually no idea what you're doing and you could actually wind up making things worse. Although you may seem like you're a DIY savvy person, you could end up causing other places of the car to malfunction. Along with, you only have no idea what's actually wrong along with your vehicle, unless you carry it apart and hope with all your might you may put it back together again. A vehicle mechanic has been achieving this for years and he can readily diagnose and repair any problem your vehicle can be against. Right Tools You require the correct tools plus a decent workspace to get started on concentrating on auto repair. Unless you have a whole garage with equipment and tools devoted to this, you will have to spend money on the desired tools to correct your car. Naturally, without prior experience working with car repair, you might not know what you ought to purchase, in addition to, you may never start using these tools again. Working with a professional car mechanic can eliminate the demand for one to invest money into equipment and tools you're unlikely to make use of again since he will currently have everything readily available. Speedy Repairs In the event you just have one household car you need to use to arrive at work with time, you need to ensure that your particular car is fixed without delay. Obviously, when you attempt a DIY repair, things can go wrong, and also after they don't, it can take you a lot additional time to have your automobile running than if you decide to employ a mechanic. Maybe you have your vehicle out of commission for a couple of days when taking it to your mechanic, but it sure beats not being able to start working! Cut Costs Perhaps probably the most compelling excellent reasons to drop your automobile off for repair in a mechanic's is to economize. You won't must invest money into tools, equipment, and auto parts you might never need. In addition to, while your automobile has run out of commission, you might want to rent an automobile or take the bus-- costing you more income! Hiring a mechanic for auto repair could help you save within the long run, especially if you consider that work well done can prolong the lifestyle of your vehicle. The next time your car or truck will give you trouble, why not stop at a car mechanic's?

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FAQ's Auto Repair

Engine Stumble / Other Problem?
I Replaced Everything In This Car, Its Been Running Great For The Past 4 Months, But The Otherday I Was Taking It For A Cruise And Out Of No Where It Just Started Losing Power, So I Shut It Off And Let It Sit For A Minute Or So, Started It Up, Starts Up Fine, And Idles Perfectly, But When You Get On The Gas It Stumbles And Doesnt Want To Gain Rpm. I Sluggishly Drove It Home And Replaced The Crappy Walmart Plugs With Some Good Napa Ones Hoping That Was The Prbolem But Had No Luck. Anyone Have Any Ideas What It Could Be? Things I Replaced Within The Past 3 Months: Plugs, Wires, Cap, Rotor Fuel Filter / Pump Air Filter Egr Head Gasket, Intake Gaskets, Etc. (Basically All The Upper Gaskets) I'M Thinking Maybe Its A Bad Sensor But Its A 94 And I Cant Easily Get My Hands On A Scanner To See If The Lights On Because There Isnt One In The Dash (It Was Removed By The Previous Owner For A Custom Dash Setup) The Car Has 145K On It

How far did you go with the gaskets? did you the heads reconditioned?
You went that far but yet not far enough. Timing chain? piston rings come to mind
Make-model-year helps
Rebuild motor

Should I Look In To Buying This Bronco Ii? ?
4X4 Ac/Heat Stereo Power Windows Locks Etc. Gets 25+ Miles Per Gallon Seriously! Needs Valve Cover Gasket. I Drive It Every Day. Rear Fold Down Seats Has 120,000 Miles On It. $2000. Or Buy A 67 Bronco For $5500 That Needs Work??

I have an '89 BII w/over 300k mi, and I use it for everything. It is definitely the better option for a daily driver.
67 Bronco for $5500, I'll bet it needs a lot of work, and while some think it can be made to perform better offroad (solid front axle), its true value rests as an investment for someone who wants to restore or rebuild it.
Those trucks can be worth a lot to a collector, and if I had the cash, I'd buy it and restore it, but only because I can do the work.
Back to the BII, valve cover gaskets are cheap and easy, and with 120k, you should consider some preventative maintanence. Also be aware that the 2.9 had issues with heads cracking. World Products makes a great replacement that eliminates the issue, if you're like me and plan on keeping her for the duration.
If you want additional tech advice, please look me up at Yahoo's Ford Bronco II Group (

Estimation For Car Rust Repair?
I Have A 1993 Dodge Intrepid. The Lower Door Skin On Both Side Has Some Rust Pretty Bad. Could You Guys Give Me A Range For The Cost Of Fixing This Problem. I Plan To Go To The Body Shop Cuz I Dont Know If I'm Able To Do It Myself. I Live Up North, And It Snows A Lot Here. I Gotta Think About Fixing This Car Before The Winter Comes. Also, Any Suggestion On The Rust Problem, I'd Be Appreciated Much. I'm Very New To Cars Generally. Thanks In Advance.

Before you considering repairing cosmetic rust, you should have the underside of the car inspected to be sure there is no rust that would adversly affect other areas like floorboards.

As far as repairing rust, it's not worth it unless you intend to move out of the rust-belt.

I worked with a guy in Long Beach, CA who repaired rust properly, which entails cutting out the rusted area and welding in an entirely new piece of sheet metal. He only repaired high end cars like '55 T Birds and Porsche Speedsters. If you asked him to repair the rust on your '93 Dodge, he would have counseled you against the idea.

Because the new sheet metal was welded in, it's not protected from rusting out again because it cannot be rust-proofed on the inner side. It rusts out even faster than the original metal did the first time.

The cheap way to repair rust is to bash in the rusted edge, mig in some metal in the general shape and bondo it over. This kind of repair leaves you with a real mess when the rusted metal that wasn't removed continues to rust out.

Generally speaking, people who have lived their whole life in the rust belt have their new cars undercoated, drive their older car in the winter and spring, and get more years out of the new car by only driving it in summer & fall and garaging it in inclement weather.

If you really want to go bargain basement, you can get some stainless steel tape at Pep Boys and apply it to the rust on your doors. But it won't look great.

Torque Wrench Setting For Replace Head Gasket?
My Friend Has 1986 Ford Bronco Ii 2.9 Engien. It Needs To Replace Head Gasket. I Called Ford Dealer And They Told Me That Would Be $1,200 Or More To Doing For Him. I Have Book Tells Which Bolt To Remove/Put Back First. But I Need Know What Is Lb Tq Max On Wrench To Put Head Back On. My Wrench Is 30Lbs To 250Lbs And It Has Mm If You Know The Answers, Thanks!

nice truck got 3 of them here
head step 1 30 nm 22 lbs step 2 ,70-75 ..51 to 55 step 3 .. 90deg
: 8 1 4 6 :
: 5 3 2 7 :
................. :
head torque sequence
intake manifolds 3 to 6 ...6 to 11...11 to 15...15 to 18 lbs

front ..................
of ; 3 5 7 2: . "
engine : 1 8 6 4 :

upper intake manifolds 6 to 7 then 15 to 18 lbs
good luck

I Lost My Smog Check Certificate?
I Need To Do My Smog Check(State Of California), And I Have Lost The Certificate, What Should I? Can I Go And Do The Test Without Certificate?

You get the certificate AFTER the test, not before. If you lose the certificate showing your car passed smog, the DMV has it in their computer and so would Triple A. It's no problem.

If you lost the DMV paperwork they send you in the mail to get your smog, it doesn't matter either. Just tell whatever shop you go to you need a smog. They only ask for it to scan the VIN number, which is a lot faster than typing 17 numbers.

Auto Repair Shop Makes My Car Undriveable Can I Take Them To Court?
I Have A 1993 Mx6 Ls.I Moved To Arizona From Ventura In California.Thats A 325 Mile Drive.A Few Months Later The Car Starts Over Heating Ever Day.So I Have A Mechanic Come To My Place And Take A Look And See Whats Wrong.He Says It Was Only Runny On 2 Cylender And Ther All Burnt Out And It Needs New Spark Plugs And It Sould Be Fine After Geting That Stuff Fixed.So I Get It Done For 900 Bucks.The The Next Day On The Way The Walmart The Car Over Heats Like Before.So I Call The Mechanic Up And He Comes Over To My House The And He Takes A Notheir Look A My Car A Then Says It Need A New Waterpump And Timing Belt Put He Cant Do It Because He Doesnt Have The Right Tools To Lift The Car Up Off The Ground So He Sends Me To A Auto Repair Place That Can Do The Job.So These People But The Stuff In , So They Say?So I Pay 600 For That.And As Im Driving Home It Overheats Agin.So I Take It Back 2 Them And They Say It Neds A New Water Reservoir.I Get That Done And Wen I Com To Pic It Up It Wont Run

new spark plugs $900?? WOW wish you lived near me