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Many individuals do not think about obtaining a law firm till they are in desperate need. The legal difficulty might be personal, like family law, for a divorce or separation or if you are searching for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer or attorney. It may be a criminal case you will need to be defended on. Businesses need to have law firms as well, regardless if they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unjustified business procedures. Tax lawyers are also effective while engaging with government challenges. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A huge, full service law firm has numerous legal representatives with different areas of expertise, so relying on your current legal issue, you can promptly retain the best lawyer or attorney to satisfy your existing need without having to begin your search each time you need legal assistance.It is ideal to find a legal representative you can trust. You want one with a very good record, who istruthful, efficient, and wins cases. You really want to have assurance that they will stand for you accurately and bill you reasonably for their services. From time to time a referral from a close friend or business associate can be helpful, nevertheless you should continue to keep your options open and review all the firms accessible, because when you require legal help, you need it quickly and you desire the very best you can afford to pay for. Thank you for looking for a law firm with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is happy to supply specific search variables to meet your needs. We constantly make an effort to focus on the most popular phrases so you can immediately find anything at all you are looking for.

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Do You Know What Defamation Of Character Is?
Are Any Of Your Sons Or Sons In Laws Attorneys?

Yes, I know what defamation of character is. And no, none of my sons or sons-in-law is an attorney, but one of my daughters is.

In English and American law, and systems based on them, libel and slander are two forms of defamation (or defamation of character), which is the tort or delict of making a false statement of fact that injures someone's reputation. "Defamation" is however the generally-used term internationally. Slander is a harmful statement in a transitory form, especially speech, and libel is a harmful statement in a fixed medium, especially writing but also a picture, sign, or electronic broadcast, each of which gives a common law right of action.

Providing, of course, that you are willing to accept that explanation from a FEMALE attorney.

Legal Advice?
My Husband Had A Credit Card Go To A Collection Service, They Worked Out An Agreement That He Would Pay X Amount Up Front, He Then Gave Them Check Numbers To Take Out $100 Every 2 Weeks For Around 6 Months, At Which Time They Would Call Back To See If He Could Settle. Needless To Say, They Have Taken Money Out Of Our Account Past The 6 Months That Was Agreed On. On Top Of That They Stopped Taking Money Out At One Point And Then Said That We Had Missed 3 Payments, Even Though It Was Suppose To Be Automatic Withdrawls. Today They Called To Settle, At Which Point My Husband Told Them We Couldn'T, Needless To Say I Got On Our Bank Account Today And Seen That They Had Taken Another $100 Out Today. Is There Something That We Can Do Here?! We Only Authorized Them To Take Out 6 Months Worth Of Payments. They Are Trying To Scare Us By Telling Us They Will Take Us To Court. Any Help Would Be Much Apprictiated! Thank You!

Unfotunately since you authorized them to take monies out of your account and you gave them your account number the bank is not going to be very sympathic to you. You could call them and file a claim agains the money they took out which in turn the bank will do an investigation and may or may not give you the money back which could take weeks. What the bank will advise you to do is to close out your account and open a new one.
You need to review the last six month and verify how much they have taken out of your account, add the money your husband gave up from and see if you are in fact paid off or not. If you are then I would copy this information and send it to the company for proof you've paid in full, along with a letter requesting they stop ALL FURTHER WITHDRAWLS from your account. Tell them in the letter you no longer authorize access to you account and any further action against your account on their part will be handled through legal actions. Threaten them that you've already contacted your bank and that any futher transactions will be considered bank fraud. (That one works, I've used it)
But if you have not paid in full, and you only have a couple more payments left go ahead and write this same letter and outline to them something to the effect of you have 3 more payments left in the agreement, these payments should take place on this date, this date and this date. Say after this date (last payment date) the account will be paid in full and further withdrawls should be stopped.

There are so many times when these companies will just hound the hell out of people and withdrawl moneys other then the agreed upon amount.
But since you did give them your account information there really is not a lot that can be done with the bank. They will tell you the same thing.

However, once you notify the company in writing you need to follow up with the bank and let them know you've done so.
One more thing you could/should do when you write this letter. End it at the bottom below where you sing your name on the left side of the page Cc: to your bank.
You con't actually have to send it to your bank but if they see that they will think you've sent it to your bank and that you will take legal actions.
Don't let them bully you!! Stand your ground.

Good Luck!!

Choosing Family Law Attorney...?
Please Take The Time To Read This And Respond. I Cannot Even Tell You How Much I Appreciate Your Time. I Need To Know How To Go About Choosing An Attorney. Are There Websites Where People Discuss Their Experiences With Specific Attorneys? I Tried To Search For Some But Didn'T Have Any Luck. The Problem Is, I Was In An Abusive Relationship And Got Pregnant. We Were Not Married And He Tried Literally Every Trick In The Book To Manipulate Me Into Getting An Abortion. He Threatened To Commit Suicide And Told Me I Would Be A Bad Mom And &Quot;Loose&Quot; So Nobody Would Want To Ever Be In A Relationship With Me. Once I Got Up The Courage To Tell Him I Decided To Keep The Baby, He Sent Me A Text Saying &Quot;Guess I Gotta Start Praying You Miscarry The ******* Thing.&Quot; Now, I Have The Text Messages Saved On My Phone Still. Well, This Guy Is Going After Me For Paternity, Child Custody, Child Support, And Legal Fees. Throughout The Pregnancy He Finally Decided He Wanted The Baby (This Was Completely Because His Mom Wants The Baby, Not Him). He Refused To Get A Second Job Or Work Overtime (Which He Needed Overtime To Make Ends Meet) So He Wouldn'T Pay As Much In Child Support. My Son Is Now 6 Weeks. His Dad Was Invited And Came To The Hospital 3 Times Out Of The Four Days. I Had A C-Section And Had Complications Arise After Being Released From The Hospital. Also, My Son Had Health Problems. So, I Told The Dad We Needed Time To Recover When He Asked To Come Over. Three Days After Being Released From The Hospital He Started Threatening To Take Me To Court And Take My Baby. He Started Mentally Abusing Me To Try To Get Me To Let Him Come Over. I Couldn'T Even Get Out Of Bed Or Anything Though B/C Of The Complications And My Doctor Had Even Written A Letter To My College Professors Stating That I Could Not Attend School. Once I Recovered, The Mental Abuse Had Yet To Cease. This Is A Man Who Has Physically, Sexually, And Mentally Abused Me For About 1 1/2 Years. I Was Scared To Let Him Come Over At That Point. I Do Not Have Proof Of The Abuse Other Than Witnesses To The Bruises, Not The Abuse Itself, And Proof That I Talked To My Friend About The Abuse The Day I Found Out I Was Pregnant So I'M Not Just Now &Quot;Making This Up&Quot; Like I'M Sure He'Ll Say. Basically, I Need To Know Who The Best Person Would Be To Handle The Case. I At Least Want Him To Have To Get Counseling. I Know I Can'T Stop Him From Getting Some Sort Of Custody, But I Would Just Like My Son To Be Safe. Also, They Are Trying For Primary Custodial Guardianship On The Basis Of Me Not Letting The Dad See Our Son. How Will That Effect Everything? There Was Documented (Text Messages) Mental Abuse Taking Place, I Repeatedly Told Him I Needed Time To Recover, It Has Only Been 6 Weeks And The Day Before I Got Served I Invited Him Over For This Friday To Visit. Plus, He Only Gave Me 3 Days Before Threatening To Take Me To Court And &Quot;Take My Baby From Me While [He] Laughs All The Way To Joint Custody.&Quot; I Repeatedly Asked Him To Just Give Me A Couple More Days To Recover And See How The Next Couple Of Weeks Went With Getting To See Him. Anyway, The Following Attorneys Are Ones I Have Stumbled Across: Http://Www.Pattersonlaw.Net/Default.Asp?Page=Attorney_Dugan Http://Www.Jameshyoung.Com/Index.Htm (James Young Himself) Any Thoughts?

you can try this site for some ideas on what questions to ask the attorney you are looking to hire
Legal Aid- Free Consultation
the following site is for the national bar association. It will connect you with a link for family law and then a link for your state

Can Someone Advise As To A Free/Low Cost Criminal Legal Aid/Attorney For A Misdemeanor Offense?
I Am In Legal Trouble For A Class 1 Misdemeanor/ No Victim Involved. I Was Granted A Public Pretender Who Was Unwilling To Advance A Valid Defense In My Behalf And Only Pushed For An Expedited Case Through Plea Bargain. Now Things Have Snowballed And I Stand To Go To Jail Which Will Cause Me To Lose My Home, Job, Vehicle, Community Credibility, Etc. I Cannot Find Any Real And Actual Local Legal Aid. I Am Not Wealthy And Have Already Spent All My Savings And More On Fines, Etc. This Is A Nonviolent Crime Involving Simple Possession Of About $2 Worth Of Pot. The Courts Have Lawyers And I Don'T. This Doesn'T Seem Like Justice To Me. I Can'T Even Get The Public Defender To Listen Or Validate My Side Of This Matter. I Am Being Pushed Along And Can'T Seem To Stop This Now. Help Please. Don'T Lecture Me About Pot, I Need Help, Not Sarcasm. Thank You

wow, i find this hard to imagine - how can such a small amount of weed carry likely jail time - i don't get it.

that said, just go online and do some research and find a lawyer service - they are out there and some are very good and very smart.

usually these guys will give you a free consultation - basically a free hour of time where you can explain your entire situation and they can try to win you as a client.

a friend of mine used one of these services to find a local attorney who he was able to pay in installments. the whole cost ended up being about $2500.00 - paid in installments of about $750.00. this guy totally got the job done and my friend got a continuance without a finding - meaning that if he stays out of trouble while he's on probation, he will not have a criminal record after his probation is up.

the whole thing came down to getting some continuances and then having the case pled before a judge that this attorney knew would be sympathetic.

go and talk to some lawyers, they will at least give you a consult for free and find someone who can get the job done.

also, start seeing a therapist - don't even ask why, just do it - it helped my friend.

good luck - the law can be brainless at times...

Drunk Driving Laws? Can We Do More?
Can'T They Eventually Make It To Where Every Vehicle Has A Breathalizer In It So You Have To Blow Into It To Drive? I Know It Wont Stop All Drunk Driving Because People Would Get Their Sober Friends To Blow Into It For Them But It Would Stop Alot Of Drunk Driving. Drunk Driving Speeches & Rehab & Jail Time Just Doesn'T Seem To Get Across To People. And If You Never Get Caught You Are Going To Continue To Do It Until You Learn The Hard Way. So, Why Not Help People Who Can'T Make The Right Choice On Their Own And Install Breathalizers In All Vehicles Eventually? I'M Not Suggesting Right Away Because That Is A Huge And Expensive Step But I Definately Think We Should Look Into That.

I do not like the idea of all breathalyzers in all cars. It's just another piece of equipment that can fail and make my car inoperable when I have to go to work in the morning, and I haven't had anything alcohol for days.

This does not mean I condone drunk driving at all. I think it needs to be dealt with harsher. Things have been moving that way, but just too slowly. In the past, if you were just a "little drunk", the cop may have just let you drive home if it was close by. They don't anymore. Also, the legal limit use to be 0.10, but it's now down to 0.08. Now what they need to do is make the penalties harsher. I'm OK with just a huge fine and license suspended for first time offense, but make the fine larger and the suspension longer. Most people learn from today's sentence and never repeat. But for those that repeat, they do need to start sentencing them to prison: 1 year for second offense, 5 years for third, and so on.

And if course, even if you kill or seriously hurt someone on your first offense, a much, much harsher sentence for that.

Careers For Lawyers Who Have Never Practiced Law?
I Graduated From Law School And Passed The Bar Exam A Long Time Ago. Since Then, I Have Been Applying For Lots Of Attorney Positions With No Luck At All. So, I Have Been Trying To Come Up With Some Alternative Career Paths. What Are Some Law Related Positions That Do Not Require An Attorney To Have Experience Practicing Law?

A little over two years ago I hired a recent J.D. grad to be a Manager of Human Resources in LV. He was skilled at contracts and negotiations and of course caught on to labor law and compliance issues quickly, although he had only had a couple of classes in law school. However, he did have his PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification from HRCI which does require some specialized study to pass the test. I have my SPHR (Senior PHR) so I know how challenging their tests can be. There is a lot of variety in HR and your degree (especially with an added certification) will give you a leg up on other candidates. My Manager had also worked during college as a junior recruiter at UPS so he did have some HR experience, but not that much. I have really enjoyed mentoring him.

Good luck!