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Civil Law in
Finding A Highly Skilled Lawyer Whatever your legal needs are you will recognize that there are loads of lawyers in your neighborhood that advertise that they can are experts in your sort of case. This can make the process of finding one with a lot of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, should you follow the tips below it is possible to limit your research on the right one in almost no time. The first task is to generate a selection of the lawyers that happen to be listed in your neighborhood focusing on your situation. When you are which makes this list you ought to only include those that you may have an effective vibe about depending on their advertisement. You can then narrow this list down by taking some time evaluating their internet site. There you will be able to find the amount of years they have been practicing and several general information regarding their success rates. At this time your list ought to have shrunken further to the people that you simply felt had professional websites along with an appropriate volume of experience. You should then spend some time to search for independent reviews of each and every attorney. Make sure you browse the reviews rather than counting on their overall rating. The info within the reviews will provide you with a sense of the way that they connect to their clients and the length of time they invest into each case they are taking care of. Finally, you will need to talk to at the very least the last three lawyers who have the credentials you are looking for. This will provide you with enough time to truly evaluate how interested these are in representing you and the case. It really is vital that you follow all of these steps to actually hire a company which includes the proper amount of experience to get you the best possible outcome.

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Top Universities In Canada For Undergraduate...?
Business? Law?

For Business, U of T, Queens, University of Western Ontario and Laurier are all great schools. For Law, i've heard York University is excellent. These schools are all in Ontario, but if you want an across Canada answer, you could check out the Macleans rankings at:

Real Estate Law?
The Bank Is Forclosing On The Home I Live In. The Mortgage Is In My Ex-Fiance'S Name Only (However, He Moved Out And Gave Me A Letter Saying He Is Not Responsible For Anything With The House). Will He Be The Only One With A Forclosure On His Credit Report? What About Liens? Both Of Our Names Is On The Title - So Will I Get A Lien On My Credit Report? I Tried To Take Over The Loan, But He Is Bitter And Will Not Let Me (He Stated That He Wants Me Not To Have The House). I'Ve Tried To Talk To The Bank To Take Over The Mortgage, But They Will Not Talk With Me Because My Name Is Not On The Mortgage. There Is Nothing I Can Do But Let It Forclose. I Will Lose The 100K That I Gave My Ex-Fiance When He First Took Out The Mortgage - But What Can I Do About It? Nothing. Will This Effect My Credit Report?

His loan. His foreclosure. His liens. YOu can be in title and not on the mortgage; but it's pretty unusual. Talk to a real estate atty in your state. AS it stands, if you are in title, you may have some rights as a party in possession to reedem the mortgage. States vary; time to invest a few hundred dollars in a good atty to save 100K

good luck

Help Attorney Needed?
Crackerjack Discrimination Attorney For A Kennesaw, Ga., Case Is Needed. Time Is Of The Essence. Thank You In Advance For Your Assistance.

Oh, don't you wish finding a good attorney were really this easy? Sorry, it's not.

Your phone directory probably has a yellow pages section for attorneys. If it covers a large enough area, they will probably also be broken down by specialty. Lawyers are almost as specialized as doctors these days, you know.

However, Kennesaw is probably not a very large town, and chances are there is no more than one attorney who would even be willing to accept a particular case. So if it is important that your attorney live where you do, you probably don't have many choices. Call all the attorneys in the book, and you may find one.

The more likely scenario is that you will need to go to the county seat (or is Kennesaw a county seat?), or even the state capital to find a large enough concentration of attorneys for your purposes. The good news is they tend to advertise with a good bit of information in the yellow pages, and also on the Internet.

Good luck!

How To Find Out Someone'S Place Of Employment? I'M An Attorney And Have Several Clients That Haven'T Paid Me?
I'M Planning On Suing Them But Am Trying To Prioritize Who To Take To Court First. I Figure It'S Best To Take The Ones That Actually Have Jobs First But I Need To Know How To Find That Out. Anyone Out There With Any Suggestions On Debt Collection?

Proceed with caution. The problem with debt collection if you're an attorney is they may turn around and claim that you committed malpractice in handling their matter. If they report you to the bar you may have to deal with an investigation. Even if their claim is frivolous, it'll be a major headache to deal with and will take time away from your practice. Next time, get a retainer up front to prevent this type of problem.
To find a place of employment, gather as much info about the person as possible to help you on your search. Do a Google search (sometimes the employer lists staff members on their websites). Also, Yahoo! actually has a free people search that sometimes shows updated employment info (go to Resources). Check with LinkedIn and other professional network places where the person's info might pop up. If all else fails, you can pay a company to do the search for you. Or better yet, just go ahead and sue them and find out the employment info during discovery. There are certain databases out there that can show employment info for a person if you have their ss# but i'm not familiar with them. Good Luck!

Obama Was A Lawyer ,What Kind Of Law Did He Practice And What Was His Win Ratio?

Civil Rights lawyer, but not all of his cases involved civil rights.

An elderly person brought a lawsuit against the slum he lived in for a slip and fall injury caused by poor property maintenance...The slumlord hired Obama...Obama got the case dismissed.

He worked on 30 cases in 4 years...That averages out to 7 cases a year.

His case details are listed here:

Out of those 30 cases, he only actually showed up in court for 10 cases in his entire career:

Obama admits he played a mostly behind-the-scenes role at his law firm, Miner Barnhill & Galland. He researched the law, drafted motions, prepared for depositions and did other less glamorous work during his three years full-time and eight years "of counsel" to the firm. Many trial lawyers spend their time similarly, part of a trend over the last 20 years of settling a greater percentage of cases before trial.

A review of the cases Obama worked on during his brief legal career shows he played the "strong, silent type" in court, introducing himself and his client, then stepping aside to let other lawyers do the talking.

Only once did Obama appear before the prestigious 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, where Judge Richard Posner is legendary for tearing into inexperienced lawyers. But Posner knew Obama as a fellow senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School and kept his grilling polite

"I was an associate, and a lot of my work was in the research and writing," Obama told the Sun-Times on Sunday.

"I was one of the better writers. I ended up doing the more cerebral writing, less trial work," Obama added. "That's actually something I regret -- not doing more trial work."

"He wrote lots of substantial memos, but he didn't try any cases," said Judson Miner, a partner in the firm who was Obama's boss.

A search of all the cases in Cook County Circuit Court in which Obama made an appearance since he graduated from Harvard in 1991 shows: Zero.

His practice was confined mainly to federal court in Chicago, where he made formal appearances in only five district court cases and another five in cases before the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals -- a total of 10 cases in his legal career. He was on the winning side of just about all those cases. Miner said there were 30 cases to which Obama contributed in some way.

The Best Military Divorce Attorney In Charleston Sc?
I Am Looking For The Best Military Attorney In Charleston, Sc! Looking For An Agressive, Powerful, Fighter Attorney. Anyone Knows Who That Person Will Be Could You Please Respond. Thank You So Much!

I highly recommend Emily G. Johnston. She has an MBA in finance and recently arbitrated my divorce with a Military spouse - I am a retired military officer - she is located in Mt Pleasant. Two excellent attorneys I retained personally in Charleston were Mary Ann Hall and Douglas Barker. They are smart, strong, appropriately aggressive, rational and honorable people in a business with few of these qualities.

SC follows a percentage formula traditionally even if the FSPA doesn't recommend one in division of pension as marital asset. The FSPA just gives power to the states so you need a good state lawyer, especially in a deep southern state.
Just ensure you're familliar with the 10/10 Rule for allotments - most local attorneys are not but are quick studies. Normally I'd say get a military lawyer but in Charleston everything is word of mouth and "networked" so you definitely want a local Southern name down there.

I was incredibly pleased with the outcome of the case, the details of which are being sealed. Most of my friends and family were astounded by the outcome and extremely pleased with the performance of my attorneys.

Despite incredible odds and huge disadvantages against me in the beginning - It was a stellar outcome and I had excellent counsel.

Good luck.
Whatever you do - do not hire my spouses' attorney - she's a total fighter but a lightweight and will cost you thousands and thousands for every sucker punch she throws.