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Finding A Seasoned Lawyer No matter what your legal needs are you will find that there are numerous lawyers in your area that advertise which they concentrate on your form of case. This can make the entire process of finding one with quite a lot of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, in the event you follow the tips below you will be able to restrict your quest to the correct one out of almost no time. The first task is to create a set of the lawyers which are listed in your neighborhood specializing in your circumstances. While you are causeing this to be list you need to only include those that you have a good vibe about depending on their advertisement. After that you can narrow this list down by using a while evaluating their webpage. There you must be able to find the amount of years they are practicing and several general specifics of their success rates. At this moment your list must have shrunken further to those which you felt had professional websites plus an appropriate level of experience. You ought to then spend some time to look up independent reviews of every attorney. Be sure you browse the reviews rather than depending on their overall rating. The data in the reviews will provide you with a sense of the way they connect with their clientele and the length of time they invest into each case they are taking care of. Finally, you will want to meet with at the very least the last three lawyers which may have the credentials you are looking for. This will give you the time to actually evaluate how interested these are in representing your case. It is vital that you follow many of these steps to actually hire a company containing the proper level of experience to help you the ideal outcome.

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Is There Any Website Where I Can Ask Some Attorney About Legal Matters For Free?
English Is Not My First Language, But I’M In Charge Of Checking And Revising English Contract In A Company Which I’M Working For. I Sometimes Cannot Understand The Meaning Of Contracts. Is There Any Website Where I Can Ask Some Attorney About Legal Matters For Free? In Addition, For Above Mentioned Reasons, I Need To Improve My English Writing Skill. Is There Any Website Where I Can Receive Instructions On Writing (Whether Legal Writing Or Not) For Free Or Cheaply? It Would Be Appreciated If You Would Inform Me Of A Few Possibilities.

There is no website that will provide a legal service (such as interpreting a contract) for free. There are some that will respond to general legal questions that have some type of public interest, but will not give narrow, specific legal advice. The provision of legal services is how attorneys make their money - that would be like someone asking you to come in, do your job for their company to profit from and not expect to pay you for the service that you provide.

I suggest discussing your concerns with your employer and look to hiring a licensed attorney to assist with the review and modification of a contract. If the contract is determined to not be legally binding due to various legal issues, your company will have no protection. If a licensed, practicing attorney is used, then your company will have the recourse of recovering the damages from a bad contract by claiming attorney malpractice (which is why attorneys usually have malpractice insurance).

There is no website that will give you effective instruction in writing. You need to take a class. I would suggest looking at taking a business writing class at your local community college.

This is being provided solely for informational purposes. It is not intended to be legal advice, opinion or representation.

Average Settlement For A Premises Liability, Pool Related Incident With Limited Bodily Injury To A Child?
We Were At The Pool At Our Apartments, The Light That Goes In The Pool Was Out And Other Residents Set It On The Edge Of The Pool, It Was Really Hot And Water From My Sons Body And Toys Running By Caused It To Explode, Sending Hot Glass Hitting Him Burning His Feet, And Scraping His Legs... In Texas. Having A Hard Time Finding Any Reference Cases Similar To This One. Really Dont Want To Go To Court, Just Trying To Find Out What Is &Quot;Fair&Quot;, And Put It To Rest.

I too am sorry about your son's accident. The other parties placing the light there may come into play, as it isn't directly the fault of the apartment and their maintenance dept. An attorney should be able to help you with your questions, or the apartment's insurance co. may just make you an offer. Good luck and hope he's recovered and doing fine.

Legal Question For An Real Estate Lawyer In Oregon.?
Two People In A 4 Year Relationship Buy A House 2 Years Ago. Now The Relationship Is Ending And The Guy Won'T Leave The House Or Agree To Get Bought Out. Girl Is Out Of The House And He Rented Out Her Room Without Permission. Money Is Tight And Legal Aid Isn'T An Option. She Has A Full Time Job. He Doesn'T. He Has Free Legal Representation. She Is Devastated By This Event! She Is Afraid She Won'T Get Him Out Of The House And Then Lose Everything In Court Later. They Both Have Their Names On The Deed Etc. As A Parent, What Can We Do To Help Her Get This Mess Settled? I Appreciate Any Advise..Thanks

I can give you general advice. I would first like to know a couple questions. One, what financial contributions did each purchaser make towards the purchase of the house. Second, who is on the mortgage/loan and who actually makes mortgage payments, and are they current. How much is the house worth and how much is the current mortgage?

Ignoring that. I can make a few comments. Since she is on the deed she has the right to live in the house, she sounds like she does not want to. She has to determine what she wants. Does she want to keep the house? Does she want to try and get money for her value in the property? If she bought two years ago, that was near the top of the real estate market and she may have no equity. Again, you need to answer the questions in paragraph 1. Also, she may want to just be off the loan so it will not hurt her credit.

I would also like to know source of his free legal help. Most peole get legal aid for divorce, evictions, bankruptcy, etc. Not for diputes between homeowners.

Without more a few things. Since he is on the deed you cannot evict him from the house. If he will not budge or be cooperative that is a tough one. One possible solution is for you daughter to be refinanced off of the loan but you will needs bf co-operation. The real solution if all else fails is filing for a partition.

A partition action is when two owners cannot agree on whether to sell a place, and you need to seperate ownership you file a lawsuit with the approprate court for a suit to partition. It is a long, costly, lawyer fest but this is the only solution in cetain cases when parties cannot work it out between themselves.

So basically a partition action needs to be filed against bf. No Legal Zoom kits for that.

Shady Attorney Lawyer How Can I Check If My Lawsuit Been Settled?
I Was Involved In The Motorcycle Accident , Where A Car( A Limousine) Has Crossed My Path To Make Illigal U Turn And Caused A Collision In Which I Was Thrown 200 Feet Off My Bike Landed On My Chest ,I Was In Icu For 3 Days ,Couldnt Walk For 2 Months Due To Ligament Damage In My Legs And Had A Broken Bone In My Foot , That Happened In 2003 , Now The Attorney That My Girlfriend Picked Out Has Been Waiting For The Case To Settle And He'S Hoping To Get $25K , When I Talk To Him He Gives Me Dates That Are Always At The End Of The Months 26 27 And So On , I Would Like To Know ,If I Can Find Out That Maybe He Has Settled The Case And Kept The Money ?

This stuff takes time..and you are likely not his only case. Be patient. DO NOT CONTACT the insurance co yourself, as you may mistakenly undo what the lawyer has progressed on.

If the lawyer is handling this directly with the insurance agency, I can think of no place that you can get this information, unless you can the lawyer and obtain your file.

If the lawyer has filed a claim in the court system on your behalf you can go down to the court house and view the file to see what has transpired.

Until you sign a release in favour of the insurance company stating you are taking X amount of dollars in full and final settlement, the insurance agency won't cough up anything, so hopefully you have not signed one.

There are laws strictly limiting what lawyers can and cannot do with client's monies so he would be a very brazen and stupid lawyer to take your money.

If you are REALLY concerned that he has done so, contact your local bar association or law society and file a complaint.

If Custodial Parent Moves To Different States, Do Child Support Guidelines Change?
If Custodial Parent Moves Permanent Residency To Another State With Different Guidelines Concerning How Long Child Support Payments Must Be Paid, Do The Guidelines Of The State Of The New Residency Supercede The Original State Where Child Support Was Being Paid?

all states are different, and the state the child resides in is where the case is, thus, its there.







(just click on your state to find contact info)

LAWS and INFO (change the state to yours)


(and background cks to find them)






(some states work with them)


(in writing, to your local and federal IRS offices),,id=106778,00.html



Dui - What Happens?
My Father Got A Dui Last Night. He Doesn'T Have A Record, No Tickets, Absolutley Nothing. He Refused To Take The Breathalizer Test, Couldn'T Get His Words Straight, And Couldn'T Walk. We Live In Massachusetts. He Has Court Monday. What Are Some Things He Should Expect/Do?

OK, I just got a DUI, so I do actually know a lot-only mine happened in FL. I know most DUI charges are similar from state to state but vary a little, it also depends on the judge. If he didn't take the breathalizer, that's both good and bad. Good, b/c nobody knows how intoxicated he was. Bad b/c nobody knows how intoxicated he was. lol What he really should do is get a lawyer. At first he may not want to b/c they're too expensive (but I'm sure you could find one for no more than a thousand) or he won't believe they'll help. But trust me, they help sooo much. I didn't get on and sort of regret it after hearing other people's stories about having one. What the lawyer would do is probably get his DUI reduced down to wreckless driving. He'd still have to pay some court fees and complete some other things (like maybe councilng, awareness classes, probation, community service). However, it wouldn't be on his record. That's very helpful b/c it's possible that he gets fired b/c of it. Also, once you get a DUI, your insurance (if they don't drop you) will skyrocket, odds are he'll have to carry an SR22. Even though he's going to court, he's probably just going to a pre-trial. Typically you have to go to a couple of them in order to officially get to the trial and actually talk to a judge. So he still has time to get one if he wants, all he has to do is when he goes into the smallcourt room, plea not guilty. Then he'll have to show up to another one, probably like a month later-plenty of time. I think it'd be worth it to get a lawyer. In FL anyway, you automatically get your license taken away for one year for refusing to do a breathalizer. A lawyer could shorten that by as much as 6 months. Most of the time they win their cases in DUI's. Just don't get one of their assigned attorney's, they're not really that great-I'd search for somebody online, not use the ones they offer-yeah they're cheaper for a reason.
***oh ya, I forgot, get a lawyer and this way he can get out on PreTrial Diversion! It's when they cut you a break for being first time offenders. You're charges basically get expunged from your record(no record). You still have to pay for and do nearly the same thing as if you were charged for a DUI, only like almost half of everything and there's nothing on your record. It's a really nice deal. Especially since total everything for my DUI was nearly, if not more, than three grand! But I didn't know about that program 'til after when somebody asked me why I didn't do it. Err lol well good luck! Just make sure he shows up way early-parking could suck, waiting in lines to get in-metal detectors and security, just don't be late and dress nice, it shows respect.