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Finding A Highly Skilled Lawyer Whatever your legal needs are you will recognize that there are many lawyers in your town that advertise that they can specialize in your sort of case. This will make the procedure of finding one with a lot of experience a bit of a challenge. However, when you follow the tips below it will be possible to restrict your pursuit on the right one in very little time. The first step is to generate a set of the lawyers which can be listed in your neighborhood that specialize in your situation. While you are which makes this list you must only include those which you have an excellent vibe about according to their advertisement. You may then narrow this list down through taking a little while evaluating their internet site. There you must be able to find just how many years they are practicing plus some general details about their success rates. At this stage your list needs to have shrunken further to the people that you felt had professional websites plus an appropriate quantity of experience. You ought to then take the time to check out independent reviews for each attorney. Make sure you browse the reviews instead of just depending on their overall rating. The data inside the reviews provides you with a sense of the way that they connect to their clients and the length of time they invest into each case they are focusing on. Finally, you will need to talk to at the very least the past three lawyers which may have the credentials you are searching for. This will give you time to really evaluate how interested they can be in representing your case. It can be crucial for you to follow all of these steps to ensure that you hire a company which includes the right degree of experience to get you the best possible outcome.

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Can Anyone Tell Me About The Legal Services Specialist Mos In The Usmc?
How Long Is The Schooling??? What Does It Translate To In The Civilian World??? Will I Still Have A Chance To Be Stationed Overseas In A Lss Capacity

Marine Corps (USMC) Enlisted Job Descriptions

MOS 4421, Legal Services Specialist

Summary. The legal services specialist MOS encompasses every facet of legal administration with the exception of courts-martial reporting and transcribing duties. General duties involve the legal operational, managerial, clerical, and administrative duties incident to an LSSS, law center, or office of the staff judge advocate. Typical duties include the preparation and typing of general correspondence, forms, reports, wills, powers of attorney, and other documents dealing with legal and quasi-legal matters; checking all completed work for typographical accuracy; maintaining office correspondence files, directives, and publications; if senior in grade, directing the activities of all enlisted personnel performing duties in an LSSS, law center, or office of the staff judge advocate; and, acting as principal enlisted advisor to a staff judge advocate on troop morale, welfare, discipline, and all other matters pertaining to enlisted personnel. Selected Marines may attend follow-on training at the Legal Services Scopist Course. Legal services scopists are responsible to assist legal services reporters (stenotype) in the preparation and assembly of typewritten, summarized or verbatim transcripts.


(1) GT score of 100 or higher.

(2) Demonstrate a typing proficiency of 35 words per minute and complete the Legal Administration/Legal Services Specialist Course.

(3) Must have received no Nonjudicial Punishment or been convicted by courts-martial or civilian court for any offense involving controlled substances, nor convicted by courts-martial or civilian court for any offense involving moral turpitude.

Duties. For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to MCO 1510.51_, Individual Training Standards.

Related DOT Classification/DOT Code

(1) Legal Secretary 201.362-010.

(2) Paralegal Assistant 119.267-026.

Related Military Skill. Administrative Clerk, 0151.

How Much Will You Get For Dwi In Nys?
So My Dumb Friend Got A Dwi.... Ok So She Is 18, She Has No License, Crash The Car Into A Tell Phone Poll. And And Her Bac. Was A .21 They Hit Her With A Misdemeanor Charge Of Drunken Driving. So What I'M Asking Is What Kind Of Time Is She Goin To Do. Go To Jail Or Be On Probation.

In NYS, a misdemeanor DWI is punishable by up to a year in prison. There's no way to be sure where in the range of minimum-to-maximum her sentence will be. (That's assuming that there will be a conviction, though it's not a huge assumption based on your facts).

Facts calling for a lower sentence - age and low/non-existent criminal record.

Facts tilting things up higher - the fact that there was an accident, high BAC, damage to public property.

Judges and prosecutors tale a dim view of DWI and will seek higher punishment for other criminals with similar records. The reason is that many DWI offenders will re-offend. There actually is a statute making DWI a felony for repeat offenders. Judges and prosecutors are terrified that these offenders will probably get into even worse trouble, possibly killing people in a pretty big way, on their next drive. If that happens, their old cases - and how they were prosecuted - will be brought to light and questioned.

Even though your friend doesn't have a license, NYS can still suspend it - that is, they can suspend his right to drive or get a license. The word "license" can apply to that picture ID that you get from DMV, and also to your legal right to drive and/or get a driver's license. Simply driving w/o a license is a non-criminal vehicular offense - an infraction. Driving while your license is suspended (again, whether or not you ever passed a road test and got a card) is actually a crime. You can have more than one suspension at a time, and if you have at least 10 issued on separate dates, your driving will be a felony.

Is Forging A Lawyer Signature A Felony?
I Know Someone That Forged A Lawyer'S Signature On A Bail Bonds Order For Arrest Sheet. Basically They Forged The Company Lawyers Signature So They Didn'Tt Have To Pay The Lawyer. Then They Turned The Ofa'S Into The Clerk Of Court To Have The School Board Attorney Sign Them. So Basically They Defreauded The Court. They Have Found 18 Forged Signatures In One County Alone.

They should definitely be charged with felony forgery for that. Any forgery would be a felony, but the fact that they'd be defrauding the legal system would be a more serious matter.

Malpractice Attorney ?
I Would Like To Know The Salary Of A Malpractice Attorney And How Long Is Their Education Time ?

my friend does desk making malpractice he gets paid 10 dollars a week.

Attorney Fees For Green Card Labor Certificate, I-140, And I-485?
Anyone Knows On Average How Much A Corporate Lawyer Hired By Employer Would Charge For Green Card Labor Certificate, I-140 And I-485 Respectively? I Need To Know How Much Each Part Costs, Not Just A Sum. Thanks.

filing fees for
I-140 = $475
I-907 = $1000 extra for I-140 Premium process
I-485 = $1010
I-131 = $305 (free if file with I-485)
I-765 = $340 (free if file with I-485)
medical exam =$100 to $200
cost of advertisement related to labor cert $1000 to $2000
our attorney fee:*****(these numbers are 6 years old)******
perm prep. $1000
fee due upon perm labor cert approval $1000
i-140 prep. $1000
fee due i-140 approval $1000
i-485 $1000+ per person
i-131 $300+ per person
i-765 $300+ per person
other fees: certified mails, postage charges, photocopies charges, fax.. $100+

Legal Advice For Help With Dead-Beat Dad?
My Parents Have Been Divorced For 17 Of The 20 Years Of My Life. I Have Spent Most Of That Time Living With My Mom, Until 3 Years Ago When I Moved Away To Go To Univirsity. I Am Now Coming Into My Fourth And Final Year And Cant Wait To Graduate, But Like All Students, Finanaces Are Tight. I Have Been Working As Much As Possible While In School And My Mom Helps When Ever She Can But We Are Both Tapped Out. My Dad Has Never Helped With Anything, Financially Or Otherwise And Still Has Yet To Pay His Child Support From Way Back When. It Was Recently Brought To My Attention That In Canada Your Parents Are Obligated To Help You Until You Are 21 If You Are Not Attending A College Or University Or 25 It You Are. I Was Wondering If There Is Any Way For Me To Use This To My Advantage To Get My Dad To Help With This Last Year Of School? I Have Already Asked Him For Help And He Said No, And That If I Cant Do It On My Own I Dont Want It Bad Enough, He Said I Am A Spoiled Little Brat For Asking And That He Hopes I Never Graduate. That Really Hurt. I Just Want To Graduate So I Can Do Something With My Life, And Help My Mom Out A Bit, She Really Deserves It. If You Can Think Of Any Other Way For Me To Get Funding For This Last Year That Would Be Really Helpfull, I Have Applied For Every Scholarship Under The Sun, Work As Much As Possible, And Have Governent Issued Loans. Thanks In Advance And Have A Great Day.

I'm not sure what state you live in but laws differ. Usually in your County Courts you'll be able to find help in "help centers". This is a service offered for low income individuals. They will tell you what your rights are, what papers to fill out, where to file them and all other pertinent information. Sometimes Attorneys will give you some info on current laws over the phone in hopes of getting your business. But check out your court house, more often than not just 2 hours of your time at the court house will generate some results or point you in the right direction. Be careful what advice you listen too, it could cost you money. Good Luck