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Nearly all men and women do not think about selecting a lawyer until they are in desperate need. The legal issue might be personal, like family law, for a divorce or if you are hunting for a bankrupcy or trust attorney. It may be a criminal case you want to be defended on. Companies need to have law firms as well, no matter whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unfounded business strategies. Tax legal professionals are also helpful anytime interacting with government complications. Just like doctors, lawyers have areas. A big, full service law firm has numerous lawyers with numerous areas of expertise, so depending on your company legal issue, you can promptly retain the perfect lawyer to match your current need without having to begin your search each time you need legal assistance.It is ideal to find a legal representative you can have confidence in. You need one with a good track record, who isstraightforward, reliable, and wins cases. You would like to have confidence that they will represent you the right way and invoice you fairly for their services. Sometimes a reference from a pal or business affiliate can be useful, even so you should continue to keep your options open and examine all the firms available, because when you require legal support, you need it immediately and you desire the finest you can afford to pay for. Thank you for browsing for a lawyer with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is happy to offer you specific search parameters to meet your necessities. We consistently make an effort to focus on the most popular phrases so you can promptly find anything you are searching for.

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Legal Advice?
I Am A Young College Student And I Need Some Legal Advice. I Need Some Serious Advice. I Have No Money And I Just Want To Know If The People Trying To Sue Me Have A Case Or Not. Does Anyone Know Of A Place I Can Go Or A Number I Could Call To Get Help With This. I'M In The Northern California Area If That Helps.

You might see if your campus has an attorney on staff who would be able to answer this kind of question. Otherwise, you could contact Legal Aid of Northern California
or Volunteer Legal Services of Northern California

If these are not the correct agencies to help, they can steer you to the right place.

Underager 20 Year Old Facing Dui Charge?
I Recently Got In A Car Accident On The Freeway In California The Acccident Was Not My Fault It Was Windy Foggy And Dark I Was Looking For My Defroster In A New Car And A Car Cut Me Off Which I Hit And They Ran The Chp Was Sevarl Feet Behind And From The Video It Appeared Not To Be My Fault Although No Sign Of The Other Car My Question Is Should I Get An Attorney For The Dmv Hearing Or Can I Do It On My Own. I Passed All The Test Except The Breathalyzer I Had 3 Shots At 10 Pm And Sweated It Out At The Club Dancing The Accident Happened At 3:30 Am And My Blood Alcohol Level Was 0.07 The First Time And 0.08 The 3 Other Times. Do I Have A Chance? I'M A First Offender No Record And I Work For The Government As A Student Admin Assistant.

You should hire a DUI defense attorney if you want to try to keep you license and avoid the one year suspension that comes with an under 21 DUI loss either in court or at he DMV, remember your legal limit is 0.0.

A skilled lawyer may be able to challenge the legal grounds for the stop, arrest and chemical test. It is troubling to me that you have viewed the video, the officer was close enough to see the accident but somehow the video didn't catch the other car which you hit.

Many lawyers offer free consultations, you should call one (or more) to find out what they think of your case and what they think they can do for you.

What Would You Ask A Lawyer?
It'S For A School Project. I Need 100 Questions To Ask But I Don'T Know How To Start.

How do you sleep at night??
*What is the most rewarding thing about your job.
*Do you usually know if your person is really innocent or not.
*Is it hard to defend someone if you know they are guilty.
*What is the weirdest case you have been involved in.
*What kind of lawyer are you? Marriage/accidental.. etc...
*Do you always agree with the judge?
*How many years did you have to go to school?
*Do you work from home or in a large building?
*How much money do you make in a year.
*If I wanted to become a lawyer what would you advise me.
*Is a lawyer what you wanted to be when u were a kid.

Hope I Helped.

Legal Advice? Please Help?
My Mum And Her Now Ex-Boyfriend Bought A House Together. They Had Only Been Together 2Yrs When We Found Out He Was Cheating And They Broke Up. Mum Has 94 Shares And He Has 6 In The House According To The Title. She Put In $650,000 To Buy The House. He Put In $30,000. She Put In $100,000 Worth Of Renovations. They Each Owe 50% Of A $300,000 Mortgage Since They Went To Settlement, She Has Had To Pay Him $150,000 For His Half Of The Mortgage, His $30,000, And He Has Stolen Around $10,000 Worth Of Her Jewellery (Including The Engagement Ring My Dad Gave Her) Which He Hasn'T Returned. He Also Cleared Their Joint Bank Account The Day After They Broke Up. My Mum Also Paid Half The Child Support Of His Daughter And Paid 85% Of Utilities And All Bills. He Basically Got Out Without Having Paid Anything Regarding Living Expenses For 2 Years, And Now Mum Is Left With The Entire Mortgage In Her Name And We Have To Sell Our House To Be Able To Pay Him. Is This Legally Just Or Right? Any Lawyers Please Help

According to what I know in US law, this is legal.

Regardless of how much each individual put into the house, it is a JOINT purchase, meaning it is perfectly legal that they are responsible for 50% of it. The law does not see it in terms of who paid more. Your mom bought out his interest in the home. This is common and will save your mom from having to hassle the ex for mortgage payments. In the long run, it was her smartest move. You don't want to jointly own a home with someone you cannot trust to make the payments. It seems unfair, but there is nothing illegal here. This is very common.

As for the jewelry, your mom needs to file a police report and then possibly see an attorney about suing him. Unfortunately, if she does not have proof that this jewelry existed, it will be hard to reclaim something you cannot prove. She will need to dig up pictures of the jewelry and possibly have someone appraise the value of the stolen pieces so she has something to show in Court. Other than that, there is no other way to get that back.

As for the joint account, here in the States, he has done nothing legally wrong. This is why you never open a joint account with someone unless you're positive you can trust the person. Usually, when married couples split, they seek an attorney first before telling the other side they're leaving. Why? So that way, you and the attorney can freeze the accounts so neither party can withdraw and run. As long as the account is in joint status, banks see it as "joint" funds. He has every right to withdraw as much as he wants. There are ways the Court can force him to pay that money back, but again, you would have to engage an attorney's services.

As far as the child support is concerned, that was her personal choice to pay those bills. Legally, again, he has done nothing wrong. Here in the States, we call that using your mom as a sugar momma. There is nothing your Mom can do to recover that money. If she has no Court order binding her to pay the child support, obviously, she should stop paying. It is not her child nor her obligation. It doesn't seem fair, but that's life. We all make decisions as adults, and she made a very bad one. She won't recover the monies paid to child support or the monies she spent running the household.

So, with my experience in the States, your mom made some very bad decisions and is paying for them. Nothing in your scenario yells anything illegal going on with the exception of the stolen jewelry. It is very sad that you're losing your home to pay him. It is morally unfair, but as far as the law is concerned, they are "even" once the house is sold. The purpose is to put both parties where they started. Without the house, both 50% responsible for the debt.

Hopefully all goes well and you are both able to recover the jewelry.

Legal Family Advice- Divorce/House?
My Mom And Dad Have Separated For More Than 10 Years And The House Is In Both Their Names. Dad Has Moved Out Since Their Separation. My Mom(57) And Myself (21) Still Live At The Home But My Dad Now Wants To Sell. Mom = Doesnt Work Due To Personal Reasons. Sister (24) Moved Out 4 Years Ago. We Are Not Financially Well Off And Cannot Afford To Move Or Buy The Other Half Of The House. Is There Anyway Of Saving The House For My Mom And I'S Sake.

Maybe. Your dad will be asking to sell the house as part of the divorce settlement. Your mom can counter and ask that he be required to sign a quit claim deed, giving her sole rights to the property. Your mom's divorce lawyer can use the fact that he has not lived there nor made any mortgage payments or property tax payments in 10 years. If he has, your mom's lawyer needs the documents to show how much she paid. It's up to the judge if she gets it or not. The lawyers can only ask.

Where Can I Find Free Legal Aid For Illegal Actions Against Me By Police And Others In The Legal System?
I Am Desperately In Need Of Free Legal Aid. Many Horrible And Illegal Things Were Done To Me By Police And Others In The Legal System. Among Them Are Being Wrongfully Charged, Wrongfully Arrested, Assaulted By Police When Requesting A Lawyer, Threatened With Death, Held Illegally, Tortured, Assaulted By Inmates Under Instruction Of Police, And Forced To Plead Guilty Against My Will. Police, Lawyers, And Judges Are Involved. I Have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Since The Events, Have Been Unable To Function, And Am Barely Able To Function Now. I Have No Money. I Do Not Know Where To Go For Legal Help. Much Investigating Has To Be Done - Records Obtained, Witnesses Interviewed. They Have Destroyed My Life.

You can approach your local bar - bar organizations require that lawyers in private service perform some "pro bono" work.

The problem is that a lawsuit needs to be directed at discrete and identifiable entities - named people or organizations. It must also specify discrete acts and results of those acts.

"What kind of lawyer do I need?"

A civil lawyer.

"What is a legal aid office?"

There is no such thing. There are in certain cities organizations, and some of them use the name "Legal Aid" or some variation of that. These are private organizations using public funds to defend the rights of people who cannot afford their own lawyers.

You would also have to have some evidence backing up your claims, or a reasonable specific way to obtain it.