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The majority of men and women do not think about finding a lawyer right up until they are in desperate need. The lawful situation might be personal, like family law, for a breakup or if you are hunting for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer. It may be a criminal condition you will need to be defended on. Businesses need to have legal representatives as well, no matter whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or maybe unfounded business strategies. Tax attorneys are also beneficial any time dealing with government complications. Just like doctors, lawyers have areas. A big, full service law firm has a number of lawyers with numerous areas of expertise, so relying on your own legal issue, you can promptly hold on to the best lawyer or attorney to fulfill your existing need without having to commence your search each time you need legal assistance.It is most effective to locate a law firm you can have confidence in. You really want one with a good record, who ishonest, reliable, and wins cases. You really want to have trust that they will represent you the right way and bill you reasonably for their services. From time to time a recommendation from a pal or business affiliate can be handy, having said that you should keep your options open and evaluate all the firms available, because when you require legal help, you need it quickly and you desire the very best you can pay for. Thank you for looking for a attorney with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is happy to produce specific search variables to meet your needs. We continually try to focus on the most popular phrases so you can instantly find anything at all you are looking for.

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Barack Obama Was An Attorney. He Worked For A Law Firm. How Does He Lack Private Sector Credentials?
Some Law Firms Are Publicly Traded For Crying Out Loud. Isn'T A Law Firm Private Enterprise?

And if you read the line about his "private sector credentials," you will read this:

In 1993 he joined Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, a 13-attorney law firm specializing in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development, where he was an associate for three years from 1993 to 1996, then of counsel from 1996 to 2004, with his law license becoming inactive in 2002. (see below)

Civil rights litigation and "neighborhood economic development" does not a businessman make. Besides, he didn't RUN the law firm. At least Romney and Trump have RUN companies!

1. REPEAL the 16th Amendment!!

Republican since before she was born… and PROUD of it.

Pay For Divorce Lawyer Or Go Through Legal Aid?
In A Nut Shell My Soon To Be Ex Spouse Has Conjured Up Lies About Me Trying To Completely Take My Kids Completely Away From Me. They Are In The Orange County Rescue Mission, And From Where I Stand, Seem To Have Convinced Several Of Them Of These Lies About Me. I Feel Like I Am Up Against A Small Army. I Don'T Wanna Lose My Boys, They Are My World. So I Need To Know How Well Legal Aid Fights For People, Or If It Would Be In My Best Interest To Pull Everything I Have Into Paying Out Of Pocket For A Lawyer. Any Information Will Help, Thank You.

consult with legal aid. also do a consult with a lawyer. most of the time the first consult is free. you can compare that way.

What Questions Do I Ask When Looking For A Lawyer To Hire?
My Dad Died In A Veterans Hospital At Age 52. The Cause Of Death On The Death Certificate Was Accidental Mixed Drug Overdose. What Do I Look For When Hiring Wrongful Death Lawyers? What Do I Ask? How Can I Tell If I Have A Good One?

You need to find a lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice cases. Find one who is board certified too b/c they have advanced training in that area. If you know a lawyer, ask them if they know someone who specializes in that. If you have board certification in your state, look for a board certified civil trial lawyer. I am a lawyer and know who is good in our state and who is not but I am not sure how lay people who are not lawyers can find out. If you ask a lawyer, ask them
1) how long they have been practicing and what their areas of specialty are. Avoid anyone out less than 10 years or someone who specializes in lots of things, like wills, divorces, dog bites - that means they do a little of everything and not a lot of medical malpractice work which is what you need.
2) how many trials have they personally tried, alone, to verdict. A lot of lawyers talk a big line but never really tried a case to verdict. You want someone who has tried a lot of malpractice cases to verdict.
3) ask if they ever litigated a case involving prescription overdoses and deaths and/or the VA?
4) what are the limits of recovery against the VA? And can the dr's who treated your dad be sued separately if they are at fault?
If they are good they are going to want a lot of information from you - like your dad's records- before deciding whether to take your case. Medical malpractice cases are very expensive to bring to trial for the plaintiff's attorney and they are going to want to make sure the case is worth their time before they sink $50,000 - $100,000 of their own money into the case.
What state are you in?

Recommended Resource For Learning About Legal Self-Defense?
Hi, Some Questions I Have Are: 1 - Does The Principle Of "Obligation To Retreat" Apply To Self-Defense Only (If Someone Else Was In Danger Of Death At A Gas Station, Could Someone With A Conealed Pistol License Who Has The Gun In A Glove Box In A Car Outside Go Get The Gun And Use Lethal Force To Prevent The Apparent Armed Attack? 2 - If Attacked By Someone Without A Weapon (Punching/Kicking), Could The Defender Use An Aid Without Using Deadly Force (Like A Baseball Bat)? 3 - If Someone Is Walking Down An Ally Or Street, And Is Approached By More People Than Could Be Handled In An Attack (3-4 "Thugs"), Could The Defender Show The Pistol, And Even Use Deadly Force If The Group Does Not Cease To Advance? 4: If Someone Is Robbed At Gunpoint And Wisely Chooses Not To Draw A Concealed Weapon (Since That May Provoke The Attacker To Actually Shoot), Once The Attacker Withdraws And Turns Away, Can The Defender Then Show The Pistol, Insist That The Wallet Be Returned, And If The Attacker Points His Own Weapon, Use Deadly Force? In Addition To Your Answer, Do You Have A Recommended Resource Or Website That Defines "Legal Self-Defense" And The Defense Of Others Using "Justifiable Deadly Force", Preferably With Situation Examples? Thanks!

The doctrines the govern self-defense vary by state in both their content and their implementation.
For example, my state makes no mention of self-defense matters in written law whatsoever. The doctrines of self-defense are defined in caselaw and jury instructions. Why? Self-defense is simply an "excuse" (aka Affirmative Defense) raised when you've been arrested and are being tried. If in the above situations the police are never summoned, nothing happens. If they are summoned, in most the situations you mentioned, you would probably be arrested or at least taken to the police station, though in many of the cases you would be released.
I can address your questions in order though, based on caselaw I have reviewed and the doctrines of a my state as an example.
1. Duty to retreat in the majority of cases does not apply when defending another person.
2. The use of an weapon against an unarmed attacker can be justified but it limited to just enough force needed to stop them. I have two cases where a person with a knife defended themselves against larger unarmed opponents, and killed them (knives are deadly but have no stopping power). Both these people are now serving murder or manslaughter because they used DEADLY force against non-deadly threats when they have obvious avenues of escape (Their petty sense of "honor" made them confront another person needlessly)
3. Same as above, the pretense of multiple attackers makes the need for an equalizer justifiable. A large factor would be an expression of intent by the thugs ("We gon' kill you, @#$!" would be a threat of death, therefore brandishing a deadly weapon would likely be justified provided you could prove it to people who were not there at the time)
4. This is unlikely to be justifiable, as it is deadly force to retrieve simple property. Further, it is not very safe, considering the other person could fast draw and then you have a one-on-one gun battle. Bad news.

Most pistol training courses give excellent training on justifiable deadly force for the specific area one lives in. I would trust those over any website out there. Also, gunshop owners are mines of useful information on a lot of these laws, especially if the managers.

One last thing is the political climate of the courts in the area. The best resources on this are at your local courthouse. The caselaw library provides examples of situations and how the law ruled in them. And often, if you are a pretty smooth, talker, you can even talk to the SA or DA's Office about the subject, as their office is the one that decides whether to prosecute people.

How Does A Lawyer Get Paid?
Like How Much For The Beginning Lawyer, And How Much For The Experience Lawyers?( For Each Year)...Thk...

It depends on many factors: were you went to law school, were you work (private practice, government, etc...) and your resume (internships, volunteer work, etc...)

The average corporate lawyer can earn anywhere between $60 to $70 thousand a year when first starting off. If you make partner you are looking at six figure numbers!

When working in corporate law the starting salary can be anywhere from $85 and above per year, depending how big the company is and how many lawyers there are.

In most cases a lawyers salary is based on his or her experience and resume.

Hope it helps!

Prenuptial Agreement?
Is It Wrong To Ask For A Prenuptial Agreement? Would You Women Be Offended By It? I Saw What Happen To My Brother When He Got A Divorce And It Wasn't Pretty (He Lost A Lot), But That's Another Story. Anywhoo Some Of The Women I Go Out With Are Very Serious About Relationships (Not Dating Around) And I Was Wondering If It Ever Progressed To Marriage Because That's What She Wanted Would It Be Unfair To Ask For A Pre-Nup? I Just Want To Protect Myself From Being Used Or Anything? If She Made Money Like Oprah And Ask Me To Sign One I Wouldn't Be Offended By It. I Would Think Its Very Responsible Of Her. I Mean If She Loved Me For Me And Not My Money Or Assets Then I Wouldn't See Why Any Girl Would Be Offended By It. So Are Women In General Offended By It And Most Importantly Why? So Guys Tell Me Your Experience With It And Girls Tell Me What You Think About It. Thanks In Advance.

I married a girl who was pretty young (23) and grew up in a substantially different country (she was raised in Ukraine) and when I brought up a Prenuptial agreement after we were engaged, she was VERY offended and said that she wouldn't sign one as it would be "planning for our marriage to fail."

Before we got married (we had a long engagement) I went to law school, where I learned that in most states, prenuptial agreements are generally held to be invalid, and under most common law, the money you make during your marriage will be considered joint marital property and will be split, but the things you had before you entered your marriage will remain your seperate property.

Thats what most people expect from their prenuptial agreements anyway, but the fact is that depending on where you are, you probably have those rights already. If youre like most modern couples, you probably both will be contributing monetarily to the relationship anyway. Either way, even if prenuptial agreements are allowed in your region, nearly all jurisdictions have a limitation on how long they can apply (ie, if you get divorced within a few years, the prenup will likely apply, but if youre married longer, it probably won't anyway) which begs the question:
If youre only married for a few years, how much do you really have to lose (half of a year or two's income, for instance)?
And if you obtain real property or produce children, the court will most certainly find a prenuptial agreement invalid.

Hopefully by the time you are ready to ask someone to marry you, you will know them well enough to be relatively certain what their reaction to signing a prenuptial agreement would be.

If you are still in doubt, consult an attorney or research the law in your area/state and find out if prenuptial agreements are enforceable and if so, under what conditions. You may find that they are not even worth pursuing on their own (not even taking into consideration the possibility of seriously pissing off your potential spouse).

I've brought up the subject with my current live in girlfriend and she said she'd have no problem signing anything, though in my area they are generally unenforceable so I doubt I would bother.
(yeah marriage #1 didn't work out well, but we were divorced pretty quickly and we had no propety and no kids, so we both agreeed to settle for what we both had [we hadn't ever even formed a joint checking account or assumed any debts jointly] and had a fast uncontested divorce.)

Good luck!

BTW this does not constitute legal advice, please contact an attorney before taking action based on my information.